"Does it ever bother you? I mean, all this stuff we do."

Ran can tell Sonoko's thinking seriously about the question from the way she bites half-absently at the straw in her drink between sips; it's one thing she appreciates about her friend-slash-boss-plus-whatever-this-is, the way that Sonoko always knows without fail when to answer with careful consideration instead of a light laugh.

"Can't say it does. At least not since Papa and Jirokichi-ojisama explained what we're trying to achieve." Her milkshake chooses this point to run out with a loud slorrrp, and Sonoko gives the empty glass a betrayed look as she sets it back down. "Something on your mind?"

"I don't know," Ran replies honestly, twirling a stray strand of spaghetti about her fork. It's delicious, as all the places Sonoko brings them to invariably are, and some back part of her mind is occupied with trying to figure out the recipe, but mostly –

Ran shakes her head slightly, trying to dislodge her thoughts into some semblance of order. It'd been nothing short of convoluted, how she ended up in the Organisation, but she's never had cause to question it since either. Still doesn't, really, save for the niggling doubt she'd had ever since waking up this morning.

When she glances up again Sonoko is looking back at her, a strain behind her eyes that would've been invisible if you didn't know her well. "You want out, Ran? If you ever do, just… tell me, I'll figure something out."

But Ran knows her well, knows the sincerity in her forward lean and the sharp certainty in her vowels – I could, for you; I would. Just like she knows for all that Sonoko commands a good third of the agents now, it's nothing against her parents and the rest whose names Sonoko won't mention aloud, not even to her.

Ran reaches over for her hand, catches it and squeezes, lightly. "Never mind. Forget I said anything, alright?"

Sonoko eyes her for a moment longer before nodding. "Right. I'm parched, you want another drink?"