How I believe a Neon Genesis Evangelion and High School DxD crossover should be written

This is my first fanfiction that I'm writing. Because I want to. If any of you have read Into Thin Air, the author wrote his book because he wanted to. Of course, our reasons differ, as he wanted to get things off his chest, and I just want to see how I'd do with this. As a socially inept person who basically has no experience in this, and no idea how relationships work, I am pretty much trash with my writing. However, I wanted to see if I could challenge myself. To put in some effort for once into something that I enjoyed, instead of just playing video games. So now, I'm creating a story where an overpowered Shinji Ikari enters the World of High School DxD. Oh, and by the way, since his mother's soul is gone, Unit-01 has merged with Ikari.

And by the way, I have barely any knowledge of DxD or Evangelion other than the fanfictions written about them. I watched the first four episodes of Evangelion, and the first episode of DxD, but that's it. All my other knowledge is from other amazing fanfictions from other authors.

To clear some things up, here's how I'm going to make Ikari overpowered.

An S2 engine is an organ that gives unlimited power. The reason why Angels were killed by Evas was because their A.T. field could be eroded and Angels are essentially dumbasses. Yeah, Divine Dividing's gonna leech off Ikari like a battery, and it's still got nothin' on him. Second of all, he can't be a Devil. No matter what. Maybe he can be a part of the peerage, but it'll be as a human. I want to make this very clear. NGE's Lilith isn't outright said to be human. Neither is Adam, and they are very clearly same species: Angel. And - this is gonna sound as convoluted as the Type-Moon mythos I read - Adam gave birth to Angels, and Lilith gave birth to her Angel: life on Earth. That means that Lilith can also be categorized as "human". Evangelion Unit-01 is essentially a "human" clone. It's not going to be a sacred gear, since it is a part of Shinji's soul instead of being stuck inside of it like Boosted Gear with Issei Hyoudou, but it's gonna be damn similar. I'd love to see how confused Azazel would be once he finds out that Shinji has the equivalent of a human-made Sacred Gear on par with the True Longinus. It also has the Spear of Longinus as well, so there you go. A "Sacred Gear" with a "Sacred Gear". I can say that I've seen everything now.

Shinji's not going to be overpowered in the sense that he one-shots everybody. He's going to definitely be the same person he was in NGE. His greatest enemy is clearly himself, and I hope to look into that. I haven't even watched much of the anime and I already feel that I share many traits with him. Cowardly. Afraid. Hesitant. I don't condemn these traits. I very much condone them. It's what make him an actual person. Unlike what people think of him as,(*cough* whiny bitch-baby *cough*), I just think of him as an emotionally unstable person who was thrust into the giant Not-Robot, who was by all means and purposes his mother, and forced to feel pain. He was not as brave as any hero character that can blast through emotional problems by determination. He's actually braver person than I am. Than all of us are, actually, for piloting a robot that makes him feel excruciating pain, and still piloting even though he's forced to. I realized just how much he's misunderstood. Even people who understand will be infuriated at him. That's the point. I'm still pissed at his choices, but I feel that I know why he did it. It's the same thing I would've done after all. It's not really his fault: he was controlled by his father from the very roots of his mind, and his deep-rooted fear already overcame his love for Asuka, which I find his relationship with to be questionable even if they are alike in some key ways. (I may not have the authority to speak about him like this, but it's a free country. I'm going to share my point of view.) It looks like he may have a choice, which was to save Asuka (definitely possible), but he really doesn't. Because he's still that same boy that Gendo Ikari left behind at his wife's grave because he didn't know how to raise him. He's going to be tweaked after the 1 year of normal life at Kuoh of course, but he's definitely still emotionally scarred. And during that one year, he's never truly smiled. Ever. He's not an overpowered semi-badass that seems to be the a majority of the few NGE x DxD crossovers. To be blunt, I'm kind of disappointed. I'm sure they tried their best to do this, but yet, I feel that they didn't want to actually let Shinji be, well, Shinji. He doesn't have to be overpowered. He only needs to be Shinji, and Shinji Ikari as a person. Not another person with the name Shinji Ikari.

I think that Rias Gremory's the right King for him. The Gremory are known to care for their peerages like family, and that's exactly what Shinji needs. Family. Excluding Misato Katsuragi and Kaworu Nagisa, who died and left him behind, by the way, no one, and I mean no one, ever gave him that unconditional love he had lacked and yearned for so much. He doesn't have to be a Devil to be in her peerage, otherwise the point of this fic is moot.

Also he's going to have his trademark bloodcurdling Shinji Screams in this fic. The Kuoh peerages are gonna be so disturbed. I'm such a fucking sadist.

It's definitely guaranteed that I'm not going to finish this fic. I did this on a whim. Fuck the norm. It's overrated anyways.

I wanted to give other people ideas of how to put Shinji into DxD. I'm not saying that I'll be better than them. In fact, I'll probably be even worse than them. I'm a reader. Not a writer. I usually don't enjoy writing that much. I feel like giving that one push in that direction. As a fellow user of the Internet. As a fellow reader, even. No NGE fanfic should make Shinji into somebody he's not. I feel that Hideaki Anno's reason for making NGE - in my opinion - was to show that making connections to others makes fighting the void of emptiness and loneliness worthwhile. All Anno wanted was to see Shinji smile. Yet it's all ruined by the fans so invested into Evangelion because they wanted a "proper ending". And End of Evangelion was made. This is the continuity I'm going off of, and where Shinji can face himself in order to protect those close to him.

So this is my take on how Ikari takes on the world of High School DxD.

Young boy, like a cruel angel's thesis,

Live up to be a legend...

Even though clear blue winds

Beat on the door of my heart,

You just smile, looking straight at me

Too involved in yearning for

Something to hold on

The innocent eyes still know nothing of fate yet.

But someday you will notice

On those shoulders of yours

There are strong wings

To guide you to the far future.

A cruel angel's thesis

Will someday fly high from the window

If memories are betrayed by

The overflowing, burning pathos.

Young boy, shine like a legend,

Holding the sky in your arms.

The cradle of love that sleeps within me

There will be a morning that

A servant of dreams will come for you.

The moonlight shines on your thin neckline.

I'd stop time in this world

And lock it away for myself, but...

If there is any meaning

In the fate that pulled us together,

Then I am, yes, the Bible

That teaches you of freedom.

A cruel angel's thesis

And then sorrow comes forth

When the shapes of the dreams you hold in your arms

Come to life within you.

Young boy, who shines brighter than anyone else,

Rise to become a legend.

People weave together love to create history

And so I live on,

Unable to become a goddess...

A cruel angel's thesis

Will someday fly high from the window

If memories are betrayed by

The overflowing, burning pathos.

Young boy, shine like a legend,

Holding the sky in your arms.

I do not own Neon Genesis Evangelion or High School Dxd.