Hidden Place

Part Five: Hidden Place 2

Pairing: Kurt x Pietro

Completed: January 04

Warnings: I don't own X-men or any of the characters, so there. A phenomenal song inspired this fic by Bjork called "Hidden Place". The last chapter didn't really capture the song so I've dedicated the rest of the fic to trying. Go Here for lyrics to the song. If you can download the song!

Staring at the ceiling of his room as he had been for hours, he continued to cling to the hope that Pietro would be alright and come running into his arms telling him it was all a dream. There was no Lox, and he never even laid a hand upon him. Images of that man being so intimate with Pietro ate at his skin, burned at his heart. He looked so pleased, so enthralled with that man who gave him pleasure. Nightcrawler knew it was wrong though. Afterward he scowled at him. Was it just a job? All a rouse? All a lie? He hoped so with every fiber of his being.

His head fell to the other side to look at the door. If it wasn't he would spiral back down into that dark place between despair and self-annihilation. Being crushed between those boulders, he'd reach toward the sky, to the face of the boy who'd shoved him back there. Was he that devoted, or just hopeless?

He'd left his door unlocked as Psyclops had instructed him to do. Nightcrawler didn't know how Psyclops knew about Pietro and his relationship, if it could be called that. It was all dependent on what Quicksilver would tell Nightcrawler about Lox and the mission. He prayed for both of their sakes it was brainwashing that did that to him.

Rolling back to the other side, he felt worn thin, as if hands were stretching his heart over a vast sea. Sadly, it felt like everyone he knew was holding the edges of his heart and swam in different directions. The only one who seemed to sooth that ache was Pietro, the white light at the bottom of the fountain.

Impatiently, he stood up and began to pace a circle into the carpet. About the eighteenth trip around, he heard heavy footsteps coming toward his door, like someone holding a boulder on his shoulders. The door swung open to show a tired, unharmed Pietro being escorted in by Scott. Scott looked away from Nightcrawler and Pietro, saying nothing as he sat Pietro down on Kurt's bed. In silence, he walked out of the room and closed the door behind him. Pietro held his head in pain and called out to Nightcrawler. "I can't open my eyes, it hurts so much. Kurt, where are you?"

Kurt hurried to Pietro's side, stoking his back. "Mein Gott, Pietro, are you okay? Did zhey hurt you?"

He waved his hand and tried to shake his head. "Nah, it was Lox, he hurt me, but the Professor fixed me. It felt like an elephant was dragged out of my temples. The whole bunch weren't too happy to see me. Ah!" his breath sped up as his body wavered.

"Here, lie down," he pushed him back onto the bed. "So zhey didn't hurt you? You vere just brainvashed?"

"Yeah," his breathed. "I'm sorry I hurt you. I didn't know what was going on, it was like I was born yesterday. I knew nothing except I was Lox's bodyguard," he looked at his feet. "I feel so dirty after he used me like he did."

Kurt looked away at the mention of that man's name. He defiled Pietro. Kurt refused to hear his name let alone forgive him. His gaze returned to Pietro's slowing breath and sweating forehead. He must have been so confused, so scared in there. "I vill start the shower for you. Is zhat, okay?" he pet his forehead.

He nodded slightly and smirked, "Is this our second date?"

Kurt smiled vaguely and shook his head. "Nein, Freund. I vill take us on anozer date when you feel better. I'll be back in a moment."

After rotating the knobs for the shower, he found himself realizing the implications of this bath. He was going to see Pietro nude. His cheeks became flushed under his fur, but wagged his head from side to side in defiance of his hormones. He refused to find it arousing; Pietro was in pain. He'd just gone through such an ordeal. He needed a friend right now, not a hornball. Nodding his head in determination, he returned to the bedroom and helped Pietro, who nearly fell to his knees twice, into the bathroom. Pietro was going to have a hard time standing in his condition. "Maybe I should have just drawn you a bath."

