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So, last time, MewTwo was born, he lives a crappy life for four years before busting out and seven months later, good old Oz approaches him with a place at Beacon which he accepts.

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MewTwo had to admit. Being on a giant flying contraption known as a Bullhead, surrounded by several humans and a few Faunus, all of them having hopes of attending the best huntsman academy on the face of Remnant was not what he expected that he'd be doing with his time. Nor was he particularly fond of it.

'I've never been this close to this many people', MewTwo thought to himself cautiously.

The genetic clone closed his eyes and breathed in and out through his nose in an attempt to calm himself while thinking, 'don't lash out, the last thing you need to do is injure a potential classmate or worse, end up crashing this thing'.

Strangely, thinking about how things could go wrong for him actually calmed MewTwo down and he opened his eyes.

'Ozpin, I hope you don't regret this', MewTwo thought to himself.

It had been a few days since the Headmaster of Beacon dropped by to meet the scientific marvel known as MewTwo for himself for the first time. In that time, the clone had been visited again by the Headmaster who had come to deliver some essential things that MewTwo would need such as the commonplace scroll, a handheld electrical device with multiple functions. He also came to arrange for the clone a new identity. The clone admitted that he couldn't go around calling himself MewTwo, which is hardly an appropriate name for a "Faunus" like him. So, Ozpin gave him the name Mark Amethyst to make him fit in since most young people nowadays had some sort of name that had a relation to a colour. It also fit with his colour scheme.

However, while Ozpin was there, … he asked a personal question. One that dredged up memories of the past. But … they weren't bad ones. In fact, they were the best memories of his life and … there was lots of raw emotions behind them.

The question was:

"Why don't you completely despise people?"

Ozpin knew that MewTwo had suffered terribly for all his short life and many others would've hated everybody in the world if they were in the same situation. Yet, MewTwo's disposition towards people in general was more of distrust than pure hatred.

MewTwo had closed his eyes when he responded to Ozpin's question in an obscure way.

After all, the question dredged up memories of —

A smiling woman holding up pictures of the outside world to a young MewTwo

The same woman stroking the hair of the young clone who slept peacefully with his head in her lap

Finally, the same woman lying on her bed, clearly sick while MewTwo sat at her side, with tears in his eyes.

The clone's response to Ozpin's question was simple and yet mysterious.

"Someone … special showed me that people … Faunus and Human … have the potential to be good".

He left it there and Ozpin breached the topic no further.

The woman was the source of the clone's discomfort while on the Bullhead.

'I know that people can be good. You were a shining example. But … it's still so difficult to be around them. After … everything'.

She was always the only person that MewTwo didn't hate in the laboratory. She was the one person that treated him with kindness. She was the one who he was comfortable around despite his people problems. The one who showed him people's potential for compassion.

So … MewTwo wouldn't let what she taught him go to waste.

'I know it'll be difficult but … I want to try for … you …. Alice … I promise', MewTwo thought in a melancholy fashion.

But, MewTwo's inner thoughts and trip down memory lane were loudly interrupted by the yell of a certain rambunctious blonde.


MewTwo looked up with a comical look of aggravation on his face while a muscle could be seen pulsing in his forehead as he was interrupted while in the middle of his thought process.

Deciding to finally withdraw himself from his memories for the time being, the genetic clone decided to gaze upon whatever disturbed his thoughts.

His gaze locked upon two girls who were distinctly different from each other and the taller one with the biggest mop of blonde hair that MewTwo had ever seem in his life was currently embracing the shorter girl with short black hair with red highlights.

'Is that supposed to be an embrace? Judging from the other girl's face, it looks more like the blonde's trying to kill the other by choking the life out of her', the clone thought to himself with a raised eyebrow at the sign of affection that could easily be confused with an assassination attempt.

MewTwo couldn't help but gain an incredulous look on his face as he once again gazed upon the blonde girl's extensive locks.

'Does that girl not know about scissors? I'm pretty sure that amount of hair is a hindrance in battle.'

"Please, stop", was what the shorter girl attempted to say as her poor empty lungs desperately gasped for oxygen.

Eventually, the taller girl relented and released the shorter girl from her killer embrace (no doubt to the shorter girl's relief is what MewTwo thought) and MewTwo was able to get a better look at the two girls.

The shorter girl was particularly interesting, seeing as how she appears to be younger than 17 years old, the age at which students apply for academies like Beacon. She appeared to be 15 instead.

She had pale skin and wore gothic lolita style clothes which were black and red and she wore a red cloak with a hood on her back.

However, the most interesting aspect of her was … her eyes.

They were silver.

