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Requisition - Chapter 2

(Scene Change - En Route to Unova)

Causally cruising through the air, Red fiddled with the finer functions of his new Pokédex. One of the most helpful features proved to be the 'Map' function that doubles as a navigation program. Currently using it, it was showing him a simple and safe route that trainers used when manmade transportation wasn't for them. With the program showing that he still had a few hours left before reaching Aspertia City, which was the closest city he could land in. While a daunting task for even the most frequent of flyers, it was as easy as breathing for his Charizard. A bit lost in fiddling with its more complicated functions, he was keenly unaware of the eyes of those who they passed, the various calls and shouts never making it to his ears as his Charizard increased his speed to avoid troubling his trainer.

(Scene Change - Aspertia City)

Landing on the outskirts of Aspertia City, managing to avoid alerting any passing persons, Red recalled his Charizard before taking a lungful of the Unovan air. Exhaling, he let a soft smile grace his face before heading towards the city. Passing through the forest, he activated his Pokédex and indulged himself with the new Pokemon that passed by, though none of them caught his eye as a potential teammate. Soon enough he exited the southern forest and found himself near a few residential homes, seeing that the town looked much more beautiful on the ground then in the air.

Following the neat road in front of him, he let his eyes wander only to pause when a number of cheers and shouts suddenly made it to his ears. Following the voices that were increasingly growing in volume, he saw that they were originating from a building that read 'Aspertia City Trainers' School'. A bit curious, he entered and saw that it was indeed just a school, but the vigorous shouts were originating from the back of the building, Red raising a brow when he saw a large open area with a number of occupied battling grounds.

His eyes scanning the participating trainers, he soon grew disinterested when he noticed that they were all either beginning their journeys or novices. Stopping his gaze on the large crowd gathered near the back of the grounds, he approached and saw a black haired young man in a white dress shirt and blue pants, a red tie and laptop acting as accessories to him as he commanded a Pokemon his Pokédex identified as a 'Stoutland'.

His opponent was a brunette with her hair done up into two buns with twin tails trailing from them with a visor holding her hair in place. Having deep blue eyes, she was wearing a white top with light blue half-sleeves and a pink camisole with a ribbon holding the straps together in the back, black tights with a yellow skirt, a pair of light blue and white high top folded sneakers with a pink and white shoulder bag finishing off her outfit. She was currently ordering a Pokemon known as 'Darmanitan', seemingly overwhelming the canine Pokemon as it let loose a Flamethrower.

"Ha, I concede, Rosa. You're as strong as I remember." Cheren declared with a sigh, Rosa grinning as she flashed a victory sign while they recalled their Pokemon.

"That was a close one, Cheren! If your Stoutland has landed that Reversal it would've been over!" Rosa countered with a smile, the Gym Leader smiling at her humbleness before he turned to address the crowd.

"Well? Would anyone like to challenge our town's strongest before she has to go? I'm sure that Rosa wouldn't mind any challengers, right?" Cheren asked as a murmur when through the crowd, many opting to remain silent as she had taken down their leader's strongest without using hers.

A somber smile crossing the face of the young lady at the lack of challengers, Red felt something twitch inside of him as he immediately recognized the look on her face. A look of utter loneliness and resignation, a look he could imagine being found on the faces of a good number of trainers both veteran and novice who have reached the peak in their respective homes, regions, towns, cities or schools.

A soft sigh leaving her mouth, she waved her hands at the crowd and was about to say her farewells when Red stepped forward. Ensuring that his hat was shadowing his signature eyes, though he hoped that he had indeed been forgotten to the throes of time, he quietly moved forward as the crowd parted and grew quiet. Seeing him approach, Rosa grinned immediately and was about to greet him in her usual warm and energetic manner only to freeze when she felt something from the stranger. It wasn't just the brunette who felt it as Cheren swallowed the small lump that formed in his throat at the presence the man exuded, feeling the same immense pressure that his best friend and the current Champion exuded.

Her bright eyes becoming even brighter, she quickly moved to her end of the battling field as Red followed suit, the brunette nodding at him as he pulled out a Pokeball. Watching him, she could feel her heart quicken with excitement that she hasn't felt since her iconic clash with Hilbert from the year past. Since then, no one had managed to get her blood pumping with the same excitement she had felt then, all her challengers being good but not good enough to excite her. She still had a few more months before she was allowed to challenge the Champion once more, and the thought killed her that she had so much time to fill before meeting a challenge.

But the man in front of her, she felt her spine tingle, her heart hammer, sweat begin to form on her forehead and palms when she faced him, feeling an overwhelming pressure that he silently exuded. Swallowing another lump that formed in her throat, she started shaking a bit in giddiness as she readied a Pokeball. That excitement reached its breaking point as she saw him release his first Pokemon.

"Huh?" Was the general consensus of the crowd as they saw the diminutive form of Pikachu appear, some even laughing and pointing at the cute creature as it simply stared in a calm and collected manner at Rosa.

"Serperior be ready!" She warned as she released her starter, her eyes never leaving the form of the small mouse in front of her.

A cry leaving its mouth, Rosa's Serperior looked around before focusing on the Pikachu in front of it. Instantly, tension filled it's body as did Rosa's as it didn't feel like they were facing off against a Pikachu but against something similar to the Black Kyurem Ghetsis had unleashed upon them in the Giant Chasm. Swallowing the lump in her throat, she locked eyes with her beloved partner and shared a nod of their heads before refocusing on the titans before them.

"Protect!" She shouted on instinct as a terrifying bolt of lightning struck the protective green shell her partner swiftly erected, the Regal Pokemon immediately gathering solar energy once its barrier fell.

"Solarbeam!" Rosa ordered as the serpentine Pokemon let loose a bright yellowish white beam of energy, Pikachu merely holding its ground as a sudden golden panel appeared in front of it.

