When he'd made the decision to run with her, he'd known what it meant.

He could run from Treadstone. Alone, he knew that he was capable of staying ahead of them. He was smart enough, strong enough, fast enough. Nicky was smart and she was tough but she wasn't an asset. She didn't have the training that he'd had; she was a liability.

He should have put her on that bus and run.

Everything he'd been taught, everything he'd been trained to do, had told him that was the only way he'd survive. But he hadn't been able to make himself do it.

He'd put her on the bus and said his goodbye as best as he could. But as it pulled away, he'd jumped back on and found her standing by the window exactly as he'd left her. He slipped up behind her; standing close. She saw his reflection in the window and their eyes met. They'd spoken no words, but he felt her body relax into his and knew that he'd made the right decision.

When they got off the bus he'd wanted to explain to her how it would be. He needed to tell her that she had to trust him; had to follow his instructions to the letter, without question, without hesitation or he wouldn't be able to keep her safe. He'd knew he'd have to ask her to do things that would be difficult for her; but it had always been difficult for her... with him. And when he'd looked into her eyes he saw that she already understood.

She always had.

Author's Note:

It always bothered me that he put her on that bus and walked away. I like to think that he had reasons for it, but I like this ending better. Let me know what you think.

I initially saw this as a tiny little one shot but... I might want to follow them on their flight from Treadstone... We'll see.