Chapter 29: The Next Phase

It was night time in the city of Mantle the former capital of the kingdom of Atlas some of the citizens has returned to their homes for the evening, while others were enjoying their time out in the city. Unknown to the citizens a figure was jumping from building to building until he stopped and took a view at the rest of the city. Mantle had a bunch of tall and yet old buildings and their were a couple of build boards that has the SDC logo and the Wayne Enterprise logo which is not surprising since buildings like stores and apartment buildings are owned by the SDC.

The figured sighed a bit even though SDC did all they could to help the people of mantle to improve their living conditions it still wasn't enough, although he really shouldn't be that surprise since he doubts the higher ups or the people that has power up in Atlas cares that much about the people in Mantle at all. Still though if they don't care about Mantle then it was up to them to protect not just Atlas but Mantle as well.

The figure was tall he stood at about five foot eight he was wearing black pants and on his pants were two knee guards he was also wearing black boots. He was also wearing a long armor like dark blue and black shit and towards his left chest there was a symbol of the letter "R" on it. He was also wearing a belt and the belt was carrying different pouches that contains different weapons and gadgets. The figure was wearing a dark hoodie with a cape that reached down his back and the figure was wearing a mask that covered his eyes.

The figured looked at the rest of Mantle for a few more minutes until he received a call and he tapped his earpiece.

"Yeah" the figure said.

"Anything on your end Robin" a female voice said to the figure now known as Robin.

"No nothing has happened on my end its peaceful from my area" Robin replied.

"Do you think anything is going to happen tonight?" the female voice asked.

Before Robin could as an alarm has went off in the city.

"I guess that answers your question Batgirl" Robin said jokingly.

"Robin, Batgirl a horde of Grimm has made its way into the central part of the city meet me there so that we can eliminate them"

"Rodger that Batman" Robin and Batgirl said they ended their calls with each other.

Robin then sighed "alright lets do this" Robin said as he ran and jumped from one building to another and quickly headed to the central part of the city.

Meanwhile at the central part of Mantle a couple of people were screaming and running away as a bunch of Ice Sybrs and a few Beowolves were running through the city but from the left side a black car drove and stopped at the middle of the road from where the Grimm was running and roof of the car opened up and a figure jumped up from inside the car through the roof and landed on the ground and stood up staring at the Grimm. That figure was none other then Batman himself but luckily Batman wasn't alone as he looked to his left side and he looked and saw Robin jumping and fliping down from the building until he landed right next to Batman.

He then looked to his left as he saw a woman jumping from a building and landed safely on the ground as if she was floating a bit. The woman was wearing a tight skin batsuit similar to Batman that showed off her curvy yet alethic built. She was wearing yellow boots and gloves and her batsuit was grey in color, she was also wearing a yellow belt that was carrying all sorts of gadgets just like Batman and Robin. She was wearing a bat like mask but it didn't cover her long flowing brown hair. She was also wearing a long black and yellow cape.

Although he didn't show it Batman was impressed at how so much stronger Batgirl has gotten in almost two years and that included mastering her powers.

"We're here Batman" Batgirl said to the dark crusader and her mentor.

"Any advice?" Robin asked but he knew what Batman was going to say.

"Stay alert and try not to get killed" Batman simply said as Robin pulled out a handle and pressed a button and a long blade retraced from the handle and Batgirl pulled out two handles and pressed buttons on them and two short black blades came out of the handle. Batman reached for one of his pouches and he quickly threw a few black balls on the street and once they hit the street they exploded creating a large smoke screen that distracted the Grimm for a bit. Batgirl and Robin made their move and they ran quickly and using the smoke to their advantage they began to quickly slash and and kill every Sybrs in front of them.

Once the smoke cleared Batgirl and Robin was standing face to face with a Ice Beowolf and they both ducked down as Batman in midair kicked the Beowolf and send it back towards two more Ice Beowolves. Batgirl and Robin then threw their own version of the Batarangs and they got stuck on the Beowolves causing a beeping sound and it wasn't long until the Batarangs caused an explosion destroying the ice Beowolves.

