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p style="font-family: -webkit-standard;"Alright, I know this has definitely been done before and that the Autobots are supposed to switch places with the Decepticons, but I wanted to do this a bit differently. The whole idea will still be the same but I came up with what I think is an original twist, but someone else possibly could have also thought of it. So, if you've seen something similar then I cam only say that great minds must think alike./p
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p style="font-family: -webkit-standard; text-align: center;"ustrongShattered Glass AU:/strong/ubr /emustrongThe Canon Bots' and Cons' Go To The Shattered Glass Dimension {/strong/u/ememustrongPart 1}/strong/u/em/p
p style="font-family: -webkit-standard;"br /It was happening again. Two groundbridge vortexes had been opened in each other's close proximity before and it had resulted in the human children being sent to a parallel dimension they'd since named the shadow zone. It was essentially a dimension where you could see but not touch the real world. Currently the only being they knew to inhabit the forsaken dimension was the undead husk of the Decepticon known as Skyquake, who was forever trudging around looking for his missing limb. They had successfully rescued the human children the last time due to Miko somehow miraculously forgetting her phone on the catwalk back at base. However this time it was the 'bots themselves who were about to travel out of their world./p
p style="font-family: -webkit-standard;"Just as the vortexes were about to come into contact with one another and implode before causing a power surge and exploding, a third groundbridge vortex that none of the surrounding cybertronians -Autobot or Decepticon- recognized appeared into their midst. Everyone stopped battling to peer curiously at the sight, even emOptimus/ememand/ememMegatron/empaused in their dramatic speeches to look at the swirling vortex of unknown origins./p
p style="font-family: -webkit-standard;"The two groundbridge portals that had been connecting previously now started to connect with the third vortex that had appeared. Ratchet, who had been called to the scene to repair Arcee on sight, narrowed his cyan blue optics at the scene unfolding before him. He then realized the impending explosion of energy that was going to occur and his optics widened considerably more./p
p style="font-family: -webkit-standard;""Optimus, we must get out of range of the vortex energy explosion," Ratchet yelled to the Prime./p
p style="font-family: -webkit-standard;"Optimus nodded to his Chief Medical Officer and started to make his way towards his comrades who had gathered together to make their way away from the coming explosion. Megatron, who had been watching the scene fold out in front of him glared curiously at his enemy's retreating forms. It was then that his own CMO and current head scientist charged up to him./p
p style="font-family: -webkit-standard;""Lord Megatron, my scanners are indicating that the connecting groundbridge vortexes are causing a massive energy surge!" Knockout cried./p
p style="font-family: -webkit-standard;"Megatron raised a sharpened optic-ridge in question at his medic's nervous form. In his raspy, commanding voice he replied, "And your diagnosis, Doctor?"/p
p style="font-family: -webkit-standard;""Run!" the sentient Aston Martin shouted in alarm./p
p style="font-family: -webkit-standard;"Megatron's optics swerved back and forth between his troops and the retreating Autobots. He growled lowly under his breath, grinding his dentas together before angrily sounding the retreat to his soldiers. He knew that he and his Decepticons had to get out of the blast radius of the vortexes, but he was a gladiator of the Pits of Kaon and he never surrendered. He loathed doing so./p
p style="font-family: -webkit-standard;"The three surging vortexes had gotten noticeably brighter since the third had appeared and started connecting to the original two. Then finally, the massive energy surge imploded and exploded, bathing the surrounding battle zone in a brilliant white light. Unfortunately, both the Autobots and Decepticons were not far enough from the blast radius and they all were caught in the explosion before they too were enveloped and blinded by the light./p