Hello! This is my very first fic for New Girl Fandom. I've been binge watching the show this month, and I wanted to share this idea. Please be kind! I hope you like it. The only thing I ask is when/if you leave a review, please don't guess what I'm going to do next. It kind of spoils any surprises I might have for you guys. I apologize if this story idea has been written before as I know it could be a popular one. Happy reading!

Jessica Day knew something was up when her monthly pal didn't show up on schedule. She was currently sitting in the loft bathroom stall wondering exactly how things had gotten to this point. She took in a deep breath and followed the instructions on the box. Then she got out of the stall and set the stick on the sink while sitting on the floor hugging her knees. Her mind was racing. How had this happened? They had been so careful. What was he going to say? What would he do? How was this going to work? Suddenly, there was a crash and cursing from the outside of the door. Jess had made sure she locked it to avoid getting interrupted, and someone had clearly walked into it thinking it was unlocked.

"What the hell?" Schmidt's voice said through the door. "Who is in there?!"

"Go away, Schmidt," Jess called.

"What are you doing in there? You better not be using my products!" he said emphatically. Jess rolled her eyes. As if she would even want to use his so called products.

"I'm not touching anything that's yours," Jess replied.

"Well then...what are you doing?"

"It's a bathroom, Schmidt. What do you think I'm doing?" Jess asked, exasperated.

"You've been in there longer than usual to do what you need to do. Something is wrong," Schmidt insisted.

"Oh my God, Schmidt, just go away!" she shouted. There was a loud huff from the other side of the door, but no more words were said. Jess gripped her face in her hands. She wasn't ready for this. She didn't even know if she'd be that great of a mom. She was hosting a dance that night, and the students were already apprehensive about it. If she couldn't help them to feel better, then how could she help her own child feel better about something? She knew she was making it bigger in her mind than she should be. She wished Cece was around to talk her down, but she was at work.


Winston. Of course.

"Can't a woman get some peace around here?!" Jess shouted, clenching her fists.

"Is Ferguson in there with you? I can't find him," he went on.

"No," Jess said loudly.

"You okay in there?"

"If I wasn't okay, I would tell you," Jess told him. "I really, really would. Please leave now."


Jess heard his steps walk away. She knew it was well past the time the box had mentioned, but she was afraid to look. This would change so much.

"Come on, Jessica Day," she whispered to herself. "You can do this." She reached for the stick, squeezing her eyes shut while she brought it in front of her. Shaking and feeling sick, she opened her eyes.


"What is the emergency?" Cece asked, coming into the loft. Schmidt was pacing.

"Jess has been in that bathroom for twenty minutes with the door locked. That is abnormal for her," he answered.

"Did she say anything?" Cece questioned, feeling concerned. She chose to ignore the fact that he noticed this type of thing. Schmidt shook his head.

"She just told me to go away."

"Well, it is the bathroom, Schmidt," Cece sighed. "She's also doing this dance tonight, and I know she said she was fine, but I don't think she's really fine with the whole breaking up with Nick thing."

"But...she can cry in her room," Schmidt pointed out, confused. Cece rolled her eyes and pushed past him, marching to the bathroom. The door was ajar.

"See? She's not even in there," Cece gestured. They looked in Jess's room as well, but it was empty.

"I did not see her leave," Schmidt said, feeling even more confused.

"Jess?!" Cece shouted. There was no answer. Schmidt went back to the bathroom, looking for evidence. He didn't find anything. He met Cece in the hallway.

"Now I'm concerned," Cece said, pulling out her phone. She sent a text to Jess while Schmidt stood there racking his brain for what could be wrong with Jess aside from the whole Nick thing. Cece heard the faint ringtone from Jess's phone, but she noticed Schmidt did not.

"Hey, can you go check the bar?" she asked him. "She may have gotten past you."

"Highly doubtful."

"Just do it," she ordered. Schmidt obeyed. Once he was gone, Cece pushed open Nick's bedroom door. Jess was lying on his bed and clutching one of his hoodies.

"Hi," she said tearfully.


"Have you seen Jess?" Schmidt asked Nick, who was wiping down the bar.

"No," he answered. He tried to limit his thoughts on Jess right now because he still cared for her, and it hurt to think about them not being together.

"I think I've been sent on a wild goose chase," Schmidt sighed, sitting down. Nick stared at him.

"For what?" he asked.

"No idea," Schmidt replied, shaking his head.

"I'm confused," Nick commented.

"You and me both," Schmidt muttered. Nick didn't push it any further. He wasn't sure he wanted to know anyway.

"So, are you really okay with the whole Cece/Buster thing?" Nick asked.

"Do I look okay?" Schmidt countered. "He's a child."

"He is young," Nick agreed.