MewTwo remembers that some of the information that was fed to him while he was in the tank mentioned a legend. About silver eyed warriors who were known for being fearsome warriors who supposedly inspired fear in the Grimm, the creatures of darkness that most believed to be incapable of anything but feeling hatred.

And one of them was right in front of him.

'Today just became even more interesting', MewTwo thought to himself.

The clone admitted to himself that the girl didn't appear to be frightening whatsoever, more …. If he were anyone else, he'd say adorable. But he knew also that appearances can be deceiving. After all, nobody would think that he was a genetic experiment with psychic powers that could make him one of the most dangerous creatures in Remnant.

All that MewTwo knew was that he was going to keep an eye on this girl.

As for the other girl, other than the mass of blonde hair, she had lilac eyes, pale skin as well and she wore a brown jacket, a yellow top underneath with an emblem over her heart on it and a pair of black shorts. Very short shorts.

Looking at the two of them, he saw practically no similarities between the two girls despite the fact that the older girl called the other girl her sister. The blonde was loud and exuberant while the other girl appeared more subdued and timid.

"But I'm so proud of you!", the blonde girl exclaimed happily at her younger sibling.

"Really, sis, it was nothing", the younger sister said modestly.

"What're you talking about? It was incredible! Everybody at Beacon's gonna think you're the bee's knees", the blonde said enthusiastically.

'Bee's knees?', MewTwo thought, confused by the bizarre and unrealistic description of the younger girl.

The younger girl seemed to almost panic by being called that as she said in a panicky manner, "I don't want to be the bee's knees! I don't want to be any kind of knees! I just wanna be a normal girl with normal knees".

"What's wrong? Aren't you excited?", the older sibling inquired, confused at the lack excitement from the girl.

"Of course I am. It's just … I got moved ahead two years. I don't want people to think I'm special or anything", the younger girl admitted to her sibling.

"But you are special", the older sibling said in a caring manner as she approached her sister and put her arm around her shoulders.

'She's right', MewTwo thought to himself.

'It's no small feat to be moved ahead two years to attend the most prestigious huntsman academy on the planet. It shows that for her age, she's an impressive warrior. Seems that the legend of silver eyes has merit … I wonder if she's even aware of what her eyes really are.'

Along with these thoughts, he noticed just how close the two of them were. MewTwo had no siblings himself so he didn't no much about being a brother to someone but he could tell that the two sisters cared about each other deeply and while it did make him feel … slightly envious, he also felt his confidence boost at seeing an example of humanity being more than just spiteful creatures. These two sisters truly were good and if they are just as good at combat, they'll make great huntresses.

MewTwo allowed himself to smirk slightly at the two siblings who had failed to notice him. Not that he wanted them to notice him.

But then, the clone's attention was drawn to the nearby television screen which depicted a human man with green eyes and ginger hair which was styled in a way that it covered his right eye while he smirked at the screen while holding a placard with a name on it, showing that it was a mugshot.

'Roman Torchwick, huh?', MewTwo asked inside his head, staring at the criminal's visage after reading his name.

The newsman spoke while the mugshot was shown, saying, 'the robbery was lead by nefarious criminal, Roman Torchwick, who continues to evade authorities. If you have any information on his whereabouts, please contact the Vale Police Department. Back to you, Lisa.'

With that, the mugshot vanished and was replaced by a female news reporter with silver hair and yellow eyes.

"Thank you, Cyril. In other news, this Saturday's Faunus Civil Rights protest turned dark when members of the White Fang disrupted the ceremony", Lisa announced as pictures of a mob of disgruntled Faunus with signs appeared before being followed by an image of the Faunus Terrorist organisation's insignia.

'Of course', MewTwo thought to himself, annoyed as he rolled his eyes.

MewTwo agreed with the White Fang's original goal of Faunus and Human equality, a noble goal and they were once a noble group. But, now, their new methods were violent and counterproductive.

'All they're doing is letting the hatred consume them, blind them and they're only giving humans reasons to ostracise the Faunus. I have plenty of reason to hate humanity but if I went around attacking humans, left and right, I'd just be giving them reason to hate me and nothing would improve for me. It's true that lots of humans are utter bigots but while the Fang may be getting quicker results than when they were peaceful, all they're really doing is intimidating people and scaring them, a lot of said people not being bigoted towards Faunus. That's not true equality.'

MewTwo merely sighed at the White Fang's fall from grace.

'At the rate they're going, Faunus will never be truly considered equals by all', MewTwo thought pessimistically.

"The once peaceful organisation has now disrupted ..", Lisa continued before the screen was switched off.

Immediately after, a hologram of Professor Goodwitch appeared.

"Hello and welcome to Beacon", Glynda announced pleasantly.

