The von Trapps spent the last few months of the summer on tour and giving concerts. They love seeing the new things in America and trying new food (wel Kurt's favorite part of course) and by the beginning of September they had enough money to live on for a while and settled in Stowe Vermont.

The farmhouse in Stowe was a huge contrast to the huge mansion the children grew up in Austria. But a home was still a home and they'd make it by fine they could grow their own food and raise animals for milk and eggs. There were only 4 bedrooms but the children didn't mind sharing so Maria and Georg took one room, Fridrich and Kurt had one Gretl and Marta had their own rooms and Liesl Louisa and Brigitta shared another. They were all just happy to be safe and together. Even though they wouldn't have maids and butlers waiting on them hand and food Maria told the children it would teach them to be humble and do things for themselves for once. And they of course all kept in touch with the Warbucks and promised to spend holidays and summers together.

Another thing the children would be starting is school. Luckily they all took English classes when they were homeschooled and tutored by many governesses in the past so Maria and Georg had no worries about if the children would be caught up or not and they knew if they struggled in any subject they could go to them or their teachers for help. Gretl would be entering kindergarten, Marta first grade, Brigitta 5th(but she was so ahead of most kids her age with all the reading she's been doing she'd probably skip to 6th grade if she could) Kurt 6th Louisa Fredrich and Liesl would all be in high school. Maria and Georg were so proud of all of their children ans how much they've accomplished over the past summer.

The week before school started Maria decided to take the children school clothes and supplies shopping. She announced to the children one Saturday morning a week before they were starting school.

"Children would you like to go school shopping with me today? Well make a day out of it how does that sound?"

All the children nodded eagerly and agreed that it would be a wonderful idea. After breakfast the children went upstairs to get ready for the day when Maria noticed Liesl kind of just sitting there looking nervous about something. Maria went to put her arm around her oldest daughter.

"Sweetheart what's wrong? You know you can talk to me and daddy about anything alright?"

Liesl smiled at her mother's gesture,

"Thank you Mother I'm just really nervous about starting school in a whole new country and a whole new curriculum and what about boys?"

Maria smiled at this and gave her daughter a reassuring hug

"Well I'm sure you'll fit in just fine and you're a bright girl I know you'll get caught up easily and if you have any trouble in your lessons you can come to us or your teacher alright? I know it's gonna be tough for all of you but you'll all do just for boys well you have plent of time to find someone who you love."

At that Liesl smiled at her mother's advice and kissed her and went to get ready with the rest of her siblings. Maria wanted all of her children to know they could come to her or Georg for any problem any of them ever had and she was happy that Liesl confided in her that she was nervous about school and Maria was able to help her.

At that moment Georg walked into the kitchen he went to his wife and gave her a gentle kiss on th forehead.

"What was thta all about darling?"

"Oh everything is alright Liesl was just nervous about school and I told her she will do fine she seems alright now."

Georg smiled at the fact that Liesl had a mother again she could confide ro about her problems.

"My children ar so lucky to have you as a mother Maria and I'm more than lucky that you are my wife."

"And I'm so incredibly lucky that I'm married to you and they are my children I love you Georg von Trapp more than you could ever imagine."

They kissed for a few minutes until Maria had to let go and get the children ready for their outing. The rest of the day was spent getting new clothes shoes and supplies for all of the children. After a few hours of shopping Maria took the children out for lunch and ice cream. Remembering her little heart to heart with Liesl this morning she decided to ask the rest of her children how they were feeling about school.

"Are you all excited to start school next week?"

Liesl smiled and nodded thanking her mother for making sur she'll be fine at school and the rest of them said they were all very excited. She then noticed Gretl looking a bit sad. Maria pulled he youngest daughter into her lap,

"You aren't excited about starting school sweetheart?"

Gretl shook her head and looked like she was about o cry

"No I wanna stay home with you and daddy! I don't wanna be with kids I don't know they're not my friends and what if my teacher is mean?"

Maria hugged Gretl tightly and tried to comfort her

"Oh my darling! You are going to be just fine! You will learn so many new things in school and I have no doubt that you will have any trouble at all making friends and I can promise you that your teacher will be nothing but mean daddy and I made sure of it ok?"

Gretl smiled at this and wiped her tears away and Maria brushed her hair out of her eyes.

"Thank you mama I love you!"

Gretl went back to her seat and the rest of the children finished their lunches and enjoyed ice cream cones. The rest of the weekend was spent together as a family before a new hectic schedule started foe them the following week. Georg was going to teach at a navy base and Maria was looking into getting a teaching job but for now she just wanted to enjoy the last moments of summer together with her family.

