Hey its me

So I'm sorry for not updating I have no excuses I just didn't feel like writing this story. KEYWORD "Didn't" I got bored of writing Canon stuff. But now I have a solution. For the story to be interesting to you and for me. I'm gonna have you the readers to make up an idea for an arc or a one time chapter KEYWORD "Idea" I don't want you to write the entire arc. I want you to write in this outline

Characters: ... (OCs are welcomed just say OC then put in brackets with there name and discribe how they look like and what there personality is and don't say that they use Japanese honorifics I refuse to do them cause it will just suck out the experience for me writing it.)

Time: mm/dd/yyyy

Location: ... (you can insert multiple of locations)


How it starts.

The objective of the arc or chapter

How it's gonna end

And keypoints to the chapter like pairings, deaths, our main characters finds a super rare item and what he/she does with it

Once I find a idea I'll write the whole arc then post it week by week but if it's just an episode I'll just post it right away and DM it to me or PM whatever you guys call it don't put it as a review thx

I think this is a very good way to let you guys interact with the story more then I do. It will be a good experience with me for writing this so ya see you next time and I'm looking forward to your ideas