Inhale... and Exhale.. Its easy for us to do, every breath we take is simple. We fill our lungs with air and exhale to get the poor air out. It's so simple that we take it for granted. We think of breathing as one of the most simple things in life, So much that we don't really care for each breath we take. But for some people, each breath may be a struggle, each time they take a breath they probably think of it as their last breath that they will ever take. Cystic Fibrosis a disease that affects mainly the lungs. The loss of lung function is what makes them cherish their every breath. People with CF can't do what "normal" people usually do, but it is also because of this they would cherish life so much more. I am truly inspired by them because of the way they cherish everything, every person in their life.

Every breath...

We thank people such as Claire Wineland because it was through her we get to learn about people with cystic fibrosis and get to live their stories.

Yes indeed, life is short so we should cherish every moment, every person in it so that we don't regret anything even if tomorrow we take our last breath.