"Who's that?", the blonde girl asked.

"My name is Glynda Goodwitch", the hologram unknowingly answered the girl's question.

"Oh", she said simply, her query answered.

"You are among a privileged few who have received the honour of being selected to attend this prestigious academy. Our world is experiencing an incredible time of peace, and as future huntsman and huntresses, it is your duty to uphold it. You have demonstrated the courage needed for such a task and now it is our turn to provide you with the knowledge and training needed to protect our world."

With her speech at an end, the hologram disappeared.

'Not so sure about peace with men like Torchwick and the White Fang around but … on an international scale, the world is certainly more peaceful than it was eighty years ago', MewTwo thought, referring to the Great War and subsequent Faunus Rights Revolution.

After that little motivational speech, everybody started to crowd around the windows, looking down at the city of Vale below.

'Honestly, the view never gets old', MewTwo thought to himself.

He schooled his features into a serious appearance.

'This is it. The beginning. I promise, I'm not going to be what they made me for. I will forge my own path … the path of a huntsman, not a weapon', MewTwo promised with fire in his eyes.

"OH GROSS, YANG, YOU'VE GOT PUKE ON YOUR SHOE!", the younger girl from before yelled.

MewTwo turned back to the two girls, both of whom were moving around as the blonde trio repeated the word 'gross' over and over again while the black haired girl moved away from her approaching sister while yelling 'get away from me!'

The source of all this … some rather putrid smelling vomit that landed on the blonde sister's shoe, no doubt thanks to the weak stomach of a fellow passenger.

' …. That is if I don't go insane in the process', MewTwo though while he sweatdropped at the sisters' shenanigans.

Eventually, the Bullhead landed at their destination. A river of candidates streamed out of the Bullhead like others from the other Bullheads.

MewTwo couldn't help but notice the poor blonde teenager leaning over the trash can, expelling the contents of his stomach violently. He was most likely the culprit of the earlier vomit incident.

'I do not envy him', MewTwo thought as he looked at the incapacitated boy.

Taking his eyes off the teenager, he continued to walk ahead towards, trying to maintain a distance from everyone else.

As he walked up, he couldn't help but appreciate the view. Beacon academy was imposing to say the least.

You could always see the structure from Vale of the forest but you didn't really get just how … gigantic it was until you were this close. It was truly a magnificent sight

'Are we sure that this place is a school and not a fortress? Then again, seeing as how this school is for huntsmen and huntresses, it makes sense to have a well defended one', the clone thought to himself in wonder.

Breaking out of his thoughts, MewTwo prepared to continue forward through the school grounds. Until …

"WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?", a shrill voice yelled suddenly.

Jumping slightly at the sudden exclamation, the clone swiftly turned towards the disturbance and was not very surprised that it included one of the sisters from before, this time just the younger one.

She was on the floor, surrounded by white boxes, indicating that she'd tripped into them while another girl, the source of the screech, was yelling at the younger girl who seemed to be in a state of shock as she tried to speak but was interrupted.

The yelling girl was not very tall, being of a similar height to the fifteen year old girl despite her being seventeen. She had white hair, styled into a side ponytail, ice blue eyes, pale as snow skin and was wearing a white dress.

MewTwo only had to take one look to know that she was from Atlas, the youngest and most advanced nation in the world … arguably. And it was known for having a lot of arrogant snobs as citizens.

The clone could already tell that the poor younger girl was at the mercy of the other girl who's tirade was relentless.

'Is she aware that she's waving about a bottle of highly explosive dust like it's a maraca? That can't possibly end well', MewTwo thought, annoyed at the older girl's obliviousness as well as her little tirade.

MewTwo eventually could see little particles of dust escaping the bottle thanks to the snow white girl's relentless shaking and could see them wiggle up the younger girl's nose. Which made her want to sneeze judging from her facial expressions.

"Ah … AHCHOOO!", the younger girl sneezed in response to the dust.

Thinking fast, MewTwo threw up his hand at the pair at using his powers, created a barrier around the younger girl while the other was left to face the explosion of her own doing.

The younger girl had an expression of confusion as she looked at the purple barrier of psychic energy before it was dispelled by the onlooking clone. However, the older girl failed to notice it through the explosion and was merely more incensed by what had just occurred.

"Unbelievable! This is exactly the kind of thing I was talking about!", the older girl screamed at the younger girl who was now standing up and nervously poking her fingers together. At the same time, the atlas girl magically shook off all the soot from her being, returning herself to her original pristine appearance.

The younger girl meekly said in response, "I'm really, really sorry".