The Solarbeam connecting with the Light Screen, it was immediately stopped as the yellow mouse lowered its body. Then, once Serperior ceased the fruitless attack, Pikachu surged forward before connecting a devastating Quick Attack against the serpentine Pokemon. Gritting its teeth, Rosa's oldest friend absorbed the impact before wrapping its body around Pikachu's form. Her body glowing green, her eyes then shone a bright red as she used Giga Drain: Pikachu gritting its teeth as the snake Pokemon greedily sapped it's strength. Sparks flying from his cheeks, Pikachu let a fierce cry sound before discharging an obscene amount of electricity.

"Serperior!" Rosa cried in shock, her eyes widening when she saw her partner get enveloped in a flash of immense lightning.

Soon that flash of lightning passed as the sporadically sparking form of her partner teetered unsteadily, Pikachu a safe distance away from the Regal Pokemon as he continued to stare down its serpentine form. Shakily, she rose her head and glared at the calm face of her opponent, wincing before collapsing in an unconscious heap. The eyes of everyone widening, they slowly turned to look at the mysterious trainer as his Pikachu calmly made his way back and onto his shoulder. Staring for a few more seconds, Rosa recalled her partner before glancing at the man who had beaten her best. A strange heat entering her heart, a bit of pink colored her cheeks as she rushed towards him and extended her hand.

"T-Thank you! That was a great battle!" She said with a bright smile on her face, Red smiling softly as her pink cheeks darkened at the sight.

"Likewise." He said softly as a small shiver danced down the young lady's spine, the two sharing a handshake as the crowd went wild.

Cheers and shouts resounding, Rosa was rushed by her fans as they immediately barraged her with questions. A wry smile crossing her face, she turned to see if her competitor was suffering the same fate only to see that he was already gone. Her stunned face gaining the attention of everyone else, they followed her gaze and panicked when they saw he left without a single question. As the crowd rallied to find the mystery man, Rosa smiled as she placed a hand over chest, knowing just where a trainer of his caliber would be doing in Unova if he wasn't looking for a chance at being Champion. If he was going to be there, she would have her chance at redemption. Lightly patting herself on the cheeks, she took a breath before excusing herself from the crowd of people, intent on heading home and preparing for the next three months.

(Scene Change - Red's Location)

After escaping the school grounds when the flood of people started surging, Red found himself at the Lookout overlooking Aspertia City. A fond smile crossing his face at the wonderful sight of the city and open landscape, he glanced at his wrist and activated his Xtransceiver and laughed softly at the sight of a single contact that was listed on the screen. Lightly tapping the name of his mother, the screen changed to show the call process as he stared at it.

['Red! I was waiting for you to call me! I guess you arrived in Unova, huh? How was the trip? Have you eaten? Shouldn't you be getting ready for bed!?']

Smiling gently at his mother's voice, he leaned over the railing of the Lookout as he filled his mother on the day's events. His mother growing brighter and happier when he told her of the various new Pokemon that he had seen, though she laughed a bit at his assessment of the strengths of the Pokemon he had seen. The minutes passing as though they were seconds, Scarlet bid her treasure a good night and him returning it. Cutting off the transmission, he activated his Pokédex and accessed the map function.

Giving the region a more through glance, he focused his eyes on a desolate looking mountain marked as 'off limits' on the map by the League. Growing curious, he saw that it was situated south of Twist Mountain and east of Chargestone Cave, the warning concerning sightings of a mysterious and highly aggressive Pokemon. At the mention of a Pokemon like that the raven haired youth grew a bit excited, intent on seeing just what this Pokemon had to offer and even perhaps the youth would find a new teammate. Releasing his Charizard, he quickly mounted it and directed his old friend, a growl of agreement leaving his maw as they sped towards the north.

(Time Skip - Three Hours Later)

(Scene Change - Twist Mountain Range: Southern Most Mountain)

Taking a leisurely flight to the mountain range, he saw a stark difference between the mountain before him and the rest of the range. Twist Mountain was currently free of snow, the spring and coming summer seasons ensuring that it was so. But the southern mist mountain was currently capped with a strange snow, Red seeing a blizzard run through its summit. Patting his mount Charizard nodded his head and descended, growing a curious when a sudden white out enveloped the two when they set foot on the mountain.

"Somethings here." Red whispered as he glanced to the left, Charizard letting loose a hellish inferno that tore a hole through the blizzard they were trapped in.

Smirking at the clear hole that was slowly mended, the orange Pokemon merely snorted at the sight. Turning to his trainer and seeing that he was free from any tension, he sharpened his senses and found a curious scent wafting through the air. Rumbling slightly to the crimson eyed youth, Red smirked slightly and nodded as the orange titan flashed a savage grin.

Taking a deep breath, Charizard let loose a large scale Heat Wave that quickly ripped through the blizzard. Keeping the wave going for a few minutes, angered chittering could be heard from outside of the white out. Snapping his fingers, Charizard ceased his attack and prepared itself as a purple blur suddenly rocketed towards the duo. Charizard taking a breath, he unleashed a heavy torrent of flames that swallowed the oncoming form.

A pained cry sounding from the stream of flames, a sudden blast of purple and black energy forced Charizard to brace himself and take the brunt of the attack. Grinning slightly as he felt the power behind the attack, he roared in defiance as he scattered the beam with a whip of his arms. Once the wisps of energy faded, Red and Charizard looked with curiosity at the creature standing aggressively before them.

It was a bipedal, insectoid Pokémon with a metal body and a saucer-shaped head. Its body being primarily purple with several gray markings, the most prominent being on the tips of its claws and part of its abdomen. It had what seemed to be two large red eyes and a small white part that could be either its mouth or a vent, something Red narrowed his eyes at. With thin arms with overlapping segments, each of those arms ended with a single, pointed claw. Its segmented legs each ended with a large, upward curving claw. But the most striking thing of the creature before him was the cannon-like structure that was mounted on its back.

