My Father

If there was one way to describe Weiss relationship with her father Bruce it would probably be difficult. Now it's not to say Bruce isn't a bad father or anything in fact its quite the opposite. Whenever he has the time he would make sure to be their for Weiss whenever she would have some major events going on like her concerts and he even supported Winter decision in joining the Atlas military and her decision to go to Beacon to become a huntress. He even let Whitley and herself come with her to some of his business meetings to prepare themselves if or when they desire to take over the company' after their father passes away.

Overall Bruce is a good father to his children but for Weiss there are times where her relationship with her father can be a bit hard on her. There are times where Bruce isn't hardly at home, he always been so busy with work and being outside of Atlas that he really doesn't have too much time to spend with his family. Although Weiss mother is a kind and understanding person Weiss can tell at times how much her mother misses her father and wish he could come home and stop having to sleep in their bed alone.

But there was another thing about Bruce that frustrate her the he was well she didn't know how to explain it. The best explanation would be is Bruce was putting on a mask, a facade he only playing the role of the most power businessman in the first Weiss had thought that was ridiculous but then thought it not really that far off from what she was doing as well. Every once in awhile when her family throws a banquet Weiss would always put on a fake smile and pretend to be nice to those rich snobs.

Its like they have no concern about what's been happen around the world outside of their little bubble in Atlas. At least that was one of things Weiss respects about her father he keeps up to date on what's going on in the other kingdom and he maintains a good and working relationship with all of his employees that work under him even fanuns that work under Wayne-Schnee Enterprises despite some of the recent indicents that keep happening with the White Fang.

Weiss remembers one of the many things her father told her Winter and Whitley when they were kids.

"Remember no matter who you are, and where you come from you must always treat everyone with respect no matter how different they are my parents told me this when I was your age and I'm passing this lesson onto you three" Bruce told his children.

Weiss had grown thinking about her grandparents, the grandparents she never met Thomas and Martha Wayne. Her father didn't talk about if not hardly at all about her grandparents and there are not that many pictures of them at their manor. She only was told about them through their mother and the things they did back in the day. She could understood why her father won't talk about his parents not after the tragic deaths they had.

From what her mother told her when Bruce was a kid he was with a parents and they were leaving from a movie and encounter some petty theif. The thief pretty much wanted everything they had on them but when Thomas refused the their didn't hesitate and shot Thomas and Martha instantly killing them both and he escaped when the police was coming towards the area. Even thinking about the story made Weiss teary eye her grandparents didn't deserve to die like that. It must have been rough for father having to basically be orphan and inherite Wayne Industries at such a young age.

But Weiss was glad Alfred was by his side the head butler had been with Bruce became almost like a second father to him. Weiss loved Alfred just as much as she loved Klien the two of them were there for her and siblings for their entire lives and the two of them supported and even gave them some advice when ever if both of their parents were busy with something. If anything Weiss was glad at least her father had Alfred by his side but at the same time but at the same time Weiss had a feeling her father wasn't completely over her grandparents death.

Weiss then sigh and shook her head she shouldn't think about her father right now. She has an important day tomorrow when she goes out to Beacon and her path into becoming a hundreds will Weiss then got ready for bed and once she got in her bed and sleep began to take over she wondered if her father was going to come to say goodbye to her.

In the next morning Weiss was at the airport it wouldn't be long until she leaves and depart to Beacon currently she was with Whitley and her mother. "Weiss just so you know we're very proud of you just don't forget to write or call us every once in awhile" said to her daughter. "I will mother" Weiss said as she gave her mother a small smile. "Try not to make a fool of yourself sister it will be a shame if you embarrassed the Schnee and Wayne name" Whitley said to his older sister.

Weiss rolled her eyes ar her brother "please brother I will make our family proud and be one of the best huntress at Beacon" Weiss said. "I'll believe it when I see it" Whitley said he then sighed a bit and gave Weiss a small smile as he put a hand on her shoulder. "But seriously be careful I know you can take care of yourself like Winter can but it doesn't change the fact that I am going to be worried about you" Whitley said.