'You're not to blame. You shouldn't have to apologise. But, if she is from Atlas, getting an apology from her would be like pulling teeth', MewTwo thought to himself, irritated at how the situation was playing out.

"You complete dolt! What are you even doing here? Aren't you a little young to be attending Beacon?", the older girl asked, almost in a condescending manner.

"Well … I …", the younger girl stammered.

"This isn't your ordinary combat school. It's not just sparring and practice, you know. We're here to fight monsters. So, just watch where you're going", the older girl spat at the other girl.

'I think she's well aware of that', MewTwo thought, annoyed at the rich girl's attitude.

"Hey, I said I was sorry, princess", the younger girl said, having grown more and more aggravated by the other girl's personality, which earned the silent appreciation of MewTwo.

"It's heiress, actually", a new voiced chipped in.

MewTwo turned to see another girl who'd approached the two girls. She had black hair, yellow eyes, black and white clothing and a bow on the top of her head.

The clone could tell though that the girl was more than she appeared. He noticed that her eyes had a more feline look to them with different shaped pupils and her bow seemed to twitch slightly, barely noticeable. He didn't need to read her mind to tell that she was a Faunus. Her disguise was clearly not foolproof but it was enough to hide her heritage from those who weren't actively looking for her animal features.

Also, he was able to detect … something that she was radiating. He didn't even need to actively try to read her mind to sense it. It was guilt. For some reason, she felt enormous amounts of guilt.

'Whatever it is and why she hides herself like that is her business', MewTwo reminded himself.

"Weiss Schnee. Heiress to the Schnee Dust Company. One of the largest producers of energy propellant in the world.", the secret Faunus said simply.

"Finally, some recognition", Weiss stated proudly while glaring at the younger girl.

'Ooh …. she's a Schnee', MewTwo thought.

The Schnees were a family famous for their dust company which was the biggest in all of Remnant. Currently headed by Jacques Schnee, making Weiss his daughter. That would be and all if it wasn't for …

Blake continued, "the same company infamous for its controversial labour forces and questionable business partners."

Yeah … the Schnee Dust Company was not the most morally sound company in the world. This was due to Jacques who took over the company after its founder, Nicholas Schnee, retired. He managed to increase profits but at the expense of the company's honour, seeing as how the company has made many shady deals behind the scenes and its workers were mostly Faunus who were subject to horrific conditions.

Looking embarrassed, Weiss for once looked like she didn't know what to say.

"Wha- how dare, the nerve of", Weiss stammered at the Faunus's statement of facts while Blake looked amused, Ruby was giggling and even MewTwo himself had a smirk under his hood.

Trying to save what little dignity she had left, the heiress took the vial of dust that the Faunus had picked up after the explosion and stormed off.

For once, feeling a little mischievous, MewTwo decided to play a little practical joke.

Lifting his arm slightly, MewTwo's eyes glowed as he gestured towards a stray stone which hovered with a purple aura around it, signifying the clone's telekinesis.

Swiftly moving the rock into the fuming heiress's path, Weiss, who was too caught up in her anger to see the little stone, stepped on it with her no doubt expensive high heels (which are totally impractical combat footwear, MewTwo thought to himself) and the stone and her foot slipped up from under her and she fell back in her rear with a yelp which caused her to start to grumble under her breath.

With a slightly satisfied smirk on his face, MewTwo decided to leave while he had the chance and so, he took off towards his venue.

'I admit, I don't usually encourage this sort of behaviour, but sometimes … it can be fun', the genetic clone of Mew thought to himself amusedly.

All the while, he failed to notice that he'd been noticed by Ruby as well as the secret Faunus.

Minutes later, the psychic finally arrived at the venue. Already, there were dozens of people there, including the blonde sister who could be easily identified thanks to the blindingly bright head of hair that she had.

Deciding to separate himself from everyone else, he leaned himself against the wall and simply waited for Ozpin to come out and make his speech.

Surveying the crowd in the meantime, MewTwo was rather blown away by the number of candidates that there were in the amphitheater. There was a wide variety of teenagers, some conversing with others, some with the people they already knew or some were like him and they simply were quiet and waited for the headmaster of Beacon to come out and make his announcement.

After several minutes of waiting (as well as ignoring the very loud ginger haired girl who looked and sounded like she had one too many coffees today as well as pitying the boy with her who was much calmer and tried reigning her in), the psychic experiment noticed the arrival of the Faunus and a few minutes after, the younger sister who was accompanied by who liked the boy who'd been spewing his breakfast into the trash can when they landed.

He was blonde, had blue eyes, was tall and lanky and wore a hoodie and jeans as well as parts of armour. As for his weapon, he had a sword and shield, a rather mundane weapon when compared to the technological marvels that many wielded nowadays.