Quickly activating his Pokédex, Red narrowed his eyes when he found no data on the creature before him. Immediately he thought back to the Pokemon that resided in the bowels of Cerulean Cave, the same Pokemon that had kept the Pokeball that he had used to capture it all those years ago. Snapping out of his thoughts, he saw the creature eye him and his Charizard curiously, obviously on alert based on the way it was cautiously circling the duo.

Seeing that, he smiled softly as the reports stated that the creature attacked on sight; the high level trainers sent to investigate being either turned away by the seemingly endless snow or ambushed and knocked unconscious before they could react. With the evidence now staring him in the face, Red had a larger smile cross his face at the promise the Pokemon before him displayed.

But before he could order his partner, a familiar voice echoed trough the area, one that fit so well into the current situation. Snapping his head to the right, he widened his eyes when the familiar form of Mewtwo stood with the same calm expression on its face, gently holding onto a Pokeball with its hands as it stared at the human who bested it. About to speak, Red was cut off when the insectoid Pokemon lunged at him.

Snarling, Charizard's fists became enveloped by fire as he turned to slug the charging Pokemon only to pause when a rich blue aura shrouded the attacker. Turning, the orange titan saw Mewtwo with its hand extended, a calm fury in its eyes as it teleported beside its trainer. An angry chittering sounding from the bound Pokemon, Mewtwo turned towards Red as the raven haired youth offered it a fond smile.

"It's good to see you... You are free, you know? I only caught you to prevent others from catching and forcing you to battle." He said softly as Mewtwo's eyes softened in fondness, nuzzling against the chest of its trainer as he smiled gently.

For a man-made Pokemon exposed to nothing but violence, cruelty, pain and sorrow; Red came to find that beneath the cold and intimidating shell was a kind, warm and extremely affectionate Pokemon. Running his hand down Mewtwo's head, he got a strange purr of delight as Charizard snorted at the sight. The sound drawing Mewtwo's attention, it narrowed it eyed on the titan as the bitter memory of being beaten down by it still stung. But seeing as the one who captured it showed it the same warmth that Mewtwo was shown, it made no move to challenge it. But the staring contest between the two was interrupted when Red addressed their forgotten opponent.

"So... What are you?" He asked the still struggling Pokemon, an irritated chitter sounding as it 'glared' at the man.

"Mewtwo, release it. After you do, both of you be ready." He ordered in a calm and collected tone, the two immediately shelving their petty battle and following his orders.

Mewtwo unclenching it's partially closed hand, the insectoid Pokemon darted backwards to a distance it deemed enough to intercept anything the two before it would attempt to do. A confused chitter leaving its mouth, it tilted its head at the young man as he merely stared at it in curiosity. Shifting its attention to the two Pokemon beside it, it chittered at them as the two let out proud cries before nuzzling their trainer. Staring at the sight, it focused its attention on Mewtwo and chittered some more, Mewtwo speaking softly as the insectoid Pokemon seemed taken aback by what it had said.

Quieting, the insectoid Pokemon looked directly into Red's eyes as the trainer met its gaze unflinchingly. An intrigued sound leaving its mouth, its body shifted before folding into a compact form, quickly taking to the air to begin circling the trio beneath it before taking off. Seeming to understand what it wanted, Red mounted Charizard before the titan took to the air, Mewtwo following suit as they tailed the surprisingly quick Pokemon.

(Time Skip - Fifteen Minutes Later)

Flying steadily for a quarter of an hour, the insectoid Pokemon led the trio to an abandoned looking facility. The sight bringing a frown to Red and Charizard while Mewtwo stared at it with a melancholy tint to its eyes, they entered when the chittering of the Pokemon who led them there could be heard echoing from within.

Moving to open the front door, Red wasn't surprised to see that it was practically welded closed by advanced security measures. Moving where the chittering could be heard from, he saw a gaping hole in the side of the facility. Smirking slightly, he headed inside with Charizard and Mewtwo at the ready; the trio growing more so when they saw the unfamiliar and unsettling technology that filled the halls. Finally they arrived at their destination when they saw the insectoid Pokemon standing in a room with a shattered test tube, a strange hive-like structure resting in the rafters.

Glancing around, Red cautiously made his way into the room as the Pokemon never took its gaze off of his person. Heading to the terminal that laid beside the shattered tube, he activated it as a dim light flickered slightly before powering on with a bit of difficulty. Navigating the accessible files and documents, he narrowed his eyes when he saw the information pertaining to the specimen before him. Scanning and memorizing everything that was associated with the Pokemon before turning to face it.

"...Genesect. That's what you are, huh?" Red said in a soft tone as the insectoid Pokemon chittered softly, tensing when the crimson eyed youth made his way towards it.

Stopping in front of the Pokemon, Red lifted his hand towards it as it flinched before lashing out with its clawed arm. Charizard and Mewtwo snarling at the sight, the paused when their trainer held his arm out, signaling for them to stop. The extended arm of Genesect having connected with the cheek of the crimson eyed youth, a thin line of blood ran down his cheek as the Pokemon stared hard into his eyes.

"It's been hard, hasn't it..." Red whispered in a soft and gentle tone, his outstretched hand finally connecting with the head of the now frozen Pokemon.

Confusion filling its being, Genesect felt its instincts scream at it to break loose of the contact being made with its body. The tortured mass of its mind shouted at it to destroy the human in front of it, the very same kind of creature that subjected it to hell before abandoning it to rot in solitude. But it's heart soothed those rabid thoughts, something innate telling the insectoid Pokemon that the human before it would not betray it or harm it.

Slowly and gently, Red stroked the head of the Paleozoic Pokemon as it stiffened at the strange and foreign feeling. But slowly, it leaned into the warm and soft hand stroking its head, a soft sound emanating from it as Charizard and Mewtwo smirked knowing firsthand of the magic hands of their trainer. Spending a few more minutes simply rubbing the head of the pokemon, Red removed his hand as Genesect chittered a bit in disappointment. It's sulky and disappointed thoughts were soon broken by the voice of the human before it, locking eyes as someone sparked in the Pokémon's chest.

