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Requisition - Chapter 9

"I-I'm sorry! I didn't know what came over me!" Zinnia said as she sat beside Red with her face colored a deep crimson, the man shaking his head as he moved to pat her on the head.

"It's fine. How are you feeling?" Asked the man as the woman felt her frantic heart gently still as his warmth filled her, Zinnia nodding her head in the positive as she leaned onto him slightly.

"Currently? I feel... Strange... I've just poured my heart and soul out by telling my story to the son of the person who caused my mother's death and am now leaning on him like a child. How would you be feeling if you were in my shoes?" Countered the ravenette in a slightly dry tone as Red had a wry smile cross his face, though the way his body was free of tension and his head currently resting against Zinnia's spoke of how comfortable they were with each other.

"Maybe... Maybe it's because our destinies are intertwined with each other that I'm so comfortable around you. You, who were supposed to be the Lorekeeper of this generation and I, who took your place as Lorekeeper; perhaps our lives were meant to connect even before we were born." Continued the woman as she snuggled a bit deeper into the man's shoulder, Red not saying anything but moving to run his hand through her hair.

A sound of content leaving her, Zinnia soon fell asleep as the emotional fatigue that filled her was finally let loose by Red and his comforting touch. Having moved a set of chairs to the window, the pair were currently sitting down after Zinnia's emotional tale, silence and harmony filling the void that followed her story. Hearing her soft breathing, he turned to look down at her and let a small smile cross his face at how comfortable she was, moving to brush a few hairs that had fallen out of her face.

Seeing her wrinkle her nose in slight dismay, he held his laughter back as she pouted slightly before settling down as Red turned to look out the window once more. While seemingly peaceful on the outside, his mental state as it usually was chaotic, a number of different things racing through the mind of the young man as he let a soft sigh pass his lips. Twenty one years, that's how long Red had been running from his responsibilities and duties, at least that's what he imagined seeing as he was completely ignorant of his heritage and never was curious about the background of his parents.

A sound snapping him from his stupor, he turned and saw his mother standing in the doorway, the bag that she had been holding dropped in the midst of bearing witness to her beloved son awake and about. Growing guilty and embarrassed, the young man brought his hand up and weakly waved at the woman, knowing that there wasn't a thing he could say to stop what was about to happen from occurring.

And just as he predicted, he wasn't able to stop the human missile that was his mother as she latched onto him, completely startling Zinnia as the younger woman let out a cry while she jumped out of her seat into a defensive position as her eyes snapped to the source of the scare. But her posture stiffened before relaxing slightly when she saw that it was Scarlet, a sigh leaving her as she lightly patted her chest at the abrupt scare. Though she was still critical of the woman, Zinnia opted to drop the current issue as she couldn't blame the older woman for her rash action, knowing that she would most likely have acted in the exact manner if she were in her shoes. Pikachu also surged forward and leapt onto the shoulder of his trainer, Red smiling fondly as he managed to raise his arm and scratched his oldest friend behind his ears.

"R-Red! My baby, how do you feel?! Are you still hurt?! What happened?!" Fired the crimson eyed woman in a panicked but relieved tone, tears freely falling from her eyes as she fretted over and checked her son for any injuries.

"I'm fine, mom. It wasn't anything serious." Answered the man as he reached out and held the hands of his mother, Scarlet pausing in the midst of her fervor before returning the gesture as she squeezed his hands tightly.

"My little Charmander... Why? Why didn't you tell me what happened while you were up on Mt. Silver?" Asked the raven haired woman in a soft and gentle tone, her concerns only growing when she felt him instantly tense at the mention of his decade in solitude.

"W-What...?" Red stammered with his eyes having widened slightly, racking his mind for any and all tracks that he might have left during his short time home.

"Sweetie, please don't get mad but Blue told Leaf and me. He told us about what happened to you on Mt. Silver." The crimson eyed woman told him in that same gentle tone, watching as her son's eyes hardened a bit at the mention of his childhood friend.

"Please, I know how much promises mean to you but forgive him this once, for me?" Scarlet whispered as she patted his hand to help ease his anger, her eyes glowing slightly when she saw him left a soft sigh leave at her plea.

Nodding somewhat reluctantly, Red agreed to his mother's request, knowing that she never asked anything of him unless it truly was something that she wanted. It truly did hurt Red that his best friend, the person he thought of as a brother, would reveal something so personal. But the more that he thought about it, the more that he understood where the brunette was coming from. If Red were in his shoes, having just learned that his best friend had suddenly collapsed out of nowhere and without cause, and had knowledge that could potentially save his life or at least shine some light into what could have caused it, he wasn't one hundred percent sure that he could keep a secret like that from the people who worried about him.

Moving to rub his cheeks in an affectionate manner, Scarlet was openly babying her son to his embarrassment. Zinnia only added to that as an amused smirk marred her face as she watched the scene unfolding in front of her, though envy and anger tinted her eyes. Seeing that, Red gently shook off his mother's coddling and tried to ease her worries only for it to increase in intensity. After allowing her a few precious minutes of fretting over him, Red gained a serious glint to his eyes as he asked his mother and Zinnia to leave the room, the two women confused only to agree when he stated that he wanted to update two others who were equally as worried as his mother.

Turning to look at Pikachu, the Pokemon merely nodded his head as Red recalled him, mentally readying himself for the oncoming call. A soft sigh leaving him, Red pulled out his Xtransceiver and tapped the contacts of his best friends, initiating a conference call as it started ringing.

"Red! You feeling alright!? What the hell happened!?"

"Red, you idiot! I'm going to kill you when I get my hands on you!"

Two contrasting sentences struck the crimson eyed man as the faces of his childhood friends appeared on the screen of the device, the eyes of both teary and quivering as they stared at the ever calm face of their raven haired friend. A wry and somewhat guilty expression shifting Red's mask, he began placating the sniffling brunettes, though Blue was adamant that there was just a sudden surge of pollen in his suite that was stirring up his allergies. Spending the next few minutes ensuring them that he was fine and easing their worries, he turned a sharp pair of eyes at Blue as the man stiffened and grimaced as shame and guilt swallowed his face.

"Red, I... I'm sorry, but I thought that they had to know..."

"Red, don't get angry and start blaming Blue. I know how much you hate lairs and people who break their promises, but you have to see it from Blue's eyes."

