No One's POV~

You had always been in the background. Ever since you were a child you were known for being a wallflower, just there blending into the backdrop like wallpaper on wall. But you hadn't minded, not in the least, you reveled in it, not being noticed or put into dire situations, the term wallflower was given to shy people who couldn't stand attention, and that was what you were: an average shy person.

But after meeting him, you wished that you could have been more than that average wallflower, more than a shy girl who couldn't even ask for help on your homework. For a moment in your life, you had wished you were one of the girls in your class; prominent young heirs ranging from basic ninja families to well known clans, you actually wished that you were born a Hyuga, or a Yamanaka, even a Haruno.

But you were a Nukaga, an average village family that owns a small obscure bakery in Konoha. Because of this, you had been raised with such conditions as a Village Family could live; you went to an average village school compared to the Ninja Academies that the kids in your neighborhood would go to, had average friends that too didn't originate from ninja families, and had worked in a shop that was so obscure, that you found it rare to even see a ninja enter through those familiar doors.

And so the cycle continued, until finally you were old enough to conduct your own life, at the age of 23 you left your family bakery behind and moved across Konoha to open up a cheap and respectable- in your standards -cafe/Tea-Shop; 'The House of Tea'. It wasn't until your first year did [Y/N] encounter a problem; your shop had been too obscure amongst the larger, more famous shops around you to be noticed. At this point, you had up to 7 customers per week; sometimes 4 if some days got too crowded and rowdy. At this rate, you wouldn't have been able to keep your shop open.

Until you met Hikaru Achikita, a young woman who might as well have appeared from thin air. The moment the 18 year old drifted into the shop you knew there was something that made the girl stand out with clarity; other than her odd appearance- shoulder length choppy indigo hair, almond shaped lidded eyes of inhuman scarlet red, skin that couldn't quite seem whether to be inhuman grey or sickly pale or her thin wired frame that ambled with a grace of a cat, the girl screamed odd and out of place. You had a brief moment of controversy; that maybe the girl standing before you wasn't quite real, but standing here and now, picking through the sweets that you had laid out this morning and humming an odd tune that you couldn't quite comprehend, the girl was obviously real.

But her appearance wasn't what caught you off-guard- not all the way anyway, it was the lack of familiarity that she held, in all of your life; delivering sweets, family outings around Konoha, and even playing games that led to running around all of your village, you had never encountered her before. And that was saying something.

"You wouldn't happen to have any dango would you?"

You jumped out of your musings and blinked in surprise at the question before stuttering "I-I, d-d-don't think i-i've made any y-yet" you never liked your stuttering, it stimulated from your childhood, being ignored and deemed obscure left you with a lack of attention. Any type of conversation made you shutter and weak, part of the reason you opened the cafe; not only for the money you'd need to live on your own, but because you wanted to kick your habit of living as a hermit and hopefully, your stuttering as well.

The young girl pouted, stuffing her hands into the pockets of her black shorts "Shame, you wouldn't happen to mind if you make some would you? i was really craving them this morning and well your shop was the perfect stop for that."

You shook your head quickly, cheeks flushing at your actions "N-No no-no! It's okay, there's not that many customers anyway-" no customers at all "-making some wouldn't be a problem!" and then you were gone, dashing into the kitchen in a hurry. Something about that girl made you uncomfortable, and baking would calm you down.

As you got to work your mind stayed planted on the young girl much to your chagrin. The way she walked, held herself and even her appearance was just a big. . . BAM! right in the room, its like her presence demanded both attention and non at all, a hole in the very space she occupied. Even the way she talked was just a big demand, her accent was. . foreign, not an accent you'd have from any of the known nations in the land, more like an accent that was. . . weird, unheard of even. 'She was exotic' a sentence that the girl must have heard alot when conversing with other people.

By the time the dango was ready to go, the girl had situated herself at one of the empty tables out of 3, the one nearest to the window that overlooked the crowded street of people that walked passed her cafe as if it wasn't there in the first place. You wanted to sulk right then and there from the lack of attention you'd thought you'd never ask for.

"Y-your orders r-r-ready." you stuttered, setting the tray down before your one and only customer.

The young girl tilted her attention away from the pedestrians and smiled "Really? cool! Thanks!" you couldn't help but pay rapid attention to that odd accent, you almost couldn't comprehend her words with the way her voice mouthed the Japanese language; as if she had just learned it and her accent still hadn't molded to properly sound in tune with the rest of the population.

You didn't say anything, spinning on your heel to speed walk towards the kitchen in order to escape the foreign presence. Your discomfort was apparently just as obscure as your shop when the young girl called out to you again "Just a moment there! mind taking a break? I wouldn't mind the company."

"Oh no! I shouldn't! I-I might m-m-miss some c-customers!." you stuttered.

The young girl raised a brow and rolled her eyes, taking a bite of the dango "you and me both know that your shop isn't as popular as the ones shrouding your abode here, by the time i'm done there still wouldn't be any customers. 10-20 minutes wouldn't put a dent in your schedule."

You flinched and hesitated at the sad truth. Still, it wasn't enough to deter you from sulking in the kitchen while you baked for non-existent customers.

