"Hey Whitley I want to ask you something?" Weiss asked her younger brother who was currently driving one od the batplanes.

"Sure Weiss go ahead" Robin said to his older sister.

Batman, Robin,Batgirl and Weiss were currently on their way to Mistral in order to meet Ruby and her group. But first Batman and the others had decided they were going to find Raven first in order for her to hand over the spring maiden to them so that they can get the relic of knowlwdge.

The group just left Solitas all together under the nose of Ironwood. So they were pretty much in the safe zone now.

It was going to be a long trip so they might as well make some small talk.

"I was wondering what was your reaction in finding out father was Batman?" Weiss asked her younger brother.

"Well I was shocked at first that he actually hid all of this from us, but for me I felt like this was my calling card" Robin said.

"How so?" Weiss asked her younger brother?

"Well you and Winter both you already decided what you wanted to do with your lives, with Winter joining the Atlas military and you wanted to become a huntress, I felt like I found my own way on carrying both the wayne and schnee legacy" Robin said.

"Helping father fighting crime, in Atlas and Mantle and fighting in this war nobody knows about" Weiss said.

"Yeah pretty much and not only that their are things that I want to protect I can't do that while sitting on my butt" Robin said.

"I see" Weiss said she wasn't sure if she wanted her brother to fight because she knows that any one od them could die at any moment. But she was happy that her brother had found his path in what he wanted to do with his life.

"I'm proud of you Whitley I'm glad that you found what your looking for even if it means having to save the world" Weiss said as she chuckle a bit causing Robin to laugh a bit.

"That's true but you know I think grandpa Nicolas would approve and support our choices" Robin said

"I actually agree with you but Whitley do you think Grandpa Thomas and Grandma Martha would they be proud of us right now?" Weiss asked.

Robin didnt say anything for a moment but the youngest child of Bruce and Willow gathered himself and said this.

"I think they would be proud of bus but I think they would want us to support father and become the guide for him to heal so Weiss do you want to continue our grandparents work in looking after father" Robin said.

"Yeah I actually agree with that lets both help father together, Whitley" Weiss said to her younger brother.

"Sounds like a plan" Whitley said as he nodded his head.

At the same time Batman was piloting the other batplane with Batgirl sitting behind him. The two of them didnt say much until Batman supursingly was the one that started the conversation.

"How are you feeling right now?" Batman asked Batgirl.

"Oh well I am a bit nervous since this is also going to me my first of many battles as the fall maiden, but also its going to be the first time I seen Jaune and the others again" Batwoman replied.

"Its ok to be nervous Pyrrha but just remember our training and the reasons why you fight those will see you through even the thoughest battles" Batman calmly said.

Batgirl nodded training with Batman was one of the hardest things she ever done but she doesn't regret it because it was thanks to him that she gotten stronger in the first place and she gained great control of her maiden powers.

"I understand and I am greatful truly, its thanks to you and Whitley that I became this strong in the first place, I wont let you guys and professor Ozpin down.

'I know you want Pyrrha" Batman said.

Batgirl smiled and she then sighed a bit "that aside I'm not sure if I should reveal myself to Jaune and the others I know they are probably worried sick about me and have been looking for me" Batgirl said.

"Are you worried that they might be angry at you for not saying anything and disappearing without even saying goodbye to them" Batman said.

"Yes and I understand and accpet the decesion I made and I understand why you didnt tell your family about being Batman, but it would hurt me so much if they hated me for keeping secerts from them.

"Well its really up to you if you want to tell them or not Pyrrha, but even so I think your friends would understand and support you no matter what, if Weiss and Whitley were able to understand and support me then so will your friends" Batman said.

"Thank you Bruce I really needed to hear that" Batgirl said as she smiled at the dark knight of Atlas.

Batman nodded and Batgirl asked Batman another question.

"Bruce do you think we can beat Salem?" Batgirl asked.

"Well we have too but I believe that their certain things about Salem that even Ozpin isnt telling us" Batman replied.

"Really what gave you that impression?" Batgirl asked she knew how intelligent Batman is so much that she considers him the smartest person she ever met.

"Think about it Ozpin has been battling Salem for thousands of years and these relics were created by the gods themselves shouldn't have Ozpin had found a way to defeat Salem now" Batman replied.

