Chapter Three: Frost and Fate

Froslass's den was a graveyard. A garden of icy sculptures, various men killed and frozen to death in horrid poses. Old and young, large and small. Their expressions were frozen in horror or agony.

I shivered in terror, my feet loudly crushing the frigid snow below me. Froslass had truly changed this ecosystem. It was her territory now. I stared at the ghost-type with hatred in my eyes, but she didn't notice my glare burning into her back. Or perhaps she didn't care because she knew I was powerless.

Froslass hummed to herself as she darted through her den, her kimono-like body floating gracefully through the air. What in the world was she doing? After a few moments, I realized she was tidying up the place. Rearranging something here, brushing off something there. Finally, she was finished and she flitted off into a tiny tunnel, then reemerged. There was something in her spectral grasp, a huge scoopful of berries which she held out for me. I just stared at her.

Those unsettling blue eyes didn't waver for a moment. I glanced at the berries. Just the normal kind, the sort both humans and Pokemon ate. I took a small handful and she trilled happily.

"Frosss~" She drifted down to the ground, kimono-like body blowing slightly.

She stared at me expectantly. I sighed and glanced around myself. White snow and "sculptures" as far as the eye can see. Well, might as well do what she wanted. I'd have to attack her or something when she had her guard down.

I sat down across from her, shivering from the chill in the air. She smiled, then floated up and away again. I watched, disturbed - a shard of icy fear in my heart- as she thawed one of the many frozen bodies. A few moments later, and with a dull thud, the dead man's body dropped to the floor. She busily tore shreds of his clothes off, shirt and such, and then floated back over. She dug a hole in the ground in front of me, raised her hand, and a tiny flame appeared. A powerful will-o-wisp surged through the air and lit her makeshift pile of debris. It quickly caught fire and, to my shock, it was actually rather powerful. She was lighting the clothes of a man she'd murdered on fire, to warm me. I was nice of her?

It was just kind of sickening. I reached into one of my pockets and found one of my cheaper cameras. It was warm now, so less risk of damage.

The Froslass stared at me with curiosity, before drifting over closer to me and peering at the device. I hated her, but I had to admit- she was a beautiful and elegant Pokemon. If I survived this, I had no doubts that pictures of her would be worth a fair amount. Right now, a warm orange glow glinted off her pale body. Her blue eyes were illuminated, vivid, and cold in the firelight. She smiled at me once more as I lifted my camera, the lens extending.


The most beautiful shot I'd ever take. And probably one of my last. Maybe somehow the camera would survive. At least one good picture as good as one of my dad's. It was a bittersweet moment. The Froslass hummed and munched on some berries, losing interest in the device - but still staring at me intently- as I turned the camera and started snapping shots of the many statues. So many unfamiliar faces, frozen in terror. Infinite, ageless. I took a picture of the thawed body which much to my shock- was rapidly deteriorating, skin melting away.

"'ve been here a long time?" I asked Froslass.

She smiled mysteriously.

I tried a different question. " killed all these men? Why?"

She smiled even wider, her eyes glinting. I felt frustration surge inside me. I sat up, fists clenched around my camera.

"W-What the fuck do you even want from me? To kill me? To torture me? You sick bitch?"

She laughed at my rage, clearly amused.

'Want to know and I will show...'

I gasped when I heard the voice in my head. It was the voice of a full-grown woman, middle-aged and quiet. I leaped up and ended up slipping on some ice and falling back on my ass.

"Frosss~~~" The Froslass giggled in delight, zooming up and into the air. She floated above me now, her eyes burning into me, her kimono blowing here and there.

'Old as time my spirit is. Waiting endlessly for this...'

She-She was talking to me!? I knew psychic-types and ghost-types could do this sort of thing, and even sometimes dark types, in old books that I'd read as a kid. Myths that I'd never had an interest in before.

My heart hammered in my chest.

Froslass was...terrifying. The fire was dimming now, the air growing colder. Her eyes glowed pale blue, surrounded by that eerie yellow. Her delicate, wispy hands were clutching her lower body...

'Will show you now, don't dare run. Try to flee, your life is done.'

I still was wrapping my head around the fact that I could hear her. But I quickly focused on the moment, as I realized she was threatening me. I trembled, eyes wide. I clutched my camera till my knuckles were white. I...I did want to know what this beautiful creature intended for me. And if she was going to kill me if I ran, then that meant...that meant she didn't plan to kill me. I could escape when she wasn't expecting it, I'd run away and I'd be able to figure out exactly what happened to my Pokemon. I'd be able to escape this crazy bitch!

