Carly's Not Herself

Jason was concerned about Carly. Ever since he had taken her to the nursery to view their son, she had barely said a word. She just sat there in her hospital bed, staring off into space blindly as silent tears fell from her sad eyes. Jason's heart was breaking as he held her hand, trying to lend her his strength.

"Carly, talk to me," he urged. "What are you thinking right now?"

She didn't respond. She let out a little sigh, closed her eyes, and lay her head back against her pillow. Her hand went completely still within his. She had fallen into an exhausted sleep.

Jason stood, brushing his lips lightly against her forehead. "Rest well," he whispered. "I will be right back."

He found Bobbie standing in the hallway, right outside Carly's hospital room. "How's Carly today?" Bobbie asked cheerfully. "I saw the baby a little earlier. He's doing so well after the surgery ...such a strong little guy and super cute, too."

"I am glad the baby is well, but I am worried about Carly," Jason stated. "She's so quiet; she's just not herself."

"She's been through so much... the medical trauma and having the baby far too soon," Bobbie surmised. "She seems to think it is her fault that the baby came too soon and he required surgery for his heart condition. Jason, she's showing signs of postpartum depression."

"What can I do to help her?"

"Just do everything you've already been doing. Be there for her. Let her know you'll be by her side every step of the way."

"But she didn't want to touch the baby, as if she'd break him."

"She's afraid. She'll have to face her fears, but first she'll have to forgive herself, even if she didn't truly do anything wrong. She loves that baby so much. Her heart is broken because she thinks she has somehow hurt him."

Jason sighed. It was tearing him apart to see Carly in such a broken state. He wanted to fix it for her ASAP, but he couldn't. It was going to take some time.

Bobbie lightly touched Jason's hand. "Everything will be okay in the end. I know it will," she tried to reassure him.

"Thank you, Bobbie. You're a great nurse and such a wonderful person."

"There was a time when I loathed Carly, but now I see her as she truly is...a young woman who was hurting and lashing out in her pain. She just wants her baby to be healthy and safe... and I want that, too."

Just then Bobbie was called away via the hospital's intercom on an apparent emergency, so Jason walked toward the nursery to see his newborn baby boy. He stood in awe as he gazed at the tiny figure - his and Carly's son.

"Hey there, little guy," he said as he approached the baby. "Daddy's here."

In the meantime, AJ stealthily walked down the hall toward Carly's hospital room. He wanted to pay a little visit to the woman who had lied to everyone. With Jason away, he had the perfect opportunity to confront Carly about what happened that night in Jason's room above Jake's. His memories had to returned now that the baby had been born. Carly had a LOT of explaining to do and he was determined to get some answers.