It was a cold day in the middle of the woods of New Orleans. The wood was dark as it always is. No person dared to go in there after the news of the werewolves. However, in the woods laid a man and a black dog. The man had brown sandy hair. His suit was shabby looking, and he was knocked out. The dog looked worried as he nudged his muzzle against the man whining as he does so. Then another man walked up to the other, well he more like ran up to him. The man looked young however if you looked into his brown eyes, he looked older. "Hello there," he said as he walked over to the dog and the man who was still out. The man had an American accent, but it was old and formal sounding. It did not sound like one. However, when he went to pet the dog the dog whined and bared his teeth into the man sleeve. "What is it?" he asked the dog. The dog looked like it rolled his eyes and right before the man he shifted into a human form.

"I was trying to say that my friend is hurt, and he needs help," the man said as he looked at the other. The younger yet older man looked down at the man with alarm in his eyes. He then nodded as he shook his head at the fact that the man that he is talking to was just a dog.

"I need to know your name though if I'm going to help you," the man said in a voice that sounded calm and demanding despite the problem that they were having at the moment. The man with black hair and warm gray eyes nodded. However, before he said anything, he took a deep breath and looked around as if he was scared to let anyone know his name.

"I'm Sirius. Sirius Black and you are?" Sirius asked as he looked down at his friend with a worried look on his face.

"My name is Elijah," he said as he pulled out his phone and called someone. However, Sirius looked at him with a worried look on his face, but he did not say anything as he picked up his friend. "What's his name?" Elijah asked. Sirius took a deep breath and said:

"Remus Lupin," Sirius's voice was shaky and filled with pain for some reason. Elijah, however, did not know why, however.

"Well, my brother will be here soon. So, I guess we have to wait. What happened? Can I ask?" Elijah asked as he looked at Remus who twitched but did not wake. Sirius looked at him and wondered why he did not ask about him being a dog. Sirius sighed and said:

"It's a long story. Let's just say Remus has a big secret that I don't really want to say. I don't think he'll like it if I tell you," Sirius let out a sigh as he looked around him and put his hand in his pocket. Elijah nodded not saying anything. The two fell quiet after Sirius had said this.

Sirius looked around him as he sat in the woods with this man that stood above him with his hands behind his back looking at Remus who was still out. He could sense something about him he was not sure what it was. Sirius wanted to ask him, but he did not instead he asked: "Why are you helping me? I mean. This could be a trap. I'm not saying that it is but why?" Elijah looked at him sharply and sighed.

"I sense magic in you and your friend. I want to get you on my side," Sirius stood and raised an eyebrow.

"Yes, I'm magic, but what are you talking about. I'm on no side. Remus and I are just on a trip for his birthday. He just did not realize that…" Sirius trailed off. Elijah ran a hand over his face when it clicked in his mind however before he could tell Sirius his half-brother Niklaus walked up to him.

"I smell a wolf," Klaus called as he walked over to his older brother, Sirius, and Remus. Sirius looked at him with his wand drawn at him.

"Don't you dare harm Remus," Sirius called trying to keep his calm. However, Elijah heard it slip. Klaus laughed as he walked closer to him. However, Sirius looked at him with his gray eyes filled with anger to his best friend.

"No, why would I hurt a wolf when I am one, well half," Sirius did not lower his wand after Klaus said this. Elijah looked at his brother and then over to Sirius.

"This is my brother Niklaus. Like me, he can help your friend. If you lower your wand," Sirius looked up at Elijah. The calmness of his voice reminds him of Remus when he's trying to keep the wolf in check. The young Black lord lowered his wand with a sigh.

"Fine, but don't hurt him. He's my last best friend still alive and that I trust," Sirius said as he put his wand away and looked at the brothers. The brothers did not say anything however as Elijah picked up Remus and walked away with Sirius following him and his brother who looked like he had blood around his mouth. Sirius did not care though however he was intrigued with this and these two brothers' that look so young but so old at the same time.

A/N: This is my first story with the Originals. It might be bad and I'm sorry. Tell me what you think. I love Elijah and I thought it would be fun to put him with Sirius and Remus and Klaus too. I love writing this sorry if it's short. I promise the next part will be longer. Have a good day and I will see you next time. -Captain Voxland.