First Encounters

The Decepticon warship was silent that morning, all of the vehicons going about doing their various tasks and the usual arrogant orders coming from the whiny and almost nasal voice of the Decepticon SIC, Starscream. The tapping of keys could be heard from the silent Communications Chief and Decepticon TIC, Soundwave, as he decoded the iacon database in order to find the coordinates of iacon relics sent to Earth in the war for Cybertron. Overseeing all of the activity going on on his warship, was the mighty "Lord" Megatron, as he'd dubbed himself. He sat upon the steel grey metal throne in the main control room of the ship, looking over a datapad filled with information on the iacon database that Soundwave had uncovered whilst decoding the database for coordinates. It was meager information but information on the Iacon relics nonetheless.

As he was reading, an alert went off from the computer station that Soundwave was currently working at that told him that Soundwave had decoded another set of coordinates. Not trusting anyone but himself to retrieve the one that seemed most promising in helping the Decepticon cause he ordered a troop of flier vehicons to the flight deck and sounded for Soundwave to open up a ground bridge to the specified coordinates. Megatron and the troop of fliers flew threw the swirling green and blue vortex and off to the iacon relic.


Meanwhile, in her nearly remote, undisturbed cabin home in the mountains, a teenaged girl and her mother were getting ready for the day. It was the weekend, so that meant no school for the girl. However, Jenny's mom, who worked as a CSI for the FBI, had to head to work that morning after being called in about a body that had been found. It didn't bother Jenny that her mother was leaving, she was used to it. When your mother works for the government as a crime scene analyst your bound to have to learn how to spend lengthy amounts of time without a parent around. When she was younger, Jenny had been sent to go stay with her friend, Sam, who lived down the road. But now that she was older and in her mid-teens, Kathy trusted her daughter to stay home alone without getting into any kind of trouble on purpose.

At age sixteen, Jenny had grown out of any kind of urge to explore the large land of woods behind her own backyard. However as bored as she was that Saturday, she gladly took pulled on her converse and put in her earbuds before jogging out her backdoor and jumping over the fence and into the forest behind her house. As she trekked through the mass trees surrounding her, Aerosmith, Jenny's favorite band started to play on the shuffle. She hummed along to Joe Perry's guitar riffs and Steven Tyler's singing as she jumped over a fallen log that was in her path. Jenny knew that there was a cave somewhere ahead and she planned to go there and hang out for a couple of hours before she would head home.

Sure enough, a minute later she could see the mouth of the cave about 50 yards ahead of her current position. There was a stream that ran along the forest floor that she had to jump over in order to get to the actual entrance to the cave. As she jumped from her side of the creek bank to the other, her feet had barely touched the other side of the bank before she slipped in the creek mud that had washed up onto the bank during the rainstorm from the previous night. Her combat boots failed to grip the dirt and Jenny flew back first into the water below her. Sitting up, she spat out the creek water that had gotten into her mouth on the fall and looked down at herself. She was covered completely in mud from her waist down and some had even gotten into her hair. Not to mention that her backside and legs were soaked from the waist down as well. Her shoes she didn't care about. They were, after all, made for hiking.

Grumbling, Jenny stood up from the stream she'd been sitting in and trudged up the river bank and into the mouth of the cave where she set down her jacket after having taken it off. She then sat down on a boulder and pulled off the combat boot and her socks in order to let them air dry. Sighing, Jenny looked down at her phone screen and looked at the time. It was 3:30 already. She pulled off the rucksack she'd brought with her that held water and food for the day. She ate her sandwich in silence until she was done.

Jenny leaned back against a boulder and listened to the sounds of the nature around her. Slowly, but surely, she began to nod off into the lull of sleep.


The groundbridge opened into a clearing in a heavily wooded area. Megatron and the vehicon fliers landed and transformed before they began to search for the location of the Iacon relic's beacon. The signal was leading them out of the clearing and into the midst of the trees, where there was a small stream of water and a large cave big enough for even Megatron himself to fit into, as long as he crouched down a bit anyway.


Jenny didn't hear the weird noise of a portal opening in closing. However, what she did hear was the loud crash of something landing on the forest floor and the moans and cracks of the straining trees as if something that was their size or even larger than them, but far far heavier was trudging through them. The earth-shaking crash noise had shaken her from her sleep, but what made her freeze and become alert to her surroundings was the sound of arguing voices. Jenny looked down at her phone but realized it had gone dead, and instead then looked at her wristwatch. 7:45 p.m. it said. She'd been asleep for more than four hours. But who the hell other than herself would be out here in the middle of absolutely nowhere at this time of night?

Cautiously, Jenny slipped her socks and combat boots on before pulling on her windbreaker, tying up her hair into a messy ponytail, and grabbing her rucksack. She crept towards the entrance to the cave and peered slowly out the opening. As her eyes adjusted to the dim light of dusk and her ears strained to hear, she could tell that whoever was out there was getting very close to where she currently was in the cave opening. Once she could actually see, Jenny crept out from the cave and into the wooded area again before pressing her back to a large pine tree that was wide enough to hide her completely from view on the other side of the tree.

The voices had now gotten very very close and that told Jenny that whoever were the owners of the voices that they were now at the cave mouth opening where she'd just been a few minutes ago. Curiously, Jenny looked around the trunk of the tree and back towards the cave entrance. What she then witnessed was something that then forever changed her life. There, standing in front of the large cave were giant metal beings that made her seem like an ant. One towered above the rest and was a gunmetal grey color with a metal looking face in the breastplate that was colored purple to stand out against the rest of the armor.

She knew that creatures, beings, or whatever the hell these things were that they could easily kill her within a blink of an eye. But stupidly, her brazen mouth didn't agree with her brain on this one.

"Who and what the hell are you and what do you want?"



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