There was still three Sybrs left and as soon as Batgirl and Robin was about to deal with them a green laser had went and instantly destroyed the Beowolves and after that the alarm was turned off. Battman Robin and Batgirl looked and saw that it was Penny who had a different design compared to back at Beacon. She then went down to greet the trio.

"Sorry for being late Batman Robin Batgirl" Penny said.

"Don't worry about it in fact you was just in time Penny" Robin said as he smiled at the android about a couple of months ago Ironwood decided that she was going to help defend Mantle and offer assists to Batman and his group and they have worked together quite a bit so they are familar with each other.

"How have you been Penny?" Batgirl asked.

"Oh I am fine just happily defending Mantle and not to mention defending it with my friends" Penny said with a smile.

"Yeah well try to burn yourself too much Penny" Robin said.

"Sorry to interrupt but we need to get going, Penny tell Ironwood to update and fix the walls and update us in case something is happening here in Mantle" Batman said.

"Of course Batman oh I believe that general Ironwood would like to speak to you tomorrow in person" Penny said.

"Hmm" Batman said he then simply nodded at Penny and turned and started to head towards the Batcar.

"I guess that's our cue to leave as well its good to see you again Penny" Robin said.

"Also please be careful ok" Batgirl said.

"Of course and you two will do the same ok until next time" Penny said as she activated the jets on her boots and she flew away and headed across the city.

"Well then shall we go Robin" Batgirl said to Robin.

"Of course it would be rude to keep my father waiting" Robin replied.

After that Robin and Batgirl got inside the Batcar and it wasn't long until the Batcar floated into the air and it flew as it was heading straight into the sky towards Atlas. It wasn't long until the Batcar has reached underground in the Batcave and once it was parked the three of them were greeted to the sight of Alfred.

"Welcome back master Bruce, master Whitley, miss Gordon" Alfred said the last part with a smirk on his face.

The three of them jumped out of the car and pulled down their mask "Alfred you know I told you that in private you can call me by my name instead of my fake identity" Phyrra said Phyrra in appearance hasn't changed much expect her hair is a bit shorter expect that she dyed her hair brown and her eyes was green until Alfred went up to her and gave her a case.

"I'm sorry Miss Nikos it was only meant to be a mild tease at best" Alfred said as Phyrra opened the case and saw it was her blue contacts.

"I do have to say Phyrra you sure have adjusted to living here in Atlas" Whitley said.

Whitley besides getting taller looks a bit older as well his hair has gotten longer that it has reached a little bit past his shoulders also due to the training his father put him through Whitley has gotten more muscular but still kept his lean built.

"Well you and Bruce has made things a lot easier since you guys went through the trouble in making a fake identity for me and giving me a place and a job in being Bruce personal assistant" Phyrra said.

"Not only that but all of has gotten stronger while on the field I feel like we are closer in preparing ourselves to fight against Salem" Whitley said "and I'm one step closer in dealing with the guy the bastard who hurt Yang" he thought.

"Speaking of Salem do you think that's what the general wanted to talk to you about?" Phyrra asked as she finished putting on her blue contacts and Alfred gave her, her glasses and she grabbed them.

"Most likely I suspect that Salem is making her move as we speak so we need to act fast" Bruce said as he looked at Whitley and Phyrra.

"But for now you two just need to get changed and get some rest I'll call you and update you about my meeting with James" Bruce said.

"Understood" Whitley and Phyrra said after that Bruce Phyrra and Whitley changed out of their suits put back on their regular clothes after that they along with Alfred had headed back up to Bruce office.

Once they came back up Bruce was wearing a black suit with black pants with a white dress shit underneath the black jacket he was not wearing a tie and threre was a few buttons unloose on his white dress shirt.

Whitlety is wearing a similar suit to his father expect it is dark blue in color and Phyrra or "Barbara" was wearing a long white sleeve dress shirt with a blue vest, she was wearing a long blue pencil skirt with stockings and blue high heel dress shoes her hair was tied in a downward ponytail and the current fall maiden was wearing her glasses to complete her disguise.