She waited for me.

Was she truly ancient like she said she was? Her voice was so powerful in my head. Something told me it was true. Perhaps she hadn't been on Mt. Coronet long. But she'd been alive far longer than I had. Her eyes were endless, full of so many emotions I couldn't stand looking into them. She was amused by my rage, by my fear...

I clenched my fist. I wanted to know what she intended for me. Had to know. "Show me then. I won't run."

She giggled shrilly with delight...and I watched in shock, and awe, as slowly...Her delicate fingers held up her kimono, revealing what lay hidden underneath.

I swallowed hard as I stared at her dripping pussy, directly across from my face now. I'd been with plenty of girls, none of them Pokemon, and I'd never seen such a beautiful pussy in my life.

My heart hammered away, threatening to burst free it seemed.

I was horrified, and I was horribly aroused at the same time. Her smell hit me first, it was so potent, so sweet...Arceus, this should be disgusting but her pussy was so photo-worthy. Delicate looking and small. The folds were glistening, delicious, and syrupy. Her lips, along with her lower body in general, were a rich grape purple color. The only thing that threw me off was the lack of legs, as Froslass don't have any. Instead, she had two little stumps that she spread apart. I gasped when the thick moisture, both cold and hot at the same time, splashed onto my lips.

I couldn't help it. My tongue snaked out. I had to taste...

My mind grew foggy, my body was hot as can be. It was sweeter than any berry, any sugary treat. So delicious I'd never forget the taste, never want to taste anything else.

Froslass's eyes widened.

'Waited for much time passed. I heart your heart, beating so fast. Look deep inside, recall your life. The one in which you called me...wife.'

I...didn't know what to say. Her words, powerful yet quiet, struck a chord deep inside me. I...did know her, didn't I? I knew those eyes, that aggravating laugh that enchanted me. I knew this taste that now coated every inch of my mouth. Her words held nothing but the truth. She stared down at me, and I watched, equally as wide-eyed as her, as tears began to drip down her cheeks. But as Froslass gazed at me, she started smiling. Her ice-chip eyes didn't waver for a second as she beckoned me even closer, stared deep into me.

"Lass..." She whispered and parted her dripping folds.

I took a picture. How could I not, of something so beautiful? Even if most people would think it was wrong. I was still terrified, and yet, I was also exhilarated. I sprang forward and grabbed hold of her. A smarter man would have broken her body against the nearby stone. Or snapped her neck, or just threw her and ran again. But I couldn't bring myself to do that. Didn't want to do that. Coated by dim, weak fire-light, something had awoken in me. A warmth that I'd never felt. I didn't realize how...empty...I've been for so long. Void of belief in anything, good or bad. Myths were silly to me, I had no patience for the chatter of other humans. I've never liked girls really, never had an interest in them. Because...

Because I was waiting for this.

I was meant to come to this mountain peak, alone. To meet her.

I groaned and started lapping at her delicate folds. Froslass whimpered immediately, as my hot tongue stroked her frigid insides. Her pussy tasted so delicious. It was sweet and cold, her juices coating my face in seconds. I toyed with the lips with my tongue, tracing it between them to slide up, and gently grazed her swollen clit as well. It twitched and I captured it in my mouth, sucking hard.

Froslass squealed and moaned, eyes wide. "F-Frossl-lass!

My dick was harder than it's ever been, even under all these layers. I wanted them off. I wanted to be inside her. I settled with sticking my tongue even deeper, rubbing her little clit with my finger quickly, urgently. She bucked against my mouth, and I knew if she had legs she would wrap them around my head, my neck. Her tiny, delicate fingers burrowed into my curly blonde ringlets, burrowing under my winter hat. More and more juices started soaking my lips, and still, it wasn't enough.

'You remember this taste, I know you do. Do not be afraid, I feel it too.'

How could I not be afraid? There were corpses all around me. But...but I wanted this more than I was terrified. I reached down and rubbed my hand against my crotch, desperate for stimulation.

'I killed them, yes...they weren't you. Tried to run, their hearts untrue. Knew you'd come, to where we met. Will not move on, my heart is set. '

Her eyes...were so warm now. How had I ever thought they were cold? No, they were full of vibrant life. They were the eyes of a woman I'd met many times. Pokemon, then human, then Pokemon again. She was stubborn, while I was endlessly tired. She never gave up, she was determined to meet me. I knew these things to be true, somehow. I felt it in my core.

That Absol had warned me...I was walking toward my destiny.

