New Players in Town

Shota Aizawa couldn't help but pinched the bridge of his nose as the crime scene investigators, well, investigating the crime scene and the police setting up the perimeter. He looked downward, focusing his eyes on the fragments of what was once a handgun.

It was the third case this month. A group of drug smugglers was found killed. Quite brutally. Some had their neck broken. Some were literally torn apart. Some were killed by gunshot. And then there were some that quite interesting. For example, a drug dealer who had a quirk to create plasma was killed by plasma as well. As if his power was turned against him.

"Eraser Head."

Aizawa looked at the man who called him. He was a police detective wearing an overcoat and a fedora, not unlike the clothes that people wore during the 20th century. He past through the police line and approached the underground here.

"Detective Tsukauchi," Aizawa said in return.

"So, another one, huh?" The detective said as he took off his hat.

"All signs show similar MO. At least from what I observed." The U.A. teacher replied. "This is going to be as difficult as the previous two, right?"

"It will. Not many people care about what happened to criminals."

Aizawa let out a sigh. It was not uncommon for a case where a criminal was a victim to be disregarded. There was this belief that those criminals deserve whatever happens to them and that the police and heroes should spend their resources on something more important.

A small part of him agreed with that. However, those criminals were still people and thus deserved the same rights as others. Plus, the people who killed the criminals were criminals themselves. They could be simply vigilantes who have taken things too far but there was a possibility of them jumping the slippery slope and start targeting people that were simply assholes.

Aizawa walked around the scene, careful not to interrupt the CSIs. All casualty was dead and no injured. Pieces of firearms scattered around the floor. The drug remained untouched. He looked at an investigator that was packing the personal belongings of one of the victims in the evidence bag. No wallet or anything valuable except a phone.

The underground hero once again sighed. Hopefully, he could go home before midnight came. His students were some of the most difficult children in the world and he would need full energy to handle them tomorrow.

Inside a bar, there was only one man. Said man was currently watching the TV as he cleaned a glass. Suddenly, the door was opened quite roughly, yet the man kept his attention on the television. It was only when the one who opened the door sat down that the man focused on the visitor.

"So, is it done?" The man asked as he dropped the glass.

The visitor merely clicked his tongue before saying, "Do I even need to explain it?"

The man simply shrugged before crouching. When he stood up again, he put an envelope in front of the visitor. The visitor poured out the content, revealing several ID cards and other documentation. Once he inspected them one by one, he put them back into the envelope before giving the man his own envelope.

"Anything else I can help you with?" The man asked as he checked the content of the envelope, which was money.

"The information about those contractors." The visitor replied as he picked up his crutch. "Is it the truth?"

"At worst, it's only true from a certain point of view." He answered as he counted the money. "More often than not, you can trust the information that you find. It's basically available for the public."

"Huh, dunno whether to call it luck or not."

The visitor stood up and walked towards the door, not forgetting to bring the envelope that contained IDs with him. When he exited the bar, the man put down the envelope and returned back to the TV. The channel was currently replaying the recording of All Might, the Number One Hero of Japan and the Symbol of Peace, declaring his retirement.

It was an interesting time that they lived in.

He was only managed to take a few steps from the door when a "missile" hit him in the abdomen area. He almost fell but managed to hold on at the end. As he recovered his balance, he looked at the figure that hugged him.

"What the hell, shitty brat?" He demanded from the little girl that hit him in the stomach.

"Sorry, Misaka says as Misaka released Accelerator from the hug." The girl replied as she indeed stopped hugging him. "Misaka is worried about Accelerator's condition, Misaka explains as Misaka scratches her head."

"Haha, really, Sis?" The two of them turned their attention to the speaker, a teenage girl wearing an aodai. "The only one who ever defeated tou-san is that guy and it's because he could negate any kind of power."

"Misaka knows that! Misaka just can't help but feel worried, Misaka shouts as Misaka pouted."

"Cut it out, both of you!" The only man among them, Accelerator, exclaimed. "Has dinner arrived?"

"Yep. Already put it in the kitchen." The girl in aodai replied with a wicked grin, causing him to look at her in annoyance. "Don't worry, Misaka paid the food. This unit didn't do anything that could compromise our position."

Accelerator merely clicked his tongue as he went towards the kitchen with both girls following him. When he saw several bags on the table, he approached them without hesitation and began to prepare for dinner, which was done by simply taking out the bento boxes and the chopsticks from the bags.

As the three of them eat their dinner, the TV was playing several programs. None of them interested the trio until it played the recording of the announcement of All Might's retirement. Upon seeing that, the woman in aodai couldn't help but make a comment.

"Man, that must be shocking for them." She commented before letting out a not-so-friendly laugh. "It would be the equivalent of tou-san announcing that he could no longer control vector."

"Of course not, you idiot." Accelerator retorted before he drank several gulps of his coffee. "For one, I am not a contractor like that blonde."

"The correct term is 'hero,' Misaka says as Misaka remembers the information that she got from the internet." The younger girl stated.

Accelerator yet again clicked his tongue before saying, "You know that none of them is like that boy, shitty brat."

"Of course, Misaka knows that. However, they're like Anti-Skill, so Misaka guesses you can call them that, Misaka states as Misaka tilts her head."

"That's really naïve, Sis." The woman in aodai stated. "Those 'heroes' are employed by the government. They're also allowed to get money through methods that, if done by police or firefighter, would cause an outrage. Not sure that's a good combination for heroism."

"And unlike that idiot, if the law said 'you can't do that,' they will follow it, even if it will cost someone their life." The albino boy added as he put down his can of coffee. "The only difference between the Board of Directors and governments around the world is how much power the could wield."

The younger girl made a little frown before she shook her head and returned back to her dinner. With that, the conversation was over, leaving only the TV and the air conditioner that prevented the room from being totally noiseless.

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