As Rias healed Issei, Shinji was regenerating his damaged eye. Issei felt a bit awkward as he was practically naked with a naked Rias hugging him all the while Shinji sat in the corner. So this is what she did when I nearly died last time?

"It's okay, now."

"Y-Yes, ma'am."

Rias looked over at Shinji. "Shinji, it's your turn. I'll accelerate the healing process."

"Y-Yeah" he stuttered. As she hugged him, he blushed fiercely, looking up at the ceiling. Trying to keep his mind off the feeling in his back, he tried to think of something else. Of course, Rias being the devil that she was, took notice and began to tease him a little bit, moving in unnecessary movements that seemed to stimulate his senses. He could just hear her giggling at the red-faced expression he had. He desperately tried to think of something else. Then his mood darkened, and Rias slowed down, feeling his mood in the air.

"What is it, Shinji?"

"... I feel useless" he responded. Rias was quick to shoot down that statement.

"Don't say that about yourself! You have been nothing but a great help to us! I mean, for instance, you completely dominated that Stray, saving us from an operation gone wrong."

"But I could have done better than that! I could have reigned in control! I shouldn't have just stood there!"

"It was your first battle with a stray." Rias reasoned.

"And I didn't get to warn you guys in time about the exorcist."

"Don't blame yourself!" Shinji snapped, self-loathing evident in his voice.

"I fucked up! Alright!?" Rias held him tighter.

"Stop blaming yourself, Shinji," She said softly.

"Just… don't."

Outside of the clubroom…

"So it's not just Devils that turn Stray?" asked Issei.

"There are many that were excommunicated from the church and ended up serving under a fallen angel," replied Kiba.

"So Asia is one of those stray exorcists?"

"Either way, you are a devil, while she is a servant of a fallen angel." said Rias, who emerged from the shower after Shinji walked out.

"These are unavoidable facts."

"It doesn't matter whether you are friends with each other or not." Shinji said quietly, uncaring of the attention turned to him. His face turned extremely dark.

"All this world cares about is that you're enemies. You can't help them. Because it all comes down to what they say." Even Kiba couldn't help but feel unnerved at his bitter tone.

"You can't do anything."


"I'm too weak." Issei looked up at the ceiling from his bed, while Shinji sat against the wall, with one ear plugged with his SDAT's headphones.

"I'm just a pawn. I can't save even one girl."

"Fuck. That." growled Shinji. He was done hearing Issei beat himself down.

"You underestimate yourself. You can do better than that. You can train. You can get stronger. So don't be so willing to put yourself down so easily." After all, he was never given the opportunity to change his own fate.

"... yeah. Fuck that. I'm gonna go train. You wanna come?"

"If you can get past three pull-ups, maybe." Issei snorted.


"Issei-san? Shinji, you too?"

"Eh?" Issei dropped from his 1.5th pull-up.



"Dear god, you're sheltered." Shinji teased. Issei scowled. "For fu– Lay off!" Shinji couldn't help but snort.

"Burgers are amazing!" exclaimed Asia. "Yeah. Who would've thought an American fast food would've done so well in Japan?" Shinji commented. After all, they mostly sucked, in his opinion. Pretty much nothing healthy in those places. And pickles. He hated pickles.

"So, why were you in the park?" asked Issei.

"Well, I was taking a break when I thought I'd take a stroll around the town!"

Shinji raised an eyebrow. "Hold on, you can do that?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Well, common sense dictates that–"

"Let's just hear her out, okay?" a slightly annoyed Issei interrupted.

"I was walking around the park, when I saw you, so…" she trailed off.

"Issei, should we go somewhere with her?" suggested Shinji.

Issei's eyes seemed to brighten slightly at this. "Asia!" "Yes?" she squeaked. "Let's have as much fun as we can to our heart's content today!" offered Issei. Asia seemed to brighten up at this. "Sure!"

And fun they had. It turned out Asia was really sheltered. She looked around in wonder at all the gadgets and toys in the arcade. Issei was even generous enough to get her a Raichu from the claw crane. Shinji smiled at their antics. It almost seemed like that they had decided to forget the events of yesterday, at least until Issei flinched in pain from his shoulder wound as he raised his arm to drink from his cup. His grin fell. "... it's your wounds from that time, right?" A forlorn Asia asked.