Froslass noticed my aroused state. She smiled down at the area between my legs, then drifted, until her lower body was inches away from my heavy snow pants. If I took them off, I'd probably freeze to death. She had to know that. I forgot one thing, she was a ghost-type. I watched in confused awe as her body grew slightly transparent, and she settled her crotch down against mine.

Electric heat shot up my spine and I grunted and bucked as I felt the wet, freezing hot folds of her pussy touch the tip of my dick. I was about to stick my cock into a Pokemon. Froslass's pussy felt heavenly. I sunk deep into it and groaned, feeling her inner walls stretch around me and tighten. Sucking me in, holding me there. She was clamped tight like she was never gonna let my dick go.

"I can't hold back," I groaned, burying my face in Froslass's neck. I inhaled deeply. Her scent was subtle, icy. Like the wind during a blizzard. It chilled my lungs. She smelled impossibly good...and impossibly familiar. Flickers of another life flashed against my eyelids.

"Fros" She whispered in her shivering, quiet voice. Her fingers lightly stroked the back of my head, encouraging me. There was a strange, wanton glow in her eyes.

That was it. My breaking point. Was this dangerous? Would I die if I stuck my hot dick in her frigid, ghostly body? Somehow I doubted it, yet the possibility I didn't even care about. If I had to die then this was how I was gonna go. Cameron Shudder: Cause of death? Freezing his nuts off, buried balls deep in a ghost/ice-type Pokémon. My father was probably tossing and turning in his grave.

Froslass gazed lovingly at me, yet still wearing her sinister, taunting smile. As if saying 'You don't have the nerve to go all the way with me. You don't have to nerve to die for me.' But I did. I had nothing to live for, and everything to die for. My Pokemon were probably gone. My career meant nothing to me. I was just an echo of my father. Unable to bring life to any photos, except for the photos of her.

Her name came to me then. I saw her, as she once was.

Waving goodbye, and I never came back. Her blue eyes, her gentle smile. Winter...

"Winter," I whispered, and her eyes widened. I felt her heart race against my own.


She said nothing else, more tears dripping down across her haunting smile.

With a shout, I bit the bullet and hurriedly thrust my cock between her weeping folds. The sensations flooded into me immediately... Like frigid electricity shooting up and down my spine, all over my body...A delightful, thick stickiness coated the entire length of my cock. It felt so good that for a second I was frozen in place, gasping, hips twitching. Her pussy fluttered and tightened around me, icy cold and yet burning hot... didn't hurt. It was cold, unbearably cold, and yet...

"Nnn Frosss!" Winter whimpered, her face creased with pain, her head thrown back. Her noises were like an aphrodisiac. She pressed her face up against my ear, wrapped her strange little arms around my neck, and held me there. "You aren't leaving me," was the obvious message she was giving me.

I didn't want to fucking leave.

I started fucking her. The way I had a hundred times before. The way she liked it. Hard, fast, and deep. Hitting every inch of her insides, the only pussy that had ever been good enough for me. I slammed my hips up and down, digging my nails into her skin. Even ghostly, it was still skin, and tiny welts appeared. But she loved them. She smiled with delight, still sobbing - both above and below- and rolled her little hips.

Wet squelching noises filled the air as her velvety folds parted, her inner walls squeezing me like she was trying to milk me dry. I'd never been so hard, so ready to cum in my entire life. I'd jerked off plenty of times, fucked plenty of girls, but it had never felt like this. Never felt so right. Her pussy, her eyes, her everything- made me forget where I was. Made me forget about the bodies frozen around us, victims of our love. Victims of her endless devotion to me, no matter how or when we died. We found each other, and we stayed together, through thick and thin.

I'd come back to her.

She shivered, and her fingers dug in. I groaned when I started to feel her pussy tremble. I reached down and found her clit. It was hot and swollen, twitching slightly. She was ready to cum for me. I squeezed it between my fingers, rubbing hard. Immediately, she lost control. Cold moisture soaked my cock as she came with a loud, urgent gasp and threw her head back, ice-blue eyes wide.

I didn't stop. Couldn't. I just kept pounding. In and out, in and out. Sweat was built underneath all my clothes. I stood up, and I held her like a doll, rocked my body against hers. She was so small and delicate, but she took me so great. I had to give her more than I'd ever given her before.

She winced with pain, over-sensitive after just cumming, but I found myself smiling.

