Tonks walked down the road in a fast passed holding Teddy in her arms. She knew that Greyback is on her tail, but she did not know why, why he wanted her and her family and what did he mean that he was waiting for everyone. Tonks did not know, she can't think anymore. She was too weak to think. Tonks let out a shaky sigh as she tried to walk down the road however, she was too weak to even do this. She knew that she could not make it, but she kept going. Right when she thought that all hope was lost Tonks found a hospital. She smiled weakly as she walked up to it and inside. However, when she walked inside, she fell to the ground with Teddy still in her arms.

Remus woke with a start and with tears in his eyes when he thought of what happened with Teddy. He hopes that Tonks will do something to help him. Remus then let out a groan when he sat up and looked around. The good news was his magic is no longer drained but his body might not be. Remus sighed and looked around again. He knows that he might not be able to stand at the moment, so he stayed on the ground looking around him. The werewolf closed his eyes. His green amber eyes opened when he heard a calming voice and Sirius calling for him. "Remus!" Remus smiled a little when he saw Sirius run up to him with his wand out, but he put it away when he saw no danger. "Remus!" he called again when he walked over to him with a sigh.

"Padfoot!" Remus said with a small smile, but he closed his eyes again. When he opened them, he saw Sirius sitting down on the ground next to him. Remus looked from Sirius to the brothers. Elijah had a little fear in his warm but cold, old eyes.

"Are you ok Mr. Lupin?" Elijah asked as he put his hand in his pocket. Remus nodded slowly as a tear rolled down his face and he looked to Klaus who was looking at his phone. Elijah had a smile on his face when he saw a smile on his younger brother's face, but he decided to ask him about it later.

"What happened? You said that Teddy was with Greyback," Remus sighed and tried to stand. However, Sirius had to help him.

"Greyback took Teddy. I could not save him. What kind of…."

"Don't, Rem don't. this is not your fault. We just need to save him. Even if he does not want us too. In fact I think we should all go and take down this monster of a man," Klaus looked up from his phone when Sirius said this but he did not say anything as he looked at Elijah who nodded and looked at Sirius who also nodded and pulled out his wand and waved it over Remus who smiled at Sirius as they all started to walk down the road in silence.

Tonks woke an hour later as she looked around her. 'Muggle hospital.' She thought and then right when she closed his eyes when she realized that she was safe, she opened them again when she thought about Teddy. "Teddy?" She said, voice broken and still weak. "Where's Teddy. Where's my son?" She had tears in her eyes as she looks to the door which opened. Tonks smile a little when she saw the doctor however, she still was worried about Remus and Teddy.

"Hello," he said as he walked over to Tonks who sat down in the chair next to her. "Can you tell me your name?" Tonks sighed knowing that she had to tell him her full name but then she realized that she can just say:

"My name is Dora Tonk-Lupin. Where's my son?" She asked with panic in her voice as she tried not to make her hair change. The doctor nodded as he looked at her.

"Your son? Was that the boy you were holding when you walked in?" Tonks nodded as tears formed in her eyes. "Your son is fine. He's resting now. The boy needed sleep. Does he have a hard time sleeping?" Tonks nodded and looked at the door. "What's your son's name?" Tonks looked at him with a smile and said:

"Edward Lupin but everyone calls him Teddy," her doctor smiled and said:

"You can go see him if you want too," Tonks smiled and got out of bed to see her son.

Remus slowly walked down the road with Sirius, Elijah, and Klaus. However, he froze when he smelled the air. Elijah saw this when Klaus did the same thing. "Did you get a sent?" Elijah asked looking at his brother who nodded.

"I don't think it's the sent we want to find though, brother," Elijah looked at Remus who pulled out his wand and then to Sirius who did the same thing.
"Greyback," Remus said as he followed the trail however Sirius stopped him with his arm on his hand.

"Moon, you can't. I don't want him to control you. Do you remember what happened last time? He made you almost kill me," Remus sighed but he shook off Sirius's hand and started walking to the sent

"He can't get me Pads. Don't worry and if that does happen then you can just knock me out," Sirius laughed a little and nodded. Elijah and Klaus watched, however, Klaus followed Remus while Sirius and Elijah stayed behind for a few minutes before they followed them. However, Sirius and Elijah knew that this was a bad idea. However, they did not say this out loud as they walked down the road following their friend and brother.

Tonks smiled when she walked into her son's room. He looked so peaceful when he slept. "How long has he been asleep?" she asked as she walked over to her son's bed and sat down. Then she ran a hand through his hair which was sandy brown just like Remus. Tonks smiled a little as she watched him sleep. The doctor looked at her and said:

"Since you got here. What happened, can I ask?" Tonks sighed but she did not answer right away. In fact, she did not say anything for a while. So, they both stayed quiet as they both watched Teddy sleep.

Sirius was worried about Remus however he kept this to himself and he did not tell Elijah. Remus stopped walking and pulled out his wand. "He's near," Remus said nodding to Sirius who pulled out his own wand. Klaus walked over to Elijah and nodded. All four of them were quiet during this. Greyback walked up to them with a snarl and then gave them an evil smile when he saw Klaus and Sirius. Klaus, however, did not look at him for he was confused by the fact that he has seen this man before, but he could not place it in his old mind. Sirius, however, smiled when he saw blood coming out of his nose.