"I know you've been through a lot, Mewtwo here is probably the only who can truly understand what you've been through. I'm not going to make you join me and my teammates, but would you let me catch you Genesect? If I catch you, no one else will be able to do so, no one will be able to make you do anything you don't want to." Red explained to the Pokemon, Genesect turning to Mewtwo and Charizard as they chatted back at the Pokemon.

Turning towards Red, Genesect nodded as the young man pulled out an empty Pokeball. Tentatively reaching its arm out, it tapped on the center of the device as a red energy enveloped it. Quickly being sucked inside, Red saw no resistance to the capture process as the Pokeball sounded with the chime of a successful capture. Nodding his head, he released the newly caught Pokemon as Genesect turned to face him.

"There, you're free to go. But you've got to promise to stop attacking humans who pass your territory." He explained to the Pokemon, Genesect tilting its head before shaking it and moving to rub its head against Red's chest.

Smiling at the gesture, he rubbed its head as a pleased sound emanated from its mouth. After a few seconds, he released the rest of his team as they cried and roared in challenge. Though they quieted when they saw Mewtwo standing beside Charizard. Tyranitar glowering as she moved to embrace the fire type to establish her dominance to Mewtwo and Genesect's confusion. Settling everyone down, he directed their attention to Mewtwo and Genesect.

"Everyone, these are our new family members. You all remember Mewtwo, right? Mewtwo is going to be officially joining us. Now this is Genesect, it's past is similar to Mewtwo's so please help it ease into our group. Let's just spend the day getting to know each other." He told the Pokemon before him, getting cries of agreement as they moved to welcome the new members.

(Time Skip - The Next Day)

In the abandoned facility, which Red found to be owned by a 'Team Plasma', the young man had found that its interior was surprisingly well stocked despite how it looked physically decrepit. A bit of dusting was needed for the room and bed he had taken, but the mess hall was full of unexpired canned goods, which the young man took full advantage of. Exploring the rest of the facility, it was found that while it was almost exclusively for use for furthering research on Genesect, there was a recovery room and training center for use by the Pokemon if the members who would've no doubt be guarding the facility in its prime.

Seeing that, the crimson eyed youth took over the facility, Genesect seemingly uncaring when he expressed the idea to use the facility as their own base of operations. With a place for them to call theirs, all that mattered to Red was seeing the strengths of his newly acquired teammates and to further strengthen his old companions, no doubt having fallen behind on current strategies and attacks in the decade he was in solitude.

"Alright listen up. We'll be pairing off to help guage Mewtwo, Genesect and Tyranitar. Espeon, you will take on Mewtwo, I want you two to push the limits of your psychic power. Charizard, continue to push against Tyranitar, I know of your feelings but shelve them and power on. Blastoise, work with Genesect, you have the most varied move set and it'll help with refining your new attacks. The rest of you; Pikachu, Venusaur and Snorlax; keep working on improving the attacks you've recently learned." He ordered the groups as the nodded and went about their business, breaking off into their groups and heading to varied parts of the facility.

As they did, Red went around fiddling with the foreign technology of the training facility before the 'Auto Room Repair', 'Kinetic Psychological Monitering' and 'Damage and Sound Dampening' functions came to life; though he had to have Pikachu unleash a large amount of electricity to power the systems. Seeing his team begin their training, Red activated his Pokédex and began reading about the new discoveries that pertained to his teammates, growing more and more intrigued as he read on. With the advent of a place to call their home for the course of their stay in Unova, Red and his team merely prepared themselves the best they could for the coming three months before the world would see them once more.

(Scene Change - Pallet Town: Professor Oak's Laboratory)

"Gramps!" The angered, confused and excited voice of her grandson tore through the peaceful and quiet lab grounds, Oak sighing wryly as he turned to see both his grandson and Leaf sprinting towards him.

"Blue, Leaf, how nice to see the both of you. What do I owe this pleasure?" Oak asked with a smile on his face, though he sweatdropped a bit when he saw the deadpanned expressions on their faces.

"Professor, I think we all know why we're here." Leaf drawled in a level tone, her eyes glinting with a light that drew a shiver from the two men.

"G-Geez Gramps, hurry up and spill! She's been like this since she dragged me outta my gym! First thing she does in the three years I see her is kidnap me, there's no telling what kinda crazy thing she'll do if you don't talk!" Blue snapped as her eyes fell on him, the brunette wincing under her whithering glare.

"Haha, well I can't read your minds so I'm afraid I don't know what you're talking about." The elderly man replied in a wry tone, Leaf glowering even more as the two took a precautionary step away from her.

"Red! I heard from Rogan that he's back! Now where is he!?" Leaf snarled as she ground her teeth in impatience, Oak sweating a bit as her mood simply worsened at his expression.

"A-Ah! Yes! Young Red is indeed back from his decade of solitude!" Oak stated as the eyes of the two shone when they heard the truth from a reliable source, Leaf grinning at the thought of seeing her old friend while Blue smirked at the prospect of a rematch.

"But alas, he is already gone. He left for Unova yesterday." He added as their moods dropped, Leaf looking broken while Blue tussled his hair in aggravation.

"Ugh! That no good, blackmailing, cocky piece of shit!" Blue shouted at the top of his lungs, Leaf hitting him over the head with her hat at both his language and the target of said words.

"Quiet you! Where did he go exactly Professor?" Leaf demanded as she pulled out her PokeNav, accessing its map function as Oak laughed wryly.

"Well, about that... I don't know. I told him about the Pokemon World Tournament and that it was going to be held in Unova, after that he left after saying goodbye to Scarlet and myself." He explained as Leaf nodded vigorously, bidding the two farewell before sprinting to his house.

"He's a deadman, the poor sap." Blue quipped as Oak laughed heartily, the young man shaking his head as he stretched.

"Not going to pursue him, Blue?" Oak asked his grandson in a curious tone, Blue shaking his head as he placed his hands behind his head.