Right by the pond, Asia raised her hands, using her ability to reverse the damage done last night. "Your legs, as well, right?" She asked. "Y-Yeah." Issei felt the pain receding from his injuries as if they were drawn out of the wound. "Holy crap!" He jumped up and started jogging in place. "You're amazing, Asia!" Issei praised. She beamed.

"I was told that my parents had left me at birth," Asia said. Shinji listened in from behind the pillar.

"I was found crying in the front of a small European church. Then I was raised there." She watched the birds go by.

"When I was eight, I found a wounded dog wandering into the church. I prayed for it really hard, then a miracle happened. After that, I was taken to a larger branch of the Church where I was ordered to heal all wounds and illnesses of Christians from all over the world." Shinji's fingers tightened on the white sleeve of his shirt.

"I was so happy that my power could help the people!" She's way too innocent for this world. Bitterly thought Shinji. He gritted his teeth.

"Then one day, I came across a heavily wounded man collapsed on the floor." Her voice took on a somber tone. "It turned out that he was a devil." Shinji knew exactly where this was going. "I was branded a heretic because I had the power to heal even devils." God damn it.

"So that's why you got picked up by that fallen angel when you had nowhere to go." Issei had figured.

"But I kept on praying to God, expressing my gratitude. Not to mention that I never knew what terrible things they did." Her head lowered.

"The Lord is testing me. If I can overcome this ordeal, He will make my dream come true someday. That's my dream."

"Your dream?"

"I'll make lots of friends. Together we'll buy flowers and books, even chat…" she trailed off. "That's my dream… I don't have any friends, you see." she continued.

Shinji didn't notice a wetness trailing underneath his left eye, as he gritted his teeth so hard it hurt, digging his fingers into his arm until it bled. He then heard Issei's voice.

"I'll be your friend, Asia."


"I mean, aren't we already friends?" The words hit Shinji harder than a bus.

"We chatted and had fun right? Well, I mean, without the flowers and books." He scratched his face a little. Issei then called out.

"Shinji! I know you're right there! Come out!" Shinji wiped away the wetness on his cheek. He walked out, hand in pockets.

"We'll be there for you, Asia." his voice came out on his own accord.

"But I'll be troubling you, that's all" she said, wiping away the tears that had welled up in her eyes.

"Issei's a devil, and you're a nun. So what? There's no way we can't be friends."

"Thank you!"

Then a chilling voice that haunted Shinji's nightmares came from behind them. "That's not going to happen." Issei turned around, gasping. "Yuuma-chan!" "Raynare-sama!" Issei looked at Asia in realization, and then glared at the fallen angel.

"So it is true. You are a fallen angel!"

"So it's true that you're living as devils as well. Asia, you can't run away."

"No! I won't stay with people that kill others for fun! Sorry, the truth is that I ran away from the church…!" Asia tried to explain.

"I don't mind. I figured as much" said Issei. "There's no way you'd be living with these scumbags on your own accord!"

"What are you doing here, 'Raynare'?" mocked Shinji, unhooking and activating his light blade. Issei looked at it in trepidation.

"I'll explain later,"reassured Shinji.

"Hm? So you can use that? It'll run out of holy power anyways, since you're a devil. Heh, I'll be retrieving the girl anyways."

"Not going to happen! Come out, my Sacred Gear!" declared Issei, with his gauntlet. She looked at it closely, then laughed mockingly.

"Oh, so it was only a Twice Critical! We were completely off the mark."

"Twice Critical?" echoed Shinji. "Nicknamed 'The Dragon's Arm', it's an ordinary gear that temporarily doubles your power."

"Double my power?" echoed Issei.

"'He has a dangerous Sacred Gear.' That's what my superiors told me, so I went through with the entire farce. 'I love you! Please go out with me!' Remember?"

"You… fucker…!" growled Shinji.

"I remember your unsightly smile."

