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The city of Konoha was in a panic right now. It had been about a few hours since they had learned that Hinata Hyuga was kidnapped from their village, right under their noses as they were working hard to repair the damage done via the failed invasion. It shocked them to know that someone had managed to do so in the first place, and what made it even worse was that they did it when they were the most vulnerable.

Hinata's father Hiashi as well as her mother Hitomi had learned about the abduction too late when they searched for her for the daily family meal. They went to visit the hospital since she had been heading there to visit her cousin Neji who had been hurt in the invasion. Yet when they talked to him, he told them that she had never arrived in the first place, and it was then that they knew that someone had kidnapped her. So they went to the Hokage and told him what happened, and when he heard about it he put the village on lockdown to search for her within it as well as sent out multiple trackers to hunt down her captors in the surrounding area.

For several hours this went on, with no leads whatsoever since the Kumo Shinobi that kidnapped her had come well prepared to evade any type of pursuit. And yet when all seemed hopeless, one of the tracking teams found her as she was making her way back to the village with a bag of supplies on her back. The tracking team escorted her back to the village, where her parents were the first on the scene with them both hugging her with tears in their eyes since they had begun to fear that they had lost her forever.

They took her to Minato to be debriefed on just what had happened exactly. There she told them that she had been snatched and drugged by Kumo shinobi while on her way to visit Neji in the hospital. They had gotten quite some distance from the village before the drugs wore off. She mentally thanked her mom for training her for years by slightly drugging drinks she gave her, with her knowledge of course, so that she had a fairly high resistance. She got away easily since they didn't think that she would come to, but she was then chased down by them. She was hit with a senbon laced with the same drug that once again knocked her out. She explained that she had no idea what happened next since she was out of it.

It was there that the story got interesting to the three people listening since she explained that she had been saved by a young man who was her own age and brought in for medical attention back at his home in Wave Country. He injected her with a counter to the drug and got her the supplies that she needed to make it back home. Hitomi saw her daughter's face slightly blush as she recounted that bit of the story and smiled since she saw the obvious signs of a crush, and she would ask about it later once this meeting was over. Yet what she said next made the color on Minato's face disappear…

She told them that the man who saved her was named Naruto, and that he looked exactly like Menma with the only real difference in appearance being the whisker looking birthmarks on his face. Minato asked her to repeat the name, which she did, and as soon a she did he asked them to leave his office since he had to speak with someone immediately. They did as ordered and left Minato alone or at least appeared to be.

"You lied to me Danzo," said Minato as he looked into the dark corner of the room knowing that Danzo was there. "You told me that Naruto was dead and that his body had been dealt with."

"I believed that he was," said Danzo as he walked out of the shadows slowly as was elderly, "since the brat was mostly dead when I had my men throw him into the river."

"And yet he still lives," said Minato with a growl. This went against the traditions of his clan since twins had to fight to the end so that only one survived and yet now Naruto had dishonored that tradition by remaining alive when he as was his right as the clan head had ordered him dead. Sure he could have had the boy killed when he lost the fight to Menma, which in retrospect he really should have done to ensure that the family tradition was upheld, but he thought to have the boy trained to be a mindless nin so that he could go on a suicide mission and at least do one thing useful before his death. But now that plan was in shambles. He needed to end the boy's life as soon as possible to make his family traditions right, and yet he also wanted to have a Yamanaka poke around in his head a bit since he might have useful techniques of some sort in his head. One does not defeat elite Kumo shinobi single handedly without techniques.

"I will have my ROOT Shinobi assassinate the boy immediately," said Danzo without any sort of emotion in his voice.

"No," said Minato simply as he thought about it clearly, "since he lives in Wave and is protected by whoever is killing your ROOT we have already sent there to try and obtain some of their technology. Sending more would do us no good."

"So how shall we approach this?" asked Danzo with a raised eyebrow?

"Give me some time to think about it," said Minato as he waved the man out the door. "I'll think of something in due time."

Danzo simply nodded as he left the room. While he would have usually just sent the ROOT Nin anyway regardless of what Minato ordered, he had to admit that their past attempts at infiltrating Wave had all failed so sending more would gain them nothing. So he simply left Minato to his thoughts…

While all this was happening, Hinata went home with her parents. There they sat down and enjoyed some nice calming tea as they questioned their daughter more on the subject of what had happened to her. Hinata had blushed the more she mentioned Naruto, and to be honest it made her parents a little weary since she was that age, but a quick activation of Hitomi's Byakugan and those fears were laid to rest since Hinata still had her hymen, so at least this Naruto she was blushing over did not take advantage of her in her unconscious state and they were honestly grateful for that fact alone.

It was then that Hitomi had the idea to head out and meet the young man who had saved their daughter's life, mainly since it was the proper thing to do. Hiashi was in agreement to the idea, so he left to speak with the Hokage to let him know of their planned trip from the village. As he left Hitomi, being a mother who saw the clears signs of a crush, couldn't help but tease her daughter about such things. Her teasing only made Hinata's face go darker as the blush increased, but eventually Hitomi stopped as Hiashi came back and told them to pack some supplies. He even requested that Neji come along since the young man needed a bit of vacation seeing that he was just released from the hospital. He wanted Hanabi to come with them, but she made an excuse about how she needed to stay to train for the academy tests that were coming up shortly, so they let her stay.

And as they all left to head towards Wave, the Hyuga elders were in their secret room, one that Hiashi was not aware of, and plotting. They had tried to get rid of Hinata via the Kumo shinobi they tipped off so that they could kidnap her when the village was not prepared for them. True she would have been used as nothing more than a breeding sow once there since the village was fanatically obsessed with the Byakugan, but they had spies in the village that would wait for the perfect time to kill her so she never carried the bastard to full term. This way, no one would ever suspect them of their own involvement to the plot of eliminating the girl from the clan altogether. For years they have been trying to rid themselves of not only Hinata, but Hitomi as well since they both had views that went against their clan's traditions of enslaving half their clan to serve them. Hiashi had that mindset in his youth, but once he married Hitomi she had managed to change his mind on the subject and he was against it. Since then he had been trying for years to find a legal means to force the removal of the Cage Bird Seal, but his efforts had borne nothing so far and yet he still looked.

The elders believed that Hitomi was the problem and had tried to kill her after she gave birth to her second daughter Hanabi, but that didn't work as well as they thought it would. As she had been asleep from all the labor pains in her weakened condition, they had one of their most devoted clan members try and poison her in her sleep with a special untraceable concoction, but Hiashi had returned to his wife's side as he was about to force it down her throat. The man had panicked, and fearing torture so that the truth would be told, drank the poison himself so that he would die and the plot to kill Hitomi would remain a mystery. It worked since Hiashi never figured out that the elders were behind this, but he remained by his wife's side every moment after that, so no new plans could be concocted to finish her off.

Now their main problem was Hinata, who was just like her mother in her views of equality within the clan, and they would be damned if the little bitch managed to become the clan head and sully their clan's traditions. Hanabi had accepted the elder's views easily since she had the same mindset as them and saw her sister as a blight towards their clan as well as weak. She wore a mask that fooled her parents since they never noticed her true feelings on the matter and just assumed that she was against the seal as well, but she wasn't…

Now the elders had the perfect chance to eliminate all three nuisances to their plans in one fell swoop and in doing so have Hanabi take over as clan head. Sure she was young, but the main factor of her agreeing with the Cage Bird Seal made her perfect for the job. So with that in mind, the elders used the same network they did the last time to let Kumo know about the whereabouts of multiple unsealed Hyuga….