"Eh, I'll see him in three months. What's a few more months when I haven't seen him in a decade anyway. Plus I gotta focus on my training for our rematch." The young man explained as Oak chuckled in turn, the young man racing to his house to prepare for the coming months.

With Leaf, she staggered to the front of her childhood friend's home after sprinting the entirety of the way from Oak's Laboratory. Taking a few seconds to catch her breath, and doing her best not to throw up on the doorstep, she fixed her appearance before knocking on the door. A familiar and cheerful voice sounding from inside, Leaf soon saw Scarlet appear with her signature smile as the brunette glowered when reminded of the older woman's beauty.

"Leaf! It's so good to see you, sweetie!" The raven haired beauty said in a delighted tone, Leaf smiling as she entered the cozy home.

"I'm sorry for dropping by without calling but it's really important, Ms. Scarlet!" Leaf said in an urgent tone, Scarlet smiling slightly as she could hazard a guess as to what was causing the brunette such distress.

"Ufufu! I'm sorry Leaf, but I don't know where my little Red went. He called me earlier like I asked him to but he didn't tell me where he was." She reported as Leaf's shoulders slumped, Scarlet hugging the downtrodden girl as she grumbled under her breath.

"Stupid Red... I should've been the first one you came to visit..." Leaf muttered in a hurt and sulky tone, Scarlet smiling a bit wryly at the predicament her treasure had found himself him.

"Well, since you're here Leaf, why don't you stay for lunch? And if you're feeling up to it, why don't we have ourselves a little battle?" Scarlet asked as Leaf smiled at the idea of her cooking, though she paled slightly when the mention of battle left the raven haired beauty's throat.

Meekly nodding when she noticed the mischievous glint in the older woman's eyes, she swallowed the lump in her throat when she remembered the woman's inhuman aptitude at battling. Leaf entered the house akin to someone heading to their doom, Scarlet's giggling sounding like the chime of a haunting bell. The door closing behind the pair, the shining sun overhead seemed to darken a bit with the passing of a small cloud.

(Time Skip - One Month Later)

(Scene Change - Twist Mountain Range: Southern Mountain Pass)

"Ugh... Seriously, Dad? Oh yeah, just go ahead and send your daughter out to investigate an area where a hyper aggressive unknown Pokemon is known to frequent when you could just have a trainer from the League go and investigate. Not like a single twenty six year old like me has any plans, anyway..." Professor Aurea Juniper lamented as she sighed in both exasperation and the reminder of her love life, the chestnut haired young lady readjusting the straps of her backpack before wiping the sweat from her brow.

Fetching her water bottle, she took a quick swig before scanning the area. Seeing nothing nearby, she headed up the rocky path and saw something over the rocky outcroppings. Taking out her binoculars, she focused on the shadow as it seemed to notice her attention. Almost as quickly as she focused on the shadow, it rocketed towards her before she dropped the ocular enhancing device. Turning around, she sprinted back down the path towards a crevice she remembered seeing. Stumbling a bit when she nearly passed it, she quickly tried to fit herself through it only for her heart to freeze as her backpack got snagged on an outcrop of rock.

Working to free herself from her pack, she let out a scream when the maw of the Pokemon from earlier tore onto her backpack. Forcefully yanking at the pack, she let a louder cry when she was pulled from her hiding place. Wincing when she managed to free her arms from the backpack's slings, she winced when she impacted with rough ground, feeling a sudden sharp pain jolt through her knee. Forcing herself to stand and face her attacker, she felt a bead of sweat run down the side of her face as the Pokemon in front of her spat out the inedible object in its mouth.

It was a three-headed, draconic Pokémon with six thin, black wings that ended in two points on its back. A fuchsia-colored collar on its neck surrounded its head. The main head is dark blue with black eyes and fuchsia pupils. Its two arms were also black, with each one harboring a head; similarly blue with black eyes and small fuchsia collars on the inside. Its abdomen had two fuchsia stripes and its feet atrophied, having no claws or defined soles, though they did sport three small claw-like toes. Its tail sported a fuchsia stripe and ended with a black tuft.

"A w-wild Hydreigon?" Aurea whispered in a terrified tone, grimacing as she shakily and slowly made a move for the sole Pokeball that laid on her waist and the canister on her hip.

Seeing the subtle movement, the Brutal Pokemon let a roar that forced the Professor to freeze in her action. Stilling herself, she tried to force herself to calm and ease her tension. Remembering that it's eyesight was much poorer then it's senses of smell and hearing, the young Professor ceased all unnecessary movement as the dragon type stilled and sniffed the air. Growling slightly, it brought its main head to sniff at the Professor, Aurea shivering as its breath brushed against her face. Swallowing the lump in her throat, she quickly sprayed the can of 'Max Repel' directly into the face of the dragon as it roared in a mix of irritation and agony as it inhaled a lungful of the foul smelling and potent aerosol.

Reeling as it spat and gagged on the Pokemon repellent, Hydreigon thrashed wildly as Aurea ditched her pack and sprinted up the path she had returned from moments earlier. Terror, adrenaline and panic flooding her veins; Aurea barely rounded the corner of the path when a beam of multicolored draconian energy tore through the space she was in seconds earlier. Paling at the sight of its use of Dragon Pulse, the Professor moved to secure the Pokeball of her partner and released the Pokemon within.

Her beloved partner was a furry, gray chinchilla-like Pokémon. It had large ears located to the sides of its head, with red insides partly covered by tufts of fur. Its eyes were large and brown, with a small, rounded nose. Its limbs were slightly rounded and small, and its tail is long, fluffy and pearly white in color. It also had two large long fluffs on its head that wrapped around its back.

"Cinccino, we're in real trouble!" She cried in a terrified tone, her partner narrowing her eyes in contempt as she hopped in front of her partner protectively.

That protective stance faltered slightly when the sight of the enraged dragon rounded the corner, snarling with untold rage as the pair before it shivered at the anger in its expression. Gritting her teeth, Cinccino let out a defiant cry as she sped towards the black dragon with surprising speed before her tail gained a metallic sheen. Jumping before the angered Pokemon, she slammed her tail against the dragon type's jaw as it flinched at the blow. Growling, it's maw became electrified as the smaller Pokemon paled at the sight.