"Hello cub," the older werewolf said to Remus who aimed his wand at him not giving in to his control at the moment. Sirius also aimed his wand at him.

"What do you want Greyback?" Remus asked with his wand still raised at him and not looking at him. Greyback, however, did not say anything as he gave Remus an evil smile as he jumped at Elijah. Before Greyback got to him however Klaus let his wolf side take over and Klaus tackled Greyback to the ground.

"Don't you dare touch my family! My brother. Elijah get out of here!" Klaus yelled as he clawed Greyback in the face making his nose bleed more. However, Elijah, Sirius, and Remus did not move as they all watch the fight happen.

Tonks sighed as she looked at the doctor. "Teddy thought he could save us," Tonks said as she looked back at Teddy who was still asleep.

"'Save us?' What do you mean by that?" her doctor asked Tonks as he looked at Teddy who looked more like a child when he slept. Tonks sighed again as she closed his eyes for a minute before she opened them and said:

"His father has an enemy. He decided to kidnap me. Teddy thought that he could save me. That was the only thing on his mind. Teddy has a hard time sleeping anyway, so I guess me being missing really made him not want to sleep. His father and I fought in a war when he was a baby. We were made heroes. Teddy wants to live up to that and prove that he is not just the son of two heroes," her doctor hums and looked at Teddy who moved a little in his sleep, but he did not wake. He then nodded and left the room leaving mother and son alone.

Remus watched the fight happen right before his now amber eyes. "Brother, get out of here!" Klaus yelled once again. However, Elijah did not do as he said instead, he made his way to remove his younger brother off the younger werewolf. This, however, was not the right thing to do because Greyback went after Elijah. Greyback then made his way to bite the old vampire but Elijah pushed him back. This made Greyback fly backward and hitting the side of a building knocking him out. Remus let out a breath when he no longer felt the pull of his alpha. Sirius saw this and he also let out a breath. Remus walked over to Greyback and aimed his wand at him. There were a few tense minutes because Remus did not do anything as he stood there with his wand aimed right at his alpha's head. However, after a few minutes, Remus moved his wand and muttered a spell making a silver rope tie around Greyback's arms and legs. Sirius let out a breath and walked over to Remus. Klaus, however, sighed when he really wanted Remus to kill him. Elijah however watched Sirius who put a hand on his shoulder and nodded.

"Well done Rem," Remus nodded but he did not say anything for a while as he looks at Greyback who was still out. Remus took a breath and said:

"Sirius, I think you should take him to the ministry," Remus nodded to Greyback. Sirius nodded back and picked up the werewolf.

"Don't worry Rem. He won't hurt you or anyone else. He deserves Azkaban more than anyone. Well other then Wormtail but you know what I mean," Remus laughed. "You should go find Tonks and Ted," Remus nodded with a smile. Sirius looked at Greyback and laughed darkly. Remus also let out a laugh but this one was darker then Sirius's. Elijah and Klaus watched as the shared a look of relief however this is when they both really saw the wolf that was inside Remus.

"Everyone has a dark side Niklaus," Elijah said quietly as he looked at Sirius who nodded to Remus and was gone with a pop. This did not surprise the brother's, however. The last thing they heard from Sirius was a dark laugh.

Teddy woke with a start however he calmed down when he saw his mom. "Mum?" Teddy said with confusion in his voice as he looked around. His hair changed back to its normal color and smiled a little. "What happened?" He asked as his eyes turned amber.

"Greyback. I punched him and got out of there. We are in the hospital now. We are safe," Teddy nodded and sighed.

"I'm sorry this was all my fault," Teddy said with another sigh. "I'm not brave like you or dad," Teddy added as a tear rolled down his face and more formed in his amber eyes. Tonks looked at her son and pulled him into her arms for a hug and held him tight.

"You are brave Edward. Don't you ever say that you are not. You are my son and you're a lot braver than me or your father. Do you understand?" Teddy nodded as he let the tears fall. The half-wolf then smiled a little. "Do you want to wait for dad, or do you want to go find him?" Teddy pulled out of his mother's arms and said:

"Let's wait for dad. My leg is broken," after Teddy said this, he pulled his covers off of him to show his mother the cast on his leg. Tonks sighed and nodded.

"Ok Ted," she said as she gave him his wand that she took back from Greyback. Teddy smiled and took it.

"Thank you," Teddy said before he let his eyes close. Teddy was asleep again in a few minutes later with a smile on his face.

Remus, Elijah, and Klaus walked down the road in silence. Elijah was thinking about Greyback and what he was planning on doing with them if he did not push him off him. Klaus, on the other hand, was thinking about Hope. Maybe he can convince Elijah to visit her. Klaus looked over to Remus who stopped in front of a hospital. He then along with Elijah followed Remus into the hospital with Klaus behind then.

Tonks was asleep when Teddy woke. Teddy smiled at his mother who deserved sleep more than him. Teddy let out a sharp breath when pain went through his leg. When the pain went away the door opened. In the doorway stood his father behind him stood the vampire brother's, Elijah and Klaus. "Ted," Remus said slowly as he walked over to him with a smile on his face.