He saw them split up with the hapless boy wandering around while the young girl made a b-line towards her blonde sister who was waving her over.

He watched the interaction between the sisters from afar as the younger sister clearly looked annoyed at the older sister for whatever reason before she started rambling but was interrupted by the arrival of Weiss.

He raised his eyebrow at the interaction between the girls but he still maintained his distance from the humans girls.

'I've already intervened once. Besides, it doesn't look as bad as before. At least, the heiress isn't yelling at the girl in her face', MewTwo thought to himself while gazing at the girls.

His thoughts and everything else was interrupted by the sound of a microphone as well as the sound of Ozpin clearing his throat on stage.

"I'll .. keep this brief", Ozpin announced while he adjusted his spectacles.

"You have travelled here today in search of knowledge. To hone your craft and acquire new skills. And when you have finished, you plan to dedicate your lives to the protection of the people. But I look amongst you and all I see is wasted energy", Ozpin stated bluntly.

MewTwo raised his eyebrows at that last part and he could sense the unease and slight anger from those in the crowd, clearly indignated at what the headmaster said.

Ozpin continued from there, "In need of purpose, direction. You assume knowledge will free you of this but your time at this school will prove that knowledge can only carry you so far. It is up to you to take the first step."

With that, the headmaster walked off while Professor Goodwitch took his place at the microphone.

She announced, "you will gather in the ballroom tonight. Tomorrow, your initiation begins. Be ready. You are dismissed."

With that, the crowd began to hustle and talk as the announcements had come to an end.

'That was .. brief. But not untrue. Everyone here doesn't really know what they're going to do with themselves. I doubt everyone is here simply to protect Remnant and its people. After all, I'm here because Ozpin offered me a place. If he hadn't found out about me, I would probably never have thought about becoming a huntsman. At this point, we're all … unfocused and while the school is here to help us, we can't rely on them always. We need to, as Ozpin said, take the first step', MewTwo thought to himself.

With that, the psychic set off with the herd of students to the ballroom to turn in for the night.

Ruby's 3rd person POV

A few hours had passed since Professor Ozpin's .. motivational speech. Ruby was lying down on her sleeping mat in her pyjamas while writing a letter to her friends at Signal in her notebook.

"It's like a big slumber party", her cheerful sister, Yang, said as she fell down on her side next to Ruby.

"I don't think Dad would approve of all the boys though", Ruby deadpanned at her half sister.

Yang had a different view of their situation.

"I know I do", she said sensually as she purred at the sight of several shirtless young men, some of which were clearly flexing their muscles more than necessary in an attempt to earn some attention from the fairer sex.

Her appreciation of the show was only ruined by the appearance of Jaune (aka Vomit Boy) who was wearing … a bunny onesie. Yeah, that sort of killed the mood as Yang grimaced at the seventeen year old socially awkward boy.

Yang noticed Ruby's writing and asked, "what's that?"

"A letter to the gang back at Signal. I promised to tell them all about Beacon and how things are going", Ruby replied to her sister's question.

"Awww, that's so cuuute", Yang squealed as she gushed over her sister. Which earned her pillow to the face from her sister.

"Shut up! I didn't get to take my friends with me to school. It's weird not knowing anybody here", Ruby pouted with an embarrassed blush in her face.

"What about Jaune? He's … nice?", Yang trailed off as he remembered the onesie wearing teen before regaining her cheer and saying, "there you go. Plus one friend! That's a 100 percent increase".

"I'm pretty sure Weiss counts as a 'negative friend'. Back to zero", Ruby said in response, being the pessimist to Yang's optimist.

"There's no such thing as a negative friend. You've just made one friend and one enemy", Yang said, trying to be helpful, but only got a dog pillow to the face.

Yang sighed and reassured her sister by saying, "Look, its only been one day. Trust me, you've got friends all around you. You just haven't met them yet."

Ruby contemplated her sister's words before her attention was drawn by the sound of a match being struck and a candle being lit and so she looked over at the source.

She saw the girl with the bow from before reading a book and just a couple of feet away from her was the mysterious cloaked boy as well who didn't appear to be doing much except sitting with crossed legs and his hands in his lap.

"Those two", Ruby murmured.

Overhearing her sister, Yang looked over at the pair before asking, "you know them?"

"Not really. They both saw what happened this morning but left before I could say anything. And … I'm not sure, but … I think that boy helped me", Ruby said unsurely.

"You're not sure?", Yang asked confused.

"When that dust exploded, I wasn't caught in the blast. There was this weird purple shield thingy that protected me. And when Weiss left, I saw this rock move on its own and trip her up. Weird thing is that it was covered in a purple light. I … think it was him.", Ruby explained her theory.