(Wave – 3 days later)

The past few days had been busy for Naruto and his family. They all had separate jobs they were hired for, and when they weren't doing that they were out past the Elemental Countries scavenging old technology to find things that would improve the lives of the villagers. They had been doing this for a while, and while many would ask why they were searching for ruined tech like they were, it turned out 15 was a bit of a technological genius. He developed a machine that could scan just about anything non organic and within a few hours print out blueprints for said machine. This way they could build more of them. This was how they developed their weapons so as to protect the villagers with as well as the mining gear, hydro dam generator for power, irrigation systems as well as greenhouses and a large bio-dome to grow as well as protect their crops from harsh weather, security cameras that spanned the village yet none were inside people's 'houses, trucks to load and unload materials to the loading docks so that they could then travel with it the usual way with horses and carts.

The world was not ready for all this technology. Naruto knew that much about his world, and so he kept it within the one village since the people were kind and hard workers. They were not out to conquer the world or even out to eliminate another village because of past wars or political differences. No these people simply wished to be left alone to work and remain the trading hub of most of the countries. They sold materials to whoever paid them since that was their main business, and it was good.

Yet Naruto had a feeling in his gut that when he let Hinata go after saving her, that his peaceful life was at and end for a while…

And damn it, his gut was right yet again…

Hinata and her family had arrived at the bridge, and what they saw amazed them a bit. The bridge had been made large then what had been planned when the idea was first put to paper, and there was a reason for that. While the main part of it which was the middle was the same as most bridges, the sides had tracks on them. The reason for this was a railway system that transported people from one end of the bridge to the other side within a ten minute span. Walking, at least for regular civilians, took about an hour. There was group of benches with covering over them in case of rain and a time table that showed exactly when the next train came.

Even Hinata was surprised to see this, since when she had left the village several days ago, she had failed to notice this at all. But then again she was in a rush to get home as well as the fact that a certain blonde man who saved her life was on her mind and her body was essentially running on instinct as her mind was elsewhere…

So Hinata and her family waited for the train, which arrived at the exact time mentioned on the chart. It wasn't too fancy, just a small one person engine that was steam powered with several covered cabins connected that had cushioned seats in them. The train could carry about fifty people at a time, which wasn't so bad since it was usually those fifty people who went out to cut down the trees in their nearby lumberyard anyway. So in ten minutes Hinata and her family were at the front gate.

There they were met by security, who asked them their names, home village, and whether they were there for business or pleasure. They answered the questions truthfully, and were then told to empty any and all things that were considered weapons into their own person lockboxes that they were then given a key for. There was a long list of things posted nearby that showed them exactly what the guard meant. So they obliged, and once done they were each given a key and told they could pick up their stuff on the way out and to have a nice day with a genuine smile on his face.

To the guards of the village, anyone willing to go through all that to visit was good in their minds since they were not here to cause trouble. It was the ones who snuck around and entered fully equip with their gear that was the problem since they were more than likely here to try and steal what wasn't theirs to steal. Sure they had cameras and guard towers that spanned the walls of the place, but to be honest that pretty much stopped bandits only since shinobi had other means to get past their security.

Well it was lucky for them that Naruto and his brothers were coming up with a solution to that as they spoke, and to be honest the guards were looking forward to it…

"So do you have any idea as to where this Naruto you spoke about is currently located?" asked Hitomi as her and the rest of their group were walking down the main street of the village. The place had improved over in time, with paved roads and more sturdy houses than what they had ever seen. Plus there were men building more stuff with tools they had never seen before. Hell there was a man with a metallic mask on using a device that shot out flames to melt metal and mold it to another piece of it.

"Not really," said Hinata sheepishly as she had no idea as to where he lived. Naruto had taken her to what she assumed was a hospital here, not his own personal property. She looked around to see if anything looked familiar at all, but to be honest she didn't quite remember this place very well since she was here for only a short amount of time as Naruto got her some supplies and then she was gone and heading back home.

"So any idea as to where to start looking or even who to ask?" asked Neji. The man wanted to meet the man who had saved his cousin's life when she was kidnapped. Neji loved his cousin, who he saw more as a sister than a cousin.

"Well I remember that he is well liked as well as respected in this village, so I guess we just ask around," said Hinata as she remembered how the people respected him the last time she was here. They had gone out of their way to greet him, which he returned.

"Whoa whoa," said a voice behind them that surprised them a bit since it was closer than they expected. They turned around to see a short purple skinned man with a very strange, yet large, hat on his head. "So it seems like my little brother's girlfriend has come back for seconds. What up? Miss my boy too much?"

Hinata's face burned dark red as 15 said that, with her parents looking at her with questioning eyes since they wanted to know it something happened that she didn't tell them.

"Nothing happened," squeaked out Hinata finally since she was too embarrassed to say it normally.

"And yet you came back after less than a week," said 15 with a grin, yet he then looked at her parents and saw them sort of gaining a bit of a dark aura surrounding them, so he decided that he was done teasing the girl. "So I am guessing that you all here to see my little brother Naruto?"

"That is correct," said Hiashi with a bit of authority to his voice.

"Well follow me and I'll give him a call," said 15 as he walked towards his bar. The Hyuga looked at themselves for a second before they followed the strange man. They walked into the bar and saw another man there behind the counter polishing glasses.

"Hey 15," said Tazuna with a cheerful smile on his face since he was having a good day today. "Who are your friends?"

"Not really sure on most their names," said 15 with a shrug, "but I know my little bro's girl Hinata there and I assume that the rest are her family. So I am going to give Naruto a call, can you hook them up with a few drinks on the house?"

"Is my daughter pregnant with her second child," asked Tazuna with a raised eyebrow.

"Mutha fucker… I don't know about that!"

"Exactly," said Tazuna with a grin as 15 went into the back. Tazuna looked at Hinata's parents for about three seconds before he whipped out the alcohol that he needed to make the drinks for his guests. For Hitomi he made a Pina Colada, yet for Hiashi, who seemed like he would prefer a stiffer drink if his demeanor was anything to go on, he poured scotch on the rocks.

They accepted the drinks given to them, and they had to admit that they hit the spot perfectly. Tazuna smiled as he saw them enjoy the drinks he prepared. For years he had always simply drank the alcohol that he could get his hands on. But now that he was introduced to many more forms of it, he relished in the creation of new drinks. It also became known to him as he created them that he realized that he had a gift at creating the perfect drinks for people just by looking at them. This made him popular to visitors as well the residents of the villagers.

As they drank what was given to them, Naruto was in his workshop fixing a truck. It had something wrong with the engine, and he had his tools to fix it in hand when he heard the beep that signaled that someone was calling him. They set up the phone towers throughout the village, and even had live time video calls on the receiver as well. Sure it was only available within the village, but it worked wonders.

Naruto took his rag and wiped the grease and oil off his hand before he pushed the button to accept the call. He saw his brother 15 on the screen.

