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Vale Docks, Late night

Normally in the docks of Vale there's always a big movement of workers, delivering and retrieving cargo, but on this night the sudden storm caught everyone unaware.

"Hey Rick, remind me why we're still here?" One of his partners asked to him.

"Because the last container is still on the ground and it should be in the ship, now shut up and work." He replied.

Rick Desmond is an average man with bleached blond short hair, slightly tanned from the manual labor, and wearing work overalls like the rest of the workers.

Then suddenly, a massive wave hit the pier that they were, the sound of the wood holding them up creaking under the pressure. After the water retreated back to the ocean, he saw a boy- a teen- between 18-19 years old between them. He had long white hair, an eye-patch, a gold trimmed red coat with spikes and fin decorations that is torn in multiple places over a black shirt, black leather pants with golden skulls with bat wings and metallic like boots.

"Give us space!" Desmond said to his coworkers, kneeling beside the boy and started making a CPR.

The teen spitted water and rolled to the side, vomiting water and a putrid liquid before he opened his red eye, looking at his savior.

"By the brothers, you scared us, boy! Why were you out in the water at this hour?"He said to the teen, helping him to get up.

"W-water...?"The young man said still affected by the lack of air.

"Yeah, you were in the ocean when the water brought you up. Don't you remember? Can you at least give me your name?" Desmond asked him again.

"My name? Luthor….Luthor Harkon." The now named Luthor said to him, a thunder flashed in the sky after he said giving Desmond and the workers a chill in their spines.

"Why were you on the water Luthor?" Desmond asked.

"I….don't remember..."Luthor replied with furrowed brows.

"You only remember your name?"


Desmond sighed,"Well kid...Maybe you can-" He was interrupted by another big wave that launched a sword that missed his head by a hair, that was caught by Luthor.

The sword was a straight sword with a cutlass guard and a ruby embed into it, with the blunt side of the blade having serrated teeth, making it have a fishy style.

"Wow, you got some fine reflexes, boy." Desmond commented with some awe and surprise.

"Thank you." Luthor replied.

"As I was saying, maybe you can stay in my home for some days...if you want." The harbor worker offered, which made Luthor raise an eyebrow.

"You go around asking homeless people if they want to stay in your house?" Luthor deadpanned, making Desmond snort.

"Just the ones that the sea throw at me." He continued the play in a fake serious voice.

Luthor chuckled and suddenly started coughing.

"You're alright?" Desmond asked in concern.

"Yes...cough...I-It's just the salt."Luthor rebutted.

"Still want a roof for stay?"

"If isn't okay for you, yes."

"Roger roger."


Desmond started to go to his house with Luthor in tow, but without the worker seeing, he gave a dark smirk.

'Thank you indeed.'


Desmond apartment, Vale

Luthor was internally stunned with how this world was much more technologically advanced than his world, with the light posts that don't leave smoke, to the glass-like glowing words on walls, but he maintained a mask of innocent surprise to his 'savior'.

Desmond's home was a small apartment with a single sofa with an old TV, as the fisherman said to him, a bedroom and bathroom. The latter bluffed him a lot, indoor water that was heated by itself!

'Damn, this would be very good back home.' He wondered.

He is currently in the bathroom, looking at himself in the mirror. His face was de-aged to probably his 18 years, without any of his scars excluding his missing eye, but the worst of all was that he is alive and human, without his powers and his pistols, and his suit look like rags. At least his sword was intact, even if the blade was bit blunt.

And his appearance was much less vampiric and more human, with his skin pale but normal, and eye with white sclera instead of black, his hair was more to a healthy white.

'It's still weird be alive again.' He thought.

'Maybe we need to kill the harbor worker, he can discover us and then impale us with a stake!' A more paranoid part of his mind said.

'NO NO NO! He is useful! He can give us much information about this world that we ended up!' A logical one said.

'Someone's hungry there? Because surely I am.'

'SILENCE YOU ALL!' He internally shouted to his fragments stop, his mind re-adjusting back to a whole, 'But thank you to remind me.'

'No problem.'

He smirked and exited from the bathroom, but he gave a final look at the mirror for expose his teeth, revealing a slightly longer canines but not like his vampire ones.