"Well then I guess I better get home" Phyrra said.

"Of course Phyrra I hope you have a good night Alfred will lead you out" Bruce said.

Phyrra nodded "I will see you tomorrow Whitley Mr-Bruce" Phyrra said correcting herself as as Bruce told her to just call him by his first name

"Good night Phyrra" Whitley said as he smile and waved goodbye to Phyrra as she and Alfred left the office leaving just Whitley and Bruce alone in the office.

"Well then I guess I better get a good night's sleep as well" Whitley said.

"Wait a minute son before you go there something I wanted to say" Bruce said causing Whitley to turn and face him.

"What is it father?" Whitley said.

"Even though I said me training you teaching you how to fight was going to be hard I pushed you to your limits you never gave up you kept pushing through and kept getting stronger and better at a remarkable rate you showed me that I didn't regret sharing you my secret and allowing you to help me during portal what I'm trying to say is I'm proud of you son you really grew a lot in almost two years" Bruce said as he smiled at Whitley.

Whitley smiled "Father...thank you I knew when you offered me to assist you as Batman I knew this was something I wanted no had to do because I can't let Salem just do as she pleases and hurt innocent people loose their lives no we need to stop her once and for all and I will be glad to help you stop her as Robin but if I were to be honest father" Whitley said.

"What is it?" Bruce asked his youngest child.

"Teaming up with you and being around you while your Batman its been a lot of fun and not only that I feel like I gotten to know another side of you a side that I appreciate more and more and I'm grateful that I gotten to know that side of you father" Whitley said with a smile.

"Thank you Whitley that means a lot" Bruce said.

"Before I go there is one last thing I need to ask are you going to tell Weiss Winter and Mother about you being Batman?" Whitley asked causing Bruce to sigh a bit.

"I don't know...probably not one of the many reasons I'm Batman was so that I can be able to protect you all even if that meant sometimes I may not be a part of your lives I just..." Bruce said.

Whitley understood what his father meant he doesn't want what happened to his grandparents happened to the three of them Whitley knows all too well that his father is still affected on what happened to his grandparents if something happened to him his mother and his sisters...there is really no telling what his father mental state would be.

"I understand father but if I may offer a piece of advice you should try to put your trust on Winter Weiss and Mother I they might be upset at first but they would be understanding on where your coming from just like I did" Whitley said.

"I'll keep that in mind goodnight son" Bruce said.

"Good night father" Whitley said "although I should take my own advice who knows how Yang would react if I told her I was Batman who is also my father, partner in crime and helping him save the world" he thought as he left the room.

As Whitley left the room Bruce sighed as he sat on the chair behind his desk as of right now Atlas Mistral and Vacuo could be all under attack soon and they all need to be ready or else it could be the end of the world as they know it and Bruce refuses to let that happen even if that means dying in the process.

Meanwhile at Salem castle Joker has entered the meeting room as he saw that everybody was here.

"Hehehe well it seems like the gang is all here" Joker said with sick smile on his face as he walked and hopped down in the seat next to Cinder.

"Hello Cindy how are we doing today you and your kids seem to be in great sprits after all they seem to be enjoying the view" Joker said causing Cinder to growl the last thing she needed was for the clown to mess with her honestly with him and Tyrian around its a miracle she hasn't gone insane yet.

"Emerald, Mercury come here" Cinder said as Emerald and Mercury turned to look at Cinder and they both walked until they stood behind her.

"Joker my dear friend how are you today?" Tyrain who was a Scorpion faunas asked.

"Why I'm doing fantastic Tyrian I think today meeting will be exciting I can just feel it in my bones" Joker said.

"Ugh already they are going at can we have a moment of silence for once" a tan skinned man with a mustache said.

"I actually agree with you Arthur" a man who had blue like skin who was wearing a black and white suit with a helmet said to Arthur said.

A man who was wearing a black and grey suit who was wearing a mask half witch was bronze and the other half black merely folded his arms and closed his eyes until he heard and turned that Salem had walked into the room and everybody stood up she then walked until she was at the middle chair she lowered her hand telling everybody that they could sit.

