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Chuck stood in front of the housing committee, a glare on his face. His former roommate Bryce and professor had been caught trying to get him expelled from college. He still wasn't 100% sure what was going on, but he knew he couldn't live in the frat house any longer.

"Uh, Mr. Bartowski, this situation, while highly irregular, really doesn't pertain to us," the head of housing began.

"Let's see, I was on your campus, living in the frat, when one of your professors and students tried to frame me," Chuck retorted. The entire committee winced.

"While that is true, frat housing is not exactly part of housing," the Director began. "However, due to this unusual circumstance, I have been authorized to pay for your entire housing and a roommate in the University owned apartments."

Chuck brightened. "Well, thank you."

"The problem is there is no open apartments and only one person in that apartment building is looking for a roommate," the Director continued.

"I have a bad feeling about this," Chuck muttered.

"Maybe you should meet your potential roommate, get to know her, and we reconvene in a few days if you two find this…living situation, unobtainable."

"Her?" Chuck asked. The director gestured behind him and Chuck turned. He knew it was an open session and anyone could be there, but he hadn't realized anyone was in the room. He saw her, blond hair, blue eyes, a look on her face that was unreadable. Chuck turned back to the chair.

"Chuck Bartowski, meet Sarah Walker, you new roommate. Both of your housing will be paid for over the next three years if you agree to share an apartment." Chuck turned to Sarah, gave a half wave, and she gave one back.

"How do you feel about this?" Chuck asked her.

"It's free housing, and I'm broke," she responded.

"You're honest, I like that," Chuck replied. He turned to the committee. "Three years?"

"We hope you might think about working on your post-graduate degree here as well. The scholarship will be extended for said degree if you decided to do so."

Chuck turned back to Sarah. "They sound a little desperate, don't they?" She snorted. "I'm willing to try it, you?" She nodded. He turned to the committee. "Okay."


Sarah left the committee meeting frustrated. Frustrated at her situation, frustrated at Chuck's situation, and just frustrated in general. It wasn't fair Graham had "forced" her to join the CIA at the age he did. She found out exactly how fair after she approached a CIA lawyer and explained everything. She snorted. Who knew her international law class at Harvard would teach her so much? The CIA had agreed to pay for her college degree, and housing, but the kicker was she had to go to finish at Stanford. The CIA and Stanford had a working relationship that Sarah really didn't care about, but it was a Stanford education, and like Chuck they also agreed to pay for her post-graduate degree.

She thought she'd never have to talk to anyone in the CIA again, when she was contacted by the new director Gale Busman. Gale explained to her Chuck's predicament and told her about the housing situation. She stressed this was not an order, this was not a requirement, it was simply two people, in a similar predicament. Chuck had lost everyone here he trusted, and if anyone could understand that predicament it was Sarah.

When Zondra and the rest of the CATS learned what had happened, they had cut off all contact. Sarah didn't mind being alone, but she didn't understand why they made her the bad guy. She huffed and ran a hand through her hair. The apartment was a three bedroom. It was just her, and she didn't have that much stuff, so maybe it would be nice to have someone there. She snorted. She was going to have to lay down some ground rules with him and privacy. He said he appreciated honesty…

Sarah grinned at that statement. Sarah Walker, CIA spy, honest. She could laugh. Her entire life had been a lie, a con, a ruse. She had kept the name Sarah Walker because legally it was just easier. She was going to get her degree, she was going to get away from the past life she had lived, and maybe she could make a friend, a real friend. Chuck looked like he could use a friend. Lord knows she did.


She found herself helping him move in boxes. He didn't ask, but she thought she probably should. He was moving into the room beside hers. The shower didn't work in the room furtherest away from her, and she didn't think it was fair to ask him to sleep there and then walk over to the shower in the middle room. She was glad they only had a half bath out in the common area, because she had no idea if she wouldn't have told him just to use that one. The landlord said to fix the shower in that bathroom would require all the water to be turned off to the apartment, and who knew how long that would take. She didn't know if he was lying or not, but it didn't matter at the time. Three showers, and one of her. Now she was irritated with herself for not getting the shower fixed.