"Yo Naruto," said 15 with a smirk on his face.

"What's up 15," asked Naruto, "I am in the middle of fixing a truck engine for someone here so can it wait a bit?"

"I'm gonna have to go with a no on that little bro," said 15. "You need to get your ass down to my bar ASAP."

"Fine," said Naruto with a sigh, "I'll be there in a few." He then pushed the button to end the call and went to the sink to fully wash his hands of all the stuff that was sticking to them. Once done, he went and grabbed his jacket and put it on. He had updated his wardrobe since he had been here, and he had started to wear combat pants instead of shorts. Yet the jackets he had were the same, albeit different colors, with the one he was wearing now being black and red in color.

Naruto stepped outside and took to the air to head to the bar quickly. He had a feeling that this was another one of 15's stupid ass 'surprise' attacks that he seemed to like to do for some reason. So he would pop in, kick 15's ass and be back to finish his job within ten minutes tops. So with a quick sigh, he walked through the doors with closed eyes.

"Okay 15," said Naruto as he walked into the bar, "I swear to whatever gods that be that if this is another one of your bullshit attempts at a surprise attack I am going to murder…. Oh…" Naruto had to stop his sentence near the end there since he saw Hinata standing there with a smile as well as a blush on her face. Naruto's face blushed a bit as well, but not to the extent hers was.

"Well hello there," said Hitomi with a smile on her face as she tried to end the awkward silence. She as well as the rest of their group were surprised that Naruto looked exactly like Menma as Hinata had described him, with the only exception being the whisker looking birthmarks on his cheeks. "I am Hitomi and this is my husband Hiashi and this young man is Hinata's cousin Neji."

"Oh," said Naruto as he quelled the blush on his face and smiled in a bit of a goofy way, "well it's nice to meet you. The name is Naruto Zero. Welcome to my brother's bar as well as Wave Country."

"It's fairly impressive," said Hiashi as he sized the man who his daughter was so caught up with with analytical eyes as most fathers do when a man enters their daughter's lives.

"Well we strive to advance ourselves," said Naruto as he walked closer to them, "it helps to gather as well as mine resources to sell to other people."

"We saw so many things we never saw before while on our way here," said Neji.

"Well it seems that you my friend need to get out and see the world more if that is the case," said Naruto with a bit of a chuckle. His response made Neji smile a bit since it was true that he needed to get out more and see the world.

"Yo bro," said 15 as he waved a bit to get his attention, "so are you going to just ignore your girlfriend blushing over here?" He then began to laugh hard as he saw Naruto's eye began to twitch a bit.

"Mrs. Hyuga," said Naruto as he picked up a bottle in his hand, "would you be so kind as to take three steps to your left?" Hitomi simply nodded as she did just that, and as soon as she took that third step Naruto threw the bottle at 15's head. It hit the mark and shattered, but at least it shut 15 up. Naruto then pulled a few bills from his jacket and placed them on the counter. This was not the first time he did this sort of thing, nor would it be the last. He always paid for the bottle that broke.

"So now that my brother is down for a few minutes," said Naruto as he took a seat, "what brings you all out this way? Because to be honest I never really expected to see Hinata here again, or at least so soon. Maybe in a few months or even a year, but it's been less than a week so this is a bit surprising."

"We came to thank you for rescuing our daughter," said Hiashi.

"Oh," said Naruto as he rubbed the back of his head, "well thanks for that I guess. I'm just surprised you came all this way to say that when a letter would have done just a well."

"It's a family tradition to thank the person personally," said Hitomi with a smile.

"Well all the same I thank you,"

"So how many siblings do you have?"

"Besides the purple midget that I knocked out? Two. While we may not be related by blood, we are still family none the less."

"So was it an adoption?"

"In a way, yes. But I don't really wish to talk about it. No offense to you it's just that I barely know you." said Naruto as he stood up. It was at that point that an alarm was heard as a red light flashed on the wall behind the counter. Naruto growled as he saw this and his fists clenched hard.

"What is that?" asked Neji since he was curios.

"It is the alarm that tells us that we have shinobi intruders," said Naruto as he saw 15 hop back to his feet. Naruto didn't have to say anything since 15 knew exactly what the alarm meant. This happened more often than not since there were so many greedy people in the world. "The guards are equipped to defend against bandits, but me and my brother's deal with the shinobi that intrude." Naruto simply walked out of the bar to take care of the problem.

"Should we help him," asked Neji as he saw Naruto leave.

"Don't ya'll worry yourselves about him," said 15 as he jumped over the counter and began to walk towards the door as well. "This isn't our first rodeo." His response only baffled and confused them since they had no idea as to what in the hell a rodeo even was. Yet they followed 15 outside anyway, and there they saw Naruto facing down a group of a dozen Kumo shinobi. The fact that it was Kumo shinobi made the color on their faces disappear.

"So what exactly is it that you want," asked Naruto as he stood there. "Because I'm fairly certain it's not building materials since you snuck your way into the village instead of coming in the proper way like everyone else does."

"We have received information that your village has several shinobi from the Hyuga clan," said the obvious leader of the group. Naruto looked at the man and wondered just why the hell the man looked so familiar to him for some reason. He just couldn't put his finger on it yet it was there and pissing him off since he couldn't think of the reason why it did.

"Ok," said Naruto, "and that means what exactly?"

"You will hand them over to us immediately or else we will use force to get what we want!"

"Ah," said Naruto as he saw the big picture here, "so you are just like the last group that tried to kidnap Hinata. You are here to enslave and breed them for their bloodline. But let me tell you something, the last group failed to kidnap her since I killed them so why the hell do you believe that this time will be any different?"

"Wait a minute," said the leader as he growled, "you killed those men?"

"That I did," replied Naruto with a grin on his face.

"YOU BASTARD!" yelled out the leader in pure rage, "YOU KILLED MY BROTHER!"

"Your brother," said Naruto with a raised eyebrow as he thought about the last group for a second before it hit him. This man looked like the leader of the last group, just younger and without the eyepatch. This revelation caused Naruto to laugh hard since to him it was hilarious. "Oh I remember his. He died like a bitch!"

Naruto's statement caused the leader to growl more as he clenched his teeth.

"And unless you want me to do to you as I did him," said Naruto as he stopped laughing and started to get serious, "I suggest you take your group and leave our village alone. As long as they remain within it legally they are under our protection and we protect our own. And after you get home to deliver your message of failure, tell your leader to get his bitch ass here himself so that I can shove my foot so far up his ass that I will be wearing him as a one of a kind sock!"

Naruto's words caused a massive silence to follow. The Hyuga because they never thought they would hear such threats would ever be heard, and from a teen no less. The Kumo shinobi were just stunned was all. But they got over it and the first person to do anything was the leader. He took two steps forward in an attempt to kill the brat that not only insulted their leader, but threatened them as well. He only took two steps though, since in a repeat of history Naruto rushed forward and punched right into the man's chest.

"Just so you know," said Naruto with a smirk, "this is the exact same way your brother died, like a bitch…" He then blasted the man through the chest with KI, sending him flying backwards. "15 keep them safe please."

"Should we help him," asked Neji for the second time, though from what he saw it appeared that Naruto didn't really need help.