"Hmm", Yang hummed as she looked at the hooded figure with interest.

"Well", Yang said cheerfully as she snapped out of her revery, "here's your chance."

She stood up and grabbed her little sister's arm in an iron grip dragging her up despite her protests. They both headed towards the silent pair, one marching happily while the other struggled in the grip of the other.

MewTwo's 3rd person POV

Meditation was something that MewTwo had learned in the facility where he had been created. It had been taught to him by the staff there and it was possibly one of the only things that he was grateful to them about. Meditation helped the clone focus his mind and when his mind is focused, his powers are easier to control. They taught him it to have him gain a sounder mind and therefore, a greater control of his powers.

However, despite its practical use, MewTwo always liked meditating as a pastime. It helped ease his troubled mind and it allowed him to just … relax, both his mind and body. It didn't hurt that it trained his mind.

Whenever he had the time, he would find somewhere quiet and just meditate, listening to nothing but the subtle sounds that you could hear if you listened close enough such as the rustling of leaves in the breeze or the sound of birds chirping. It's true that there were other people present, a lot of people and there was more noise than usual, it didn't dissuade the psychic.

While he meditated, he ignored everything else, the other people, the sounds and even the presence of the Faunus from before next to him, just a few feet away. He wanted only to hear his thoughts.

'Well, in summary, today's been quite successful and … eventful despite being only the first day. There've been no major disasters or confrontations. Hopefully that will be maintained. Also, it seems I'm starting to get used to having this many people around me which is good. I never would've dared to go this close to many people before. It feels … strange … but not necessarily bad. As for contact with others, other than being physically close to many people, I haven't breached conversation with others … well, I'm certainly not the social type and I don't intend to. But, I'm going to be here for four years, I doubt that people won't try at all to talk to me in that time. In fact, for all I know, someone is probably going to talk to me any minu-'

"HELLO!", a familiar voice said in a sing song voice.

'…. Of course I jinxed myself', MewTwo thought tiredly, sighing to himself.

Opening his eyes, MewTwo looked up from beneath his hood at the blonde girl from before who was smiling down at not only him but the Faunus girl next to him.

"I believe that you all know each other", the blonde said as she gestured at her sister who looked nervous and like she'd rather be somewhere else right now, clearly having been put on the spot.

"Aren't you the girl that exploded?", the Faunus girl asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Uh yeah", the girl said nervously, "uh, my name is Ruby", she said as she held out her hands to us for handshakes. While the Faunus girl looked down at her book, I reluctantly held out my hand and grasped hers. He almost flinched at the contact but shook her hand gently before quickly taking his hand away.

"But you can call me .. crater uh, actually, you can just call me Ruby", Ruby finished lamely.

This earned only an okay from the girl with the bow who continued to read and a raised eyebrow from MewTwo who closed his eyes to continue his meditation. Which was only interrupted by the voices of the sisters again.

The blonde asked her sibling in a panicked tone, "what are you doing?"

"I don't know, help me", Ruby replied before turning back to the silent pair with a nervous smile.

"So what's your name?", the blonde asked the Faunus girl.

She sighed in response before briefly looking up and saying, "Blake".

The blonde then turned to MewTwo, "and what about you, mysterious stranger?", she asked cheerfully.

The clone merely looked up at her, starting to get annoyed at the distraction.

She waited and waited but no answer came.

"Okay … well, Blake and Mysterious stranger, I'm Yang, Ruby's older sister", she said undeterred by the clone's silence.

"I like your bow. It goes well with … your pyjamas. And your cloak, it … goes well with your eyes", Yang said, struggling to form a conversation with the silent duo.

'If that's the best that the one most well versed in social interaction can do, this conversation is doomed', MewTwo thought, annoyed yet also relieved at the thought that this one sided conversation would be over.

"Right", Blake said in response to the compliment.

The two sisters struggled to keep the conversation going and tried to think of small talk.

"Nice night, don't you think?", Yang asked awkwardly.

'… really?', MewTwo thought with a raised eyebrow. Even he knew that a conversation reached all new levels of awkwardness if you start talking about something like the weather or how the day is.

"Yes, it's lovely. Almost as lovely as this book … that I will continue to read … as soon as you leave", Blake said, repeatedly trying to drive the point that she wanted to be left alone home.

'Thank you, Blake', MewTwo thought, wishing to return to his meditation and having exceeded his quota of human interaction.

"Yeah, these two are lost causes", Yang said, finally conceding defeat.

But not Ruby.

"What's it about?", Ruby asked curiously.

Blake looked up in surprise, saying, "huh?"