"Substitute!" Aurea called out in fright, her partner calming at her voice as her body suddenly gained white glow before fading away.

Snapping its jaws at the airborne Pokemon, Hydreigon felt its Thunder Fang connect with Cinccino's body. But what felt like flesh quickly became smoky air as it applied more power to its bite, seeing the smaller Pokemon grinning beneath it. Snarling once more, it wasn't able to evade as the tufts of fur on Cinccino's head began to glow orange. A cry leaving her mouth, she sent five consecutive spinning waves of silver energy at the dragon. The Rock Blast connecting cleanly, Hydreigon let out a pained snark as it's own tail gained a metallic sheen.

Spinning around it whipped its tail at the smaller Pokemon without restraint, Cinccino crying in pain as the force of the Iron Tail sent it over the side of the mountain path. Her eyes wide with horror, Aurea didn't spend a second even debating what to do as she rushed to catch her beloved partner. Jumping after the airborne Pokemon, she felt herself falling for a few seconds before she caught her partner. Clutching Cinccino close to her chest, she saw the rough terrain beneath them and winced, snapping her eyed shut and tightening her hold on her partner in an attempt to shield her Cinccino from any further damage.

Bracing herself for the crippling if not fatal fall, Aurea felt herself letting a few tears fall as she saw her life flash before her eyes. Her childhood and the loneliness she felt when she was unable to make a friend, meeting her partner and best friend for the first time when she visited her father's lab to begin her journey, the day she had decided on giving up being a trainer when her partner suffered injuries that nearly put her out of commission permanently. Memory after memory flooded her mind, ultimately climaxing at the event that she was currently experiencing.

The chestnut haired woman bitterly lamented her failure to enjoy the rest of her life or experience love like her parents had, sorrowfully seeing how terribly lonely she was even as an adult. But just as she was about to begrudgingly accept the inevitable, she felt herself get scooped from the air as her eyes snapped open in a mix of panic and shock. Her misty gaze focusing on the cream-colored underbelly in front of her, she saw that it was a dark orange colored dragon who had saved her, a Charizard.

Her eyes widening at the sight of such a rare pokemon, especially so in the Unova region, they widened even more at the sight of the young man riding on top of it. Not trusting her voice at the moment, she merely allowed herself to be carried to a nearby plateau where they landed. Gently being set down, she wobbled on unsteady legs before falling to her knees as she watched the man dismount the Charizard. About to speak, a familiar and chilling roar drew her gaze towards the same, enraged Hydreigon from moments before. Panic filling her, she was about to warn the young man of the unusually strong Pokemon only catch the sight of his Charizard scoffing in a dismissive manner at the opposing dragon.

Her eyes widening with complete and utter disbelief at what she just saw, Hydreigon didn't take too kindly to being treated as anything other then an apex predator, roaring in anger as it shrouded itself in bluish, wispy energy that took form of a draconic spirit around its body. Seeing the Pokemon using Dragon Rush, Charizard smirked as he merely tightened his stance, another hateful roar sounding as the opposing dragon rushed towards the fire type. A blink being all that she did, Aurea suddenly found herself bracing as a heavy tremor rocked the area, debris and dust covering the grounds as an eerie silence prevailed over the area.

Cracking an eye open, she soon widened them when the unbelievable sight of Charizard standing before a grounded Hydreigon entered her view. A weak and confused cry leaving its mouth, Charizard merely grinned down at it as his trainer made his way over. Activating his Pokédex, Red scanned the Pokemon and smirked at what he saw, seeing the well of untapped potential lurking in the dragon. Kneeling, Aurea saw him talk with the weakened dragon, finding herself suddenly shouting when she saw one its heads bite and latch onto the man's forearm.

Her shout was for naught as he merely stroked the offending appendage, Red feeling no anger or power behind the sudden action. Slowly but surely, the dragon released its hold and gazed at the man with all three heads, soon nodding softly as he tossed out a Pokeball and captured it. A sigh leaving his mouth, Red stood up and rubbed his lightly throbbing forearm, Charizard glaring at the Pokeball that held the party responsible for wounding his trainer. Seeing that familiar look of anger, Red simply rubbed his head as he calmed and soothed the rage flowing through him.

Almost as an afterthought, Red turned towards Aurea as she flinched upon seeing his crimson eyes. Shivering a bit when she felt him staring not at her but through her, as if he was assessing her innate value or character. But she found herself drawn in his gaze when his eyes softened considerably, the chestnut haired woman finding herself a bit self conscious while he made his way over.

"Are you ok?" He asked in a soft and worried tone, Aurea offering a small smile as she nodded slightly.

"I am, thanks to you and your Charizard. I'm Aurea, Aurea Juniper. And this is Cinccino, she's my partner and best friend." Aurea answered as she introduced herself and her now awake partner, opting to exclude her status as Professor as it seemed like a better idea in the event he wasn't as kind as he appeared.

"That's good. I'm Red." He said in a curt but polite manner, tipping his hat as she giggled a bit at both the gesture and his name.

About to stand, Aurea grimaced when she felt her leg flare with pain. Giving them a once over, she winced when she saw a nasty looking bruise on her knee; the woman deducing that she was able to ignore it with the fear and adrenaline that was pumping through her body. Seeing that, Red knelt by the woman as he looked at the injury.

"Mmm, can't walk. Let's get you to the nearest town." He said while motioning for Charizard to come over, Aurea flushing a bit when he asked whether she felt more comfortable being held or riding.

Stating that she would rather ride, helped her mount his companion before telling him to head towards the town that laid in the southeast. A bit curious, Aurea let loose a sudden and surprised scream as Charizard took off as per his trainer's orders. Immediately gripping the orange titan's neck, the young Professor prayed to whatever entity that would heed her prayers that she survived the high speed form of travel pushed onto her. While his old friend sped off, Red released one of his never companions as it scanned the area in curiosity.

