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There are many time travel stories out there, I hope this one is enough different that you will enjoy it. This in unabashedly a Harry Hermione story. I can't see Hermione falling for a guy that makes her cry or angry as much as Ron does and putting Harry and Ginny together makes about as much sense as putting gas (petrol) on a fire. Besides, there will be Weasley bashing. Sorry if I stepped on your toes. Warning: This will be H/Hr/L, or Harry multi, but mainly it will be Harry Hermione, at least until later. At first it will be Hermione saving Harry and then Harry Hermione saving Luna. Harry is going to be head of several houses and according to wizard law, he will need a wife for each family.

Rated: M – English – Romance/Drama – Harry P., Hermione G.

Chapter 01 Oh No You Don't

"... and then Albus will kill him and we get all his money!" Molly was saying. "I will be in mourning for a year and then I'll marry some weak minded half-blood or mud-blood who will let me keep my name and I'll rebuild the Weasley family's glory!" Ginny enthused.

"I'm almost finished with the love potions and the loyalty potions so you will have plenty to take back with you." Molly told her daughter. "I think I'll make Ronald the heir of the Prewett family so he can have two wives." She added. "I'm sure Ron will appreciate that mum. That way he can marry an attractive girl too. Maybe we can set it up so he marries the Prewett wife before he marries the mud-blood Granger. He'll be able to get almost any girl he wants after we get the Potter gold.

"I just wish Arthur, Bill, Charlie, Percy, and the twins weren't so sodding honest and loyal to Harry." Yeah, I know mum. But we can't let them find out, they would tell Perfect Potter in a heart beat. I really don't want to spend the rest of my life in Azkaban, or be thrown through the Veil of Death." "I quite agree Ginny. Besides I'm hoping you will have at least one baby with Harry, you two would make such beautiful babies." "Yeah... Ginny agreed dreamily.

She suddenly snapped out of the dreamy state. "NO! Mum are you mad? Any baby I had with Harry would grow up and take the Potter fortune away from us again!" Ginny almost screamed. "Not if we keep it pliable love." Molly said with a small smile. "We could bind it's magic and keep it just above a squib. Keep it from growing up physically as well. A permanent grandchild." Molly said dreamily.

"Then we could merge the Potter families with our own, legally." Ginny added. "We would have all those seats on the wizengamot, we could make the Malfoys pay for all they have done to our family mum." "Yes Ginny. We, could, make, them, pay!"

Hermione sneaked back up stairs and threw herself on the bed in Ginny's room. She told the Weasleys she wasn't feeling well and needed to rest a while. The Weasleys, except for Arthur, didn't, really, want her around anyway right now. Ron knew the potions hadn't had enough time to bend her will enough for him to start anything with her physically yet, so he didn't care to be around her either.

Hermione spent the rest of the month at the Burrow reading everything she could get her hands on. Of course the Weasleys didn't mind not spending time with Ron's future sex slave, er, wife. She found Bill and Charlie's old school books and red through all seven years of books, the Weasleys also had some books that weren't old enough to be valuable enough to sell and she red those too.

She nearly drained her vault buying books when she made it to Diagon Alley. She pretended to still love the Weasley family, well, most of them she did still love. There were just three she had to pretend to love, and sometimes it took all she had not to start casting Unforgivables at the three Line thieves and kidnappers.

She managed to cast Glamors on herself and also a voice changer. She made herself look and sound like a very powerfully built man and went into Knockturn Alley. She acted like a real bastard to the shop keepers, just as they expected from their customers.

She found all sort of useful books and items in the darker alley. One of the things she found was a ring that fit her wand that nearly doubled the power of her spells and also blocked the trace. After she bought it she was officially broke. It literally took every last Knut she had.

As she was making her way back to Diagon Alley the ring paid for it's self several times over. A group of men ambushed her and she was in the fight of her life, for her very life. Hermione was well above the average female in terms of power and with the Doubler on her wand she was a match for almost any Death Eater.

Also her spell repertoire was amazing after all the books she had red. Hermione had an eidetic memory. Anything she had ever red, or even looked at for more than a second or two, was committed to memory and she could recall it more easily than you could remember what you had for lunch, ten minutes ago.

Without realizing what she was doing, she began casting spells in any language she knew with the shortest pronunciation. That not only added to her casting speed, it also made releasing the spell difficult because unless you were far more powerful than the caster, you had to cast the canceling spell in the same language the spell its self was cast in.

Kingsley and Mad Eye had to do the counter spells because of the combination of those two facts. On the Merlin scale Kingsley was 820 and Mad Eye was 890. Rufus was at 710 and Amelia, the most powerful female in the ministry, was 700. But Kingsley and Moody were also the top two linguists in the ministry as well. They had called in an Unspeakable to analyze the spells because no one could undo them. After twenty minutes the, person, told them not only was the caster powerful, but the spells were done in various languages.

The compartment they were in on the train was filled with friends so it came as no surprise when Hermione settled down beside Harry. As she was reading she let herself snuggle into him. She was pleased when he turned so she could get more comfortable against his chest. As he fell asleep his arm tightened around her, making her even more pleased. She saw that neither Weasley was happy with the turn of events though. Well tough for them.

Some time later Harry woke up and left for the toilet. A few seconds after Harry excused himself to use the loo Hermione, hoping none of the other girls accompanied her, also excused herself. She caught Harry coming out of the toilet and slipped an amulet around his neck and tucked it under his shirt. When he gave her a questioning look she whispered, "Please Harry, just wear it for me. If it vibrates the food or drink you are about to put in your mouth has potions in it. If it heats up and vibrates it is something deadly. Please wear it for me, I promise I'll tell you about it later.

"Oh, and please wear these too." She pushed up the sleeves of his shirt and fastened an arm band above each bicep. "Please Harry? Now go on back while I wait a bit. I don't want anyone in our compartment getting suspicious." Hermione smiled nervously at him and slipped into the loo. When they got to Hogwarts Hermione began testing all her and Harry's food and drinks. Even with the medallion, she wasn't taking any chances

She got very subtle with conjuring and switching charms. Each meal she had to switch their drinks and sometimes even their food as there were potions in them. She sealed each item in a conjured container and made them unbreakable. She also labeled them with the date and time they were discovered.

She managed to get Harry alone and into the Room of Requirement and showed him a Pensieve memory of the incident where she had heard Ginny and Molly discussing their plans. Harry was both enraged and heart broken by the memory. He found himself wondering about Fred, George, Bill, Charley, and Arthur.

What he heard about, Ron, Molly, and most sadly, Ginny nearly shattered him. "What are we going to do?" He asked. He looked down to see Hermione smiling up at him. "What are you smiling about?" he asked. "You said we. You didn't even stop to think about it, you just said we."

"I'm," "Can it Potter! You don't need to apologize. I'm just happy that you know you can depend on me that much Harry." "Well, you've been with me practically since the very beginning. You've kept me out of, or gotten me out of, more trouble than I can name."

"Yeah, well, I owe you my life and more than that, I owe you for my sanity. You sitting with me and talking to me while I was petrified kept me from totally loosing it then." … "You ... you heard me? Everything I said?" She smiled at him. "Yes Harry. I can tell you now that the feelings you were wondering about, are symptoms of a hopefully fatal disease, called... love." Hermione told him while smiling lovingly up at him.

"I, I, love, love you?" He stammered. "I have absolutely no doubt about it Harry. From what you said, the feelings you described, you are madly in love, and so am I." "Wow. Would, would you, be my, girlfriend?" Hermione leaped at him and kissed him soundly. "Yes Harry, I will."