"Shut up!" Issei snapped back, holding up his Gear.

"Hand over Asia and leave."

"Never!" he retorted.

In doubt, Shinji spoke up. "... do you promise not to hurt her?" Issei snapped his head back.

"Shinji, let me do this!"

"O-Okay…" So, sit back and watch the show. Nothing new, huh?

"So you double my power, huh? Activate!" Boost! Issei immediately felt a surge of power fill his body.

"Whoa, energy is flowing through my body!"

"Look out!" Issei only could stare.

"Huh?" A spear stabbed through his stomach.

Shinji gritted his teeth. That idiot.

Asia screamed in fear. "Issei-san!"

Shinji immediately went to hold him up, as Asia used her Gear to heal his gut wound.

"Twice of nothing is still nothing." Shinji deactivated his blade to hold Issei up until he was healed. "Asia. Unlike his Twice Critical, your Twilight Healing is extremely rare. Unlike what he has, anyways. If you come back I'll spare their lives."

"... Promise me." Shinji growled.

"What do you want, boy?"

"Promise me she won't be hurt."

"... fine, I'll do that." She flashed right behind them, detonating a light spear.

"Tonight, you'll be free of suffering, Asia," her sultry voice latched its claws into Shinji's ear.

"You liar!" Shinji roared, launching towards her, as she teleported away.



Koneko flinched away from eating her chocolate. "How many times do I have to tell you?" Rias lectured. "It's not possible. Forget her. You're a part of the Gremory household."

He began to beg.

"... Then kick me out of the household, please. I"m just a pawn, a foot soldier, right? Losing one wouldn't–"

Rias' eyes flashed with anger, surprising even Shinji. "Enough! Do you really think the pawn is the weakest piece?"

Issei hesitated. Shinji did not see this coming.

"I said that Evil Pieces possess the same traits as their counterparts." "Then what's the special trait of the pawn?"

"Promotion. If the pawn reaches the enemy lines, they can be promoted into any piece other than a king."

"So I could be like them if I reach there?"

"As long as I, your master, recognize it as enemy lines, then yes. Take, for example, the church." Shinji also did not expect her to bring this up. It was almost as if she was encouraging him… "And as for the sacred gear…"

"Yuum- No, the fallen told me it was a Twice Critical. It doubles my power."

"Use your brain." She put her hand on Issei's cheek. "The Sacred Gear is activated by your own willpower. The more will you have, the more powerful it will become. But remember, a single promoted piece cannot stand against the fallen angels alone."

She paused as Akeno whispered in her ear. "An urgent matter came up. See you later, Issei." She bade them farewell as they

Shinji got off the wall. "So we're going?"

"Yeah…" Issei got up and looked at Koneko and Kiba. "I'm sure that Shinji's going to come with me. You won't stop us."

"But you may die. Two of you is not going to be enough to fight the angels."

Issei narrowed his eyes. "I'm going anyways, alone or not."

Kiba chuckled. "Who said that you're going alone?"

"Huh?" a look of confusion sprouted on Issei's face. Shinji genuinely smiled. He knew where this was going.

"She was implying that you shouldn't go alone, and at the same time, that we should back you up."

Shinji jumped in. "I think the three of you may be enough to get Asia, but I'm pretty sure Gremory-sempai and Himejima-sempai are going as well. So I'll see if I can back them up, then get back to you guys." Might as well be helping out for once. He couldn't be that afraid anymore. He held up his gun.

"Where'd you get that?" asked Kiba.

"The white-haired exorcist maniac. He had plenty of these. I have two. And two more of those light swords as well."

Kiba grimaced. "How are your hands not burnt by touching them? I suppose it has to do with you being… whatever you are?"

"I have absolutely no idea. I just can. Maybe my Sacred Gear? It's unusual, as Rias said." Shinji tried very hard not to let any of his nervousness seep through.

"... okay…" Kiba clearly did not believe him.

"But I'll back them up now."

Issei gave the go-ahead. "Sure. Just get back to me ASAP."



"... It's obvious that you intend to interfere with the plan." stated Dohnaseek.

