Chapter 7

Author's Note: Hey guys! This is an announcement that I will not be continuing this story. I apologize to all my readers and especially those who reviewed, for disappointing you all. Some of you may have probably expected this; a huge break between this note and the previous chapter. My reviewers and all those who acknowledged this story by either following or favoriting deserve to know why I am abandoning this story.

I simply can't make this story into something that will have a grand climax. My plot has an overpowered Naruto, but I have realized in the break that I can never bring an antagonist that can compete with my version of Naruto. I failed to foresee this. Which is why, effective immediately, this story is officially on permanent hiatus.

However, if someone wants to take up this story, you will have to pm me. The we will discuss what you want to do with this story