Even MewTwo looked up, rather surprised that the clearly socially awkward girl was now leading the conversation.

"Your book. Does it have a name?", Ruby asked Blake.

"Well .. it's about a man with two souls, each one fighting for control over his body", Blake explained to the younger girl.

"Oh yeah … that's real lovely", Yang said, clearly thinking otherwise.

'Speak for yourself, that sounds interesting', MewTwo thought to himself, his interest piqued.

"I love books. Yang used to read to me every night before bed. Stories of heroes and monsters, they're one of the reasons why I want to be a huntress", Ruby confessed.

"Why is that? Hoping you'll live happily ever after?", Blake asked the girl, almost amusedly with a slight smile on her face.

"I'm hoping we all will", Ruby said, "as a girl, I always wanted to be like the heroes in the books. Someone who fought for what was right, and who protected people who couldn't protect themselves."

"That's very ambitious for a child", Blake said with a smile but that smile faded.

"Unfortunately, the real world isn't the same as a fairy tale.", Blake said to the younger girl.

"Well, that's why we're here, right? To make it better", Ruby replied with a smile.

In the span of a couple of seconds, MewTwo was astonished.

Blake was obviously someone who was aware of how the world could be a harsh place, no doubt due to her Faunus heritage as he was aware, of course. It seems that Ruby is aware of that as well and yet she's so … innocent, no doubt due to not having experienced anything like me or any form of bigotry like Faunus.

Despite her dream appearing to be rather childish, she's clearly devoted to becoming a huntress, a hero. Some could see her naivety as a weakness but … it seems to be a strength instead. Her innocence is the reason that she's so devoted to becoming a huntress, to help people. That's it. She merely wants to become a huntress go help people. Everyone else has no doubt come here for their own reasons but she is here for the exact same reason that the job was created in the first place.

'After everything, I should be the last person who would like someone so innocent. Yet … her innocence is … endearing, in a way. She strangely seems to give me hope. Hope that things could actually improve. She … she reminds me of … Alice', MewTwo thought to himself.

Flashes of a smiling woman came back to the psychic who pushed them away. He looked up at Ruby.

'Her kindness, her faith … it's just like hers. They both want to help people and they both believe that they could help improve people's lives … and she did. At least one life', MewTwo thought while a smile crawled onto his face as he remembered the one person who cared for him.

When Ruby finished talking to Blake, her gaze turned towards MewTwo and she saw his smile before he turned his face downwards.

"Hey, were you meditating before?", Ruby asked once again innocently.

Looking up at her in surprise, MewTwo nodded his head.

"I tried it once before. I could never do it. It didn't help that before I ate loads of cookies. I just couldn't stay still. You must have lots of patience", Ruby said, talking more animatedly at the silent boy.

MewTwo merely nodded.

Ruby smiled awkwardly and said, "hey, I've got a question. Would you mind?"

MewTwo nodded his head at her in acceptance.

"Was it you who protected me from the explosion and tripped up Weiss?", Ruby inquired.

MewTwo's eyes widened at that.

"You weren't as subtle as you thought. I saw it too", Blake chipped in.

MewTwo merely sighed and nodded.

"Well … I wanted to say thanks for that", Ruby said to MewTwo with a grateful smile.

Yang decided to drop in as she added in what she thought as well.

"Yeah, thanks, dude. My baby sister means a lot to me … so thanks for looking out for her. I really mean it", Yang confesses genuinely with a big, bright grin which seemed to radiate like the sun.

Once again, MewTwo was stunned but pleased as well. Now looking at the two of them now, MewTwo could see the similarities between the sisters. It wasn't physical or how they appeared personality wise, but they both have kind hearts. Ruby's small smile was charming while Yang's big cheery grin made him want to respond in kind.

MewTwo actually didn't know what to do at that point as he felt awkward at being thanked like this. It happened so rarely thanks to his limited contact with people.

With all of this, MewTwo decided to break his silence.

'Your welcome', MewTwo thought, communicating that thought to the minds of Yang, Ruby and Blake so they could all hear him.

Hearing a voice inside of your head would obviously freak out anyone and the three girls were no exceptions as Ruby and Yang jumped into the air and almost fell into their rears while even Blake shot up from her seating position, eyes wide.

Honestly, MewTwo thought it was very amusing.

"Okay … am I the only one who heard that?", Yang asked the other three girls, looking slightly frazzled.

"You mean the voice that just said your welcome?", Blake asked rhetorically with wide eyes and a perked up bow.

'You didn't imagine anything. It's me', MewTwo said to them once again in their minds.

All three girls turned to the boy in the cloak with wide eyes of amazement while he just smirked slightly in amusement in response.