"Now then let us begin today meeting and discuss our next course of action" Salem said.

"So I take we are finally cleaning up more of Cinder's mess" the blue skinned man said causing Cinder to growl "hold your tongue freeze or else" Cinder said causing Salem to hold her hand.

"Now doctor Freeze your being a bit hard on young Cinder she didn't expect that another force would...interfere" Salem said.

"With all do respect ma'am she failed she didn't get the other half of the fall maiden power and Ozpin is still alive" Freeze said.

"But she managed to put on quite a show in Vale imagine the amount of death and destruction and chaos she hehehahaha it must have been quite a sight!" Joker said as he looked at Cinder causing the young woman to flinch a bit.

"I couldn't agree more Joker Cinder wasn't a total failure in that regard hehehe" Tyrian said.

"But that does bring us back to our main two issues one is the silver eye girl" the bronze and black masked man said in a calm and mincing tone.

"Yes most of us dealt and killed their kind before and yet they continue to remain a threat even though the girl is young she could still be a threat" the tanned skinned man who had a brown beard and a pony tail

"Indeed remember Cinder you are one of the keys to our victory but with your strength comes a crippling weakness which is why you will finish your training with me" Salem said.

"Yes ma'am I understand" Cinder said.

"But our next issue is the one called Batman he is responsible for why Cinder fail in the first place" a faunas with red hair and cheetah ears on the top of her head said she also had brown spots covering her skin and she was wearing brown shorts and and a brown tank top.

Cinder growled while hearing Batman name "now there is one of the people I'm interested in meeting hehehe" Joker said with a smirk on his face.

"Hmm Doctor Watts and Doctor Freeze you two will take Cinder place and meet with our informants in Mistral" Salem said to the doctors

"Very good" Watts said

"Understood" Freeze said.

"Hazel Barbara and Slade I'm sending you three to the leader of the white fang especially you Barbara you were one of the founders, Adam Taurus has arranged the meeting the boy has proven to be loyal make sure that Sieena Khan feels the same" Salem said to the three of them.

"As you wish" Hazel said.

Slade merely nodded while Barbara growled "Taurus that reckless and hot blooded idiot dealing with him won't be easy especially with that unstable mind of his" Barbara thought.

"Joker, Tyrian" Salem said to the two eccentric members of her group "yes my lady" Tyrian said "you rang dear old Salem" Joker said.

"I was going to send you two to deal with spring but I want you to get the silver eye girl and bring her to me but you can do with her as you please just bring her to me alive" Salem said as Tyrian groaned in disappointment.

"Oh cheer up Tyrian" Joker said as he had a huge grin on her face "at least we get to have our fun with her hehe I wonder will she appreciate my comedy just as the other silver eyed warriors did I can't wait to find out oh the despair on her face will be fantastic" Joker said.

"Now as for the Batman I am curious and interested in him as well with his methods in working through the darkness in a ironic way he has become a beacon of hope in not just Atlas but in the rest of the world as well, if anybody cross paths with Batman please bring him back to me alive but if he causes a lot of trouble and becomes more of a threat..." Salem said as her eyes glowed red "then you can kill him without regard destroy that little hope that Remnant has left" Salem finished in a cold tone.

"Now then thanks to your efforts we are one step closer to our goals and soon Haven will fall" Salem said.

"Don't worry Cinder we got your back right Tyrian old buddy" Joker said.

'Yes we will deal with the silver eye girl and Batman to help you sleep at night because after all.." Tyrian started

"That is what friends are for.." Joker said "HeheheHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Joker and Tyrian laughed across the room as Cinder merely turned her head and growled at the madmen antics.

Meanwhile at a farm a young tan skinned boy with black hair stood up as he held his head "another dream it was about a voice" he said but he shook those thoughts aside "I better get up and get ready for the day those cores won't do themselves the boy said as he got and went to do chores around the farm. Unknown to the boy he was about to be a part of a battle that will decide the fate of Remnant and that battle has already begun.

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