He fully exited the bathroom and gone to the small kitchen, feeling the smell of pig meat being cooked.

"Hey kid, want some midnight bacon." Desmond asked to him while frying some slices.

Luthor internally rolled his eyes, 'Such a useful man...', he made a friendly mask and replied,"Sure."

Both of them sat at the dining table, eating dinner.

"Mmm, I wanted to know a little thing." Desmond said, receiving the ex-vampire attention.

"Why do you use an eye-patch?"He asked.

Luthor nearly choked with a slice of bacon, but then he replied by lifting the eye-patch, revealing an ugly scar lacking an eye on the hole.

"Woah, that's gross." Desmond said in disgust, making Luthor chuckle.

The duo continued dining, occasionally, Desmond asked something about Luthor's past or if he remembered something, to which Luthor quickly lied that he hadn't remembered or he swatted away the question with one of his own about Remnant that Desmond answered.

Eventually Desmond had gone to bed and Luthor had took to the sofa, the former offered the latter to go to the bed, but he quickly refused, "It's too much for abuse your hospitality." the pirate said.

'Well, it's a pity that this guy is helping us and we are lying to him in, like, 90% of questions.' Luthor mentally said to 'himself'.

'At least we continue this until we get some stuff and money and weapons and ammo, and then we exit!' A planning and calculating voice said in his head.

'Makes sense, I actually feel bad for him...'


His head erupted in laughter from his slightly fragmented psyche.


'Hehehehe, yeah...I said it...Good night guys.'

'Good night.' 'G'night!' 'FUCK YOU!'

He mentally noted to delete the last fragment and slipped to sleep.


Next morning…

A field of corpses covered with the stink of rot and death, a beautiful but deadly woman in his front, his arm chopped and legs broken, monsters holding his crippled body.

The woman smile in her decayed appearance and leans for kiss him, his body erupts in pure pain as it melts.

Luthor woke in a jump while sweating cold bullets, his body shaking with phantom pain and mouth curled in a silent scream.

"Hey! You're okay?"Desmond says suddenly, making the pirate jump in fright.

"FUCKING SHIT! DON'T SCARE ME, GODS DAMN IT!" Luthor screamed, making Desmond laugh.

"No need to scream buddy...You had a nightmare?" Desmond asked to him after he recomposed himself.

"Yes, maybe, probably, who knows? Pick one." Luthor replied still angry, breathing heavily.

He calmed himself, closing his eye, "Sorry for screaming."

"No problem, everyone have nightmares sometimes." Desmond said while shrugging casually, "Ya want some breakfast?"


"Okay." Desmond gone to the kitchen, that was literally a few steps away.

"Desmond...I want to ask a thing." Luthor said to him in a serious tone.

"What?" The worker asked, looking at him.

"You have money? Like, I'm wanting to get one of these scrolls and try to find a job."Luthor lied, he just wanted to buy a scroll and that's it.

"Mmmm, I have some spare money that I was going to use for buy a new one, but you can use it for buy a cheap one." Desmond mused while cooking.

"Thank you. After that I will don't go back."


"I don't want to abuse your hospitality anymore."'More like I'm tired of being a fucking actor.'

"Oh...Well, my door is always open to you." Desmond said,"And done." He lifted two plates of toast with butter.

"Simple but good." He continued, going to the dining table with Harkon.

They ate the breakfast and Luthor quickly fetched the money and his sword, heading out of the building power walking, leaving Desmond behind with his thoughts 'He looks to be a good guy, even if he was lying a lot… oh well, what can I do, he just met a random guy that invited him to his least I guided him to a better path…...Just as planned.' He smirked, his eyes flashing blue for a second.


Vale Streets, morning

Luthor Harkon continued power walking, ignoring the people around him even when he bumped into some of them. To the outside view, they see a teen carrying a sword wearing an eyepatch and a pirate suit with his brows furrowed, frowning, but he is currently planning what-to-do next.

'Let's see, buy a scroll, get a pistol and ammo for it, find some muggers or some shit like that and rob them blind.' He thought.

'I like the last part, hehehe.' A mischievous part of him said.