Hearing how sullen and desperate their voices were, Red wasn't able to hold that sharp gaze for long as he nodded his head in a sulky manner, the brunettes finding themselves smiling slightly seeing that he was showing them his childish side despite how angry they knew he was. If he was truly angry at them, the two doubted that he would have even bothered to have called them, the thought of him simply cutting off ties with them cutting deeply into their hearts as they continued to question the ravenette about his current status. Before long, the three were smiling and laughing as they settled back into a comfortable and warm rhythm, Leaf and Blue having decided to drop the issue at hand as Red wasn't willing to speak any further about it.

"Then you just get some more rest then, Red. It sucks that you had to forfeit in the main part of the tournament but that's fine, you're still qualified for the final part, the battle festival, and that's the most important thing since we'll be able to battle then. And hey, if you want to have a go at it, you can also enter the Showcase Grand Finale or Contest World Festival after. Who know's, maybe you'll win those." Blue said with a smile as he bid the other man farewell, signing off as he had an early morning battle to prepare for.

"Blue's right, Red. Even though you had been disqualified for the named battles, you're still eligible for the most enjoyable part of the tournament so don't be down, okay? And before you tell me, fine, I'll visit you after my battle." Leaf added with a loving smile, though she did mutter the latter part of her goodbye with reluctance as Red smiled approvingly at her deduction.

Ending the call with his childhood friends, Red let a sigh of relief leave him as he managed to both calm them and have them drop the issue with his health for the duration of the tournament, or at least until they finished with their battles. With one problem solved, many more replaced it as Scarlet entered once more with a slightly irked expression on her face, Red panicking only to offer her a wry smile when she showed the screen of her Xtransceiver.

"Hey dad."

"Hello son."

There on the tiny screen of his mother's Xtransceiver, was the ever stony face of his father, Crimson. If one saw the two side by side, they would assume that the two were exact clones of each other, the only difference between Red and his father being that his father was a hair taller with noticeable tear-troughs beneath his eyes, the man having an air of absolute authority and aloofness. Viewed as somewhat of a tyrant by those who were unfortunate enough to have to negotiate with him, he worked as an executive to one of Silph Co. and the Devon Company's largest merger branches.

"How are you feeling? I'm sorry, I was going to board the earliest flight but got caught up in a sudden business call." Crimson said in a soft tone as Red shook his head, offering his father an equally soft smile in turn.

"I know how hard you work for mom and I, it's okay. And I'm sorry too, that I left again as soon as I got back home. I'll come visit you after the tournament is over, is that fine?" Red countered as his father had a small smile grace his face, mirroring his son's act of shaking his head as he pulled out his phone.

"Miss Rohdes, clear my schedule of everything four weeks from now, my family is going to be visiting me and I will have no interruptions during that time." Crimson asked his secretary as a somewhat sullen sigh could be heard in return at the mention of his family, a pert but gloomy sound of confirmation as the man thanked the young lady for her work.

"Ahem, I didn't say anything about going." Scarlet interjected as she gave the two men of her life a hard stare, Red and Crimson growing quiet as they both looked at her with slightly pleading and teary eyes.

A twitch of her lips breaking her irked mask, the crimson eyed woman let out a tired sigh as she questioned how exactly her two loves inherited such childishness, the scene before her would have to have been preserved in a photo to authenticate the claim to anyone who knew the two. Giving her husband a glare that meant that he was in for more scolding later on, Scarlet eventually dropped the issue as the three fell into a warm and amiable air of family affection. Before they left, Crimson and Red apologized once more to the other, one for leaving again without notice and the other for failing to take the initiative and seek out said person.

"Mom, you go get some rest. I'm fine now, and since I'm not battling in the tournament for a while I'll just be resting too." Red explained to his mother as the woman hesitated in giving her answer, Scarlet having already dropped out of the tournament as well seeing as she wasn't able to battle her son until the final week.

"...I'll be calling you every night, Red. I'm not going to baby you but don't think that I'm not going to be checking up more then I was before." Warned the woman as her treasure just laughed and smiled softly in return, the crimson eyed woman shaking her head but the tiny smile she wore spoke volumes of how she felt inside.

Moving to check out of the hospital, Scarlet was surprised to see that Zinnia had seemingly been waiting for the two of them to finish talking as Scarlet had left her to enter and scold her husband. About to ask if she still had any questions for herself, the older woman promptly shut her mouth and had her pupils contract when she saw the Lorekeeper timidly but fondly take hold of her son's arm, shuffling closer to him before she leaned against him. Feeling her mind stall, Scarlet snapped to stare at her son only to see him staring down at her with a glint of guilt and fondness coloring his eyes. Seeing that, the woman felt her heart tighten as she could only assume that Red knew of his heritage now, what he truly was.

As Scarlet debated on whether or not to intervene and prevent her son from getting any further involved in the clan that she had cut ties with, a single look from her son and a soft shake of his head was all that the woman needed to see to know that he was set on what he was going to do. All that Scarlet could do now that her beloved had set his mind on something was to support him as best as she could, no matter how much she detested the thought of having to deal with any of the clan members she detested. Offering him a slightly strained smile, Scarlet watched as Red bid her a fond farewell and walked Zinnia out of the hospital, her smile growing slightly softer as she followed the two as they strode down the street.

"...They fit together almost perfectly, don't they Aster..." Scarlet whispered in a fond tone as a few tears shined in her eyes, the raven haired woman finally breaking her gaze when the two rounded a street corner and moved to rest in her room.

With Red and Zinnia, the pair were making idle conversation as Red had asked her of what her role and duties as Lorekeeper were, Zinnia explaining in further detail about what the oracle had foreseen and her efforts in preparing for said vision. Hearing about what was foretold, Red felt his confusion grow as did his curiosity, feeling that the timing of things were far too coincidental for his liking. Snapping from his stupor as Zinnia held him at an arm's distance, she looked up at him with a pair of somewhat sullen eyes as she had finally found her answer and had steeled her resolve for following that answer.

"Red. While the time that we have been together has been brief, I feel that it truly was fate that brought our lives together. I am the current Lorekeeper of the Draconid people, the one who has been tasked with protecting this world and its inhabitants, that cannot be changed. But... Now that I know that I have you standing beside me, you who has vowed to lift this burden from my shoulders, I now have the strength and resolve to face my fate with confidence. Please, wait for me, when I return I... I wish to spend the remainder of my life with you..." Zinnia stated with nothing but resolve and affection in her tone, Red flinching as he hadn't expected her to suddenly confess to him out of the blue.

Without missing a beat, Zinnia leaned upwards and captured the lips of the man as Red froze at the sudden attack. Spending no more then three seconds connected with him, Zinnia felt her heart hammer harder and more intensely then she had ever felt in her life. Parting from him with crimson coloring her cheeks, the Lorekeeper had a radiant expression on her face as she flashed the man a somewhat feral grin, taking off without letting Red have a chance to recover from her ambush.