"I don't see what she sees in him."

"Of course you don't. You're not Cece."

"You're not helping," Schmidt said irritably.

"Drink?" Nick asked.

"Hit me," Schmidt answered, sighing.


"What's going on?" Cece asked, sitting down on the edge of Nick's bed. Jess sniffed hard, and a few more tears leaked out. "Jess?"

"I'm pregnant," Jess answered. Cece felt as though time had stood still for a moment. She took in her best friend clutching Nick's clothing and just knew.

"It's Nick's," she said. Jess nodded.

"Yea," she responded.

"Oh boy," Cece said, blowing air out of her lips. "Did you just find out?"


"What are you going to do?"

"I don't know. I don't want to tell anyone else yet," Jess told her.

"It stays between you and me," Cece promised. "But you have to get out of this room or else they might figure it out."

"Okay," Jess agreed. She sat up slowly, releasing Nick's hoodie. They both went over to her room where Cece finally hugged her tightly.

"It's gonna be all right," Cece promised.

"What do I do, Cece? Nick is gonna freak out," Jess lamented.

"He definitely will at first, but he also will come around," Cece pointed out.

"What if he doesn't? We're not even dating anymore. How is this going to work?"

"You can talk about it with him after you tell him," Cece encouraged.

"I don't know what I want," Jess said, her head sinking into her hands.

"Do you...want the baby?" Cece asked, wincing inside. It was a stupid question to ask, but she asked it all the same.

"Of course I want the baby!" Jess exclaimed.

"Okay, okay," Cece said, holding up her hands. "I just was checking."

"What a stupid question to ask me," Jess said.

"I know," Cece nodded. "So what's the plan for tonight? You have this dance..."

"Oh my God, the dance," Jess moaned. "I'm such a mess."

"We'll all help," Cece declared. "We will help you get through it."

"You'd do that for me?"

"Of course! Come on. We can't be late. Try not to think about this for the evening, and when it's over, we can talk for hours about it, okay? We will figure out what to do," Cece promised. Jess hugged her again.

"Thank you, Cece," she said into her shoulder. She could put it out of her mind for one evening, right?


Nick was going to the dance to support Jess. He knew this was important to her. He had hurried home to change when he stepped on something sharp and, in natural Nick style, he fell flat on his face on the floor with a high pitched shriek. After regaining his composure, he saw what he had stepped on.

"What the?" he asked, picking up the box. Then, his eyes widened until he was sure they would pop out of his skull. Pinching the box with two fingers and holding it out in front of him, he stepped out of his room. Winston had already left with Jess and Coach. Schmidt was going with Nick. Cece happened to return at this particular moment to grab something Jess had forgotten. She saw Nick and froze.

"What the hell is this?" Nick demanded. Both Cece and Schmidt stared at the pregnancy kit box in Nick's fingers.

"It's a pregnancy test," Schmidt said, recovering.

"Why did I find this on the floor of my bedroom?" Nick demanded. Cece knew she had to act before Schmidt put it together with Jess being in the bathroom too long.

"It's mine," she said quickly. She was positive she heard Schmidt exhale every last bit of air he had in his lungs from shock.

"What?" Nick asked.

"What?!" Schmidt freaked at the same time.

"Why was it in my room?" Nick asked her. Cece thought quickly.

"I came out of the bathroom with it this morning, and Winston was coming down the hallway, so I panicked and threw it into your room. I forgot to go back and get it," Cece lied. Nick narrowed his eyes at her, and Cece prayed her lie wasn't evident on her face.

"You...you...you're...oh my God," Schmidt spluttered. Cece regretted this lie immediately. It would possess Schmidt all night now.

"That's right. Me and Buster are having a baby," Cece said.

"Buster! Oh God..." Schmidt moaned, gripping his head. Nick handed her the box back, and she took it. Nick was looking at her funny.

"What, Nick?" she asked.

"I don't see a glow," Nick answered. "Isn't that a thing with pregnant women? They glow?"

"I'm still early in the pregnancy, Nick," Cece sighed. He didn't look convinced. Schmidt came back from his room at this point.

"Buster?!" he shouted again. "Buster!"

"Yes, Schmidt, Buster," Cece nodded. Schmidt ran off again.

"He's not taking this well," Nick noted as the bedroom door slammed.

"I gotta get this bag to Jess. You deal with that," Cece said, pointing. Nick nodded.

"Fair enough," he agreed. Cece hurried out of the apartment wondering just what exactly she had done.

I try to update weekly. I have been having some personal stress the last two weeks, so I haven't been motivated to write anything. Writing this chapter was a big accomplishment. I hope you liked it. I apologize for the cliffhanger. I tend to do that quite a bit. Do you think I should continue? :)