'Yes, it's me. As for how I'm doing it, it's my semblance. I have psychic abilities', MewTwo explained to the girls calmly.

The three girls were silent before Yang's face sported a huge grin of excitement, Ruby's eyes seemed to sparkle and Blake looked rather interested.

"Dude, that's awesome! So what you can like read minds and move stuff with your mind?", Yang asked excitedly, crouching down and getting closer at him.

"You mean telepathy and telekinesis? He must be able to do! That's socoolsocoolsocool!", Ruby almost screamed with stars in her eyes.

Sweat dropping at the enthusiasm, MewTwo decided to clear the air.

'Yes, I do have telekinesis and I can read minds but I don't do so unless needed to. I doubt many would appreciate their privacy being breached', MewTwo explained.

Yang, Ruby and Blake all nodded (with Blake looking somewhat relieved at that explanation).

Yang felt something and looked down. She saw a big, purple furry tail which was rubbing against her leg and she could see that it came from underneath MewTwo's cloak.

"Oh, you're a Faunus?", Yang asked curiously.

'Is that a problem?', MewTwo asked with a raised eyebrow and slight frown.

"No, man, I'm not one of those stupid bigots who hate Faunus for no reason", Yang explained, looking offended slightly at the insinuation.

"Yeah, neither am I", Ruby said enthusiastically afterwards.

MewTwo's eyes softened and he nodded in appreciation and he could see Blake look relived.

Blake then asked her own question, "why are you talking to us mentally?"

MewTwo's mood dipped a bit as his hand touched his throat, feeling the scar there.

'I … I can't talk anymore', MewTwo admitted to the girls.

They were silent but they all sent sympathetic glances and non verbal apologies which he accepted.

MewTwo looked down for a while before saying, 'Mark Amethyst', remembering his cover name.

They all looked at him in confusion.

'That's my name. It's better than you girls calling me 'man', 'dude' or 'mysterious stranger'. Oh and uh, it's nice to meet you girls', MewTwo finished awkwardly.

They all smiled and Ruby said, "yeah, it's nice to meet you, too".

"Oooh, I'm so proud of my baby sister!", Yang squealed, proud that she and herself had made two new friends and actually held a conversation with them (verbal and mental).

Ruby struggled in her older sister's embrace and it devolved into a comical fight as they duked it out in a dust cloud.

MewTwo sighed at the sisters while shaking her head and Blake said, "well, Ruby, Yang and Mark, it's a pleasure to meet –"

"WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON OVER HERE?", yelled the shrill voice of Weiss Schnee as she approached with her hair let down.

"Can't you see that some of us are trying to sleep?", she asked the girls rhetorically.

It took a few seconds for the girls to realise who they each were as Yang and Weiss said simultaneously, "oh not you again".

"Shh, guys, she's right. People are trying to sleep", Ruby said quietly, trying to calm the situation.

"Oh, so now you're on my side?", Weiss asked the younger girl.

"I was always on your side", Ruby said, trying to reassure Weiss.

"Yeah, what's your problem with my sister? She's only trying to be nice", Yang said, analyse at Weiss.

"She's a hazard to my health", Weiss replied with just as much annoyance.

While this was happening, Blake and MewTwo stared at them before turning to each other and sighing in exasperation and Blake finally put an end to the little spat by blowing out her candle, snuffing out what little light there was left in the ballroom.

With that, the girls finally returned to their spots, Weiss with a grumble and Ruby and Yang with a goodbye to Blake and MewTwo.

As MewTwo lay on his bed mat, taking in the silence, he decided to reevaluate his day.

'Okay, more contact with people than originally thought … yet it wasn't bad. Despite initial awkwardness, it proved to be rather pleasant … and enlightening. I learned plenty about Ruby, Yang and even Blake. Enough to know that they're good people. And, I actually held a conversation with someone else my age (sort of, MewTwo thought, taking into account that he was technically only five years old despite being physically 17 years old).'

MewTwo found that he actually … enjoyed the last few moments of the day. While he did like having moments alone, the pleasant company proved … surprisingly enjoyable.

'It's been a long time since I was able to talk to someone like that', MewTwo thought wistfully, thinking about a certain woman.

'You know, Ozpin. Maybe, just maybe, this little experiment of yours will work', MewTwo thought.

MewTwo then turned on his side and began to drift off.

'I'd better get some sleep. Tomorrow, I'll need to prove myself. When I pass the initiation, I'll have taken my first step', MewTwo thought resolutely.

With that thought in mind, the psychic clone drifted off into the realm of dreams where he would await the dawn, and with it, the beginning of his path.



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