"Let's go, Genesect. We're heading towards the southeast." He told the insectoid Pokemon, Genesect chittering happily as it folded its body before Red mounted it.

Letting a competitive sound emanate from its mouth, it took of with an impressive rush of air trailing behind it. The capped man kneeling slightly, he had one hand holding his hat while the other rested on the head of his companion for stability as they chased after the trail Charizard left for them. A few more minutes passed before Red asked the Paleozoic Pokemon to slow and land; Genesect nodding as it remembered the words its trainer told it of its existence and rarity. Smiling, Red thanked his friend before recalling it, making his way out of the forest and through the nearby gates of the city.

(Scene Change - Driftveil City)

As he walked through the streets, Red admired the city he was passing through. The strong but gentle winds carrying the ocean air, the bustling harbor and busy streets, the city was full of an energy that brought a smile to the crimson eyed young man's face. Continuing to sightsee, he was broken from it when a clamor could be seen in front of the Pokemon Center. Making his way over to see what it was about, he smiled wryly when the form of Aurea with her arms flailing could be seen making scene. She froze when she caught sight of him before glaring at him with a face Red with anger and embarrassment.

"You! You didn't come along with the two of us! Do you know how embarrassing it was to be seen like this!? I couldn't dismount without risking hurting my knee and your Charizard wouldn't let the nurses, other trainers or Pokemon help me down!" She shouted at Red when he came into view, Charizard smirking as he lowered himself to all fours, Aurea staring blankly at the blatant display of obedience while the crowd gathered laughed heartily at the scene.

"Oh? Looks like Professor Juniper has finally found her spring!

"Haha, glad you found a man before hitting thirty, Aurea!"

"Ah, young love! Don't worry dearie, these kinds of fights happen often!"

As the jeers, cat calls and laughs directed at the pair started to ramp up, Red recalled his Charizard before he picked the red faced and shaking Professor up in a bridal carry, many squealing at the sight of such a romantic and mythical technique. Hurriedly he made his way into the center as the Nurse Joy tending the counter offered a giggle at the poor Professor's expense. But she quickly dropped the teasing expression when she saw the injury on her person, hastily ordering the young man carrying her to move her to a nearby table.

Setting her down gently, Nurse Joy called for her Audino as the Pokemon quickly came from the back room. Stopping by the trio, she saw the injury on Aurea before a worried cry left her mouth, the three smiling at her concern as she held her hands out in front of her body. Soon a pink sphere appeared between her hands before she spread them, a pulse of comforting and warm energy spreading through the room as Aurea felt her injured knee tingle. Glancing down, she saw the dark bruise lessen considerably to a slight red, the swelling that accompanied it shrinking to almost nothing.

Smiling at the sight, Aurea petted the Pokemon who basked in the affectionate gesture. Seeing that she was fine and out of danger, Red silently made his way to leave only for a hand to clamp onto his shoulder. Turning, he was met with the sweetly smiling face of Aurea as he raised a brow at her current expression, which seemed to get a bit more strained at his own.

"Oh? Where do you think you're going? After that little stunt you pulled, don't you're getting off that easy!" She snapped at him in an irritated torn, the raven haired youth raising a brow in a questioning manner.

"Ha... I guess that joke fell through too. Seriously, at least let me buy you lunch for all that you did for me, I insist." Aurea sighed a bit in defeat when she saw his lack of reaction, staring at him with a serious gaze when she stated her offer.

Seeing that look on her face, a look her remembered far too well on Leaf, Daisy and his own mother's faces, he simply showed a soft smile and nodded his head. At his acceptance of her offer, the young Professor beamed a radiant smile at him before hopping off the table she was occupying. Giving her knee a few test stretches, she grinned when she saw that there wasn't a lick of discomfort felt. Bidding the fair nurse and Pokemon who had treated her so quickly and efficiently, Aurea grabbed Red's arm with hers as she led them out of the Pokemon Center.

Feeling and smelling the salty sea air without the pretense of being injured, Aurea had a sigh of content as she tightened her grip on her companion's arm. Red seeing her content expression, he was about to offer her a smile only to see her shiver a bit when a particularly chilly wind whispered by. Slowing their walk to a stop, he unlinked his arm from hers as she froze. About to apologize about overstepping his boundaries and personal space, she quieted when she saw him shed the red and white jacket he had.

About to question him about the act, seeing as it was a bit chillier then usual in the port town, the question faded when he wrapped it around her smaller frame. The courteous act flooded her face with foreign embarrassment and confusion, she meekly lowered her head as she cursed her lack of experience in the romantic field. If it was as easy as researching the origin of species she wouldn't be single now would she?

"Ready to go?" Red asked in a polite tone as he held offered his arm, Aurea flushing a bit more before gingerly taking the offered appendage.

Feeling a bit awkward and uncomfortable at first, the young Professor slowly but surely felt her tension and embarrassment melt away when met with the smile of the young man. Soon enough the two were enjoying a simple lunch at a local restaurant, Aurea finding herself growing more and more interested in the quiet but amiable young man sitting across from her, telling her a bit of his past.

"I guess you've got to get going, huh?" She asked in a soft and slightly disappointed tone, Red nodding as he released his Charizard.

"Sorry, Aurea, need to train. But thank you, for today. I had fun." Red replied in an equally soft and apologetic tone, though he offered her his sincerest gratitude for the lively and entertaining afternoon.

"No problem Red, I should be thanking you. Not for just saving me but taking the time to be my friend. Hehe, I'm not as mature as the other Professors yet and I'm definitely not used to dealing with people who aren't researchers, so I'm thankful that you didn't get weirded out or annoyed by me and my random rambling." She said in an honest tone, Red's eyes softening as he knew the pains of being a socially awkward person.

"Don't worry, we'll meet again. Promise." He replied with a smile, Aurea returning it as she swallowed the lump in her throat and summoned the courage she was supposed to save for tomorrow.