"Whitley" Weiss said she and her brother may fight sometimes but at the end of the day they really do love and care about each other and they did have each other back when the situation arises. "I will Whitley and please take care of yourself and look after mother and father" Weiss said after she said that her face began to fall and her mother noticed.

"I'm sorry Weiss your father wanted to come but" Mrs. Schnee said but she was interrupted by someone. "Who said I wasn't coming" a voice said as the three of them turned around and they saw a very tall man about six feet two inches tall. He had short black hair and was wearing a black business suit and the man looked to be at a top physical condition he looked like he was in his late twenties to early thirties even though he was much older then that.

He gave Weiss Whitley and an amused smirk "f-father" Weiss said as she was surprised to see her father here. She then wasted little time and ran and went up to hug him catching Bruce off guard. "Your here I can't believe your here" Weiss said as Bruce face soften as he went to hug his daughter back. "Of course I'm not going to miss seeing you head off I know how important this is to you" Bruce said as the two separated as Whitley and went up to the two of them.

"Dear what happen I thought you had important work to do" said to her husband. "I put it on hold I wasn't going to miss saying goodbye to Weiss and seeing her off I did the same for Winter so now I'm doing the same for Weiss" Bruce said. "That's very irresponsible father" Whitley said in a joking tone. "Maybe so son but I am head of the company I can pretty much do what I want besides I do have my assistants to take care some of my work" Bruce said with a smile causing Whitley to laugh.

"Regardless I'm glad your here father that means a lot" Weiss said as she smiled at her father and he smiled back. "Weiss even though I haven't been the best at being around often just know that I'm just a call or letter away if you need anything and I'll try my best to help you out as much as you can" Bruce said to his second oldest child. Weiss nodded "I'll keep that in mind father but for now you being here is enough" she said.

The family then talked for a couple minutes until it was time for Weiss to leave and after a couple of hugs Weiss then departed to Beacon and after that Bruce and Whitley were heading back to the entrance to head back home and for Bruce it was the company so he could get back to work. As the family continue to walk Bruce noticed his scroll was ringing "you two go ahead I'll catch up" Bruce said to his wife and son. The two nodded and continued walking and once they were away Bruce answered it.

"Hello" Bruce said "ah Master Bruce were you able to make it see before she headed out to Vale" an elderly voice said from the other end. 'I did Alfred Weiss just left a few minutes ago" Bruce said to his head butler. "That's very good sir I'm glad you were able to see her off despite your very busy schedule. "But that's not the reason you called isn't Alfred" Bruce said getting down to business. "Well sir there has been a couple of store robberies in Vale caused by Roman Torcwick" Alfred said.

"Is there anything else" Bruce said "well the odd thing is they haven't really stolen any money only dust and they have been stealing a lot of they even targeted some of our stores in Vale" Alfred said. "Interesting why would Torcwick need that much dust it doesn't make any sense" Bruce said "sir" Alfred said.

"Alfred please cancel some of my meetings for the next few days" Bruce said to his butler "understood sir I take it you or should I say Batman will be going to Vale soon to investigate" Alfred said. "You know me too well Alfred" Bruce said as he sighed a bit "I just don't know how I'm going to explain to my family" Bruce said "In sure they would understand Master Bruce" Alfred said "yeah thank you Alfred let me know if anything else comes up" Bruce said after that he hung up his scroll.

Bruce sighed a bit sometimes he wondered if he should stop being Batman but at the same time he reminded himself why he fights crimes in the shadow and that was so that no body would experience the tradegy he had and another was to protect and keep his family safe and he will continue to do so no matter what and that was a fact.

A/N: Hey guys so this thought has been in my head for awhile and I thought how it would be interesting if Weiss was Bruce instead of Jackass- I mean Jacques so I thought why not write it in a one shot. To me I feel like Bruce wouldn't be the perfect father due to running the company and being Batman but at least he trying his best to make it up to his kids and wife. Anyway let me know what you guys think this might be the first time I wrote something not Yugioh related so I would like to hear your guys thoughts. Don't forget to read review and follow the story until next time guys see ya.