Standing there with his own cheeks tinted pink, Red finally snapped from his stupor as realized that the woman had stolen his first kiss. Indignation filling him at the horrid realization, the man chased after Zinnia intent on rectifying the injustice levied on him. But alas, Zinnia proved much more elusive then the crimson eyed man had predicted, Red having lost her tracks after five minutes of chase. A soft sigh leaving him, the raven haired man sulkily made his way back to his camp, activating his Pokedex and catching up on the latest happenings with its 'News' function.

In his camp, Red let out his trusted Pokemon as they instantly swarmed and smothered him; Espeon, Mewtwo and Genesect in particular latching onto him as if he would disappear at a moment's notice. Letting them have their time, Red eventually settled everyone down and explained the current situation to them. In an instant, the warm and amiable mood soured as fierce expressions were etched onto the faces of those who had been with him the longest, the newer members of their little family confused and slightly afraid of the other Pokemon. Calming them down, the trainer began working on their lunch, peace and quiet taking hold of the clearing as the group idly chatted and basked in the afternoon sun.

["Ladies and gentlemen! Please, let's give a hand for our visitors! It's their first time appearing in the Pokemon World Tournament and the beginning of future appearances and new battling styles, let's hear it for our Galar region family!"]

Watching the broadcast stream with his Pokedex, Red scanned the new faces that appeared on the feed, spotting Allister and Bea standing with the crowd of people. His eyes roaming across the Galar region trainers, he stopped on the face of purple haired man for a few seconds before moving onto the others. A new region, new Pokemon and a new style of battling; that was something that instantly drew the attention of Red as he had just barely finished reading up on Alola and its unique 'Z-Moves' as they were called.

["Now them, why don't we hear a few words from chairman Rose and what surprises he has in store for the tournament!"]

["Haha! Thank you all for the warm welcome! Hello, I'm Rose, the president of Marco Cosmos and the chairman of the Galar Pokemon League! Galar is both proud and happy to be able to finally join the Pokemon World Tournament and don't think we've come empty handed! Please, would anyone like to see a exhibition battle with Galar's very own style of battling!"]

At Rose's words, a cheer resounded throughout the stadium as Oleana helped direct the employees that accompanied the Galar trainers to set up a number of strange looking devices on the corners of the stadium. Once each device was placed, Rose nodded as he opened the briefcase in hand and held up a tiny stone for all in attendance to see.

["Everyone! This is a Wishing Star, an enigmatic and rare resource found only in Galar and a cornerstone of what makes Galar battling so unique! Now, we'll place this Wishing Star into these 'wells' as we call them and show you all just what makes Galar to special! Oleana, if you will."]

Following through with his orders, Oleana moved to place the stones into the 'wells', a brilliant beam of red energy shooting up into the sky as a murmur swept through the crowd. Soon, the entire stadium was bathed in a strange energy, everyone feeling it as a tingle danced on the bodies of everyone present. Finally, chairman Rose took a Pokeball from his vest and released an elephant-like Pokemon, a cheer of excitement sweeping through the crowd at the sight of the Pokemon.

["Cufant, let's show everyone what makes Galar battling special! This here on my wrist is what's called a 'Dynamax Band', and it'll help us in...Dynamaxing!"]

With that statement, he returned his Cufant and activated the band as it was filled with Dynamax energy the Pokeball glowing red as it suddenly grew to the size of a basketball. Surprise and awe filling the bodies of the stadium's spectators, they cheered loudly as Rose tossed the Dynamaxed Pokeball, the ball rising to the apex of its arc before releasing Cufant. Before the eyes of everyone, the Dynamaxed Cufant appeared with a cloud of debris being roused with its fall to earth. A deep below leaving its trunk, Cufant posed majestically as a fevered roar raged across the stadium.

["This is what makes Galar battling different from the other regions, Dynamaxing! Now, who would like to try their hand at a good old fashioned Dynamax battle!"]

Many shouts and cries echoing at his words, Rose had a chuckle leave him at the sight of so many volunteers. His eyes scanning the crowd, he picked out a young trainer as the girl squealed with delight at having been chosen. Her family cheering her own as she made her way down, Rose helped the girl put on the band as Oleana helped her with handling the Dynamaxed Pokeball. Cufant and her Grotle had a quick but fierce battle that only added to the excitement of the tournament, many eager to partake in a Dynamax battle themselves. With that, the days of the tournament continued without issue, Red having decided to stay in his camp with his friends and family visiting when they could. Seeing as the main part of the tournament was going to last for another week or two, he had until then to read and prepare for the final battle festival.

(Time Skip - Two Weeks Later)

["Tch! I said to stop bothering me! I won, you lost; so stop bothering me and get out of my life!"]

The call ending following her son's hateful words, Melony let a soft and sullen sigh leave her as she returned her phone to her pocket. Eighteen years, that's how long she had been in Gordie's life before being forced out when her son had finally beaten her in a heated battle the year prior. The two weren't the closest mother-son pair and that battle was the straw that broke the numel's back, the young man ruthlessly cutting all ties with his mother after a crushing victory over her. First it was her husband and now her son, the former Gym Leader often times wondered if there was something she had done in a past life that might have led to such a horrible family life.

Since then, when the white haired woman's attempts at reconciling with her son grew fewer and fewer, Melony having made a promise to herself that she would steel her heart and resolve to find happiness even without her son in her life. But alas, she always felt a pang of sorrow when she saw him battling or interviewing on TV, the snow haired woman finding herself wandering the region more often then not to get away for anything that might remind her of him. Seeing as Galar had finally attended the World Tournament, Melony had hoped that perhaps the time they spent representing their region would help to mend their familial ties, but it seemed to have the opposite effect as Gordie adamantly kept away from her and stuck to promoting his image and battling style.

"Maybe it's finally time to just give up..." Whispered the woman as she moved to clutch at her chest, grimacing as a deep throb of sorrow echoed within her heart.

"...Are you okay?" A soft voice asked as Melony jumped slightly at its sudden appearance, turning and seeing a handsome young man with a rather fierce looking stoic face.

About to wave him off, she paused when she saw that concern that filled his eyes, the woman having to do a double take as his face and eyes didn't seem to match. With such a scary looking face she hadn't expected him to have such compassionate eyes, finding herself at ease the longer she stared into them. While compassionate they didn't lack any of the depth that a seasoned trainer's would have, Melony instinctively knowing that somehow he was wiser beyond his years.