"So repent with your life!" Kalawarner finished.


"Yes, President."

She activated her demonic energy, shifting her clothes into that of a shrine maiden. She made three hand signs, then held her hands out. Glowing magic circles formed around the perimeter, then surrounded the area, forming a dome.

"So this was your plan all along, huh?" asked Kalawarner.

Then she felt it. The hiss of a beam saber igniting reached her ears, and she dropped just quickly enough to avoid the juggernaut. It crashed right in front of the bewildered King and Queen, and soon the smoke cleared.

"Shinji!?" Rias uttered in confusion.

"I'll back you up. I need to get to Issei quickly after this!"

The sheer tone of command had caught Rias off guard, but her expression didn't falter. "If you can keep up with us."

He took that as a yes.

"How are you able to wield that light sword? The holy attribute should be rejecting you as a devil!" Kalawarner uttered in astonishment.

Rias couldn't help but agree. But yet, she remembered that he didn't seem feel like a normal devil after even taking the Evil Pawn Piece and accepting it.

Shinji replied. "I don't know. Blame Freed for giving them to me."

Please, Asia, don't die on me. I can't stand losing another again.

Akeno and Rias both attacked, with Akeno's lightning striking Mittelt and Rias' Destruction striking Kalawarner

Though he couldn't show it behind the visage of the armor, he grimaced. He had no idea how to use the light sword, let alone two of them. But he'd picked up more than a few tricks with Asuka when they lived together. On instinct, he threw a two-fingered knuckle jab at Dohnaseek's eyes. Shouting in pain, the fallen angel covered his eyes and fell back to his comrades' sides, glaring at Shinji. He prepared more light spears, looking for an opening in the force field. He moved to the back and thrust at Shinji's back nicking his crest as he crouched down just as he sensed him. Holy crap, he's fast! It was unlike anything he had fought before. Skilled fighters were nothing like the Angels he fought. They were a shit-ton to deal with. He thanked whatever god was out there that they were nowhere near as powerful as Adam's spawn, though.

Flexing his AT-Field, he focused it into his sword, catching Dohnaseek's arm.

"I'm sorry," came out of his mouth. He realized: No, he really didn't like killing thinking sentient beings. He hated it.

He stabbed Dohnaseek in the chest. Shinji turned away so that no one could see the tears leaking out of his eyes. So that no one would see that he would be hopeless. So that he wouldn't be a liability. Which was why he nearly jumped into the sky when Rias' voice snapped him out of it, a red light flashing before him. A detached part of his mind noted that it was Rias' power of Destruction vaporizing the remaining fallen. She held a hand up to his face, and with a sense of astonishment, he found compassion in her eyes that he thought he could only find in Kaworu Nagisa.

You don't like to fight, do you? Rias thought. Her facial features were downturned. Shinji blinked, and then slightly panicked.

"D-did I do anything wrong?" He stuttered, his form returned back to normal.

"You did great, Shinji." Rias smiled. Then, like the rising of the sun in the early dawn, his face lit up in a beautiful smile. It was way more happiness than one would express when given simple praise. Rias realized that something was just off about Shinji.


"Issei?" Shinji looked at the hunched body of his friend. "... Are you–?"

"No… Asia's…! Asia's…!"

Shinji's face paled. "No."


A grunt came from behind him, as the remaining fallen angel tried to get up with her battered body.

Rias spoke up.

"The Gauntlet of the Red Dragon Emperor, the Boosted Gear. One of the thirteen Longinus."

Raynare widened her eyes in dread.

"It takes time to power up, but it is potent. Raynare was defeated because she let her guard down."

A shadow covered Shinji's face, plastered with an indiscernible expression.

"Now begone, fallen angel."

Desperately, Raynare spoke up. "I know I said mean things, but I had no choice! It was my duty as a fallen angel!"

"Yuuma-chan… Why do you still have that?" Issei asked.

"I just couldn't throw it away, so I…"

"... You are so…" Issei couldn't even form his words.

I couldn't ask for more. Thank you. Asia's words resonated with him

Then he turned away. "President. Please."