"Nah," said 15 as he stood in front of them and took a swig from his flask. "Little bro has got this in the bag."

"So what did we miss," asked 13 as he as well as 14 arrived behind the Hyuga. He would have waited for an answer, but it was then that he saw Hinata in the group and put two and two together "well if it isn't our brother's love interest. How do ya do?" said 13 as he tipped his hat to her. While salvaging the ruins of the world, he managed to find another hat akin to the one that Naruto blew up. He even had the means to make more on the off chance this one was destroyed as well.

"You know," said 15, "these mutha fucks came in and demanded his girlfriend be handed over. He took response to that and insulted one of them into attacking, and well you know how that went judging from the body you see over there."

"So here is what is going to happen," said Naruto as he cracked his knuckles first then his neck, "I am going to keep killing you one by one until those surviving finally get it through their thick skulls to simply leave."

"Just because you killed our squad leader doesn't mean you can take the rest of us on," said another of the Kumo shinobi, "so don't let it go to your head boy."

"Oh he did it now," said 15 as he walked back a bit as did the others as well as the Hyuga who seemed to understand what they were doing.

"What happened," asked Hinata who was curious as to why they were backing away from Naruto.

"If there is just one thing you need to know about our little bro," said 15 as he took a swig of his flask, "simply remember to never call him 'boy'…"

As they heard this, they all looked back towards the fight that was unfolding in front of them and saw the Kumo shinobi laughing at Naruto as he stood there with his hands clenched into fists and clenching his teeth. The man who insulted him would have said something else to piss Naruto off, but the only thing that came out of his mouth was a scream. Naruto had moved faster than anyone had expected and kicked the man in the side HARD. The blow broke his arm in several places as well as multiple ribs that when they broke pierced vital internal organs. So the man fell to his knees as he coughed out blood, but then Naruto simply snapped his neck by grabbing his head and twisting it around so it was backwards.

This unsettled the rest of the group since they didn't expect this young boy to have such strength. Even the Hyuga were surprised by this show of strength. Neji activated his Byakugan and was shocked to see that Naruto had no chakra network, which was a set of lines and round bits where the pressure points were. Yet Naruto's entire body emanated with power that slightly hurt his eyes to look at, kind of like looking at the sun at an angle.

The rest of the Kumo shinobi quickly shook off the shock of the moment, and then proceeded to attack in full. Naruto got into a defensive fighting stance and killed them off one by one using the various styles that he himself had to face in the simulation. He mastered them all after so many defeats, yet now they were helping him easily defeat these Nin. Even when they used swords or jutsu, he was able to dodge their attacks with his speed and technique.

After a few minutes, they all lay dead on the ground, and when they were Naruto simply sighed since this was becoming a common thing nowadays and he was getting tired of it. Sure this time they were after something other than their technology, but still they had invaded their home to steal something that wasn't theirs to have.

"Sorry you had to see that," said Naruto as he sheepishly rubbed the back of his head, "but I wasn't really expecting intruders today."

"That's okay," said Hinata with a smile on her face, "you were protecting your home as well as us."

"And for that you have our thanks," said Hiashi as he politely bowed to the young man who had protected them.

"Oh stop," said Naruto with a goofy grin, "it was really nothing."

"But all that aside," said Hitomi since something came to her mind, "how often does this sort of thing happen?"

"Too much," said 13, "these fools dun try and take our property bout once if not twice a week. And it's idjuits from all over the place."

"But why not just share this stuff with the other villages to stop all the attempts of theft," asked Neji since it seemed like the simplest solution to their problem.

"Because these tools were meant to help people live," said Naruto with a shake of his head, "the tools we have allow us to build things to better our lives. Our mining tools allow us to mine deeper into the ground while making it safer. Our vehicles make it so we can easily transport cargo to where it needs to go. Our tools are meant for collecting, and yet the moment any shinobi village gets their hands on such things, they will be altered and used for war one way or another. So we keep it here since we are a village full of traders, not soldiers. We are neutral to all since we sell materials to those who pay us for them. And that is the way we shall keep it. We are not selfish, we are just not going to add more ways for people to kill each other, since the shinobi already have more than enough means to do that now."

"Well when you put it like that," said Neji since he could understand the reasoning behind it.

"Big brother," said a voice from afar that made the group turn their heads to see who it was. Granted, Naruto knew who it was already as well as his brothers, but the Hyuga did not. There they saw little Inari running towards them with his young smile on his face. Yet that smile disappeared as one of the Kumo shinobi popped out of the ground and grabbed the boy from behind. This surprised them all, even Naruto who had thought he had eliminated all the Kumo shinobi. But a quick look proved otherwise since there were a dozen that came to the village, and yet there were only eleven bodies.

"Surrender the Hyuga," said the man, "or else this child dies!"

"Wait," said Naruto with a raised eyebrow, "are you serious? Do you really think that this will work out for you?"

"I'm not playing around!"

"I'm not saying you are," said Naruto with a shrug, "I'm simply calling you an idiot."


"Naruto," said Hinata, who was worried for Inari's safety, "what are you doing?"

"Trust me," said Naruto with a smile that calmed her down to see, "everything will be alright."

"Last chance!" shouted the man in anger as he pulled out a kunai and held it close to Inari's throat.

"So let me get this straight… You want me to trade four people for one child? Four people who are not from this village, don't even know the boy who you are threatening's name, as well as well as fully trained shinobi? You are one man, so how do you expect to detain them? They outnumber you as well as overpower you. What? You think that threatening one child is going to force them into compliance?"

"His blood will be on their hands!"

"Ok, you know what," said Naruto with a sigh. "Inari, go ahead."

"Really big brother?" asked Inari with a smile on his face.

"Yep. Let him have it."

Inari laughed in joy as he slammed both his elbows into the man holding him hostage. This caused the man to double over in pain, but then Inari socked the man in the chest, which caused him to cough out blood from the blow. The looks of shock the Hyuga gave were utterly priceless to see as they saw these events take place. Inari swept kicked the man off his feet, and when he landed on the ground Inari jumped up and slammed down on the man's neck with both feet, crushing it and killing the man himself.

"Well done Inari," said Naruto, "and now you got the real world experience you always wanted. So later we will continue on to the more advanced forms of training."

Inari jumped for joy as he heard that since he had wanted to move on from the basics for a while. Naruto kept telling him that he needed more real life experience before then, but not he did so there was no excuse to stop him.

"I know exactly what you are going to ask," said Naruto as he once again paid attention to the Hyuga family.

"How big is your," started 15 in a joking manner before 14 punched him in the head so that he slammed into the ground. It was a good thing too since Hinata's face was blushing once more and would have most likely suffered a massive nosebleed if he had finished that sentence.

"Thank you 14," said Naruto as he saw 14 nodded towards him, "but allow me to explain. Me and my brothers here do not use chakra as you do. Chakra is an elemental form of energy while the energy we use is more raw power than anything else. It is known as KI. It allows us to strengthen our bodies beyond normal human limits, as well as plenty of other things that I never got to use in that fight. And as you saw, it allowed a six year old child to essentially defeat a grown man easily. Now while in reality Inari there probably would have lost in a straight up fight…"

"Hey!" shouted Inari, who believed he could have won that fight easily no matter the situation.