"O-Oh, umm, yes! I'm fine, young man!" Chirped Melony as she offered him a bright smile, hoping that it was enough to alleviate the man's worries.

"...No you're not." He countered with a slight pout on his face, the snow haired woman almost gushing as she likened him to a small child finding out that their parents lied to him.

It was a small gesture, a tiny sign of goodwill, but it was enough to move the woman's heart. Perhaps it was because she had such a horrible relationship with her son, or that she didn't spend nearly as much time as the other top trainers of Galar as she should have, but having someone being concerned for her deeply touched Melony. Finding herself at a loss for words, all she could do was offer him a small but strained smile that spoke of how she truly felt inside.

"My mother always told me to help people, especially beautiful ladies." Red explained as the woman giggled slightly at being called beautiful, moving to ruffle the young man's hair in a motherly fashion as he flushed slightly.

Ever since he was a child, Red had been weak to older women, especially those who acted like his mother and babied him. All he was trying to do was see if she was alright, Red not lying about his mother's words about helping people though he did find it a bit strange that she put an emphasis on the 'helping beautiful ladies' part. Seeing as he wasn't busy with anything, having entered the town to gather some ingredients for his team's lunch, Red decided on a whim to help someone who seemed to be in pain. But what he hadn't expected was to run into someone who seemed like a mother, mentally sighing at his luck.

"Umm... M-My name is Red. Can you please stop." Red said in a slightly embarrassed tone as Melony giggled a bit harder at his tone, opting to let the young man go as she seemed to be smiling a bit better then before.

"Ufufu! My, aren't you just the cutest, Red! Your mother raised you very well, she must be proud!" Quipped the woman as Red seemed to lose all traces of embarrassment at the mention of his mother, snapping to stare directly into her eyes as he nodded his head in complete agreement.

A bit surprised to see him agree so quickly with her statement, Melony found herself smiling softly when she saw just how much he loved his mother, though she did feel a deep surge of envy for the mother of the young man in front of him. How lucky must she have been to have a son that respected and loved her as much as Red did, her thoughts floating back to her own son and his cutting words.

"Would you like to have lunch with me and my Pokemon? I just finished shopping for ingredients before I saw you." Red offered as Melony seemed surprised that he was going so far just to cheer her up, though she was touched that he would go so far for a stranger.

About to decline his offer, she instead found herself agreeing and apologizing for intruding in on their lunch. Blinking when she found herself walking beside the young man and idly chatting about everyday things, Melony and Red found themselves at his camp as the woman stared around the minimalist setup of his campsite. But before she could comment on anything she saw him already preparing the ingredients that he had bought, Melony watching with increasing surprise as he moved with practice and skill. Feeling a tad awkward just standing while he worked, she eventually asked to help him as Red smiled slightly at the request and obliged it.

"My, my! I never thought to use honey when marinating things!"

"Mmm, my mom told me that it helps with tenderizing."

"Oh, I just can't wait to meet your mother! I'd love to share cooking tips with her!"

Before long the two were working together as they prepped the ingredients and began cooking, Melony finding herself laughing and smiling as Red and her shared tips, tricks and recipes with each other. How long had it been since she found such joy in something as simple as cooking? After her son had broken his ties with her, Melony found herself eating less and less then before, only cooking the bare minimum to avoid starving. Wiping a smudge from Red's face, she only laughed harder when he flushed and turned away from her, the young man's ears growing a bit more crimson as she teased him harder at his cuteness. Finishing in record time with the added help from Melony, though he was still a bit embarrassed by her teasing, the two stared at the lunch spread before them with smiles as they moved to release their Pokemon.

Multiple cries and roars resounding, Melony and her team were startled by the titans that the young man released, even her oldest friend, Lapras, found herself at a loss at seeing such Pokemon from her native region. Gulping a bit when they turned to face her and her team, Melony inched a bit closer to them but paused and found herself laughing softly when Red lightly scolded them about being so hostile. Introducing everyone, the two divided up the food and passed it out as the Pokemon happily helped themselves to their meals.

"Your Pokemon, I don't think I've ever seen others of their species even remotely close to how yours look."

"Mmm. I don't think I've seen some of your Pokemon before either."

"Ah! Would you like me to tell you about them!"

"Yes please, and can you tell me more about Dynamax?"

Happily beginning her lecture on the Galar native Pokemon on her team, Melony and Red spent the next hour with the snow haired woman explaining everything that she knew about both her Pokemon and the mechanics of Dynamax to the young man. As the afternoon sun began to settle into the evening, the two finally parted ways as Melony seemed a bit sullen to have to leave the crimson eyed man. It took a bit of reassuring and exchanging phone numbers, but eventually Melony returned to her hotel with a visible skip to her step, catching the attention of a certain blonde as he followed her with a deep glare on his face.

"Why's she in such a good mood..." Spat Gordie as he watched his mother pass without even giving him a glance, furrowing his brows as he couldn't think of anything that would cause her to be in such a good mood.

Scoffing, he pushed the thought to the back of his mind, so long as she stayed out of his life that was all that he was concerned with. Returning to his coffee, he sent a text to his fellow Gym Leaders with the intent of finding out why the snow haired woman was in such high spirits, not that he cared. As he texted away, the stadiums were filled as many awaited the outcome of the main tournament results for the top region. With Charles Goodshow leading the proceedings, he stepped onto the main podium to address the crowd.

["Ladies and gentlemen, I hope that you're all still enjoying the Pokemon World Tournament! I'm more then happy to announce the results of the region team tournament! First of all, let's give a hand to all of the trainers who participated!"]

A wave of cheers and roars resounding throughout the stadiums, those who weren't used to such praises blushed and smiled awkwardly while those who were merely waved in their usual fashion. Those cheers and claps lasting for a solid minute, it calmed when the Charles took the mic once more, many waiting with baited breath.

["I'm happy to announce that the region that scored the most team points is... Unova!"]

The Unovan natives roared as the stadium rocked with their cheers, the trainers who battled to attain the win following suit as they happily high-fived and hugged each other. It was surprising to some that but others knew the odds were slightly in favor of Unova, seeing as most of the regions such as Sinnoh and Kalos only had one Champion that lead their regions singlehandedly. Johto was a top contender with Lyra and Ethan leading them but without Lance to support them it shifted to Kanto, especially with the addition of Leaf and Blue. But eventually, the number of Dragon type trainers leading their charge, Unova managed to eke out a win against those who were ill prepared to battle them. Even more so, Hilbert with his Zekrom led the charge with brutal effectiveness.