Pietro smiled, obviously feeling a bit better. "It'll be okay," he smirked and looked directly into Kurt's concerned eyes, "if you get in with me."

Turning his head to the side, embarrassed, Kurt nodded, "If zhat's vhat you vould like." He sat him on the toilet and closed the door behind them in case a x-man found it necessary to bug them. Very carefully, he began to disrobe Pietro, starting with his shoes. He refused to find the situation stimulating, but it was a struggle. As his socks fell onto the white tiles, he saw the raw pinkened calluses on his feet. Ten perfect toes pointing up toward him as he watched them stretch. Kurt's white shirt was lazily unbuttoned as Pietro watched him push each button through the holes slowly, as to not frighten him. Then he took off his undershirt, fighting nervousness. Pietro looked up at Kurt's fuzzy sculpted abs and chiseled arms, not ever having imagined the elven looking boy was hiding such a form. With very gentle eyes, Kurt pulled Pietro's tight shirt above his head, looking anywhere but at his body, fearing his own body would react. The pale boy could tell his blue one was distracted, maybe he was just being polite. Nevertheless, he wanted to be looked at by Kurt, touched by Kurt. The pale boy startled Kurt by pulling his right hand to the loose button on his pants. Searching Pietro's eyes for any pain or embarrassment, he came away with none, only a pair of perfectly blush cheeks. Smiling a bit, he looked away. "Stand up vith me, okay?"

Pietro felt a strong blue arm pull him up and support his failing, shaking knees. His pants fell to the ground with Kurt looking at the water streaming from the showerhead, the tiles, even the floor mat. Soon after fell his boxers which Kurt helped to the ground by his foot. Pietro smiled at his dexterous caretaker. "I wonder what else you can do with those legs," he whispered into Kurt's perked ear.

He smirked, still quite warm in the cheeks, and helped Pietro into the shower. Before he could douse them both, Pietro stopped him silently and unzipped Kurt's sagging pants. He couldn't help but shiver at Pietro's first sensual touch. He tried to push him in again, but Pietro halted him for a second time. "Wait," he commanded softly. Suddenly, Kurt felt hands on his hips that slid his last garment to the white tiles.

Kurt looked into his eyes again, finding satisfaction. Pietro grunted softly as the warm water saturated his skin. It was the first time Kurt had ever felt skin against his in the shower. They slipped against each other on accident the first few times, then hugged each other tightly and pushed their semi-erect flesh against each other. Pietro wrapped a leg around Kurt's hip and ground into him softly bringing his flesh to full attention. Kurt panted, exposing his long canines. Closing his eyes, he began to kiss Pietro lightly on the neck. As Pietro began to grind more fiercely into his partner, his kisses turned into nips and bites. Everything, the water, the heat, the steam, the body in his arms, felt as it never had before, every nerve in his body was ripped open and caressed by Pietro's presence. "Mein Gott, Pietro!" he half whined in sweet pain through his teeth into his neck.

Pietro swallowed roughly feeding off of the love being made to his flesh. He wanted Kurt inside of his tightening flesh. The fur rubbing against him pulled him into a state of total physical awareness. The tail wrapped around his stationary leg stroked him from knee to ankle in time with their colliding hips. Kurt pushed him against the cold, blue tiles of the shower and tightened his hold on him, almost completely forgetting his earlier condition. "You feel so good! I . . . I vant you so badly! More than I've ever wanted anysing," he admitted while nibbling on his earlobe.

Cradling each other and kissing frantically, Pietro decided to let himself be claimed before he exploded. "Kurt, come inside me," he stroked Kurt's back.

His blue face pulled back and examined his sincerity; which was true and willing. Looking about he pulled them out of the shower and laid a towel on the floor. Laying Pietro gently on the terrycloth, he asked for safe measure, "Are you sure, Pietro?" He stroked the side of his flushed face.

Pietro nuzzled his hand with his cheek and nodded. "Please, Kurt."