"That is a good point but if he is hiding some things he must have reasons" Batgirl said.

"That's fair but we are dealing with a powerful magical witch that is capable of controlling the grimm and is hell bent on destroying this world if we want to stop her we need to plan on how to deal with her accordingly" Batman said.

"That is true maybe we can ask Ozpin some questions once we reach Mistral" Batgirl said.

"Yes" Batman said the group continued to travel through the air until they realized it was morning and the sun was about to come up and thats when they gotten a phone call from Ozpin.

The planes were connected in receiving calls so Robin gotten the call as well.

"Its Ozpin" Robin said.

"Really I wonder what he wants, I wonder if something happened to Ruby and the others" Weiss said.

"I dont know but I guess we are about to find out" Robin said.

Batman answered Ozpin call "this is Batman".

"Batman I have some unforturnate news I want to share" Ozpin said.

"What would that be?" Batman asked.

"Yesterday 's group were attacked by two associates of Salem and they were know as the Joker and Tyrian" Ozpin said.

"Tyrian do you mean Tyrian Callows" Batman said.

"Father do you know him?" Robin asked.

"He was a serial killer and he committed many crimes over Remnant, he was eventually caught but as he was transported to prison the grimm attacked the carrier and he escape I looked into his disapperence but I couldnt find any clues on his whereabouts Batman said.

"My guess it was Salem who freed him it seems like she gained quite the allies for her cause, in any case Qrow and I were able to hold them off for the most part but Qrow gotten poisoned by Tyrian" Ozpin said.

"Oh no thats not good are they close to Mistral yet they should be able to get Qrow to a doctor to treat the poison" Batgirl said.

"You guys should be close to Mistral hopefully Qrow should be able to hold on until then or find a village where they have a doctor" Batman said.

"Yes we are close but I just wanted to update you on how things are going on our end, how are things going on your end?" Ozpin asked.

"Do you want to hear the good news or the bad news?" Batman asked.

"The bad news is that Ironwood is planning to close the borders to Atlas" Batman said.

"What doesn't James realize that we need to work together to stop Salem closing the boarders would only divide us even more" Ozpin said.

"I agree but we'll deal with Ironwood later but the good news is we managed to leave Atlas a few hours ago we are heading straight to Anima right now but its going to take most of the day to arrive in Anima but before we meet in Mistral their someone we need to meet" Batman said.

"Are you refering to Raven, are you going to ask her about the spring maiden?" Ozpin asked.

"You and I both know she has the spring maiden Ozpin if she doesnt want to hand her over then their are other ways to convince her" Batman said.

Ozpin said "well I wish you luck with that in any case we will see if we can make it to Mistral or a village to get Qrow a doctor safe travels Batman" Ozpin said.

"Update when you guys arrive in Mistral" Batman said as he hung up.

"Qrow thats Ruby and Yangs uncle right I hope he going to make it" Weiss said from what she seen and saw when Qrow fought Winter. Qrow taught Ruby how to fight and they seem really close the last thing Weiss wanted for her friend and leader is to loose a family matter.

"He'll pull through their reason why Ozpin brought him to his inner circle" Batman said.

"Father is right Weiss he might be a drunk but he is strong its going to take more then that to kill him besides I think they are going to make it to Mistral anyway" Robin said.

"I guess thats true" Weiss said as her father and brothers words put her mind at ease.

A couple of hours later the group had travel and avoid being spotted but for the most part they had reached Anima.

"We finally did we made it to Anima" Batgirl said.

"Its been a long trip thats for sure father should we-" before Robin could say anything Robin heard static from his radio and so did Batman and they tried to adjust it.

"Whitley whats wrong?" Weiss asked her younger brother.

"I'm not exactly sure, we are over lake matsu we shouldn't be picking up broadcasts this far from Mistral someone must be close by" Whitley said.

"Mayday,Mayday we're a small passager flight and our huntress is down we arent equipped to deal with this" a woman voice said on the raido.

"That doesn't sound good" Robin said

"The grimm hit us 400 clicks north of the southern shoreline ah get them off of us if any one can here us ahhh" the woman screamed.

"Father" Whitley said.

"I know, Batgirl" Batman said.

"Understood" Batgirl as she took off her seatbelt and once Batman opened the hatch of the plane it didnt take long for Batgirl to fly out the plane and head towards to the area where the people were in trouble at.