Seeing as it was finally time for the battle festival the crowd calmed as trainers who had made it past the preliminaries, which was their first battle two weeks prior and had a reputable record, appeared on the multiple large screens scattered throughout the Leaders, Elite Four, Champions and a few of the most notable named trainers making up the remainder of the the tournaments participants, in Stadium A, Red stood near the back as he awaited Charles to address the crowd and begin the part of the tournament that he had been waiting for the most. His eyes running across those gathered in his stadium, Red could see a few trainers that seemed to have a bit more potential in regards to being enjoyable to battle but for the most part many of them seemed average at best.

["Now then, before we begin the battle festival, I would like to give a quick summary of what it entails for our new participants from Galar. The battle festival is a battle royale styled form of battling, were trainers aren't grouped by region but will be battling individually. This part of the tournament will decide who the world's Pokemon Master will be in the truest sense of the word, each stadium will have a set number of trainers battling then moving to another stadium with the aid of the many Psychic type Pokemon brought in for faster travel. This will continue until only the top trainer remains to take the title of Pokemon Master. And so I would like start things off with a bang! Please, give a round of applause for Leon, the current Champion of Galar!"]

Hearing his cue, Leon ran on stage with a grin on his face, barely able to conceal the excitement that filled his body. Taking a second to calm himself, the purple haired man let his eyes wander across those who were gathered in his stadium, Leon froze when he found himself locking eyes with Red. A cold sweat breaking out on his body, the Champion only broke from his stupor when he remembered where he was and what he was doing, coughing slightly to break the awkward air.

["Thank you, Mr. Goodshow! Galar is more then excited to finally be able to take part in the Pokemon World Tournament and although we're all new we're rearing to win as well! And so, like Mr. Goodshow had said, I want to start things off with a bang too! So, why don't we kick things off with a Dynamax battle in each of the stadiums! Chairmain Rose has made arrangements with Mr. Goodshow and set up devices to allow each and everyone the chance to experience a Dynamax battle! Let's start the battle festival off with an exhibition battle between one of my fellow Galarian trainers and a trainer of thier choice!"]

Cheers sounding at Leon's suggestion, a few of his less then enthusiastic trainers lamented having their Champion speak on their behalf. While they knew the man meant well, in truth most of them were awfully nervous to be battling in such a large tournament, eclipsing even the huge event battles that were usually hosted during gym and champion challenges. It was one thing to have it broadcasted to their home region, but it was a completely different thing entirely to be broadcast across the entire world. But their apprehensions were a moot point as the Galarian trainers were already under heavy expectations for the audience, those who were in the stadiums reluctantly making their way towards the center of the battling field to select their opponents. Leon was no exception as he happily jumped off stage and ran to the field, already having selected his trainer of choice.

"You there, with the hat! Please accept my challenge!" Leon shouted as he pointed towards the back of the crowd, everyone in Stadium A turning to see who he had selected only to blink when they saw that it was Red who was chosen.

His debut having garnered him a huge following and a fearsome reputation, Red quickly lost it as his two week absence had erased almost all of the excitement that had followed him, Galar's arrival and unveiling of Dynamaxing doing him a favor by overshadowing his entrance. Mentally thanking whomever it was that help hide his existence once more, Red made his way to the field as Leon felt more and more energy flood his body. The same was true for those who were paying attention to Stadium A; Leaf and Blue in their own having opened the stream to watch the battle unfold, already knowing what their childhood friend was after once he had seen Dynamax in action.

"Oh boy, here we go. Red had better not make too big of a scene..."

"Well, there goes laying low, huh, Red? Don't embarrass the guy too much, hahaha... Oh man..."

"Hey there, name's Leon, the Champion of Galar! I hope that I didn't startle you too much, but I got the feeling you're as strong as you look! So don't hold back and give me everything you got, alright!"


Moving to the opposite sides of the battling field, Red and Leon took their positions as they awaited the referee to start their battle. Leon hoping for a full six-on-six battle, he knew that the odds were astronomically low, seeing as this was just a way to get everyone hyped up and ready for the rest of the festival. As soon as they were ready, the battle selection screen appeared and started randomizing as it had the prior, slowing before finally stopping on the ever standard three-on-three icon.

"This will be a three-on-three exhibition battle between trainer Red of Pallet Town and the Champion of Galar, Leon of Postwick Town! There will be no titles on the line and no points will be awarded; Mega Evolution and Dynamax is allowed, substitutions are allowed and the match will conclude when all of one side's Pokemon are unable to continue battling. Now, trainers, please select your Pokemon and confirm with me when you are ready!" At the referee's words, the two men went to their partners and started their selection, though Red paused when a shout from the other man caught his ears.

"Hey, Red! I have a request if you'd hear it!" Leon shouted as he moved three Pokeballs from his his waist to his hand, staring at Red with eyes that held none of the energy or childishness that filled them before.

"I want you to use your strongest Pokemon when we battle, can you do that for me? I've only been Champion for a few months and haven't stepped out of Galar since I became a trainer, so I'm not sure of where I stand compared to the other Champions. Your eyes, you have the eyes of a Champion so I want you to show me what the trainers outside of Galar are capable of." Leon asked as the energy in the crowd also stilled at his request, everyone having paused their battles to face the screen displaying the Champion of Galar and his enigmatic opponent.

"...Are you sure?" Red countered in a tone that was slightly eerie and chilling, Leon suppressing the shiver that wanted to dance down his spine as he resolved himself and nodded in confirmation as Red softly returned it.

["Y-You heard it here, folks! Leon wants to see where he stands in the world of Champions, what drive and conviction! But will Red be able to live up to the Champion's expectations?! From what we saw two weeks ago, the mysterious trainer from Pallet seems to have a powerful team of Pokemon but are they on the level of Champions!?"]

While he didn't want to stand out any more then he already did at the start of the tournament, seeing the conviction and hope in the other man's eyes swayed the heart of the crimson eyed trainer just enough to humor him. His strongest Pokemon, his oldest friend, his first Pokemon and his starter Pokemon; there were two Pokemon who fit the bill that Leon had placed in front of Red. Pikachu or Charizard, who would be more appropriate for the battle, that was what was weighing on Red's mind. Spending a few seconds mulling over the thought, Red opted to give both of his oldest friends a chance to shine, seeing as substitutions were allowed in the battle.

Finally settling on a choice, the two trainers turned towards the referee and nodded, the man grinning as he brought up his flags. Bringing them down, two Pokeballs shot out as a pair of flashes of light illuminated the field, Red's Pikachu and Leon's Dragapult standing at the ready as the crowd seemed torn on how to react. Most cheered for the start of the battle, others roared for the sight of a Galar native Pokemon but a few didn't know how to react seeing a Pikachu standing so confidently on the field.

