It's been two months and so far two thousand people have died so far Sora and Kirito are going to a meeting on how to defeat the first boss.

"Okay people. Now that everyone is here let's get this meeting started. So anyway I wanted to thank everyone for coming it's good to see you. My name is Diabel. And in this game the job I rolled is knight."

Everyone started laughing "dude there's no jobs in this game." Stated one guy

"Alright so anyway here's the deal our party found the boss room at the top of the tower." Said Diabel. Everyone was shocked "first we need to defeat and make it to floor two. The next step is we have to tell everyone at the town of beginnings that it is possible to beat this game. Fact is it's our duty as the most capable players here. Do you agree or not." Everyone started clapping. "Great now we have to figure out how to beat the boss. First I want you people to team up in a party of six. A typical party doesn't stand a chance against the floor boss. We need a raid group made of multiple of party's."

Kirito and Sora found themselves with a party of two then Kirito saw a player with a red coat on. They both move over to this player "you got left out too?" Asked Kirito.

"Not even I wasn't even left out" Said the player "it's just everyone seems like there already friends."

"So your a solo player? Then want to team up with us?" Asked Sora the player looked at his smile "You heard him we can't beat a boss by ourselves and it would be for this fight." The girl nodded.

Kirito sent a party invitation so Sora and the player. They both accept it

"Alright looks like everyone teamed up. Now then—

"Hold up a sec" there was a player who showed up late came running down the stairs "my name is Kibaou got that. Before we take on the boss I want to get something off my chest. We know all of the two thousand people who died to far. Some of need to apologize to them right now." Everyone was talking confused.

"Kibaou I think I know who your referring to you mean the X-beta testers and the two hackers right." Said Diabel.

"Of course I mean them." Since the game started the beta guys ditched us noobs they took all of the good hunting spots and grabbed all the easy quests for themselves and the hackers have better armour that looks nicer than any other armour and they can have special key swords. There the ones who ignored us while they keep getting stronger." Then Sora putted up his hood. "See he's a hacker look at that fancy clothing he even has a hoodie" Said Kibaou pointing at Sora. "Come on fight me think I'm scared why don't you tell them the truth hacker if you don't we can just find your friend and kill her."

This made Sora pissed he jumped down in front of his face summoned his keyblade and point it towards his neck "if you ever think of hurting Kairi your gonna regret it." Threatened Sora

Kirito touched Sora's shoulder "keep it calm Sora we're gonna find her let's go." Sora nodded in agreement.

"Why do you trust him!" Said Kibaou "I bet your a beta tester."

"That's enough." said Diabel

"Can I say something" Said a large man "hey my names Agil. Kibaou right, I wanna make sure I'm on the same page. You say that you blame the beta testers and hackers for the rookies deaths and you want them to apologize and give up their belongings. is that right?"


Agil pulled out a book from his pocket "The item store hands this for free it's a guide book you got one didn't you?"

"So what I got one so what about it?"

"You know who's handing these out the beta testers."

"How about the hackers then what about them?"

"I meet one she's pretty nice and she can tell you even him they don't know a lot of stuff about technology." This made Sora come to his senses knowing Kairi is still safe "listen up." Said Agil. "Everyone has equal access to this information even so lots of players still die I want to be here because I want to figure out how to beat the boss." After that everyone went back to there seats.

"Okay can we get back to the meeting now?" Asked Diabel. "For The info on the boss it's all right here in this book according to the book the bosses name is Illfang the Kobold Lord. Also he'll be surrounded by his minions the Ruin Kobold Sentinels. The boss carriers axe and a buckler. He has four health bars and when the final one is red he switches to a curved sword called Talwar he can change his attack patterns too." Diabel closes his book "That's it for the briefing. Lastly money will be divided equally. The party that defeats the boss gets the EXP. And whoever gets the item gets it. Any objections?" No one had any "Good we leave at 10 in the morning dismissed.

The player got up and walked out then Sora went to Agil "Hey Agil right"

"Yes now you must be Sora your friend told me how nice you are but never that scary"

"*chuckles* I guess I went a little to far." Said Sora putting his arms on the back of his head leaning back. "Anyways do you know where Kairi is?"

