I am with the turtles watching the news on the couch. I am not always into the news but it was interesting that there was a lot of singers getting stolen from a club that was like Burlesque. I sit up quickly when I notice something that stood out.

"Donnie! Stop it there!"

He does quickly startled and turns to me quickly, I get off the couch and point in the darkness.

"That's a foot clan member!"

Master Splinter comes over looking for himself. He was startled to see that I was right that there is a foot clan member.

"It has turned into our case to stop them and rescue all of the girls," says Splinter.

"We can't go in there, they would want a girl to go…." starts Leo.

The boys look over to me and I back up shaking my head.

"No! I refuse! Have April do it!" I say.

"It's an 18 and up Britt, I can't go in there, come on please?" asks April.

I look at the girl being scared before sighing and nodding.

"If you can convince them to let someone sing on stage and I sing in the background than yeah, I will do it."

The turtles and April high five before going to talk to the club owner who happens to be this girl named Roxie. She was tall with dark black hair, purple streaks running through out, wearing a guns and roses mid drift te and black jeans. She looked at the group with interest her eyes glittering with her thoughts

"Stage fright, kiddo?" she asks.

"Y-yeah," I say.

"Can you sing?" she asks.

"I uh…" I start.

"She can sing!" says the turtles at once and Shawna.

Shawna was the penguins vet, she was brought into the plot so that I won't have to go on stage. Roxie was brought up to speed on the plan and is one hundred percent on board. The plan being that I would sing while Shawna is singing background, even though she can do lullabies her voice isn't strong enough for a lot of the songs and I can change my tone. While the boys are trying to rescue the girls.

"Alright prove it," she says with a smile.

I put on my headphones and move one of them to the back behind my right ear. I had on some skullcandy black headphones that fit quite comfortable over the head.

"I'm sorry I'm bad at remembering, lyrics," I say.

"Well if you are good, that is an easy fix," says Roxie.

I nod scrolling through my liked list on youtube and choose "Just a Fool" featuring Blake Shelton by Christina Aguilera. I choose that song because Christina has a powerful voice and some girls can change their tones to go with boy parts. I am one of them, at least that is what I have been told. The hardest part for me is holding fool part near the end of the song after going fast and passionate through out the song.

"Wow, I am very impressed, can you do a tearjerker mainly male?" asks Roxie.

"What does that have to do with her singing as a female?" asks Mikey.

"We do male and female songs, I want to see her do it," says Roxie.

"Oh. Alright, "says Mikey.

Master Splinter rubs his head in a calming manner letting him know it was okay for Roxie to ask that. Especially since it was her club to begin with. Roxie gets up and leaves when she returns she pulls me on to stage where many girls are waiting in the area of the lounge. The stage large and beautifully surrounded by many tables and seats. The stage had many steps at the sides for stepping down onto the floor.

"What's your name kid?" asks Roxie.


"This is Britt, she's not going to sing on stage, but she damn well today, Shawna over there will be our star so we will need to work on her hook her up with the best. Alright from left to right: Carla, Jenna, Letti, Ty, Isabelle, Jayden and finally our favorite gay cook Anthony," says Roxie.

"You can call me Tony, baby girl. She's cute but can she sing, Rox?" asks Tony.

"Oh she can sing," says Roxie, confidently.

She gives me the mic and joins the others on the floor. I gulp and try hard to ignore everyone getting nervous. I decide to sing Waiting for Superman by Daughtry, knowing I have to hit the notes hard and sadly at the same time. I get pushed gently and sing higher hitting all the notes.

"Dance if you can," says Roxie.

I do so without question, I've seen the girls climb on the tables so I jump on the tables singing while skipping all over the place, hopping down dancing with Tony. Then hopping up with one of the boys which must not be one of the main people, climbing on a ladder singing holding on with one arm. As a ninja this isn't hard to do, I take a breath without it being heard back tacking off of it landing in a split singing louder hitting the notes again. The girls and boys get up in shock in cheer happily.

"You are in beautiful, don't worry about your friend we will help her, you sing with those pipes you will be a star yet, kiddo." says Roxie.

"T-thank you," I say.

She smiles and helps me up gently.

"Go get some pizza and rest those pipes, Shawna you stay here and we will get you prepped for the next show," says Roxie.

I go over to them all and we high five happily hugging as well.