Finn and Rachel are best friends. They have been since Finn put up a flyer for a roomate and Rachel was on the verge of being homeless. They moved in together and automatically clicked.

It's been 3 years living together and they have a routine. In the mornings, Rachel makes the coffee because Finn never wakes up early enough to do it. At night, Finn makes dinner because Rachels rehearsals run pretty late.

They have it all worked out. On Tuesday nights, they have movie night. They cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie. And on Friday nights, they go out with their best friends.

One night after Rachel got home from her rehearsal she was sitting on her bed on the phone with Santana. Her door was wide open because she only ever closed it to change and to sleep.

"Stop Tana, you don't know anything about our relationship. We are just friends. You know that." She lectured Santana through the phone.

"Yes chicá, but we can all see your boners for eachother. They're not hard to see." Santana responded in a matter of fact voice.

"Yes but-" Rachel was cut off by a tall handsome man knocking on her door frame. "Hey Rach, I'm gonna order some Chinese, do you want the usual?" He asked with that half smirk that's made her heart melt into mush.

She nodded her head yes and smiled. They stared longingly at eachother for what seemed like hours until they heard, "BERRY?! ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING TO ME?!" Santana was screaming through the phone.

"Sorry Tana, what we're you saying?" Rachel questioned as Finn chuckled and left Rachel's room.

Finn has always been into Rachel. He just never acted on anything because she looked like she just wanted to be friends. Sure she would lay her head on his shoulder, or kiss his cheek. But, she also did that sort of thing with their gay friend Kurt.

He thought she was just beautiful. She wasn't pretty in an obvious way. She was cute. But she also kind of sneaky hot, like when she would come out her room in just a towel still dripping wet, he would to crazy extremes to hide his boner. Literally, one time he told her was just watching porn.

20 minutes later the food had arrived and Finn and Rachel were on the couch. Rachel was scrolling through Netflix, while Finn was devouring his food.

"Do you even taste your food?" Rachel asked giggling at the fact he was almost done eating his chicken.

"The answer to that is, no." He said with his mouth full. She giggled and kept looking through Netflix.

Once they chose a movie and we're finished eating, Rachel pulled the blanket over her torso and snuggled closer to Finn. Finn wrapped his arm around her and tugged into his side. Rachel loves the feeling of being in Finn's arms it was probably her favorite place to be.

About halfway through the movie Rachel started to drift off to sleep, so Finn pokes her in the stomach making her eyes fly open.

"Finny..." she whined quietly as she buried her face in his chest. "Rach, I need to talk to you about something."

"No, Finny. I sleep." Rachel mumbled as she swung her leg over Finn's lap and snuggled her face into the nook of his neck. Finn pulled the blanket around her body and wrapped his arms around her.

"Ok I get it, but I need to tell you something important." Finn said to her, she made a sort of incoherent noise to prove she was listening.

"On Thursday I'm going to Paris, France and you're coming with me." He whispered in her ear. She made another noise then laid still. Maybe 10 seconds passed before she jumped off his lap and yelled.