"Inari hush," said Naruto, which made Inari pout a bit as he grumbled to himself, "but since the man wasn't expecting that, he was caught off guard. For the last several months I have told him to keep his strength hidden from others since we live in a world where if you are seen with a bloodline or an ability that others want they will try and kidnap you to force you to work for them or breed children to do it instead. Inari is young so I thought to keep it a secret till he was older."

"That is amazing," said Hitomi as many things went through her head as she heard this. What she was unaware of was that the same thing was going on with Hiashi as well. For years, the clan elders had been trying to force him to place the Cage Bird Seal on his eldest daughter on the grounds that her method of their clan fighting style was not the same as they have used since their founding and as such should be made a branch member to seal away the shame she would bring to their clan name. Yet Hiashi had seen firsthand the power that Hinata possessed with her style. In his mind, it was a good thing to see his clan changing, growing stronger with the times. But the elders feared change since if allowed to happen then they would become obsolete and the power they coveted would simply vanish from their grasp. And not here was a man who knew of a means to empower the body in a way that went beyond the normal means of chakra. Hiashi always feared that one day there would be a time where his daughter would have to fight for her right to remain free, and now it seemed like the means to grant her the strength needed to do just that had appeared before them.

"Young man," said Hiashi in a serious tone of voice, "would you be able to teach another the ways of this KI as you called it?"

"I should be able to," said Naruto with a shrug, "while I am no master of it, Inari being the first person I ever taught, I believe I'm doing a good job so far."

"Then allow me to request that you teach my daughter Hinata."

This statement shocked both Hinata as well as Naruto since he was so not expecting that out of the blue. They were both blushing at that, which made Hitomi slightly chuckle since it was cute to see in her eyes.

"Are you sure about that?" asked Naruto.

"I am sure," said Hiashi with conviction in his voice.

"Hinata," said Naruto as he looked at the blushing young woman "is that what you wish?"

Hinata couldn't even answer him and simply nodded her head in acceptance.

"Well then I'll do it."

"Wonderful," said Hiashi with a genuine smile on his face. He couldn't wait to see the looks of the elders' faces, that was if they were still alive at that point, when Hinata blew their expectations of her out the water with her sudden increase in power.

"Well it is getting kind of late," said Naruto as he looked up and saw the sun setting, "so allow me to treat you to a night at our most comfortable inn. We don't have a fancy hotel since this place is not really a tourist destination so there is no need for one."

And with that, Naruto did as he said and put them up at the main inn of the village. The inn was there for people who came later in the day and wanted to sleep so that they could head out in the morning with the materials they bought. And after the bill was paid, the Hyuga family slept peacefully, with a certain young woman continuing to blush well into the night as she dreamed about a certain blond individual…

The next morning, Naruto arrived to treat them to breakfast, which they enjoyed, and then saw them off as they collect their belongings from their lock boxes and boarded the train once more to head out from the village.

And as they did, Naruto couldn't help but smile a bit since it seemed that things would be okay…

(2 weeks later)

Naruto was once again in his workshop, still working on the same truck he had been working on when Hinata and her family arrived. It seemed like whenever he fixed one problem, another just popped up out of the blue. And right now he was honestly considering just blowing it up since it was beginning to piss him off to see that all his work wasn't really helping things.

Yet as he growled to himself in his silent rage, he heard the chime that signaled that someone had rang the front gate bell. Their house had a high wall surrounding it, not to keep people out since shinobi could easily just hop over it since it was about twice the size of an average person; it was more for privacy than anything else. So he donned his jacket, washed his hands and made his way to the front gate, all the while wondering who needed what to be fixed this time.

Yet to his surprise, instead of another customer, there stood Hinata… and others as well…

"Hey Hinata," said Naruto with a smile as he saw her there with a large group of people alongside her, "it's good to see you again so soon. And I see you brought… friends… oh…" His smile disappeared as he saw the absolute last person he wanted to see here…

Menma Namikaze…

Their group consisted of the Rookie twelve and their senseis. But there was also a pale looking one whose face was devoid of any and all emotion, and to be honest it was fairly creepy to see such a face on someone like that. Naruto's hands clenched into a fist as he saw the man who he was once proud to call his brother, but then was taught a harsh lesson on the matter that Menma may be his brother by blood, but not by family love or a bind of any sort since he had beat him to an inch of his life. Yet another thing caught his attention in the form of one Sasuke Uchiha. He raised an eyebrow at the young man, and for some reason it pissed Sasuke off to see him do so.

"What the hell are you staring at?" demanded Sasuke.

"To be honest," said Naruto, "I'm looking at your hair. It's just so ridiculous."

"You take that back," growled Sasuke since he liked his hair the way it was, "because if you don't I will break you."

"Are you sure about that," asked Naruto as he looked at him with a quizzical look on his face.

"What was that?!"

"You look like an extra from a budget porno flick," said Naruto. As he did, Sasuke's eyes opened wide in disbelief since that was not something he was expecting to hear today or in his lifetime in general. "The kind where everybody gets tested, even the cameramen."

"Oh…" said Sasuke since he was still shocked at the very strange response and couldn't think of a proper retort for the matter.

"Did they find you in some alley," continued Naruto, "were you homeless? Did you get your start in bum fights? Do you have any actual friends? Any relationships at all that aren't about your clan or your bloodline?"

"I have an older brother," said Sasuke dumbly.

"Oh that poor only child," said Naruto with a quiet chuckle to himself before he got serious once again. "So now that I got that out of the way, can someone please explain why you are, except for Hinata since I gave her permission to visit at any time, here?"

"We are on a mission to recover you and take you back to the village for desertion," said Kakashi.

"Desertion?" asked Naruto as he stood there for a second before he couldn't control himself and began to laugh uncontrollably since it was so funny to hear the reason that Minato lied about to get his shinobi to come after him. "I'm sorry, but that was just too funny for me to hear. I thank you for making me laugh so hard. But I'm not going anywhere, since this is my home and I wish to remain within it."

"I don't give a damn what you think," said Menma with a growl as he stepped angrily towards him since he was pissed that the brother he had utterly defeated and essentially left for dead since what happened after the fight should have been the death of him, was now in possession of a spine and refusing a direct order. "You are coming with us back to Konoha to face charges of desertion and if you refuse you will face the full force of the rightful heir to the Namikaze name!"

Naruto didn't even flinch or react as someone who took a threat seriously. He simply moved faster than anyone in the group was able to see, even Hinata as well as Neji, who had their Byakugan active to try and keep pace, and punched Menma square in the face right on the nose, causing it to bleed a little from the force of the blow.

"Ah!" shouted Menma as he held his face in pain since it hurt like hell to just be punched in the face like that. "You fucking asshole! You punched me in the face!"

Naruto simply grinned before he punched him again in the exact same spot as his first punch.

"AH! You did it again!"

"Should we do something about this," asked Shino to Kiba in a low voice so as to not be heard.

"No," said Kiba with a chuckle. For years he had always gotten his ass handed to him whenever he fought Menma, so it was extremely amusing to see him get his ass kicked for once. "This is hilarious to watch." He chuckled as he finished that sentence since he saw Menma getting punched yet again in the face in the same spot.

"Stop it!" shouted Menma in anger, "fucking stop it now!"

