Chapter 17: Sleep

Evan POV.

"Did you sleep like... at all last night?" Evan asked.

"Nope," Connor replied through the third yawn he'd yawned that conversation. He was lying lengthwise on Evan's couch, nodding off every once in a while as they tried to make their normal small talk. At this point, though, their conversations had completely worn off and gone into boring territory. "What even is sleep. Never heard of it."

He snorted, crossing his arms as he shifted his weight from one leg to the other.

Connor yawned again. "Mind if I stay the night?"

"I mean, you'd probably just fall asleep at the wheel if not here."

He nodded before leaning his head back against the arm rest. He must have been really tired. It made him wonder if he slept at all the night before last night too.

"Want a blanket?" Evan asked. "There's really no fighting it."

"Sure..." he mumbled, trailing off the moment to word left his mouth, though it looked like he was wanting to say something else that he just couldn't get out. Evan was sure that if he was wide awake right now he would have refused.

He shook his head as he got up to look for a blanket.

There weren't any spares in the hall closet, so he opted to take the one from his bed, along with his pillow. He wondered if he was being over caring. The couch was soft, after all.

He grabbed his sketchbook and phone while he was at it.

The way back down the stairs and into the living room was a lot slower and quieter than going up, almost leaning completely on the railing as he balanced his stuff in his arms. By the time he got there, Connor was fast asleep, even lightly snoring. He was lucky his mom wasn't going to be home until the end of tomorrow. He didn't want to have to wake him up.

Evan kneeled down next to the couch and quietly dropped all his stuff on the floor, spreading the blanket over Connor who didn't react at all, even when Evan lifted his head to put the pillow beneath it. He lingered for a second with his hand on Connor's cheek, noticing how peaceful he looked when he was asleep, before standing up and shaking his hands out when he realized how fucking creepy it was to watch someone sleep like that. He didn't mean to do that.

He hopped a few times on his toes, taking a breath as he looked out the window at the slowly dimming sky to distract himself.

Connor mumbled something in his sleep as Evan's back was turned, which made him jump and spin around only to see him still fast asleep. He must have been a sleep talker. Evan was way too jumpy right now.

It was just that... he had never really had someone other than his mom that felt safe enough to sleep in his company. It was making him nervous.

He sank down to the ground and crisscrossed his legs with his eyes glued to Connor like he was some alien that had decided to nap on his couch. How long would he sleep for? If he really hadn't done any of it the night before, he wouldn't be surprised if he just ended up not waking up until morning.

He was too distracted to focus on something like drawing or reading. He didn't know why he brought his sketchbook. Even playing on his phone was difficult to pay attention to.

So what was he going to do? Just stare at him? It was so creepy to stare at someone while they slept like this. He didn't want to seem... obsessed. Besides, people could usually tell when someone was watching them in their sleep, right? Isn't there some kind of reflex that warned people when they were being watched? And that wasn't even the only reason why he was stressed out.

This was so stupid. It was just a nap, he had no reason to get this worked up about it. It wasn't nearly as big a deal as he was acting like it was.

He got to his feet, going to sit on the chair in front of the window instead of the floor, which was hard and uncomfortable despite it being carpeted. Honestly he didn't know what else he would expect from that. It was a floor.

Evan laced his fingers together, holding has hands close to his face as he bobbed his leg nervously. "Okay..." he whispered, barely even audible to himself, trying desperately not to smack himself in the face to attempt to snap back to reality. "Get yourself together."

He plugged his earbuds into his phone and scrolled through his playlists before opening his sketchbook, still completely unsure of whether or not he could focus enough to draw anything more than a simple doodle.

He twirled the pencil between his fingers while he contemplated.