Scene 1: Prologue/Lost In The Darkness

*Music for the Title Screen begins. The Logo appears onscreen, as the camera descends and zooms in on a hospital ward. HENRY JEKYLL, a young scientist on the Autism Spectrum, and SIR DANVERS CAREW, a fatherly and well-respected older man, are standing near a PATIENT in a bed, JEKYLL dead still. As the camera zooms in, a voice speaks.*


In each of us there are two natures. If this primitive duality of man - Good Evil - could be housed in separate identities, life would be relieved of all that is unbearable. It is the curse of mankind that these polar twins should be constantly struggling...


He's beyond help, Henry...

*Silence. Then, JEKYLL speaks up.*


Sir Danvers, he still has a soul,as pure and good as yours or mine. But he's trapped in a dark terrible world. Madness is the cruelest of all prisons. There must be a way to help him...


Death will help him.


My theories convince me there is a better solution.


*annoyed at JEKYLL*

Wha- Your theories are as dangerous as he is! Your colleagues say you are trespassing on hallowed ground when you tamper with the human mind!

*JEKYLL lets out an exasperated sigh.*


My colleagues are cowards, afraid of what they cannot understand. How can we call ourselves civilized if we are not prepared to help him, and every wretched soul like him!?


I admire your tenacity, but I question your philosophy. You're a gifted man, Henry. Use your gifts wisely.

*SIR DANVERS goes offscreen, leaving JEKYLL, who is on the verge of tears, alone with the PATIENT.*

Lost In The Darkness


Lost in the darkness,

Silence surrounds you...

Once there was morning,

Now... endless night...

If I could reach you...

I'd guide you and teach you

To walk from the darkness

Back into the light!

Deep in your silence, please try to hear me.

I'll keep you near me

Till night passes by.

I will find the answer;

I'll never desert you...

I promise you this

Until the day that I die...

*JEKYLL curls up next to the PATIENT on the floor, silently weeping.*


*Quietly, through tears*

Goodnight, Father...

*Camera zooms out from a birds'-eye view, fading to black.*