Sora walked into the station pavilion, flanked by Donald and Goofy. He looked around, not seeing any sign of the cloaked figure Pence had mentioned. Suddenly a Dusk popped out of the ground in front of him, swaying with too-smooth movements that made it seem like it was made of rubber. Sora took a combat stance as more and more of the silvery creatures surrounded the small party, prancing and spinning in circles around them. Sora drew his keyblade and went on the attack.

Despite his success, the wave of monsters seemed to be never-ending. Donald and Goofy collapsed as Sora started to waver, struggling to keep his keyblade up. The creatures' dancing movements seemed almost jubilant as they pounced.


Sora looked up as a dark-cloaked figure dropped out of the sky and landed in front of him on one knee, plunging a golden keyblade into the cobblestones. Immediately, a ring of blistering flames swirled around Sora and his friends, burning the creatures to ash. The stranger stood and scanned the area as Sora recognized the keyblade in the man's hand before Donald and Goofy jumped over him.

"Ignus?" They exclaimed in unison.

"Could you keep it down?" Ignus spoke softly. "Board the train and leave town. The train knows the way." He tossed a small leather pouch into Sora's lap before running off through the streets.

"Was that the king?" Sora asked.

"No, but one of his top advisors!" Goofy explained. "You met him before, when we sealed the doors!"

"Now we know he's okay!" Donald cheered.

"So this…Ignus? He was locked in the realm of darkness, right?" Sora thought back.

"Uh-huh." Goofy confirmed.

"But we just saw him…" Sora trailed off, confused. "And if he's here, that means Riku's here!"