"Thanks, Sarah, although, should I be moving all this stuff in?" Chuck asked. She gave him a quizzical look. "If this doesn't work…."

"Chuck, free housing for both of us, and frankly…." She paused. She wasn't sure how much she should tell him, but he'd been screwed over and so had she, so… "Chuck, Bryce and Flemming worked with the CIA."


"There's more," Sarah said. "I used to be CIA, but like your situation, they were caught doing something illegal." Chuck stared at her. "I am now strictly a civilian, but let's say you gave an ex-agent an apartment and an education to keep her quiet, and now you need to do something else for someone? What's the most bang for your buck?"

"We're screwed, again," Chuck muttered.

"Hey," she said, stopping him before he walked out of the apartment to get another box. "Listen, the new director called me, told me what happened." She took a deep breath. "She gave me a heads up about you because she thought I should know, and she knows me…a little. She knows when someone gets screwed…well, I try and look out for them."

Chuck nodded. "Thank you."

"You're welcome," she replied with a soft smile. "So here's the thing, don't be crazy, let me study, and we can make this work."

"The only person I have left on this campus that I can trust besides you, is my girlfriend and she hasn't spoken to me in a few days," Chuck replied.

Sarah's heart sank. "Brunette, pretty, shorter than me?" Chuck nodded. "Oh shit," she muttered. She walked over to the table and picked up a letter. She took a deep breath, walked back over to Chuck and offered it to him. "She stopped by earlier. She said she was a friend and uh…she had to leave and to give this to you."

Chuck shut his eyes for a second. She saw the world finish crashing around him. He opened his eyes and calmly opened the letter. He read for a minute, wadded it up and threw it in the direction of the trash can. "So, like I was saying, besides you, there is no one I can trust on campus."

"Trust me? But, Chuck...you barely know me."

"I mean I hope so...I'm pretty sure I can, but then again," he said, glancing at the wadded piece of paper. "I thought I could trust other people." Sarah didnt' have a response for that.


She was in her room, studying, but not. She found herself looking at the wall that separated her and Chuck. He had thanked her, said dinner was on him, and disappeared into his room. She hadn't heard anything like things being put up and she wondered, was he okay? "This is what real people do, Sarah," she muttered to herself. She got up, went to his door, and knocked. There was no answer. She put her hand on the knob and felt that it was open. She cracked the door, looked in, and saw he was sitting in a chair, boxes arranged neatly, but not unpacked, his headphones on. His cheeks were wet.

She started to close the door, but stopped. She turned around, walked over, and sat on his bed. He saw her in his peripheral and simultaneously tried to pull out his head phones off, and wipe his eyes, nearly giving himself a black eye in the process.

"I'm so sorry," Sarah said, trying to help him untangle.

"No, it's fine, I got in here and got all mopey, and lost track of time," Chuck admitted. "Here to claim you dinner?" He tried to smile, but he just looked….sad.

"Chuck, you don't have to," she began.

"Nope, I'm gonna because-"

"All my meals are paid for, I have an expense card," she said, looking away. "I was also told to pay for yours."

"I see," Chuck replied.

"They're gonna get you one as well," Sarah added. "There's a pretty good pizza place that I order from. I usually get a veggie, no black olives."

"Sounds good to me," Chuck said. "I may not be that hungry."

"You have to be hungry, you just moved all that stuff. Trust me, when it gets here you'll be glad," Sarah said, patting his leg. Chuck nodded.

"I trust you, you're the only person here I do," Chuck said softly. "I'm gonna shower, if that's okay."

"No, that's good," Sarah replied. "I'll let you know when it's here." She stood up and headed to the door.

"Thanks," he said softly. "And, I won't have my headphones on this time." Sarah nodded, left the room, and went to order the pizza. She studied Chuck's door. She shouldn't get involved. They were roommates. They'd graduate in ten months, and if this worked they could get their post graduate degrees.

"He's right, we're screwed," she muttered to herself.

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