Above a forest, miles from any inhabited town a large pink portal ripped itself open and from it a person fell. Nobody would witness this, but many would feel a sense of hope appear from nowhere, others such as Ozpin would feel a change coming to the world, and others such as the Grimm would feel a shiver of absolute dread run through out there bodies, and finally those like Salem would fell pure unadulterated fear spring from the pit of their stomachs and grab hold of their hearts.

The cause of all this landed lightly on the snow-covered grounds, defying all logic with its landing, and groaned before bringing a hand up to his head. Even after the long fall he seemed completely fine, almost undamaged if not for a few scuff marks, and upon focusing he realized he was no longer in his house.

"WHAT THE FUCK!? WHERE AM I!? WHAT HAPPENED!?" A very familiar type of screaming echoed through the small forest as the man was suddenly on his feet and darting around. "WHERE'S CHICA!?"

"That's right folks the one screaming is the oh so famous Markiplier"

Markiplier proceeded to jump at the sudden voice "WHO'S THERE I GOT FISTS AND I'M NOT AFRAID TO PUNCH YOU IN FACE!" he said while wildly swinging his fists around in the manner he usually does.

"That would be me, your oh so helpful tutorial guide designed specifically for you"

Mark paused "wwwwaaiit, tutorial guide?" he asked with a puzzled expression.

"Of course, you've been chosen to use a special version of the Gamer ability which I shall explained when you're ready"

"Well, I think a tutorial would be nice" Mark said with a very unsure expression.

"Alrighty then, *Clears Throat* Welcome to your new life as the Gamer, you have been specifically chosen by some powerful being out there to experience a new version of the Gamer that adapts to the user it's installed in. For you it seems to have chosen a rather overpower version I must say, but your you so it makes sense. Anyways, your version is technically known as The Star, due to being well known in the YouTube community giving you the ability to have a very special ability called, INFINTE TITLES"

"Titles, what the hell are those?" Mark mumbled only to actually get a response from the voice.

"Titles are gained from specified actions or in your case every videogame you have ever posted on you channel and maybe even the other stuff too. Anyways, to get you started how about I give you a basic battle tutorial, oh and would you look at that. Your enemy is here"

Mark spun in a circle before spotting the large werewolf creature that seemed to be made out of nightmares….before promptly freaking out. "WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!? OH MY GOD ITS SO CREEPY YET ADORABLE, BUT IT LOOKS LIKE IT WANTS TO KILL ME!?" He yelled while running in circles "IM GONNA DIE, EVERYONE PROBABLY THINKS IM DEAD, OH GOD"


Mark suddenly stopped running and calmed down "sorry had to get that out of m-OH GOD IM GONNA DIE-y system" He said (yelled?) before facing the werewolf thing.

"Now that your calm, let me give you a nice friendly title to help you with this fight" *Sound of shuffling can be herd*



You gained the title

The Veteran Stander:

You know how to play, you know how to survive, you know how to make a last stand. (Affects: Finding Weapons is 50% easier, Finding Survivors is 50% easier, Making and Repairing Barricades and Defenses takes 50% less materials and is 100% Faster, All Fire Arm EXP gain increased by 25%, 5% increase to chainsaw wielding skill, 5% increase in EXP to (Melee Weapon Proficiency), 5% Damage increase to melee damage dealt, 100% increase to reload speed, 5% increase to unarmed damage, All Fire Arm Damage Increased by 10%, Item (PPM 9 Pistol EXT. MAG) Gained, Item (Veteran Standers Journal) Gained, +10 HP, +5 STR, +2.5 VIT, +2.5 AGI) (Origin: The Last Stand Series)

Mark blinked at the sudden screen in his face and the feeling of a gun in his hand. He looked at the gun before looking at the creature in front of him and raising it towards the werewolf.

"Now let me explain the-"


The voice started only to get cut off by the sound of gun shots and a falling body.

Mark blinked at the dissolving creature and the looked at the gun. "I honestly didn't expect that to work" Mark said before chuckling "WELP, it's dead, moving on" he said looking around completely forgetting about the voice that was silent.

"I have many questions, I'm almost positive none are going to be answered"

Mark shrugged "Well, I got to find chica, plus who needs a tutorial"

*Sigh* "You're going to regret saying that, but I guess I'll just start the game" BEEP

And just like that mark was assaulted by a massive amount of pinging that stopped about two seconds after it started and what he saw made him smile and chuckle evilly causing every Grimm with 50 miles shiver in terror.