I was shocked when I heard myself chuckle. The realization hit me. That was why she smiled as she did, why she laughed with delight when she saw my suffering- we'd always been like this. I leaned down and placed my mouth against hers. She opened her lips, let me enter. I explored the inside of her mouth, ran my tongue against and around hers, hungry for even more. When her tongue met mine back, that was it. Couldn't hold back anymore.

With a desperate last thrust and a shout, I unleashed inside her. Spurted deep into her icy folds.

She came again, shuddering around me, grinning with glee and giggling. We slumped against one another, enjoying the afterglow. It took around ten minutes for me to finally come back to myself. What...had I just done? I'd...just fucked a Pokemon? I stared at my hands in horror, and at where our bodies were connected, my dick still embedded deep into her. I...suppose it didn't matter. Deep inside...I knew this was right. This was how it had to be. How I wanted it to be.

Winter just smiled. She understood...that I'd come to terms with this on my own.

Winter was comfortable in her den. After a full day and night, I realized I had to convince her that this was not sustainable. For many reasons. I wanted to figure out what happened to my Pokemon, and I wanted to stop freezing my ass off. On top of it, the bodies that she unthawed to keep me warm were beyond discomforting. They were terrifying and they were starting to smell pretty bad. Even so, I knew Winter was stubborn. She liked it up here, where we met in our past life.

Honestly, I was also really bored. We had a whole world to see, and she wanted to spend it surrounded by this prison of white?!

"ARGH! Come on, Winter! Let's go," I yelled at her, extending my hand. She'd been busy touching up one of her frozen men statues. To be completely truthful, I was a little bit jealous that she'd tried to sleep with all these men. And I felt their accusing stares with every passing hour. "I'm hungry as hell, Winter! Don't make me die here. I know...I know this is your home but we can make a new one together. Out there!"

I glanced toward the entrance of her cavern and pleaded with my eyes. She sighed. We'd had this conversation already, like twenty times, and she'd consistently ignored me. So much for being my timeless lover, willing to do anything for me. Well, she'd never said she'd do anything for me. Just that she'd wait as long as it took to be with me. Still...

"Please, Winter? I don't want to die here. I want to be with you. I'm not like the other guys. I won't leave you alone here. I won't abandon you or try to run. I'll stay with you as long as you'll have me...but I'm a human. And I'm not meant to live in a place like this. I'll...become like one of them eventually. When you run out of clothes to burn." Solemnly, I cast my gaze across the many corpses the Froslass had procured.

"So...come with me. Let's be happy together. I want to be with you, out there."

I was trying to manipulate her. But I knew the words were true as they came from my lips. I did want to be with her. The way she made me feel...I don't think I could forget it even if I wanted to. She was cold as death and yet filled a void in me, warmed my heart that had never raced for anyone.

I was meant to come to this mountain. This incredible place. Where Sinnoh began. My world began here too, a new one entirely...

Winter drifted close. This was it. She was going to kill me for my insolence. She didn't care about whether I died or lived. I was nothing but another human to her. Another body to add to her collection. Everything she'd said about our past life? That apparently didn't matter. She wanted to be with me here. Well, I didn't want to look at her if she was about to kill me. I didn't want to know the kind of expression she'd have as she ended my life. Would she be sad? Would she laugh as the blood drained from my body, as the ice enclosed over me ...

Why was I surprised? She'd ruthlessly destroyed my Pokeballs. She'd taunted me for hours, tortured and terrified me. She'd frozen pokemon and human alike in her maze-like den, a complex tunnel system that she'd seemingly made herself. She had been mine, life after life, but she was a Pokemon. An animal in many ways, a monster in others.

My thoughts faded as I felt something soft. Something cold, with a subtle warmth. A tongue swept across my lips, and I gasped as I realized my girl...Froslass, Winter, was kissing me. I placed my hand against the back of her head, put an arm around her cold soft body, and kissed her until I couldn't breathe.

I felt a rush of sheer joy.

'Foolish boy, just like in the past. So impatient, forcing time to move fast. I've savored this moment for long enough, allow me a moment to gather my stuff.'

She was gonna leave with me! She was mine!

Gritch was waiting for me at the bottom of the mountain. He and a bunch of other guys. They had a large pack of Pokemon with them and were all garbed from head to toe in heavy snow gear. The skinny, mustached old man gasped as I exited the entrance, Winter trailing behind me.

I couldn't believe it. Was that crotchety old man crying? Indeed he was. Ugly tears poured down Gritch's cheeks as he raced up to me and wrapped me in a surprisingly strong hug for such a skinny old dude. He sobbed wet and messy into my neck.