"B-Bye!" She shouted before rushing towards him and giving the raven haired youth a kiss on the cheek, her face burning as she ran back towards the Pokemon Center without turning back.

Red standing there with his eyes a bit wide in surprise, he shook his head in a good natured manner as he turned to look at his Charizard. The orange titan chuckling as he lowered his body slightly, Red hopping onto his partner as they took off to the skies. Watching him go from behind a building, Aurea held her hand over her heart as she desperately tried to ease its hammering. Sighing, she turned before freezing when she saw the bright and smiling expression on the face of the last person she would have wanted to see what just transpired.

"So... When can I expect grandkids!" Cedric Juniper asked with a half joking half serious tone, his beloved daughter dipping her head as he continued to laugh at her expense.

"You... You are the worst, Dad!" She snapped at him as he flinched and backed away in fright, laughing wryly as she stomped up to him.

"Not only did you send me off to an area where a rampant Pokemon has been terrorizing, you barely left me any data about it! And now this!? I'm going to be the least of your worries when I tell Mom about this!" She continued as he began sweating bullets, praying for a way to appease his daughter before she unleashed his beloved but utterly terrifying wife on him.

"Oh? Please, do tell Aurea. I would certainly love to know what happened." The sickly sweet voice of Leyland Juniper cut in as the two turned to face her, Aurea smirking while Cedric paled.

"Mother! Father sent to Twist Mountain all alone with only Cinccino! He could've had League trainers go but he sent me instead! I was attacked by a Hydreigon before Red rescued me, but I could've been a goner if it weren't for him!" She lamented to her mother in an overly dramatic fashion, Leyland doing everything in her power to avoid breaking out into a laugh.

"I see... So, Red, was it? When can we expect him for dinner?" She teased her daughter as Aurea froze, Cedric snorting as he joined his wife in teasing their daughter.

(Scene Change - Twist Mountain: Abandoned Plasma Facility)

"Everyone, we've a new teammate. Let's make her feel welcomed." Red said as he got a cry of agreement in turn, Charizard opting to remain silent as he saw the familiar form of Hydreigon appear.

Letting out a challenging roar, the Brutal Pokemon was nearly thrown to the wall when her roar was but a squeak in comparison to the titans before her. Tending when she saw them circle her, unconsciously and to her utter mortification, she began shaking a bit as her instincts implored her to run. But before she could go anyway, Charizard stepped forward and locked gazes with it. At their current distance even the poor eyesight of the dragon could clearly see the message he was conveying.

However, it was also in that moment that sparked the future troubles for the orange titan, as Hydreigon had finally found a mate worthy of her attention. Rumbling in a submissive manner, the dragon nuzzled against the now frozen form of Charizard as a number of cries could be heard echoing through the room. As Venusaur and Blastoise chortled loudly at their dear brother's 'misfortune' the others simply laughed good naturedly. There was only one individual that objected, and did so vocally and physically as a spite of stone ruptured from the ground and separated the two.

Tyranitar snarled fiercely as she glared down the strumpet that dared to steal the affections of her king, scoffing at the pathetic form of the three headed dragon before her. There was, after all, only one queen to a king and unfortunately for the newcomer, she had already secured that position. Their heads slamming against each other, the two dark types snarled in challenge as the others kept a close eye on them. But before things could escalate, Red broke up the stare down when he banged a ladle against a pot, the Pokemon turning to him as he lifted the lid of the pot.

"Lunch." Was all he said in a cool and collected tone, his eyes seeming to shine as his Pokemon, sans Hydreigon, immediately rushed to their dining area.

Watching with curious eyes, Hydreigon watched her new trainer serve her fellow Pokemon with what looked like joy and happiness on his face. The dragon did have to admit that the smell of what he was filling the bowls with was tantalizing, she opted to stay away from the others as they ate. When Red saw that, noticing the challenging glare Tyranitar was sending her, he shook his head before securing a bowl for his new addition. Making his way over, he saw her body tense more and more the closer he got. Ignoring the building tension, he set the bowl in front of her and sat beside her; Hydreigon raising her heads to stare at him as he returned it. But instead of growing anxious or nervous at her stare, he merely smiled and moved his hand to her head.

"It's good, you should eat before it gets cold." He told her in a soft and gentle tone, the dragon unconsciously rumbling in delight when he rubbed a part of her jaw that caused immense pleasure to fill her.

Her eyes becoming a bit half lidded at his magical touch, she debated following his suggestion and filling her somewhat full stomach. But seeing as it was just that, a suggestion, Hydreigon opted to ignore it and simply settle into the embrace of her new trainer. Her other heads joinging, they pressed into Red with a bit more force, the dragon letting a growl of content leave as he smiled at the sound. Growing a bit too content, Red made a sound of surprise when she fell on top of him, snoozing softly as she tried to bury herself into his person.

A soft laugh leaving his mouth at her rather cute action, the intimate and cozy scene was being watched with sets of eyes that varied in their emotions. Mirth, warmth, jealousy, envy; the lids on a few of the Pokemon blew when they saw the enviable position the newcomer had found herself in, Mewtwo, Genesect and Espeon twitching a bit in irritation when they saw Hydreigon snuggle into his shoulder. But before they could act on the jealous impulses of their minds, one look from their trainer was all that was needed to embed the seeds of fear into them. After all, the risk of losing the various luxuries that he provided for them was far from worth a cuddle session with the raven haired youth.

"Do anything and you won't get brushed, petted or eat homemade food for the rest of the week."

Seeing the trio back away and sulk, he laugh lightly before continuing to stroke the main head of the dragon resting on top of him. While doing so he activated his Pokédex, reading over the information of his new capture and familiarizing himself with her data. Smiling softly when read that her species was 'violent and destructive', he shook his head when he glanced down at the lightly snoring dragon. As he continued reading, the excitement that he felt of the coming tournament only grew as the days counted down, the crimson eyed youth hoping that it would live up to its name.

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