Yo sorry it took so long, but believe me I should be able to get the first chapter out soon if life isn't a jerk like usual

Rumors had risen up amongst the city of vale about a man who had been saving villages left and right from Grimm with apparent easy, taking no visible damage and killing humanities bane with little more than an old-fashioned pistol with no shifting mechanism. These rumors had then moved on the Beacon where students had making even more rumors about how strong the man must have been, about how handsome or badass, and the list just went on. Glynda had had it up to here with Ozpin after he started sending out teams to find the unknown man to invite him to Beacon as a teacher, and to make it worse when she brought up that the person they were hunting could be dangerous her bosses response was that his 'instincts' were telling him the opposite.

So, just to prove that instincts weren't the most reliable of thing to trust she waited for the next Grimm attack to be reported before dawning her battle attire, which was already on her, and getting on a bullhead to find the man herself.

Imagine her surprise, when she arrives at the village to see a celebration of all things going on while Grimm corpses rot around the outside area as what appears to be the remainder, which were mostly beowolves, ran away with what appeared to be a grown man chasing after them while shooting a gun and screaming at the top of his, might she say, ridiculously strong lungs. Due the sheer ridiculousness, for what ever reason she felt as if any situation with this man could be described as such, of the situation she stood their for a few moments in complete shock as the man stopped chasing the Grimm.

Snapping out of her shock she jumped out of the bullhead and immediately started walking towards the man prepared to apprehend him if he turned to attack only to freeze in horror once she got within a few dozen feet of him.

Before her stood an army of demonic make, with creatures that could only be described as true monsters all standing before the man seemingly waiting for orders. there were some things that didn't seem so farfetched such as a creature with long spindly arms and a frame so skeletal it look starved, a tall man with no face and a tux that seemed to stare at he every so often with its eyeless face, to a large group of animatronic with glowing silver eyes that seemed to glitch out and look at her every so often. Then there were creatures that just shouldn't be possible such as a man with raggedy clothing and a crooked broken neck, a skeletal creature with no eyes by a mouth filled with sharp vicious looking teeth, and a large purple creature with a disproportionate body.

Then she blinked and the army was gone, no more monsters and faceless men, no more animatronics and undead people. Then she realized that the man was gone to and only one thought appeared in her mind.

This man, no this god like being of horror, was dangerous indeed.

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