"Dad," Teddy said back as he sat up a little and pulled his father into a hug once Remus got closer to him. Elijah and Klaus stayed in the doorway.

"Thank Merlin you are safe son," Remus said as he pulled him out of the hug.

"I'm ok dad. Don't worry," Remus smiled and looked over to Tonks.

"Mum fell asleep. I guess worrying about me and punching Greyback in the face really tired her out," Teddy added with a laugh. Remus laughed with his son as he looked up to the door to see Elijah and Klaus gone.

'I guess the needed somewhere to be.' Remus thought as he sat down on his son's bed and told Teddy about the vampire brothers. Teddy smiled as he listened to his father speak the story.

Elijah and Klaus looked into the lobby. When they got in there, they both let out a sigh. Elijah looked around him knowing that their mission with the lupin's was over however he looked to Klaus who looked at him with hope in his eyes. "Brother, about Hope…."

"Yes," Elijah cut him off with his hand waving around and the other in his pocket. Klaus who was looking to the front door looked at his brother sharply with a smile, but it was his usual smirk.

"What are we waiting for? Come on brother," Klaus said as he ran to the door however Elijah stopped him with his hand on his brother's shoulder before he could even run to the door.

"Niklaus, I think we should wait and say goodbye to the Lupin's first," Elijah said waving his hand around again with the other still in his pocket. Klaus let out a frustrated sigh and rolled his eyes before he said:

"Fine, have it your way then but who put you in charge?" Klaus had a hint of annoyance in his voice, but this was normal for him. Elijah rooked his eyes and walked to the hall with Klaus not far behind.

"Come Niklaus," Klaus rolled his eyes again as he followed his brother down the hall.

Remus was talking with Tonks when Elijah and Klaus walked back into the room. "Your back," Remus said with a small smile. Elijah returned the smile and sighed.

"Niklaus and I are going to leave now. We have his daughter to see," Tonks smiled at this as she stood up and said:

"Did you help Sirius and my family take down Greyback Tonks held out her hand to Elijah. "I'm Tonks," she added as Elijah took her hand and said:

"I'm Elijah and this is my brother Niklaus," Tonks smiled and nodded.

"Thank you," Elijah nodded and walked back to the door after he nodded to Remus and Teddy who nodded back. Klaus followed him and once Elijah was in the hall Klaus said:

"See you around wolfs," Klaus smirked and walked out of the room with a small smile and a little bit of sadness in his old eyes. Remus smiled and looked at Teddy.

"Some vacation right Ted?" Teddy nodded.

"Tomorrow is your birthday dear," Remus smiled and kissed Tonks on her head before he looked to the door.

"They were vampires dad. I met really vampires that's kind of cool," Remus laughed.

"What about me. Do you still think I'm cool?" Remus said while Tonks rolled her eyes playfully.

"You are still cool dad. You and mum will always be cool," Remus smiled at this.

"Do you guys want me to get something to eat?" Tonks asked while Remus and Teddy started talking about something else. Remus looked at Tonks and nodded. Teddy did the same. Tonks smiled back and left the room. Leaving father and son alone to talk.

Hope Mikaelson was confused when she was called down to see Dr. Saltzman. However, when she opened the door, she saw Alaric sitting at his desk with a smile on his face. "Come in Hope," Alaric said as his smile got bigger.

"You wanted to see me, Dr. Saltzman?" Hope asked. However, Alaric did not say anything as he nodded slowly. Little did Hope to know that her father and uncle Elijah stood behind her looking at her with smiles on their faces.

"Hope. Turn around I think you will be very happy," Hope looked at her headmaster, but she did as she was told. Hope's eyes went wide as she saw her father looking at her with a smile on his face and tears in his eyes.

"Dad? Uncle Elijah?" She questioned with tears in her eyes. 'This can't be real.' She thought as she stood up and slowly walked to her family. Klaus nodded as did Elijah. Hope's tears ran down her face as she ran over to them and pulled them into her arms as she let more happy tears fall down her face. When Elijah pulled out of the hug, he saw tears in his brother's eyes as he hugged his daughter.

'Always and forever.' Elijah thought as he looked over to Alaric smiled at Elijah for the first time. Elijah smiled back and watched as father and daughter hugged like that, they will never see each other again. Hope and Klaus pulled apart.

"Dad. You will never believe what I've done in this school. You can Liston to uncle Elijah Hope said with a smile when she wiped the tears from her eyes. Elijah and Klaus then listened to Hope's stories, they laughed with her when she laughed.

"I'm so happy that you are learning so much little wolf," Klaus said as he hugged Hope once again after she finished her story. Elijah when they were done pulled in for one more as well.

"Always and forever," Elijah said out loud this time. Hope and Klaus nodded as they all said it again this time at the same time with Alaric joining them.

"Come on. I want to show you around," Hope said as she made her way to the door with Klaus and Elijah following her.

'Family is strong.' Elijah thought as he nodded to Alaric before he followed his brother and Hope out the door and into the school hall.

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