The turtles and I go to see what the note says. The plan worked thanks to the critics words on my mysterious performance from going a cute little girl to a bad girl in the matter of hours. Shredder will try luring me out instead of Letti that night, if that doesn't work by force will the princess be taken. We cheer celebrating with pizza that night. That night Shredder tries luring me out with a lost kitten like the last girls but it doesn't work on me, I am also faster than the other girls. Shredder doesn't like that so he forces the girls into the van and has Dogpound help them in. He goes over to Dogpound.

"Don't come back without the girl!" says Shredder.

"Got it, Master," says Dogpound.

What he doesn't know is that April was able to trail the van and was listening into everything which with the help of the T-Phone the turtles with Master Splinter and I were listening too.

"Brittney, did you hear that? They are coming to you," says Master Splinter.

"Roger that, I will be on the ready, what's the plan?" I ask.

"Donnie?" says Leo.

"Well if we watch carefully while Dogpound tries to grab Britt, we go in the back take out the foot clan getting the girls out of the van safely. Then we go back to Britt "rescue" her then get out of there while the police come to get them into jail," says Donnie.

"Beat up the foot clan and rescuing people sounds like a good time to me," says Raph.

"Plus some wicked beats dude!" says Mikey, putting on his own headphones.

"Alright," says Leo.

"I'm coming back," says April.

She sneaks out quickly and quietly knowing any sound will get her caught. She hurries back to where the turtles are at while we await for night fall.

That night:

The turtles are on the roof waiting patiently listening to every sound in my earpiece that has been fixed with my mic. The van pops up with three foot clan members hopping out but Leo doesn't give the signal yet. Dogpound comes out sharing a fist bump with one of the clan members.

"Watch the girls they can't get out," orders Dogpound.

They nod watching the van weapons drawn, with the girls sniveling in the background chained to the van, they figured only three would be alright.

"When I give the signal, Mikey go into the van and don't say a word get the girls out sneak them through the side door. Raph Donnie you are with me. Britt he's coming your way," says Leo.

The boys high three ready for action. I nod in acknowledgement trying hard not to say anything. The boys who got the screen for me the first time get it ready knowing I am not going to take on Dogpound in what I am wearing. Dogpound comes onto the stage which confuses the audience but they think nothing of it.

"Princess you are coming with me! Let's go!" says Dogpound.

"Me with you? Please. Look at you trying to ruin their night! You want to play big boy, we'll play," I say.

I snap and the screen comes in front of my face I thank them and hug them happily behind the screen. They close it off completely so all is seen is my shadow even behind stage. I have made a lot of friends in the past few days. I am happy that I joined in the end. I slip out of the little number I was in slip on a pair of ripped blue jeans, a pair of black and white converses, a football jersey which since it is New York: Yankee baseball jersey that is only buttoned up to the bottom of my bra to show the sides of my breast. My hair is tied up in a ponytail, I keep the mask but put on a baseball cap as well. There is a mix of boos and cheers but the boos turn into cheers when I face the crowd and wink.

"Let's show our friend here how we play!" I say.

There is a lot more cheering with no more booing. My voice is altered to help from the boys from getting caught. Church by T-Pain is played I sing to it while I fight with him, he defends himself quickly but it is to no dice. I am quicker with my tumbling skills, I get hold of a bat and it is a lot harder for him. He calls for more clan members, which takes a bit.

In the meantime:

The boys are quick to scale down quietly. Their eyes are completely white meaning there will be no playing, Mikey sneaks into the van which has the girls act louder. One of the foot members turn toward the noise but Donnie takes him out while Leo and Raph take out the other two. Mikey gets the girls out leading them quickly to Roxie. Roxie hugs the girls turning to the turtles like she doesn't know them.

"Thank you but my new girl, she's in danger," says Roxie.

"Where?" asks Leo

"Up stage hurry!" says Roxie.

The boys come on stage and use their own weapons to help destroy the foot clan.

"Took you long enough," I say.

"We were a bit busy," says Raph.

"That's fine I have a new pet," I say.

I hit Dogpound once more taking him down so I can grab the collar.

"I don't think he would make a good pet," says Donnie.

"Aw, okay," I say.

I let him go and help take out the rest just as police come. Dogpound scratches my shirt open. I back off holding my shirt closed with a hiss as blood drips down my skin. This makes the turtles even more angry so they attack full force knocking him out. The police come taking all the girls and me to the hospital. This all makes the news which is what we wanted so everyone could rest easy.

In the hospital:

"Alright, Mrs…." starts the doctor.

He looks and he sees I am gone from my bed the window is open. I lean down activating my skates in my shoes skating off not wanting to draw too much attention to myself, I go back to the turtles hideout. There is no home for me but my family is near waiting for the next mission in the shadows.

The End

A/N: I wanted to say credit to original owners of the songs. I do not own the songs, major respect for the music industries and the original singers of the songs. Yes, I know the songs are very dated but this is a prequel as you know and this backstory takes place in 2013, Britt turned 18 recently which made her an adult. What I listened too back then were these songs so they are going to be very dated. Also I would love to thank Destroyed Hearts of toys again for helping me on this. She is amazing and such a sweetheart go check her out on Quotev and Wattpad, I highly recommend her. I hope you enjoyed this weird but fun new ride. :)