Yet Naruto didn't heed his demand and did it yet again, all the while having a smirk on his face since his so called prodigy of a former brother was just standing there and taking it. Sure he was impressed that he could take such brutal punishment, but it was still so very idiotic of him to do so.


Naruto punched him yet again, honestly growing bored with this by this point.

'Dear Kami what did dad tell me to do in this kind of situation?' Menma thought as he held his face in pain. He felt the Kyuubi heal his bruises, yet it stung like crazy as it did. But as he stood there he remembered the specific lesson his dad taught him that went with this situation. It appeared to him like a thought bubble.

"Menma," said Minato in his memory, "if you ever find yourself being punched repeatedly in the face, always remember to…"

The memory never finished since Naruto punched Menma in the face in the exact same spot as he did all the other times.

"For fucks sake! He cut off dad!" shouted Menma as he held his face for what felt to him was like the hundredth time.

"So," asked Naruto with a raised eyebrow, "are you going to dodge any of these?"

"Oh," said Menma as he remembered the rest of his father's lesson about what to do in this situation, "that's what dad told me to do…"

Menma screamed out in pain as Naruto punched him yet again in the exact same spot. Naruto could only sigh at Menma's stupidity in just standing there.

"SAI!" screamed out Menma in rage since he was pissed that not only were those who came alongside him to complete the mission, both sensei as well as fellow same ranked shinobi were just standing there and doing absolutely nothing to stop him from getting hurt, but he was in fact getting punched in the face by his loser of a former brother who the last time they met he was defeated easily by him. "SUPPORT!"

Sai pulled out a book that he had that he read to help understand how to communicate with people properly since he had been trained most of his life to be emotionless like he was by Danzo.

"Well you are very strong." said Sai as he put the book away after skimming it a bit on the chapter on what to say to someone as a form of support. "You have very handsome eyes, and honestly you are the only Genin here who I can count on."

"I MEANT PUNCH HIM YOU EMOTIONLESS BASTARD!" shouted Menma before he calmed down since he was complimented, "Though, thanks. You know it really cheered me up…"

Menma couldn't say anything else since Naruto punched him again in the face.

"Oh fuck! I think he broke something that time!"

Menma finally got the picture and jumped back to be outside of Naruto's striking range.

"Now while I would love nothing more than to simply end you here and now," said Naruto with a growl, "there are literally a million better things I would rather be doing right now. So since I am a fair man I am going to give you all one chance to leave my home in one piece. If you decide to fight, well that won't end well for your side."

"And what do you think one guy can do against all of us," said Sasuke, who was still pissed off about the insults that Naruto said earlier.

"Who said I was alone?" asked Naruto with a smirk as his brothers fell from the sky, each with a spike they drove into the ground. The three spikes then activated and erected a force field that kept those from Konoha contained. Sure a few of them tried to find a way out and touched the field, but the high voltage electrical shock soon stopped any and all attempts since it was rather painful to experience.

Only Menma was outside of the field since he was not near the main group when they locked them into place since he had jumped away after Naruto punched him in the face so many times. Naruto as well as 15 had built these with the idea of subduing trespassers before resorting to straight up brute force. They were more than just emotionless killing machines after all.

"Now don't be tryin' escape to escape your cage there," said 13 with a chuckle as he saw the few people who tried get shocked for it.

"Now," said Naruto as he stood there with a grin on his face and his hands in his pockets, since he was not afraid in the slightest. "Since the others are no longer in our way, we can fight unabated."

"And what makes you think that this time will go any differently than the last time we fought." Asked Menma with a smug grin on his face as well.

"Time," said Naruto simply with a slight shrug of his shoulders.

"Well I don't really care what you think since there is no amount of time in the world that will grant you the ability to defeat me like you think you will."

"Then let's cut the brotherly banter between us and put your arrogance to the test then shall we," said Naruto with another simple shrug of his shoulders, since in all fairness he was not afraid of Menma anymore.

"And just how do you propose I do that?"

"Simple," said Naruto with a chuckle, "I want you to hit me as hard as you can."

"Oh is that right?" asked Menma as he got into an offensive stance to do just that.

"Now hold on there for a moment," said Naruto as he held up a hand, "you might have misheard me. Not half as hard, or some arbitrary percentage, I want you… to hit me… as hard as you can."

"And if I don't play along with your unusual request?"

"Well then it just proves how weak you really are now does it?"

Menma didn't respond to that insult lightly or even with words. He charged forward with speed that made him a blur to those observing this happening and appeared in front of Naruto with his fist punching him square in the face. He was still pissed about the repeated punches to his own face and his rage empowered him to hit harder than usual.

"Well consider that nerve pinched," said Naruto with a sinister grin on his face as he felt no damage to his face whatsoever. It was like someone shot air at it since he felt the air current that went with a strong punch but not the punch itself.

"That's not possible," said Menma nervously as Naruto used one of his hands to grab his own and pulled it off his face. "How are you this strong!?"

"Simple. I grew up," said Naruto before he punched Menma square in the chest with enough force to blast him backwards through the wall that surrounded their house as well as several trees in the distance before he stopped. The Kyuubi began to heal his body the second he was punched through a wall, but now that the damage was worse than before it would take a bit longer.

"So while he heals from that and then come back," said Naruto as he cracked his knuckles a bit as he stood there, "I am curious as to what exactly Minato told you to get you all out this way to try and… damn what is the correct word for this, huh… well kidnap me from my home? Not sure if that is the right word to use given the fairly strange circumstances leading up to this, but it'll do."

No one answered at first since they were all shaking in their shoes. Well, all but Hinata were shaking, since she as well as her parents had seen him use such power before when he killed off the Kumo shinobi that came to capture the three of them not long ago. They just saw a person quite literally punch someone through a wall and trees with strength that seemed to rival if not surpass that of the legendary Sannin Tsunade herself. But eventually it was Kurenai herself who composed herself enough to speak up and answer the question.

"We were told by our lord Hokage that his son Naruto ran away from the village years ago without a trace. That he looked for you for years via his sensei's spy network and when he finally found you he tried to send people to recover you and you killed them. So the charges were made as desertion since you refused to come back as well as treason since you killed Konoha shinobi."

"Those were Konoha shinobi," asked Naruto with a raised eyebrow. To be honest he didn't have any idea as to where those blank face masked shinobi belonged to. He had sent the heads to Konoha as a means to instill fear into Minato over time. Now that he knew they were from there he was not sorry about it. Well truth be told he wasn't sorry to begin with but now he knew he sent the heads to the right place at least. "I truly thought they were just here to steal my stuff as well as me in an attempt to use me to breed more with my power. Well now I don't feel so bad about it since they were from there."

"Why do you hate our village so much?" asked Hinata sweetly since in all honesty she as not afraid of Naruto since the man had no anger towards her, nor did she sense any sort of malicious intent towards her group.

"It's not the village I hate Hinata," said Naruto with a shake of his head, "but a few select people within it. Now I am just gonna come out…"

"I knew your ass was gay!" shouted 15, "I fucking called it!"

"15," said Naruto as his eye twitched in anger, "do you see that wall behind you?"

"Yeah," said 15 as he looked back for a second, "what about it?"