"Wait that was Pyrrha right" Weiss said.

"It was hold on tight Weiss because we are about to a whole lot faster" Robin said to his older sister.

"So that means we are going to help them" Weiss said.

"Well yeah and you are a huntress right isnt it your job to save people" Robin said as he gave Weiss a confident smirk.

"Your right, put the metal to petal Whitley lives are on the line here" Weiss said to her younger brother.

"Roger that" Whitley said as he and Batman went faster and followed Batgirl who going as fast as she can.

After about a couple minutes it wasn't long until the group arrived at some floating islands and once they flew through they saw a ship being chase by Lancers.

"Lancers, Batgirl try to get their attention and have them focus on us and off the ship" Batman said.

"Understood leave it to me" Batgirl said using her semblance she took out multiple Batarangs and she imbunded the Batarangs with fire magic and once sve flew and got close to the Lancers Batgirl use her semblance to throw the Batarangs sticking to some of the Lancers.

Once that happen it wasn't long until the Batarangs exploded causing several Lancers to fall through the ground and the Lancers turn their attention to the group.

"We got their attention" Robin said..

"Good Batgirl blow them away once that happens thats when we strike back" Batman said.

"I understand Batman" Batgirl said.

The Lancers then flew to where the group was located and it wasn't long until flames appeared around Batgirl eyes.

Batgirl then put her arms in a cross formation and with just using her magic Batgirl created a large blast of wind and she blew the Lancers away.

"Woah Pyrrha amazing" Weiss said about her friend she felt like she was watching Pyrrha dominate everybody during the sparing matches in Goodwitch classes back at Beacon.

"No time to admire Batgirl handy work Weiss lets finish the job" Robin said as he Batman and Pyrrha flew towards the Lancers.

Once that happened Batman and Robin pressed some buttons and some hatches opened up to both sides of the planes and both Batman and Robin wasted little time and fired bullet like dust shots at the Lancers and they were easily shooting them down.

Batgirl then created two swords made from fire and ice magic and she flew into the remaining Lancers and she made quick work of them by easily slashing and cutting threw them causing them to evaporate into dust.

"Looks like we did it" Batgirl said as she turned to face the two Batplanes.

"No if that was only a herd of Lancers then that means a Queen Lancer is around here somewhere stay sharp" Batman said.

As soon as Batman said that it wasn't long until a Queen Lancer appeared behind them.

"Looks like you were right Batman its coming right at us" Batgirl said.

"Do you think you can handle this?" Batman asked.

"If I can't defeat a giant grimm then how am I susppose to defeat Cinder or Salem" Batgirl said as flames appeared around her eyes once more.

"Hmm just stay alert and sharp" Batman said as he and Robin flew their planes to the side and Batgirl easily towards the Queen Lancer and the Queen Lancer fired spikes at Batgirl but Batgirl sped up and flew over the Queen Lancer and once she did that. Batgirl fired a ice beam at the Queen Lancer wings freezing them.

"She froze the Lancers wings restricting it movements" Weiss said in amazment.

"I think its time for a nice finale dont you think Weiss" Robin said as he smirk a bit as Batgirl cup her hands together and gathered a huge amount of fire magic around her hands.

Once she was able to do that she then released a fire like beam like blast at the Queen Lancer engulfing it in its flames destroying it completely.

"Awesome nice job Pyrrha" Robin said.

"Excellcent work Batgirl return to the Batplane" Batman said.

"Yes sir" Batgirl said as she went ahead and flew towards the Batplane and she went inside of it once Batman open the hatch.

"Well that was eventual wouldn't you say Batman" Robin said to his father.

"Hmm the situation has not changed lets pay Raven a little visit" Batman said.

"Of course Ive been looking forward to meeting with her for a long time" Robin said.

Weiss could tell Whitley had a digusted tone when talking about Yang's mother, Weiss wasn't dumb she could see how her younger brother cares about her friend and teammate.

From what Weiss can tell it seems like Raven was hardly in Yang's life at all she would hope that jer brother would control herself when they meet Raven.

Both of the Batplanes then left as they entered Anima and searching for Raven.

"Adam Im not going to repeat myself so I want you listen when I tell you that the White Fang will not attack Haven academy" Sienna Khan said.

'High leader Khan I am begging you" Adam said.

