It had been a few months since Auggie had decided to leave the Agency, but that also meant that he had left his Annie Walker behind. Their goodbye had been hard but Annie had understood why Auggie had wanted to leave, but she did not understand why he had left her. Before Auggie had left, he had given Annie a key to his apartment, in case she ever needed some where to stay.

Flashback to February 5th, the day Auggie left.

"Please Aug, do you really have to leave the Agency? What about us?" Annie asked him while sitting by the kitchen island, trying to hold her tears in.

"I need to get away from the Agency, away from all the bad memories."Auggie answered her while making his way around to her.

"Away from me?"Annie asked him while beginning to cry.

"Never, how can you even ask that Annie? You know how much you mean to me, I just can't stay at the Agency anymore."Auggie answered her while touching her arm, moving his hand up to her face.

"Because you are leaving, don't get me wrong I understand why you're leaving the Agency. But do you really have to leave the country?" Annie asked him while grabbing his hand.

"I have to, besides I can do so much good over in Iraq. I can help other soldiers who has gotten hurt over there, just like me." Auggie answered her while slowly sitting down beside her.

"Promise me you will keep in touch, or I will hunt you down in Iraq." Annie told him while sligthly smiling.

"I promise Annie, I will only be gone for one year."Auggie promised her while tearing up.

"Oh Aug, I love you." Annie told him while cupping his face.

"I love you too Walker." Auggie told her while leaning in to kiss her.

Flashforward 7 months later, Oktober 6th.

It had been two months since Annie had heard anything from her Auggie, she couldn't deny that she was really worried about him. She walked up to he boss's Joan's office, and knocked.

"Come in." Joan said.

Annie opened the door and walked in.

"Annie, what can I do for you?" Joan asked her while gesturing for her to sit down.

"I was just wondering if you had heard anything from Auggie? I haven't heard anything from him for" almost two months."Annie answered her while sitting down on the chair standing just across Joan's desk.

"Now that you mention it, I haven't heard anything from him either. But let me make a few calls, and I will get back to you okey?" Joan answered her.

"Thank you Joan." Annie thanked her while standing up from the chair again.

"Don't worry Annie, I'm sure he's just fine." Joan said while trying to sound convin"cing.

Annie smiled, then she walked out from Joan's office and made her way back to her own desk. Once she sat down at her desk, she could not help letting her eyes wonder, she looked towards Auggie's old Tech Ops office. It was almost like she could see him sitting there at his desk, working on some codes. Since it was a slow day at the Agency and she wasn't going on any missions for a week. She decided to go home early. She gathered her things and walked out of the building, walked to her car and began driving home. Thirty minutes later, she found herself stopping outside Auggie's apartment building. She parked the car, and then slowly began making her way up to Auggie's apartment.

She always drove to Auggie's apartment when she missed him, her Auggie. Whom had left for Iraq, seven months earlier. She put the key into the keyhole and turned the key, she then drag the door to the side and walked in. The apartment still smelt like her Auggie, she walked over to the music player, she gently opened the case and picked one of the Mingus records. She then turned it on and walked towards the bed and laid down.

"It still smells like him. Please Aug, come home." She thought to herself.

After having laid there in the bed for a while, she slowly drifted of to sleep. A while later, she was awoken by her phone ringing, she grabbed it and answered it.

"This is Annie Walker." She answered the phone regretting she hadn't checked who was calling.

" , I'm first Sergeant Hale. I am calling about Capitan August Jackob Andersson." First Sergeant Hale said.

"What is wrong? Please don't tell me he is dead."Annie asked panicked.

"He's alive miss, he has been in an accident in Afghanistan, he is being airlifted stateside, to Walter Reed Hospital in Washington D.C. He will arrive the day after tomorrow." First Sergeant Hale informed her.

"How badly is he injured?" Annie asked while trying to hold everything together.

"He ha a concussion, a broken arm and a few broken ribs." The Sergeant answered her.

"Oh, thank you Sergeant." Annie thanked the Sergeant.

As soon as she had hung up the phone, she began thinking.

"What on earth was he doing in Afghanistan? The last time I talked to you, you were still in Iraq. Oh Auggie, what did you get yourself into?" Annie thought to herself.

She grabbed her phone and dialed Joan's number.

"Joan Campbell." Joan answered after a few signals.

"Hello Joan, it's me Annie. I just got a call about Auggie."Annie told her while drying her tears with a piece of paper.

"What has happened? Is he okey? Joan asked her while getting worried for both of her friends.

"Apperently he has a concussion, a broken arm and a few broken ribs. He is being airlifted to Walter Reid, here in D.C." Annie answered her.

"When does he get here?" Joan asked her while getting tears in her eyes.

"The day after tomorrow."Annie answered.

"Good, you're on vacation until Auggie gets better, that is an order Annie. Me and Authur will come by the hospital when he arrives." Joan told her.

"Thank you Joan." Annie said while hanging up the call.

After she had ended the call, Annie just sat there in shock. She couldn't stop thinking about what could have gone so wrong, that he had gotten hurt. She had wished that he would have come back safe. But now she had just gotten the news that he had gotten hurt. But she couldn't stop thinking about what had happened these past two months and why he hadn't contacted her.

How will Auggie and Annie's reunion go? What have Auggie been doing in Afghanistan?

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