["And we're off folks! Leon has decided to leaf off with a Dragapult, a Dragon-Ghost type Pokemon native to Galar and well known there for its blistering speed! Red had chosen Pikachu, an Electric type and an unorthodox choice, but having seen the other Pokemon this young man owns, it must be unique in its own way!"]

"Dragapult, Dragon Darts!" Leon shouted as the Dragon-Ghost type cried in response, taking aim at Pikachu before letting loose the Dreepy that were stored in its horns.

Holding his ground, Pikachu rose a brow as he watched the pair of Pokemon racing towards him, waiting for them to get close before casually sidestepping inbetween the gap of the Dreepy, stunning not only them but Dragapult at the display of speed and agility. The Dreepy making a sharp turn, they shot towards the Electric type once more, intent on striking it as the yellow rodent turned slightly and gave them a calm look. Once again, Pikachu weaved between the gaps of the two as easily as it breathed, the Dreepy retreating back to their older evolution as Leon stood wide eyed and mouth agape at what he had witnessed.

"H-How...?" Whispered the purple haired man as he tried to wrap his head around what he had just witnessed, though a shaky grin crossed his face as he calmed his mind.

"If that won't work, then Phantom Force!" Ordered the man as Dragapult roared in response, a dark purple portal appearing beside the Pokemon as it slipped inside.

["It looks like Leon's Dragapult is using Phantom Force! It's a powerful attack that allows the user to launch a sneak attack by hiding all traces of itself! Will Pikachu be able to find it before it attacks!?"]

A curious glint crossing both Red and Pikachu's eyes, the pair watched as the opposing Pokemon vanished into the portal, Pikachu's ears standing up as he found that the Pokemon had completely lost all traces of its existence. Keeping his senses open, Pikachu suddenly stepped to the side as a flash of purple appeared above his previous position, Dragapult rushing out of the flash only to strike ground as its target anticipated the move.

Snapping to face the Electric type, all that Dragapult got in return was a caustic bolt of of electricity as it screeched in agony, having never felt such brutal lightning in its life. The same could be said for Leon, the man unable to grasp that Pikachu was able to damage his Dragon type Pokemon with a move that it naturally resisted. After a brief flash of lighting and crack of thunder, Dragapult fell with swirls in its eyes, a weak and airy cry leaving it as the referee blinked before raising his flag.

How? He had the type advantage and the stats to back it up, so why had he lost? Gritting his teeth, Leon stared hard at the smaller Pokemon waiting for his next move, the purple haired man's brow twitching at the bored look on the face of the Electric type.

"Dragapult is unable to continue, Pikachu is the winner!" The man shouted as the crowd kept silent before roaring with cheers and applause, Leon slowly recalling Dragapult as he processed what had just happened.

["A-Amazing! Red's Pikachu acutally predicted where Leon's Dragapiult would strike and countered with a devestating Thunderbolt! Just how powerful is the mysterious trainer from Pallet?! Is he truly on the level of a Champion!?"]

"Rhyperior, you're next!" Leon called out in a slightly heated tone as he released the Ground-Rock type, a roar leaving the mouth of the titan as it stared down Pikachu.

["Leon is continuing with a type advantage, folks! Red's Pikachu's electric attacks will have no effect on Leon's Rhyperior, how will the two respond?!"]

"Earthquake!" Ordered Leon hotly as his Rhyperior roared in confirmation, bringing its leg up before dropping it as it set off a stadium rocking tremor.

Narrowing his eyes, Pikachu took the quake head on as the vibrations rocked his body, gritting his teeth as it was a bit more powerful then he had expected. Enduring the Earthquake, the Electric type only drew more and more intrigued and confused looks as everyone familiar with them had their understanding completely turned on their heads. One pair in particular couldn't tear their eyes away from the screen as they watched the yellow rodent tank an Earthquake and shake it off as if it were an itch it couldn't scratch.

"T-That's a Pikachu...?"

"T-There's no way... T-That can't be right, even my Electivire would be reeling from that Earthquake if it wasn't already out of it!"

Ash and Gary were slack jawed as they bore witness to the unbelievable sight, alternating between the screen and the Pikachu on the young man's shoulder. Ash's Pikachu had stars in his eyes as he was entirely focused on the older Pikachu on screen, burning the image of it knocking Rhyperior down with a heavy Iron Tail. He knew how most people looked at them when they entered the field; the jeers, laughs, dismissal that were thrown at them when they battled. So seeing one of his own kind battle with such power and skill only added to the Electric type's future aspirations, mentally making a note to meet with the other Pokemon.

"Haha! Look's like Red's really letting that Leon guy see how strong he is, I just hope he doesn't break his spirit."

"Quiet Blue, I'm trying to watch! And Red won't do that, he's way too nice to! But if what I hear about that Leon guy is true, I really hope Red doesn't bring him out just to show him off..."

In their own stadiums, Leaf and Blue were highly aware of the skill of the Galar Champion, the two equating him to the Elite Four of most of the other regions. They were a bit surprised to gauge him that low but seeing as Galar was secluded until recently, they found it that was only natural since the only ones the Galarian trainers had to face were those that they battled on a regular basis. From what they had heard of the young Champion, if he truly did have a certain Pokemon that was capable of an enhanced form of Dynamax, they were certain that Red would no doubt be excited to battle it.

For his opponent, Leon felt his competitive nature and a touch of indignation begin to burn in him. He could understand his Dragapult losing, as far fetched as it was, but his Rhyperior? With its ability to reduce the damage from super effective moves, how could it not take more then a single Iron Tail? Pikachu weren't known for their power, only their speed and even then, it fell behind most other Pokemon, his Dragapult included. So, with a heavy heart and burning soul, he moved to select his final Pokemon in an effort to turn things around.

"You're my last hope... Let's go, Charizard!" Leon called out as he released his signature Pokemon, the ever iconic Pokemon appearing in a flash of light as it let loose a stream of fire upon its release.

Instantly, Red's eyes shined and sparkled as he scanned the opposing Charizard from head to toe, nodding his head slightly as he saw that the Fire-Flying type was well trained. Turning to look at Pikachu, the smaller Pokemon shook his head in an exasperated tone but had an amused glint to his eyes as he retreated back to the man. Leon blinking as did everyone else, they wondered why Red was substituting his Pikachu when it was on such a dominate streak. They had assumed that since Leon had asked, the crimson eyed man had indeed sent out his strongest Pokemon but his actions crushed that train of thought.

