Chapter 1: Going to the mainland.

It was a bright sunny mid morning on the island of sodor, and Vicarstown wasn't quite as busy as usual. But as the slight quietness was fading away, Gordon and Spencer were racing against each other towards their upcoming platforms.

The 2 engines sped into the station, then they screeched to a stop once they came to their platforms.

Gordon: "Ha ha! I won!"

Spencer: "Come on Gordon, you know I would have won if it wasn't for that small section of mud on the tracks."

Gordon: "Paa, whatever. And You should know that I'm the fastest engine on Sodor."

Spencer: "And you should…

Spencer was cut off when he thought he saw someone over by Thomas.

Spencer: "Say, Gordon, who's that over by Thomas?"

Gordon looked over to where Spencer was looking, then he gasped at who he saw over by Thomas. It looked like a big dark green LNER A3 pacific with 2 tenders and a pair of small smoke deflectors. Spencer didn't know him very well, but Gordon immediately recognized him.

Gordon: "The flying Scotsman!?"

As he was right, Thomas was talking with the one and only Flying Scotsman. Thomas was telling him about all the adventures he had since they last saw each other during the great railway show.

Thomas: "...and then, I took a quick journey around the world."

The flying Scotsman: "Is that so?"

Thomas: "During my journey, I made a new friend named Nia. But once the journey ended, she moved into Sodor with us."

Just then, James and Rebecca pulled up to the surrounding platforms around Thomas. James pulled up alongside James, and Rebecca parked by the platform opposite from Thomas.

James: "Oh come on Thomas, you do know I went with you when you went to the mainland."

Thomas: "Yes, but I got there 2 days earlier than you."

James: "Paa!"

Rebecca: "You know James, you should be proud of Thomas going somewhere he's always wanted to go."

The flying Scotsman: "Indeed James, at least you got to go there with him."

James: "Ugh, I guess."

Just then, Gordon pulled up beside James.

Gordon: "Hold the coal, what is he doing here?"

The flying Scotsman: "Oh, hello Gordon."

Gordon: "What are you doing here!?"

Thomas: "Oh, his controller had nothing to do, so he thought he'd pay us a visit."

Rebecca: "You should be happy for this since he's your brother."

Gordon: "O the indignity."

Suddenly, Phillip the diesel box cab sped up alongside them. He looked more cheerful than ever when he pulled in with the others.

Phillip: "Oh, hello everyone! I've had the greatest day of my…"

Phillip was cut off when he saw the flying Scotsman with the engines.

Phillip: "Oh wow! Are you the one they call "The Flying Scotsman?"

The flying Scotsman: "Indeed, the one and only."

Phillip: "Wow, I've already heard so much about you!"

Suddenly, all the engines heard 2 different types of whistles coming all the way from the Vicarstown bridge. And In just a couple minutes, 2 big streamlined engines came racing into the station.

The one on the right was Connor. Connor was a teel NYC J-3a Hudson with very light blue stripes going all the way along his side, and the same colored stripe going down the middle of his flat cow catcher. He had a skinny yellow railing going along each side of his front half, and he had his name plait on those sides as well. Finally, he had matching teel pistons with yellow stripes on each side.

The one on the left was Caitlin, she was a slightly dark pink B&O P-7a with blue-gray stripes on her boiler, sides, and cow catcher. She even had a small lamp direct center on her cow catcher, and had a matching blue-gray circular half rectangle on each side of her tender.

The 2 big Engines eventually pulled into the station by their own platforms.

Connor and Caitlin: "First!"

Thomas: "Oh Hey guys, what's the rush?"

Caitlin: "Oh Thomas, we have exciting news!"

Connor: "You once said that you made friends with a bunch of international engines during the great railway show, right?"

Thomas: "Yes, why?"

Caitlin: "Some of those engines are inviting us to the mainland for a special hang out."

Rebecca: "Oooh, how exciting."

The flying Scotsman: "Perhaps I should come along, I am needed back in the mainland anyway."

James: "Shall we go then?"

Thomas: "I better let Sir Topham Hatt know first so he doesn't get worried."

So while Thomas went off to tell Sir Topham Hatt the news, the other engines were excited for their trip. But Gordon just rolled his eyes knowing that the flying Scotsman was coming along as well.

To be continued.