Naruto didn't answer his question though, since all he did was rush forward and punch him in the face hard enough to send 15 flying backwards. 15 hit the wall to the point that his head was stuck in it while the rest of his body was still sticking out of it.

"Now as I was saying before I was interrupted," said Naruto with a growl before he took a deep breath to calm down a bit, "I am just going to come out and say that I am sorry."

"Sorry about what," asked Hinata, who was curious as to what exactly he was sorry about.

"I lied to you the last time we met," said Naruto with a bit of a sad tone. He did not like to lie, and especially to someone who he considered a friend. "I told you that I had no family other than these guys you see here, who I said were more of an adoptive family since we went through the same trauma. But the truth is that I am related to Menma as well as Minato… regretfully…"

"Don't go speaking ill of my sensei," said Kakashi with a slight glare.

"Someone please slap him," said Naruto with a sigh. Guy was the one to do so since Kakashi was rude to interrupt.

"Thank you. Now why I hate those men is quite simple. I was disowned by them when I was seven."

That remark caused them all to gasp in surprise since they did not expect that.

"Think about it," said Naruto as he stood there with his arms crossed, "in all these years I was gone, has Minato mentioned me by name even once before he sent you out to find me?"

The group all actually had to think about it, and to be honest not a single one of them even knew who he was before today which was strange to think about since they should have known about the son of the Hokage. And now that they thought about it, they never saw him or Menma either until he was seven years old and up and about. The reason for that was that Minato kept his sons indoors mostly, away from the public so that the day they fought with one of them being alive as the victor to their match and then show them to the village when the time was right.

"That's what I thought," said Naruto with a smug grin on his face. "The man sired me as well as my brother and yet never spoke a word about me. It was as if I didn't exist in the first place."

"That's just awful," said Hinata in sadness since that was fairly depressing to hear about. The other Genin agreed with her as they nodded their heads.

"Indeed," said Naruto with a pissed off look on his face, "but the worst part of it was the fact that the man who I once called father forced me and my former brother to fight with everything we had. Now I was strong back then, but my love for my own brother was my undoing since it stayed my hand and made me hold back in our fight. While I believed that he felt the same way towards me, it was not the case since he beat me within an inch of my life. Yet while I lay on my knees beaten and bloody, my pain did not cease. A seal activated that sucked my chakra as well as the second half of the Kyuubi that resided within me and put it into Menma. I passed out from the pain, and yet when I woke up from what I assumed what would be my death, I wasn't in a hospital bed like I should have been or even my own room to recover from my injuries. No… I awoke in a dank dark cell in chains where I was told by an elderly man with a cane who I learned was named Danzo that I had been disowned and thrown away like I was NOTHING!"

The looks of shock only increased as he told his story…

"And for the next two weeks they tortured me, tried to break my spirit to turn me into a mindless drone. Yet I would not break no matter what they did to me. And when he saw that I wouldn't, he ordered one of his men to throw my near dead body into a river since he believed I wasn't even worth burying once dead and let nature do it for him. What happened afterwards is something that will remain known to only me and my fellow brothers here. Yet to make a long story short, I was deemed worthless by three different men and was forced to pick myself up against the odds when others said I should die. And yet now here you are, ordered by the very same man who robbed me of my childhood as well as my home and family. Do you really think that I would let you take away my happiness after I suffered so much?"

And yet before anyone else could say anything, Menma had finally made his way back. He had lines of dried blood on his face and a seriously pissed off look on his face.

"Ah look who it is," said Naruto as he turned around to face Menma, "just as expected."

"You will pay for that," growled Menma as he stood there enraged that he had been hurt in such a manner by someone who he thought was weaker than him.

"One wall," started Naruto as he turned his head a bit to look behind Menma and once again placed his hands into his pocket, "and… six trees say otherwise. But you see Menma that is what you get for not listening. But since I know you have trouble following the most basic of directions, I'm gonna give you one last chance. You… me… hard as you can. Are we clear?"

"Crystal," said Menma with all the anger he could muster in his voice.

Menma yelled out in rage as he called up the power of the Kyuubi within him to empower the Rasengan that he used both hands to form. The orb of chakra stabilized, but his fury pushed it further than what he was usually capable of. For the past year he had been trying to perfect the Rasengan that his father had trained him in. Yet when he mastered the base jutsu, he had tried to inject elements into it to make it more powerful.

He failed time and time again, and it only infuriated him with every failure to do so. Jiraiya had been the voice of reason and explained that what he needed was pure raw emotion. And it turned out he was right since his pure rage allowed him to finally go the extra mile and complete the final form of the Rasengan, since he infused it with wind chakra as well as lightning which was crackling out of it.

"Oh ho," chuckled Naruto as he felt the power that was going into the attack, "I can actually feel that."

"In a moment," screamed Menma as he pushed the last bit of his power into the jutsu before he cut it off, "all you will be feeling is OBLIVION!"

"That or disappointment," laughed Naruto as he stood there unfazed by all this, "So go ahead Menma. Flip that coin."

Menma then screamed in rage as he launched the attack towards Naruto. Naruto simply smiled as he stood his ground and didn't move from his spot. He heard as Hinata called out for him to move, but he simply winked at her, which made her blush heavily as she saw this, but then nearly cried as she saw her crush get hit by the attack that then exploded with enough force that decimated half of Naruto and his brother's house as well as a large portion of the wall that surrounded it.

"Naruto" cried out Hinata as the tears began to flow from her eyes. She owed the man so much for saving not just her twice from the forces of Kumo, but her mother, father, and cousin as well as. Now the man she had a crush on was obviously dead from taking that jutsu head on like that.

"Don't worry your pretty little face 'bout our little brother," said 13 as he pulled his hat back in place since the blast made it crooked. "It will take so much more than that small amount of power to eliminate him. But I feel sorry for the stubborn boy over there since he plum done gone daggone done it now."

"Can anyone please explain just what the hell he just said," asked Kiba in confusion.

"Well let me make it simple for ya mutt. Keep watching."

They did as 13 said and watched as the dust and smoke from the debris was still thick in the air. Menma stood there for a second as he laughed since he thought that he won the fight. Yet his laugh was cut short when he heard a voice he was not expecting to hear.

"Well would you look at that," said Naruto as the dust began to disperse. A few moments later Naruto was fully visible, and yet his shirt as well as his jacket was gone since the jutsu had basically disintegrated them both from existence, "you managed to destroy my favorite shirt as well as at least half my house. If your plan was to piss me off, you have accomplished it with flying colors. But I have to take off points since you missed a spot."

"Naruto!" shouted out Hinata in joy to see him still alive, but then she got a good look at him and then fainted with a major nosebleed. Naruto, for lack of a better word, was ripped as hell. He had perfect abs and muscles in all the right places from a combination of his altering by Dr. Gero as well as intense exercise for the past year. Now while Hinata fainted from seeing him like this, the rest of the females had blushes on their faces from seeing his young ripped body.

"So now that you have shown me the worst you can do," said Naruto as he pulled his hands out of his pockets, which he was glad that his pants were still intact. If the girls blushed from seeing his shirtless body, well if they saw just what else he was packing lower on his body; they would all end up like Hinata was with nosebleeds. "I have a simple question to ask you. Have you ever felt true fear at least once in your life? That feeling that your life would end by the hands of another and that it was out of your control? Because I have, at least once in my life, and by your own hands ironically. I think that it is only fair that I return the favor to you."