"You should be begging for forgiveness and nothing else" Sienna Khan said.

"The assault you led on Beacon was not the great victory you clearly think it was and you should be greatful your punishment wasn't more severe, you are a symbol for many in our organization but that doesn't make you infallible" Sienna said.

"I sad merely trying to follow yours and Barabas example high leader" Adam said.

"Oh and what example would that be?" Sienna asked.

"Strength, strength and unwavering conviction the humans have seen that strength now" Adam said.

"Thats why Barbara is dead right now its true we were the ones to suggest violence was necessary peace spread complacency and acceptance of our place in the world. I will not allow humanity to push us down without pushing them back" Sienna said.

"But the destruction of the huntsman academies crosses a line, the attack on Beacon made the white fang more of a target now then ever before, you have justfied humanity campaign aganist us and for what empty promises from a group of humans, humans we still know nothing about and come and go as they please" Sienna said.

"These are not examples of strength Adam, like Barbara your skills are diminished by your short sightednesd" Sienna Khan said.

"If you want to know more about the humans then why not talk to them yourself infact someone we know quite well can vouch for them" Adam said.

The door opened and it wasn't long until Deathstroke, Hazel and Barbara appered through the entrance.

"It took you long enough boy" Barbara said.

"B-Barbara your alive!" Sienna said in shock as she stood up even the guards were shock to see one of the founders alive.

"What's wrong Sienna you look like you seen a ghost" Barbara chuckle

"I thought you died during one of missions,awhile back" Sienna said.

"As you can see sister I survive and it was during this time I made some powerful allies" Barbara said.

"You brought humans here Barbara you hate humanity more then any one and you brought humans here" Sienna said.

"Even humans have their usefulness Sienna besides these humans understand our cause why not listen to what they have to say" Barbara said.

"Ma'am please nobody needs to die today we are just asking for a moment of your time" Hazel said.

"I can assure you high leader that your time wont be wasted with us" Deathstroke calmly said.

"The longer you and your friend stay here the lesser your chances in leaving here alive" Sienna said.

"We'll take those chances if you dont mind" Hazel said as Sienna sat back down.

"You don't like me and my friend here and you have no reason to like us, but you dont have to like us to get the results you want" Hazel said.

"Im starting to dobut you four comprehend what it is that I want" Sienna said.

"I want humanity to fear the faunus to know that we demand respect I do not want to start a war with the humans that we cannot win" Sienna said.

"Oh thats where your wrong Sienna we can win aganist the humans because who I work with is a being that help us crush these humans and show that the faunus are the dominant spieces" Barbara said.

"We are better then these pathetic humans, humans are nothing more then pathetic sheep that deserve to kneel before us dont you remember that we wanted to create a paradise for our people sister or did you go soft like Ghira" Barbara said.

"I had enough of this conversation guards take them away" Sienna said.

"What shame I thought you were better then this Sienna but I had a feeling this would happen, do it Slade" Barbara said.

It wasn't long until Barbara and Deathstroke quickly threw something at Sienna and Adam and it wasn't long until some metal collars were wrapped around their necks and it wasn't long until Sienna and Adam were both electrocuted.

"AHHHHHHH!" Adam and Sienna yelled.

"What are you doing" Sienna said as she fell on the floor.

"Well I figure you wouldn't join us willingly so I had to force you to see it my way, these are electric collars courstey of the doctors if you try to pull something then you will recevie a nice shock to your system try to break free and the collars will explode and kill you and Taurus" Barbara said.

"Why put a collar on me!" Adam yelled.

'Because of your unstable mind you would would, ruin our plans before they begin use are more useful as muscle then a leader" Barbara said as she sat on the throne.

"You wont get away with this Barbara" Sienna Khan said but her and Adam got shocked again thanks to Barbara pushing the button to activate their shock pillars.

"Oh sister you failed to realize that our people seen my vision but dont worry I will lead our people into a new dawn" Barbara said.

"Hahahaha we are just one step closer in our goals wouldn't you agree Hazel, Slade" Barbara.

"Yes while using the collars were unecessary at least nobody died" Hazel said.

"Well now that we have the White Fang backing us things should go according to plan" Deathstroke said as he looked and saw Barbara had a huge grin on her face.

"Ah its good to be back home" Barbara said as she chuckled once again.

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