"Kyou no Hi wa Sayounara" - Rebuild of Evangelion 2.0

Rias walked toward Raynare. "Don't try to seduce my adorable servant." She charged up her power, forming an orb of destruction in her hand. Then a purple gloved hand stopped her. "No. Let me." The glowing red that replaced Shinji's eyes was evident of his fury. In nervousness she stepped back. As did the rest of the Gremory members.

She made them suffer. She will die. Painfully. He didn't realize that he was crying.

The Human Beast takes the reins.

His mouth restraints cracked open, revealing blood red metal teeth. Ignoring the screaming voice within his conscience, he moved towards her as she screamed in a combination of fear, rage, and utter hatred, echoing into the night.

It was a good thing Issei never looked back.


Shinji looked up with dead eyes as he looked on at the corpse of Asia Argentio.

"I can save her."

His eyes regained their clarity.

"You can?"

She held up a chess piece. A bishop

Sometimes, things aren't so hopeless after all.


In the ORC clubhouse, while Argentio was recovering, Shinji looked up into the night sky. A lot of things had just happened and ohgodIjustkilledtwopeople. He clutched his head. His traitorous thoughts plagued his head.

Torturer. Murderer.

Stop. Get out.

Monster. Beast.

He gritted his teeth as he began to hyperventilate. A hand touched his shoulder, Shinji tensing in response, before he realized that it was Rias. Turning towards her he smiled weakly. "Hey."

"Shinji, I don't care how much you say you're fine, but you're obviously not." Rias' concern reflected in her tone.

"I'm sorry," came out of his mouth. He winced internally.

"Don't be sorry. It's not your fault. Please, what's wrong?"

"I… guess I've been overwhelmed a little with the stuff that's been happening." He chuckled feebly. "I'll be fine in a moment."

"I guess…" Rias didn't know what to say to that. It hurt her to see one of her pawns be so willing to do something that he obviously was uncomfortable doing. She was reluctant to go and help Asia's recovery.

"Go. Asia needs your help more than I do." Shinji smiled, albeit with a small hint of melancholy.

I don't deserve it anyways.

Slowly, she stepped away, and proceeded to exit the room. She halfway closed the door behind her when she paused.

"... If you need to talk, just come to me."

"… sure…"

"Good night, Shinji."

The sound of the door clicking shut bade him to turn around. It was then that he realized that there was a cello case left in the room.

He didn't move from that position for another three hours.
Then, he finally smiled.


Yeah. Don't know how to put details into tearing her apart. She's an absolute bitch, but I don't know about tearing her apart. I'll leave it up to the readers' imagination for "steamy" details.

As far as I know, Shinji hasn't willingly killed people before. Like with his hands. With Kaworu, he was doing so because he had no choice, and this launched him down the slippery slope of insanity at the speed of sound.

By the way, for people saying that the Evangelion is inconsistent, I honestly don't care. It's powers are pretty vast, yet kind of sporadic. It's adaptable. It's the reason why Shinji's still human, even though he has a pawn piece in him. But again, nobody knows that yet. All they know is that Shinji's just not completely a devil. Kind of like Akeno.

However, he does gain the advantage in this. First off, he's perfectly fine with holy weapons. Second of all, he can use Devil magic. This is shaped by imagination. That's really freakin' overpowered. So he'll make use of that. Eventually.

The cello's there because I want him to play cello. I remember reading Advice and Trust, and I found that the places where the pilots play in a duo or quartet were written beautifully. I loved these scenes. And I hope I can do something like them as well.

Also, if there are any pairings for Shinji, I think Akeno would be the best one. Both have fathers who loved/cared for them, yet they abandoned them. They are both emotionally damaged. But while Akeno had Rias as a friend and a saviour, Shinji had no one in the end. So maybe Akeno to Shinji could be like what Rias was to Akeno. I don't know at the moment, though.

Also, what is the difference between Adam and Lilith's powers? Between the Fruit of Life and Fruit of Knowledge? Other than the S2 engine.

I want to know if I'm missing out on powers Shinji has, now that he's the unification between the Fruits of Life and Knowledge.