"Why would I fear you," growled Menma in rage that his attack failed, "you are weak compared to me!"

"Is the fact that I'm still standing here when there is so much destruction behind me not proof enough that I am not the same person who you beat within an inch of their life?"

Menma yelled in rage as he launched several explosive kunai at him. The explosions hit him, but even they did nothing to him. But then again if the person you are throwing them at was capable of withstanding the full force of a Rasengan head on, was it so hard to believe that minor explosions would do nothing as well?

"I'm gonna go out on a limb here and assume that you're answering my question with no. So allow me to do the brotherly thing and show you. Let's put it to a number shall we? FIVE!" Naruto rushed forward and kicked Menma square in the chest, the impact of which caused an imprint of his foot to appear for a split second on Menma's back before it disappeared. Menma coughed up a lot of blood from the damage done to his organs that the Kyuubi began to heal from. He was launched back and embedded into the wall behind him, yet unlike 15 his entire body was stuck inside of it.

Naruto walked over to Menma calmly since to him this was nothing more than a morning workout. But as soon as he got near him, Menma lunged forward in an attempt to punch him, but Naruto quickly fell onto his back as he shouted "Four" and kicked Menma straight up into the air. Menma recovered, and once he did he activated three tails worth of power that encased him like a jacket. But he never really got the chance to do anything with it since Naruto flew up towards him in midair and shouted "Three" before he used both hands to slam down on his head and blast Menma towards the ground. The blow knocked him right out of his tailed mode. Menma hit the ground hard, leaving him in a crater from the impact.

Naruto landed in the crater next to Menma's downed body, yet the moment he did, chakra chains sprang from the ground and wrapped around his arms tightly. Menma then stood up with a smug look on his face since he had Naruto right where he wanted him.

"So you still have enough energy to summon these and use them," said Naruto as he stood there, "I'm surprised you have that much still."

"Oh laugh while you still can," said Menma as he chuckled maniacally, seeing that his mind had slightly shattered from all that had recently happened. "Because once my chains drain you of all of your energy I will make that beating I gave you when we were seven seem tame in comparison!"

"Oh that's just cute," said Naruto with a laugh, "but I'm a fair man. So let's make a trade you and me. You want my energy? Take all you want, but in return, I'll take your arms!" Naruto then grabbed ahold of the chains that were still wrapped around him and pulled hard. Menma was pulled forward where Naruto grabbed ahold of his arms and pulled them hard. They were ripped out from the shoulder, and blood began to gush out of wounds as he cried out in pain. Naruto dropped the arms to the ground and then stomped them into mush. Menma used what chakra he could to burn his wounds from the inside so as to stop the flow of blood. He then began to back slowly away in fear, and his eyes reflected that.

"So I'll ask you again, brother," said Naruto with a sinister smile on his face, "have you ever felt true fear?"

Menma pissed himself in fear as he jumped out of the crater and began to run for his life. He ran past his team that was still imprisoned in the field and past the wall through a hole he made when he used his Rasengan. Naruto just laughed since Menma was running towards the water which was nowhere near anybody's place of residence so this was not a problem.

"All I needed to hear," said Naruto as he held up his hand towards Menma who was still running for his life. "One. OMEGA CANNON!" Purple energy blasted out of his hand in a laser form with a round tip. The attack flew through the air and hit Menma in the back. The attack vaporized Menma as he screamed in utter pain. Soon he was gone, and in his death there was a massive roar as what appeared to be a massive fox made of energy appeared for a brief second before it exploded for some reason that Naruto didn't really care about.

The others that had come with Menma could only look on in horror as they saw Menma die in such a way that none of them could ever expect. Their eyes were wide open in shock and their mouths were open.

"Dear Kami I needed that," said Naruto as he laughed out loud, "That's what I call the best kind of therapy."

Naruto stopped laughing after he said that and looked at the group with a look of seriousness on his face. This made them all flinch since they feared the worst right now. Hinata had finally come too at this point so she was fully aware of what was happening at the moment.

"Why do you look so scared," said Naruto as he smiled at them, "none of you have done anything to piss me off other than come here and try to kidnap me. But I am in a better mood now, so while I am in such a mood I'm gonna say this as kindly as I possibly can…. GET THE FUCK OFF OUR PROPERTY!"

They all quickly, yet nervously, nodded their heads since they would do as demanded since they knew they had no shot to fight Naruto alone, and then there were the other three to contend with. Plus the fact that they assumed that the other three were stronger seeing that they were older and more powerful looking…

"Have a safe trip back," said Naruto with a grin and a two fingered wave as he winked at Hinata, "and the offer still stands Hinata. So feel free to return when you are ready to train."

She simply nodded with a deep blush on her face as his three brothers deactivated the force-field. As soon as it was down they all ran out of there like their lives depended on it, and to be honest that wasn't so far from the truth. And as they left Naruto turned around to head back into the house to get a spare shirt, but it was then that he saw the full extent of the damage done, and to his dismay his room had been on the half that had been blown to smithereens.

Dear Kami… even in death Menma could somehow still manage to piss him off…

A/N: Now I know once people read this chapter they are going to ask one question, and I am going to answer that as well as another that someone asked me in the first chapter.

I am sorry to say that there will be no Super Android 13 in this story. The reason for that is that these are the canonical androids that I am using in this story. These ones were destroyed when Krillin and Trunks blew up Dr. Gero's lab in the story, and so they were killed before they were ever given such power. Sure they have the personalities of the DBZ abridged counterparts but that is for the humor of it since those guys are hilarious. But the reason 13 was given the upgrades to become Super was because Gero was betrayed by 17 and 18 so he upgraded older models to kill Goku instead. He wouldn't have done that to the canonical ones so they don't have that upgrade…

Now on to the second, far greater question…

You are all probably asking just how in the hell did Naruto just brush off the power of the Rasenshuriken like he did without so much as a scratch on his person. Well let's take a step back and look at this logically. While the jutsu is fairly powerful as well as destructive, its power level is fairly tame in comparison to the power of the cast of DBZ. While few have such destructive power in Naruto, in DBZ Krillin, who is one of the strongest human man in their universe is capable of slicing through just about anything with his Destructo Disk attack. The Rasenshuriken is akin to the simplest attack that they use in the DBZ known as the KI blast, albeit a more powerful form of it. So think about it this way, Menma shot a powerful KI blast at a person who was built and trained to kill a being capable of blowing up planets if he wanted to, and that was before he attained the power of Super Saiyan. Hell, Cell himself destroyed an entire city, which was far larger than any of the villages in the Naruto universe with a simple blast to show the world that he would kill them all easily if no one beat him in his tournament. Vegeta basically screamed out and turned an entire city to glass right after the Raditz arc, and still lost to Android 18, who broke his fucking arm with a kick. So let's ask ourselves this question, do you really believe that Menma had a chance against that type of power? Does anyone in the Naruto Universe? Now you may be thinking that Kaguya as well as her clan could do so since they deal with jutsu that alters dimensions, and you may be right about that, but Naruto would not make it easy for them…