Smiling, he searched for a good lubricant and returned to his position on top of Pietro kissing his deeply. For the first time, he actually had the chance to examine Pietro's length. Firm, long, and perfectly it stood anticipating his touch. While he stroked his member lightly with his fingertips, Pietro reached down and fondled his counterpart's magnificent blue girth. It had more girth than his but thought nothing other than to anticipate his entrance. He began to bite his lower lip, "Kurt, please do it soon or I'll. . ."

With that, Kurt coated his length with the lukewarm matter trying not to linger too long on his own pleasure. Timidly, he took Pietro's tip into his mouth as he fingered his entrance with a lubed set of fingers. The pale body jerked in both directions at the dual sensations. His lips parted and he moaned deeply feeling the second finger scissor his tensed muscles into compliance. "Ahhh! Ku . . rt . . ."

After a few more strokes with his mouth, Kurt reeled back and pushed his head into Pietro's quivering entrance. His girth shocked Pietro's muscles into tightening at first; then Kurt cooed sweetly to him and felt him relax. Then he glided halfway into him and pressed his stomach onto Pietro's hardened flesh. Another couple strokes and his mass was inside of the pale one's tight, warm sheath. He fed off of Pietro's uneven moans and pants as he grew accustomed to Kurt's length inside of him. The pain melted away into unrelenting pleasure. Every thrust hit him full force right where it needed to. He tried to keep his voice down, but he'd never felt quite so perfectly wrapped around someone before. Kurt was just the right size, filling every crevice of his being. His tongue pulled Kurt's into his mouth and they were connected; a circle of continuous pleasure. It didn't take much longer before the pair tensed, and expelled their seed in and on each other. Kurt collapsed on top of Pietro and kissed his smiling face between pants. "Thank you, Pietro. That vas amazing."

He nodded in reply and kissed him back. After a time, he pushed them up and let Kurt help him back into the flowing shower. Still panting a bit and relatively tired now, the pair held each other and washed the products of their love off of each other. There were so many questions that still plagued Kurt. Not wanting to betray his better judgement, he asked Pietro against the falling drops, "So, are we togezer now?"

Pietro laughed lazily and hit his shoulder. "Of course we are. I would have no other on my arm than you." He nuzzled into Kurt's neck and kissed it.

"And Lox meant nosing?" he needed to know.

Pietro was a bit shocked but shook his head. "No, Kurt. Not at all. At that time, I couldn't control myself. I knew there was something I'd forgotten, something important, but I didn't remember anything but who I worked for. It was my only purpose," he hugged Kurt for reassurance.

Kurt hugged him back, taking it all to heart. Pietro was his and nothing was in their way, except the X-men and the Brotherhood. "It's okay now, Pietro. You'll never see him again."

He nodded on his shoulder and started to doze off. Kurt felt the boy's breath heavily onto his shoulder and leaned down to turn the water off. He shook him a bit and whispered, "Hey. We gotta get you to za bed bevore you can fall asleep on me."

He merely mumbled in reply.

Clumsily, he toweled him off and laid him on the bed. He locked the door and returned to his partner's side where he nuzzled under his arm and rest his head on his shoulder.

Nothing seemed to weigh Nightcrawler down anymore. He was wedged between nothing and the air. Pietro's slumbering skin felt like fresh air being breathed into his fingertips. The sound of his steady heartbeat resonated into the very core of his soul, filling up the drying fountain in his heart. Once again, Kurt felt as whole as he did as a child, playing in the field, collecting flowers for the vase next to the door. He leaned up and kissed Pietro's cheek whispering his love into his ear. "I love you, Pietro. Thank you for waking my heart up."

The pale one turned his sleeping head sloppily onto Kurt's and replied in a muffled voice. "Love you, too."

Elated with a wide smile, he hugged Pietro and was determined to keep their love in a hidden place away from anyone who would object or look down on them. With him in his arms, nothing mattered except their hearts and the overflowing fountain of happiness.