I Promise:

Seeing the stunned expression on his face, Carly pleaded, "Jason, please...don't be mad at me. I should have told you, but you were with Robin...and I was with Tony... and you said- you said..."

"It doesn't matter what I said. Carly, IF you had told me..."

"What? Would you have left your precious Robin? Would you have put me and this baby first above your sweet, darling Miss Goody Two Shoes? You told me what we had was over... that you would never sleep with me again. Do you not remember saying that?"

Jason couldn't deny that he had broken things off with Carly in that exact same manner. "Carly, you just don't understand..." He struggled to explain, but Carly wasn't having it.

"Nevermind. Talking about the fact that you chose another woman over me is not what I want to discuss right now. I want to talk about the baby. This child may or may not be yours. AJ doesn't remember that one night we had together, but IF he ever does, then the Quartermaines are going to want to take my child. Jason, I want this baby to be YOURS. Damn, it probably IS yours, because you and I have slept together MANY times... and AJ and I had only that one night. Whatever happens, I want you to say that the baby is yours. PROMISE me!"

"I promise," Jason said without hesitation.

"Seriously, you're going to do this?"

"Yes, for you I would. I don't want the Quartermaines to take this baby anymore than you do. This child is mine - whether I am the biological father or not. This kid will be ours."

"What if AJ remembers that one night we had together? What if he puts two and two together and he and the Quartermaines show up and say they're taking the baby? They have a lot of money. They can hire good lawyers."

Jason shrugged. "I have a lot of money, too. No one's taking the baby. We'll go see Alexis Davis and if you give me power of attorney and I sign the kid's birth certificate, then what can they do?"

"A lot, Jason! After the baby comes, they can insist on blood tests. The tests might show that the baby is AJ's."

Carly looked scared and frantic. Jason knew he had to calm her down. "Have you been taking care of yourself, seeing the doctor, taking your prenatal vitamins? You have to think about the kid, Carly. I can take care of everything else."

"Do you promise, Jason?" she asked as she finally managed to take a breath.

"I promise."