So, with baited breaths, they watched as the man selected a worn looking Pokemon from his waist and moved to release the Pokemon within. And they weren't letdown as an earsplitting and earth shaking roar tore through the stadium, tension and fear filling the bodies of everyone as the flash of light finally died down. Standing tall, his form both confident, calm and powerful; Red's Charizard held itself with the air of a tyrant or king, the air around him seemingly shimmering with the amount of heat radiating off of his body. On the opposite side, Leon and his own Charizard were completely gobsmacked as they stared at the monster before them.

"T-That's a Charizard...?" Whispered Leon as he had to crane his neck slightly to even meet the gaze of the dragonesque Pokemon, his own Charizard having a bead of sweat falling from its face as he locked eyes with the older Pokemon.

["T-There it is! We've seen Red's Venusaur and Blastoise, there was no doubt that he would have a Charizard as well! But that isn't an ordinary Charizard, folks! It seems to be causing the air to heat up with just its body heat! If what Leon has asked of him is true, then we can all assume that Charizard and Pikachu are Red's strongest Pokemon!"]

"We need to go all out, Charizard! No holding back! It's Gigantamax time!" Roared the Champion as Leon recalled his Charizard, everyone watching with rapt attention as the Dynamax band on his wrist glowed with energy.

Like Red had seen with chairman Rose, the Pokeball in the hand of the man grew to the size of a basketball, Leon closing his eyes as he offered a prayer for victory before turning and tossing the Dynamaxed Pokeball. A brilliant explosion of red energy filling the stadium, the purple haired man's Charizard appeared vastly different from that of a regular Charizard.

It had become larger like expected but it also had grown more physically fit, the lower part of its body glowing white with several yellow diamonds located on the lower belly, those same diamond-shaped spots located on the front legs. The most startling thing about the Gigantamaxed Charizard were the wings, which had transformed into literal wings of fire which extended to the shoulder blade and on its horns. Watching the literal titan of fire appear before them; Red, Charizard and Pikachu felt a rush of adrenaline that they hadn't felt for quite some time, life-threatening situations excluded. Red's Charizard in particular had his body temperature flare in response to the giant's distorted and powerful roar, a wicked and feral grin crossing his maw as he let loose a roar of equal intensity.

"W-Wait, aren't you going to Dynamax your Charizard?!" Exclaimed Leon as he watched the rival Charizard spread its wings and rush towards his own, his question going unanswered as Red was entirely focused on the giant before him.

Seeing the small form of Red's Charizard flying towards him with speed unheard of in its species, Leon's Gigantamaxed Charizard moved to swipe at the airborne missile only to miss widely as the smaller Pokemon cut a tight turn with agility and finesse never seen before in Charizard. Panic filling the giant, Leon's Charizard took a deep breath before letting loose a burst of air with the power of a hurricane, Red's Charizard biting back the grin that wanted to cross his face as he flew into the Max Airstream. But even with the strength behind his wings, the amount of air and the power behind the stream of air sent Charizard off course, the titan being forced to take the full brunt of the attack as he was sent crashing into the ground with a cloud of dust and debris obscuring his form.

["I-I can't even begin to describe what I've just seen, ladies and gentlemen! Red's Charizard just tried to face Leon's Gigantamaxed Charizard head on! From what I've been told, that attack was Max Airstream, a Dynamaxed Max Move that eclipses most if not all attacks of the same type! Will Red's Charizard's overconfidence be its undoing?!"]

With silence willing the stadium, it was broken was Red's Charizard blew away the cloud of dust with a beat of his wings, scoffing slightly as he had heard the announcer's statement. Turning to look at his trainer, Charizard felt relieved when he saw the understanding and wry smile on the crimson eyed man's face, knowing and sharing the same emotions as the other when it came to battling such an exciting foe. Returning his gaze to the giant, Charizard spread his wings before taking off once more with a much more controlled air to him compared to before. Seeing that, Leon's Gigantamaxed Charizard narrowed its eyes as lightning began to dance around it, startling Red and his Pokemon as they hadn't thought that it knew an Electric type attack.

"We got em' now, Charizard! Max Lightning!" Shouted Leon with happiness and excitement drowning his tone, his Charizard letting loose a roar along with a stream of lightning into the air.

Narrowing his eyes, Red's Charizard knew what was coming as he shot a quick glance towards Pikachu, the Electric type mulling over the look before grinning and shooting the Fire-Flying type a thumbs up. With Pikachu's seal of approval, Charizard readied himself and braced for the oncoming attack as everyone's eyes grew wide at what they were about to witness. Then, while they were completely at a loss as to why he would, Charizard took the full brunt of the bolt of lightning as the Max Lightning connected without issue.

Gritting his teeth and snapping his eyes shut, Red's Charizard snarled as electricity ripped through his body, Leon and his own Charizard staring at the scene with wide eyes. Why was this guy doing all of this? All Leon had wanted was to see where he stood in relation to the other region's top trainers but why did he have to choose someone who seemed to disregard the wellbeing of his Pokemon as well as mock him by refusing to give out a verbal command? Was this a publicity stunt of some sort? To make a fool of Galar or gain pity points or something like that? Leon didn't know but it didn't sit well with him at all. To battle without giving a single order to dodge, what kind of horrible trainer would do something like that unless they were a Psychic, and Leon knew that the other man wasn't.

["J-Just what is going through the heads of Red and his Charizard!? A-Are they purposely taking on the attack of Leon's Charizard or has Red given up with even attempting to order his Pokemon to dodge?! None of us know what's even going on anymore!"]

"Hey! What are you doing!? Why are you letting your Charizard just take those attacks!? It's was already one thing that it managed to take on my Charizard's Max Airstream, but it won't take that Max Lightning! Either call the match or I will, I won't stand by idly and watch while a trainer quietly let's their Pokemon be a punching bag for a publicity stunt! Don't you even care for your Pokemon!?" Leon snapped at Red with a mix of anger and hate clouding his eyes, gritting his teeth as he snapped to look at the other trainer's Charizard being wracked with electricity.

"...That guy didn't just say that..."

"We need to get going, Blue. Now."

Hearing the accusatory tone; Red, Pikachu and Charizard dropped the excited looks that they sported, the air taking on a heavy and cold feel as, in an instant, Charizard beat his wings and scattered the lightning that danced on his body swatting away a fly. It was one thing to be criticized for saying nothing while they battled, they had heard it time and time again that Red was a terrible trainer who wouldn't even order his Pokemon to evade an attack when the situation called for it. They had gotten over it, no matter how painful or humiliating it was, they held their tongues as they were confident in their teamwork and bond with each other. But hearing someone question that bond, a bond forged over years of blood, sweat and tears; that was crossing the line, even more so for the Pokemon who would stand by their trainer even as their bodies torn asunder as they knew their trainer would do the same for them.