Sunday night Maria put the kids to bed and met Georg in their room. Maria crawled into bed and snuggled into her husband's side,

"Children asleep?"

"Ummhumm they're all very excited and it took me about 25 minutes to answer all of Gretl and Marta's questions and Brigitta thinks she will skip the fifth grade and start rhto sixth which I think we could do if she's really caught up and Liesl Louisa and Friedrich seem ok about starting high school."

Georg rested his cheek on his wife's beautiful little head

"Yes they will all do wonderful we have a big day tomorrow so it's best we get some sleep shall we?"

Maria soon fell asleep in her husband's strong embrace. Everyone slept peacefully that is until 3:00am when Maria was woken up by a little girl's cry that sounded like Gretl's. Maria quietly got up out of bed and went to Gretl and Marta's room where she found little Gretl crying into her knees. Maria quickly scooped her youngest daughter into her arms.

"Oh sweetheart what's wrong? Did you have a bad dream?

Gretl nodded in between sobs

"Yeah I had a dream that you and daddy forgotted about me at school and my teacher became Miss Hannigan and she made me clean the whole school all by myself!"

Maria was confused at who Miss Hannigan was until she remembered Grace Warbucks telling her of Annie and Molly's cruel orphanage caretaker. Maria helped her daughter into her even tighter.

"Sweetheart Miss Hannigan is in jail for a very very long time you Annie and Molly are completely safe from her and you are never going to the orphanage alright? You'll love school I promise."

"Alright mama can you stay with me tonight?"

"Of course darling lets get some sleep we have a big day tomorrow."

Everyone slept peacefully the rest of the night and everyone got up at 6:30 the nect morning to get ready for school and as a surprise Maria made the children pancakes and bacon for breakfast. Everyone was excited especially hurt who stuffed the whole thing in his mouth and Maria gently placed a hand on his shoulder,

"We do not stuff our faces with food please eat appropriately."

Maria reminded her son who cut up the rest of his pancakes. Georg then walked into the kitchen to get some coffee and see his children off to school.

"Good morning children. Are you excited about starting school today?

"Yes father!" They all shouted at once and Gretl got up and sat in her father's lap

"Yeah daddy I am! I had a bad dream last night but mama helped me and I'm not scared anymore!"

Georg smiled at how easily Gretl was comforted and was glad that her past fears about school were over. After everyone ate and brushed their teeth they all got their backpacks books and sweaters ready and went out to the car to drive to school. First they went to the elementary school to drop off Brigitta, Marta and Gretl. Brigitta went to ur classroom on her own and gave her parents and siblings a hug promising she'd tell them all about school when she got home. Marta then went to her first grade classroom where she seemed to fit in just fine. Last Georg and Maria dropped Gretl off at her kindergarten class when all of a sudden Gretl started to cling to her mothwr's skirt. Maria bent down to Gretl's height and reminded her what they talked about last night.

"You'll do fine darling don't worry daddy and I will be here as soon as you get out ok?"

Maria kissed Gretl then Georg bent down to kiss her and let her go off into the classroom. They were glad she was going to do ok and went to drop the other kids off at their schools.

Maria was glad that her children all seemed so happy to be starting school and couldn't wait to hear about their first day after they picked them up that afternoon. Georg went to work and Maria was left in the house. She finished the cleaning then she decided to call grace in New York to see how Annie and Molly were holding up with school.

Maria called the Warbucks mansion and she heard Grace pick up


"Grace it's Maria just checking in and saying hello the children started school today!"

"That's exciting Annie and Molly started school today too! Annie was on ball of excitement but Molly was a bit nervous at first but Oliver and I made sure she was going to be ok and she seemed fine after that how about you guys?"

"Same for us the older children were all very excited but Gretl was scared at first as well ans had a bad dream that involved Miss Hannigan but after Georg and I dropped her off she seemed alright."

Maria could hear grace giggle about the Miss Hannigan dream.

"Well ir was great hearing from you Maria and were happy your family is doing so well keep in touch! "

Maria hunt up and smiled and by the time Georg got home it was time to pick the children up from school. They were so happy to heal that they all had a wonderful first day and talked about their teachers lessons and friends. It seemed that they were all caught up with the rest of their classmates. Maria and Georg were so happy to hear that all of their children were happy with school and a new routine and life was about to begin for the von Trapp family and they couldn't wait to see what the rest of the year brought for them.