"I'm sorry I'm afraid I don't." Said Agil

Sora looked down and disappointed "that's okay I'll find her eventually."

A couple of hours later Sora and Kirito were looking a place to sit and eat until they come across the player who was eating bread by herself. "Mind if we sit down?" Asked Kirito she nodded and the three sat down together.

"You really think these taste good?" Asked the girl.

"Of course" Said Kirito and Sora nodded. "Ever since we came to this town we've been eating this at least once daily."

"And we have a trick to make it taste better" Said Sora

"What trick" Said the player

Sora took out a jar with some spice on it "try it with some bread" as Sora poured some on his bread then took a bit of it.

"Cream? Said the player. Then she took a bit of that cream and pitted it on the bread Kirito did the same thing then the jar burst into pieces then disappeared. Then Everyone took a bit out of their own bread, the player gobbled it whole like it was nothing.

"We got it from a quest called The Heifer Strikes Back just one village behind us." Said Kirito.

"I'm sorry I didn't come here to make friends." Said the player.

"Why not?" Said Sora.

"So that I don't lose sight of who I am. I don't want to lock myself in a room at the Town of Beginnings and slowly rot away I'll rather stay who I am until the last moment. Even if a monster beats me and I die. I won't lose to this game or this world, no matter what." Said the player.

"I wouldn't want a party member dying on me so try not to die tomorrow."

"Right." Said Sora and the player in unison.

The next day the teams were on there way to the boss room in the dungeon. "Okay let's go over it again. We're the backup so our target would be the bosses minions. And I'll use a weapon skill to knock their weapons up when I do you two switch and jump in."

"What's a switch?" Asked Sora

"Wait is this the only time you've been in a party?" Asked Kirito.

"Yes." Said the player.

"No I've always been a party. Donald always heals my ass while Goofy does whatever." Said Sora in deep thought.

Then Kirito looked down in disappointment.

Outside of the bosses room everyone was getting prepared for battle. "Listen up everyone" said Diabel. "I only got one thing to say to you. Let's win!" Everyone had a serious and focus face.

"Come on Sora you've been through worse a boss should be easy" Sora Thought. Then Diabel opened the door. The room was pitched black then suddenly the boss woke up from with his eyes red and his battle axe on his side. The group walked slowly towards the boss then all the sudden the walls of the room had this colourful light.

The boss jumped from its chair and landed on the ground with his battle axe in hand letting out a big roar.


The boss made its first move and spawned three minions by his side and all four of them came charging in. "Commence attack!" Shouted Diabel. Everyone came charging in towards the boss.

The battle was waging on for a while but everyone was still attacking with all of their strength. "Squad A! Squad C! Switch!" Yelled Diabel. The group switched while everyone was fighting the boss and listening to the captain's orders. Sora, Kirito and the player we're keeping the minions off them.

"Man this sucks." Sora complained. "I wish I could use my magic, I wish I could have at least one of my keychains." Sora complained as he block a attack from a minion.

"Sora complaining will get you nowhere." Said Kirito as he knocked the minions weapon "Switch!" Yelled Kirito

"Right!" Said the player. As she made quick work of the enemy

"I thought she was a beginner but she got good skills I can't even see the tip of her sword." Thought Kirito.

"Hey Kirito!" Yelled Sora defeated the minion behind Kirito. "Pay attention will ya."

"Sorry" Said Kirito

The boss let out another big roar everyone could see that his health bar was red. He threw his weapons behind him and pulled out another big weapon.

"Looks like the guide book was right." Said Kibaou.

"Stand back! I got him!" Yelled Diabel

"What are you doing!" Yelled Sora

Then the Boss Pulled up his weapon Kirito realized that it was not it was a different then the book said. "Wait stop it's no good get out of there!" Yelled Kirito

Then the boss was jumping from wall to wall to wall and then strikes Diabel from above "What I thought that keyblade wielders can only use flowmotion? So does that mean I can use it too?" Sora Thought.

"Diabel!" Yelled Kirito coming to his aid. "What the hell were you thinking." Asked Kirito giving him a potion then Diabel didn't accept it.