In that moment, a strange sensation filled the stadium as many grew uncomfortable at the tension between the two trainers, Red's tiny smile having faded to a stone cold mask while Leon's excited grin slipped to a hateful snarl. Even the announcer felt slightly guilty as he had pointed out a fact that had bothered him since Red's first battle two weeks prior, not giving his Pokemon orders no matter the situation. For Red's Charizard, the Flame Pokemon had lost all traces of friendly rivalry as he locked eyes with the Gigantamaxed Charizard in front of it, taking note as it had lowered it upper body to expose its flaming wings. A roar leaving its maw, Leon's Charizard's wings grew in size and intensity before being fired as a giant bird-shaped inferno at the smaller Pokemon.

"Blast Burn." Red said in a tone colder then ice and harder then steel, his Charizard simply taking a quick breath before firing a small and quick sphere of fire at the oncoming blaze.

The two attack meeting each other, something that defied the expectations of everyone happened. The small sphere of fire meeting the bird-shaped blaze, the Blast Burn ripped through and scattered the G-Max Wildfire like a bullet piercing a block of ballistic gel. The inferno being snuffed out, the sphere of fire released by Red's Charizard impacted without issue against the snout of Leon's as a subsequent explosion rocked the entirety of the stadium. A distorted roar of absolute agony resounding, that tiny ball quickly expanded in size to a sphere of fire that dwarfed the blaze released by the Gigantamaxed Charizard. Thrashing about to escape the blaze, Leon's Charizard's enhanced size proved to be detrimental as it took the full brunt of the concentrated burst of fire.

Seconds passing, eventually the Gigantamaxed Charizard dropped as it returned to its natural size, laying unconscious as Red's Charizard stood tall and unwavering above it. Scoffing at its crumpled form, Red's Charizard made his way back with emphasized steps that caused the earth to quake with each step. Standing there with a blank look on his face, Leon wasn't able to say anything as the referee finally snapped from his stupor and announced Red as the winner, the purple haired man stiffly craning his head to meet the gaze of the other man as nothing but contempt and disgust filled his eyes and the eyes of his Pokemon.


Leaving the field with those words after recalling his Pokemon, Red completely disregarded the fact that he did something utterly unsportsmanlike, not even bothering to look back as of his steps seemed to echoed loudly in the stadium. He never looked back either, his enjoyment and excitement utter ruined by the disposition of the person he had just battled. Battling wasn't as black and white as most people saw it, it had many shades to it that included trusting one's Pokemon enough to allow them to battle without ordering them, being seen as a sense of the upmost trust that could exist between trainer and Pokemon. With a heavy heart and weary steps, the raven haired man made it to his camp and sat down on a log, letting a deep sigh leave him.

Forcibly calming down, Red let out another sigh as something in the bushes caught his attention. Narrowing his eyes, his mood was probably at its worst since the start of the tournament, even exceeding that of when he found out he was being followed. Turning to the source of the noise, Red soon felt his anger fade as fear replaced it when the form of Pheromosa strode into view. Blinking as it stared at the man, its ever deadpan expression never faded as it made its way to the man. As for Red, he reached for Charizard's Pokeball only for his arm to be grabbed by the invader, Pheromosa inching its face closer to his.

Red remembered this invader in particular, being the only one of its species that had such a vastly different color scheme. Why was it here? Was it something to do with the disturbance that affected him before? Did it arrive with the other invaders? Many question raced through Red's mind but they soon stalled when he felt it nuzzle against his cheek in an affectionate manner.

Mirroring its action before of blinking, Red stood frozen as Pheromosa purred in delight at feeling his warmth, rubbing its cheek against his own as the fear and tension in his heart slowly melted upon feeling the emotions of the Pokemon in a much more calm state. His hand twitching, he debated on what to do only for Pheromosa to answer for him, taking his hand and putting it on top of its head. Looking at him with calm but expectant eyes, the raven haired man couldn't help but smile slightly as it looked like he was staring at a mirror. Stiffly, he moved his hand as Pheromosa let out a soft and satisfied trill, pushing against his hand as it tried to garner more warmth.

And so, the next five minutes were filled with Red rubbing the head of the invader, Pheromosa eventually having fallen asleep on his lap with a content expression on its face. Looking down at the sleeping Pokemon, a flash of conflict crossed the eyes of the young man as he remembered just how terrifying it was to battle all those years ago. How could something that nearly kicked a hole in his Snorlax be so adorable while sleeping on his lap? Running through what he should do, Red paused when he heard the sleeping Pokemon whimper softly, a few tears beginning to fall from its eyes as it clutched something close to its chest. Gently taking the hands of the Pokemon, Red couldn't even begin to describe the surprise he felt when he saw what it was holding.

That surprise must've been blatant as Pheromosa was stirred from its light slumber, glancing around in a daze before meeting Red's eyes with a happy tint to its own. Following his gaze, Pheromosa looked down and saw that it was clutching the Cherish Ball it had toiled night and day for following its decision to stay with its treasure from the weeks prior. Seeing as the cat was out of the bag, Pheromosa did the only thing that it felt was right in its current situation, taking Red's hand and placing the Cherish Ball inside it. Then, it took that hand and made the gesture of tapping the Pokeball against its head, Red's eyes widening when he realized its intentions.

"You want me to catch you?" He asked as Pheromosa's eyes sparkled at seeing him understand it, nodding its head as it continued with its motioning.

Conflicted on what to do, the two were broken from their game of charades when a pair of brunettes stumbled into his camp, Leaf and Blue panting as they tried to catch their breaths. Snapping their heads to look at the man, they froze when they saw the unknown Pokemon on his lap, silence reigning over the clearing before the lids of the two popped off once more.

"Again!? Just what is with you and all of those unknown Pokemon!?"

"Just what else are you hiding from us, Red?! You had better tell me the truth this time!"

A light sigh leaving the man, Red ignored the two fuming brunettes as he rolled the red colored Pokeball in his hand. Feeling a light tug, he turned to look at Pheromosa as it had a somewhat frightened glint to its eyes, Red feeling his own pair of crimson orbs soften as he moved to stroke its head in a reassuring manner.

"Let me clear a few things up first, okay?"

And that's a wrap. Thanks for reading, stay awesome.