His musing was stopped when he reached his destination, an electronics shop with news passing on the windows and commercials.


He power walked slightly more and entered inside it, looking at the items that the shop sells, finding the cheapest scroll that he could find. When he found, he retrieved it and gone to the cashier putting it on the counter.

"Oh, welcome! You want to buy this?"The female cashier asked to him politely, which he nodded and putted the Lien bills on the counter.

"Let me retrieve your change."

She opened the cash box, but his vision traveled to outside the shop, looking at a tailor with a big sign 'We repair and sell!' that made his grin.

She gave him the change that was considerately big and he quickly exited, going to the other shop.

The shop was slightly bigger than the electronics one, he slowly walked to the cashier,"Hey friend, you repair clothes?"

The tailor was a bald old man in tailors clothes,"Oh yes, you're from Beacon."

"No." Luthor replied,"Just a passing by with torn clothes. You can repair it?"He asked.

"Mmmm..." The tailor gave a long look at his suit, and his eyes widened in surprise."This is a fine suit, a pity that it's so damaged. I'll see what I can do."

"Thanks. I'll go pick out some spare clothes." Luthor said and gone to pick a simple black t-shirt and pants.

During his retrieval, he saw a girl looking at him, a brunette wearing a beret, sunglasses and a stylish choice of clothing. She was more specifically looking at his suit while muttering something and shaking her head.

He ignored her with a roll of eye, going back to the cashier.

Luthor bought the clothes and gone for the changer, putting them on, and then gave his old suit to the tailor with some bills, he now had just some of it.

"Come back in some hours, the damage is big but it's not a lost cause. Feel free for test anything that you like, and if you're interested, there's a weapon shop near here."The tailor said while picking the suit.

"Thank you sir." Luthor automatically said and exited from the shop, noticing that the brunette is missing.

There was a weapon shop that was very close by, as the tailor had said, but he also noticed that a shop called 'Dust Till Dawn' was totally wrecked, with glass on ground and lots of police tape.

He ignored it and continued walking, but the scene still intrigued him or at least who made it, a man called Roman Torchwick that tried to rob the store and got asshandled by a passing by huntsman-in-training.

Reaching the weapon shop, he saw that there were a lot of guns on the display, including some fancy mecha-shift weapons. They are one of things that make his head spin, he surely would accept a pistol that is also a shotgun.

He looked around the shop, trailing to unknown weapons that are deadly in his eyes but one specifically made him stop, it was a pistol that had a chamber for multiple bullets, a revolver, they lacked the punch of a classic flintlock pistol but he surely can upgrade it for a bigger caliber.

To his luck, these generic guns are rather cheap, but it and some ammo would cost his last bills of Lien. "Meh, I can get more with it."

He gone to the cashier, "A revolver and some ammo for it." He putted the Lien on the counter.

The cashier was reading a weapon magazine, he peeked from the magazine to the counter and gone pick a revolver and ammo, then putted on the counter, everything while still reading the magazine.

Luthor could see that there's another magazine over the weapons one, but he decided to ignore and continue his way, 'Heh, everyone with their own problems.'

He looked around and spotted a public bench, deciding to sit here and relax a little.

Luthor spent the two hours of waiting with fiddling with his scroll, testing the basic functions and trying to find a game but to no avail. 'Never was good on advanced machines...only with these lizard trinkets...Aaah, good times.' He mused and saw the hour, quickly getting up and going to the Tailor shop.

He entered in the exact moment that the Tailor was exiting from the door behind the balcony, with his suit in hands, good as new with even the cape restored, the Vampire Coast emblem in full display, A skull with eight green tentacles coming from it in a spiral pattern, He quickly gone to the Tailor who was with an eyebrow raised.

"You spent the entire time outside waiting for it?" He questioned.

"Nah, gone buy some stuff." Luthor said fatly.

"Mmm, your pirate costume is very good, the materials are a little strange but I done my best for repair it." The Tailor said while handing him the suit,"You can change in the changers if you want."

"Aye, thanks." Luthor replied and gone to the changers, putting his restored suit and the casual ones in a bag.

He exited from the shop, nodding to the Tailor before it and started his walk towards his new future…


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