"I-I thought you were dead! I was a coward, leavin' you behind because of a few old myths! We were comin' to rescue you. I assembled everyone...was scared half to death but I couldn't let you...couldn't let you..." His eyes were huge and wet and he peered at me as if he couldn't believe I was real.

"Relax old man, I'm alive and well as you can see."

I think usually I wouldn't have appreciated his affection. I would have resisted it. But his words and tenderness filled me with the comfort I hadn't felt since father died. This was real and true love. Not the sort Winter and I had, but love nonetheless.

"No one's come down from that high in years. Are you real?"

I smiled. "Real as real can be. I made it, Gritch! Even got a couple of pictures to show for it too."

Gritch rubbed his eyes, hiccuping. "R-really? I want to see..."

I coughed. Awkwardly. "Um. Maybe...I need to edit them first," I lied. In truth, they were private pictures. Between Winter and I. We'd fucked so many times in the past day, and I suddenly got the idea to take as many pics of her beauty as I could. Her pussy, her aroused expression, her face when she dick swallowed up by her. I wouldn't let anyone see her body like that. And besides, I highly doubted these old traditional men would approve of my coupling with Winter, a Pokemon. Even if I told him I'd met her as a human in a past life. Speaking of which...

The ghost-type was staring guiltily at the ground. She was the reason why people didn't return.

I dragged her to my side. 'By the way Gritch. I found some of your missing hikers. They're dead. And I also found the culprit. Seems at some point this poor Froslass was displaced. Accidentally fucked up the entire ecosystem up there. Tons of dead humans and Pokemon." I pushed Winter forward.

She peered at the human crowd in terror, cowering slightly. Ancient it seemed, but not so powerful she could take on all these men and their Pokemon unless she had the upper hand first.

I rested a reassuring hand on her head. I stared into those angry, accusing eyes. "I captured her. I'll be taking care of Winter from here on out. She won't be disturbing the peace around here anymore."

Gritch gave her a stern look, then exchanged glances with his fellow townsfolk. They seemed to be troubled as if they couldn't decide what to do with her. Finally, Gritch nodded. "Hmm...well you make sure we never see her pretty face around here again. Can't have any murderers around, accidental or otherwise. Pokemon or human."

I nodded. "I can promise you that sir. I won't come back."

Gritch smiled slightly. "Well...that's a shame but something tells me you're not meant to be here. Your journey will take you elsewhere. Lots of photographers in Hearthome city, you know."

Hearthome City, huh?

"But...'d enjoy one last warm meal with this old man before you go? Never did introduce you to my good ol' wife, Betsy."

Winter heartily devoured her pokemon food. It seemed like she'd never tasted something so good before. She was used to what nature provided her, berries, and the like. She had a smile on her face and her eyes twinkled with delight. When she looked up at me, berry juice stained her face. I couldn't help but laugh, gently stroking the top of her head.

Gritch and his wife smiled at the sight of the two of us, unfamiliar warmth in their gaze. Winter was sitting in my lap and we all sat around the dinner table.

"Weird. two remind me of Betsy and me when we were young."

Betsy smiled and nodded her agreement. She was a chubby old woman, with warm eyes and a big smile. "You sure do! Would hardly believe you were Pokemon and human! More like man and wife!"

Gritch rubbed his mustache. "I've read lotta books, sure have. Lots of legends speak about how humans and Pokemon once- OW!"

Betsy slapped the old man on the back of the head. "Don't say something so crude! E-Excuse my husband, the old kook!"

Winter and I just smiled.

Snowman was fine, as were the rest of my Pokemon. Upon being let out, the huge Abomasnow scooped me up in his arms and hugged me, huge wet tears dripping down his thick fur.

"ABOMA ABOMASNOWWW SNOW SNOW SNOWWW!" He was apologizing profusely.

"-S-S'all good! Let...let me down, buddy!"

Surprisingly, Winter got along well with him after I explained the situation as best as I could.

For a while, the three of us roamed around Celestic town. I bought a couple of books about Pokemon Mythology, got some Pokeballs too. Winter let herself be captured by me, and then immediately burst free from her ball, demanding to be by my side. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Gritch and Betsy were waving us goodbye as we left town. Usually, I went from region to region. Finding places, finding rare Pokemon, and taking pictures of them. But how could I ever find someone more special, rarer, than the girl standing right beside me?

So, I took Gritch's advice. There was so much left of Sinnoh to see, and I wanted Winter to be there with me.

Starting...with Hearthome City, where I was sure I'd make a career for myself. Make my dad proud.

I grabbed Winter's hand and left Celestic Town far behind.

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