However, the young girl seemed to have that covered, waving a lax hand at you like you would a business partner "And plus, i have a bit of a . . . proposition for you; regarding your shop."

At this you paused and pursed your lips in contemplation, eyes roving over from the young girl, to your kitchen. You didn't know whether to regard the supposed 'proposition' or to flatly deny it, and go back to your haven.

But something about the 'proposition' caught your curiosity, and with an unsettled sigh, you sat yourself before the girl and stared nervously at the table top. Fingers fiddling with your dirty apron.

The young woman merely smiled, and happily chomped on the dango "See, that wasn't so hard~ now, before we get to business I think we should introduce ourselves, it's only proper right." she grinned.

You blushed, of course it was proper! an immense amount of embarrassment entered your voice at your rude manners "Nukaga [Y/N], it's nice to meet you."

The young woman hummed "Nice to meet you too, my names Achikita Hikaru (Hikaru Achikita), World Wanderer and Miracle Extraordinaire, at your service." holding her hand out, you blinked when a white ivory card was flicked into your face, with less than stellar reflexes you managed to catch the card before it fell into your tea.

An odd set of shapes was what greeted you. A set of 'words' printed left to right in curly and elegant looking penmanship that made you tilt your head in confusion. Unable to read the information, you twisted the card around in your grasp, only to blink in surprise when you realized that the words where no longer in that odd language, instead 'Hikaru Achikita- Wanderer and Miracle Extraordinaire' was what greeted you in clear hiragana (Sue me if I can barely tell the difference between hiragana, katakana and kanji, if anyone has a grasp in Japanese, please inform me if i got the differences right.)

On the bottom seemed to be a quote or promotional saying of sorts 'Your gods are a lie, unhelpful immortals who won't answer your prayers. I am here to answers your pleas, and grant you your wishes. Your prayers will be answered.'

You blinked "Prayers? Wishes? Hikaru-chan, i don't think i understand what your trying to say." you frowned, tilting a head to Hikaru.

The young girl hummed and shoved a slice of cake into her mouth, where she got it from was a mystery "It is as it says [Y/N], sorry to be blunt. But your gods are a lie, living for more than a millennia and they had never answered your prayers and pleas. Well, [Y/N], I've heard your pleas and i'm here to help. To grant a miracle of sorts."

You couldn't help but frown more, somehow, that sounded like a scam "Help? what do you mean?"

Hikaru sighed "Let's get the facts straight here kid, your shop is shit, going down the crapper as we speak, by the end of the week you won't even have a shop to open. So here's my proposition. I want you to grant me a little something, and I'll help keep this shop afloat. Sound plan right" she smirked; all teeth prominent as she raised a brow.

You blanked, your brain rolling over her words in silence. You didn't even realize that said hush accompanied you in their surroundings; the pedestrians frozen in their activities, birds still in mid flight, not even the wind was heard.

"What exactly are you? a god?" you asked in curiosity. You had a feeling, a strange strange feeling about the odd girl before you, but you couldn't quiet place you finger on it. It was at the edge of your subconscious, big red flashing alarms going off in your head as you conversed with the young girl.

Hikaru stuck out her tongue and innocently rolled her eyes away, a playful look entering her expression "You could say that~ but i rather not spoil our negotiations until you've made up your mind." she chirped.

You frowned, furrowing your brows as you looked Hikaru up and down in distrust. While the thought of making a deal with a possible evil entity was unthinkable, crawling back to your parents penniless and a failure seemed even worse in your minds eye. While you didn't exactly have pride, you did have dignity and some self worth, the thought of going back to your parents and working in that bakery made you shiver in discomfort and embarrassment. It wasn't like you didn't love your parents! or even disliked the thought of working in the bakery again, but the thought of failing your parents was more than the mistake you'll be making in a matter of seconds.

Gulping in weariness, you straightened and looked Hikaru in the eye with every ounce of bravery and determination you had in your system "I'll do it."

Hikaru smirked "Glad to hear it! you know, you made the right choice. I promise you that you won't ever regret it." holding out her hand, the now dubbed 'entity' shook your dainty appendage. Her grasp cold and numbing despite her earlier appearance and attitude.

In a blink of an eye, everything seemed to fall into place; time turned again, and Hikaru was up and out of her seat with a lax grin of victory, dango's all eaten but one, and the tea that you didn't even remember making long cold and tasteless. "Well, I gotta go, needn't keep my other clients waiting am i right, bad for business." walking towards the exit, Hikaru tilted her head back and gave a wide grin of teeth at you, the smile no longer as innocent and naive as you had remembered it. A sinister chill ran up your spine at the joyful look you were given "I'll be seeing ya, bye~"

And then she was gone, any trace of her up and vanishing into thin air, as if she hadn't been in the small obscure Tea shop in the first place. Even the odd shaped tea set was gone, leaving only a bland table top with the leftover dango.

Any solace of joy for the day ahead long gone, leaving a cold and blank feeling in your chest. Fingering the ivory card in your grasp. You couldn't help but feel like you made a terribly delightful deal with the devil.

It left a terrible taste in your mouth.