"You were a beta tester too weren't you?" Asked Diabel.

"You were after the rare item from the boss. You were a beta tester too." Said Kirito

Diabel nodded "Please you have to defeat the boss for everyone here." Then he disappeared into millions of pieces.

The boss saw Kirito just sitting there not moving. The boss ran tried to get a good hit at him. "REFLECT!" Suddenly a magic barrier surrounded Kirito. Kirito saw Sora in front of him outside the barrier trying to protect him. The barrier blew into pieces pushing the boss back and doing damage "Huh guess I can use magic. Hey Kirito you okay?" said Sora.

Kirito nodded "let's go"

"I'll go to." Said the player

"Okay" Said Kirito

The three rushed at the boss Sora made the first attack "FREEZE" Sora did blizzard which did a good amount of damage after he was done Kirito struck the bosses blade leaving him wide open Then the player was going in for a attack

"Asuna" Yelled Kirito the boss took a good swing at her coat got hit instead of her. Asuna has orange her and wearing a red jacket and white sleeves she took a good stab at the boss they kept doing the same thing then the boss took one swing at Kirito he went flying into Asuna both of them falling down. The boss was going to take one last attack at the duo

"No you don't" Sora was running towards the boss his keyblade started to glow orange "ARS ARCANUM" Yelled Sora doing a thirteen combo "THIS IS IT" Yelled Sora the boss had ten health points left. Then the boss knocked Sora to one of the pillars

"Sora" Yelled Kirito. The boss was about to do a attack to finish off Sora "You're going down!" Yelled Kirito as he hits the boss. "Come on Asuna let's hit this boss with one last attack"

"You got it" Said Asuna

"Hey don't forget about me" Said Sora

The three were doing a non stop assault on the boss until Kirito sliced its body in half leading to the boss's defeat. Everyone cheered and celebrating Kirito was kneeling down seeing his reward the coat of midnight.

"Hey nice job Kirito you did awesome." Said Sora

"Thanks." Said Kirito

"Stop cheering." Everyone turned around and saw Kibaou just sitting there "why did you do it why did you let Diabel die? You knew the bosses technique you could have told us so that Diabel would have a chance he wouldn't have to die." Then he pointed at Sora "And you what was that there is no way you could have use magic in the game. How did you do it? I bet you hacked it didn't you."

The two didn't answer "I know he use to be a beta tester and the guy next to him probably has the experience of hacking for 10 years" Said a player "think about it he knew the bosses attack pattern he knew but he kept it from us and the other guy you can't even get a weapon like that in the game."

Everyone was talking to each other This made Sora really mad "I am not a hacker. My name is Sora I am a keyblade wielder." Then Kirito started laughing then Sora looked worried.

"So you guys use to think I'm a beta tester. It's not fair to put me in the same class as those noobs."

"What you say!" Said Kibaou

"You heard me most of the people who scored a slot in the beta test they were so green they didn't even know how to level up even you guys were better then they were but me I'm not like on of those guys. During the beta I made it to floors then anyone else could reach I knew about the boss because I fought tons of monsters on higher floors I know a bunch of other things too more than any info broker."

"Wha.. what the hell if that's true then your worse than any other beta tester you're a goddamn cheater that's what you are." Everyone was giving him crap until he heard the word beater.

"A beater that's a good name I like it. Okay you can call me a beater just make sure you don't confuse me with those other beta testers." Said Kirito as he puts on his coat of midnight. He started walking out

"Wait. When you were fighting with us how did you call my name?" Said Asuna

"If you look at your HP gauge you can see your party members health bars and names." Explained Kirito.

"Kirito? And Sora?"

"Yep you got it." Said Sora

"I'm so dumb it was there the whole time and I never knew" Said Asuna

"You can become powerful but if the day comes where someone invites you to join a guild don't turn it down cause there are limits where a solo player can do." Said Kirito. He disbands the party then started walking out.

Sora started running towards him "Hey wait up!"

"Why are you following me?" Asked Kirito

"Because we're friends I don't care if your a beater or not friends stick together no matter what."

"Guess that's true"

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