A few days had now gone by since Auggie had been admitted to the hospital and Annie hadn't left his side for one second. But today was finally the day that Auggie would be released from the hospital. Annie could see that Auggie were worried and nervous about released from the hospital.

"Are you okey Aug?" She asked while gently touching his arm.

"No, I'm fine." He lied.

"August Andersson, you forget how well I know you. I can see that you are worried, but you don't have to be because I will not leave you're side. You have been through so much and the last thing you need is to be alone."

"Oh Annie, I really am nervous, with all the injuries I have, It won't be easy for me to move around on my own. It would be an entire different thing if I still could see. But I can't, and the last thing I want to be is a burden." He confessed while beginning to cry.

"Auggie! How can you possible think that you are a burden? I love you, and you will never be a burden to me. All I want to do is to be there for you. If I were to leave you now, I would literally worry myself to death, because I can't and I don't want to live with out you. Please don't you ever consider yourself a burden, because I don't. " She said while cupping his face with her two hands.

"I love you to Annie, thank you for being here with me, even though I left."

"It was so long ago, all that matters right now is that you are back here with me. But when you get better we are going to have to talk about what happened in Afghanistan."

Three hours later Auggie were finally getting released from the hospital.

Annie were helping Auggie into the wheelchair, and then they were on their way out from the hospital. When they reached the elevators, they were greeted by Joan, Arthur, Barber and Jai.

"How are you feeling Auggie?" Joan asked with concern.

"I'm feeling okey considering." He answered honestly.

"We miss you at the office boss." Barber told him.

"I'm convinced that you're doing a great job, and you don't have to call me boss anymore Eric." Auggie said.

"I know but it's a little weird calling you by you're name." Eric confessed.

"We're glad that you are home safe again Auggie." Arthur told him.

"It's good to be back in D.C." Auggie said.

Annie could see how tired he was, all she wanted want to get him home and into bed. She knew he was just acting polite, but deep inside he were both tired and hurt.

"We better get going Aug, I have my car downstairs, and I just want to get you into bed as soon as possible." Annie said while pulling her hand through Auggie's hair.

"Yeah I guess you're right Annie."

"You take all the time you need Annie, he needs you more than the Agencey does right now." Joan whispered to her just as her and Auggie got on the elevator.

Just as Auggie and Annie had gotten on the elevator, Auggie broke down crying.

"Oh Aug, I know this must be so hard for you. Please tell me what you need me to do." Annie told him while while she while crouched down and gave him a hug.

"You just being here is enough." He said between cry's.

"You will be fine Aug, it will just take some time. You have been through something difficult and it have taken a toll on you. But you don't have to go through this alone, I promise you that." She promised him.

They went down to the lobby, got out of the elevator. As soon as they got out from the hospital, Auggie told Annie to stop.

"What's wrong Aug?" She asked with panic in her voice.

"I want to walk on my own to the car,"

"Are you sure you can handle that?"

"Yes I'm sure, just as long as you help me, just as you usually do."

"Okey, stand up slowly, no sudden moves." She told him, while touching his arm with hers.

Auggie got up from the wheelchair with help of his one good arm, once he stood up he felt Annie's arm next to his. He grabbed her arm, they then slowly made their way to the car.

"The car door is at your three o'clock, be careful." Annie warned him.

"Thanks Annie." He thanked her while smiling slightly.

Annie watched as Auggie slowly made his way into the car, it wasn't until she saw Auggie was in the car as she walked around to the drivers side and got in. Just a few minutes after they had been driving, Annie noticed that Auggie had fallen asleep. Around twenty minutes later, Annie parked outside Auggie's apartment building, she looked at Auggie and sighed. She wished she could just let him sleep, but she knew he would be more comfortable in his own bed.

"We're here Aug, it's time to wake up." She said while gently shaking him awake.

"What? Annie?" He asked confused.

"It's me sweetie, we're here."

"Oh, I guess I feel asleep." He said embarrassed.

"Hey, it's okey Aug, now let's get you upstairs and into bed." She said while getting out from the car,

Annie got out from the car, walked around to Auggie's side, she opened the door, reached out her arm for Auggie to grab. As soon as he had grabbed her arm, he slowly got out from the car. They then walked into the apartment building, and a few minutes later the stopped outside Auggie's apartment.

"Hang on Aug, let me just grabb my key."

"You kept your key? After what I did?"

"Auggie, I told you, I stayed at your apartment when you were gone. I missed you so much, I needed something that felt familiar, I needed you." Annie told him while unlocking the door. '

"Right, sorry Annie." He said while taking out his cane and guiding himself in to the apartment.

"Oh Aug, what happened to you over there? Why did you ever have to leave in the first place?" Annie thought to herself.

"Annie! A little help?" Auggie interrupted her thoughts.

"Shit, sorry Aug, I just got caught up in my own thoughts." She said while rushing over to him.

"It's fine Annie, I just need some help. I have forgotten where things are, in my own stupid apartment." Auggie said while getting angry and frustrated.

"Look I know you are frustrated okey? But I'm here to help you." Annie said while walking up to him, brushed her arm against his.

"I just tried Annie, I'm sorry okay?" Auggie apologized.

"I know sweetie, let's get you to bed." She said while grabbing his arm that wasn't broken.

They made their way up the few stairs Auggie had that lead to his bedroom.

"I think I can manage on my own now." He said while letting go of the grip Annie had his arm in.

"Do you want me to leave? Because I'm not, we need each other, I won't leave." She told him firmly.

"I just don't want you to see me this broken, helpless and right out pathetic." He said while beginning to cry.

"You August Jackob Andersson are not pathetic, you are not helpless or broken. You have been through something horrible, it will just take time for you to get back to yourself. But in the mean time, please just let me help you, I want to help you Aug." Annie said while touching his face.

"What did I ever do to deserve someone like you huh?"

"All those times that you have been there for me, you are an amazing person Auggie. You just have to see that yourself again. Now let's get you into bed, do you want to change your clothes?"

"Yeah, I need to get out of these clothes. Do you mind just grabbing a t-shirt?"

"Just a t-shirt, no pants?"

"Just a t-shirt, I'm fine Annie. I promise, because I can literary hear you frowning." He said while giving her a smile.

"A t-shirt coming right up, do you mind if I borrow one to?"

"No I don't mind, it's not like this is the first time you have borrowed one of my t-shirts." He assured her.

"Thanks Aug." She thanked him while giving him a kiss on his cheek.

Once he heard Annie leaving the room, he gently sat down on the bed, when he sat down he could feel that the bed wasn't made. He couldn't help smiling at the thought of Annie laying in his bed when he had been gone. A few minutes later Annie returned with two t-shirts. she placed Auggie's t-shirt on the bed.

"The t-shit is at your three o'clock Aug." She said while removing her clothes and putting on the t-shirt.

"Thanks Annie, btw could you grab a glass of water for me?"

"Of course Aug, I will be right back."

He could hear her footsteps going down the stairs, then he heard her opening the cabinet with glass in, then he heard her turning on the faucet. Then he heard her walking back to the bed, back to him.

"The glass of water is on your bedside table, at your four o'clock Aug."

"Thanks." He thanked her while carefully laying back into the bed.

Just a few seconds later, he could hear Annie walking over to the other side of the bed. He felt her laying down in the bed, and then just seconds later he could feel her arms embracing his waist.

"I love you Auggie." She whispered.

"And I love you Walker." He whispered back.

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