2nd Night – December 22nd, 20XX

Time: 1:51 am

Notes: well here's another idea to keep this story going. And yes, first chapter Junko was basically sleep-walking around her apartment in her black underwear since I thought that's naturally how she goes to bed.

Prepare for more Sleepwalking Junko hi-jinks

Without further delay, Enjoy!

It appears as though the twins were getting ready for another cold winter night, but that wasn't any problem to them, they were used to feeling the cold, though it doesn't hurt to have good heating around the house as well. Mukuro mentally prepares herself for her own private mission another night watch on her sister. Yesterday when she asked Junko during the daytime about how she slept last night, she only said that she wished for another ten minutes but otherwise she felt well rested, once again confirming she doesn't remembering a lick of what she's done last night, even for a genius like her, not even she can recall memories of her sleepwalking, although she does mention having some 'weird dreams' about making huge pots of cereal for some high-class person, while she was dressed like a servant to them, even acting as one. That's just fucking ridiculous Her? A servant to someone else? Few humans on this have the gall to make her, Junko Enoshima submit to them, then again not that she minds that. even though it was all just a dream, if she was being submissive to someone, they must've been someone either immensely powerful in her POV, or a being who's actually gotten her interest, like Kamukura, Nanami, and even (but humans like that are extremely rare in Enoshima's eyes).

2:25 Am

The night was cold and silent, barely a noise could be heard, the air outside was humid, but some lite winter gear could prep you for it. Usually people would be fine asleep in their warm, although the same isn't easily said for the Despair twins, with Mukuro keeping one eye open in watch for when her sister starts walking in her sleep again. Frankly it's quite a pain, not knowing what one will do when they're dead asleep, normal people would simply lay still in their beds, the usual for regular people, but never for Mukuro, and the same can certainly be said for her twin.

She was proven right only moments later when she peaks with one eye open, her sister trying to reach for something across the bed, whatever dream she's having this time involves something. Junko starts moaning dream dialogue that only she could comprehend.

"Zzz~.. must have... I...must have...him. Mine, he belongs to me..and Muku..." he sister sleepily responds.

Looks like it's starting again" thought Mukuro and she's right to think that at that moment, when Junko abruptly sat up, again climbing over Ikusaba and rolling out of bed, hitting the floor but does nothing to wake her, she's still asleep as usual.

Junko slowly gets up and started sleep-walking again, as she stumbles her way around the room, putting on a Crimson red Tank top w/ monochrome pajama shorts, Monkuma's red eye depicted on the black side, and button eye on the left.

Then goes out the bedroom door and down the stairs where she leaves the house through the front door. walking down the streets, attempting to pull her hair into a pair of messy pigtails. There were few people out since it was still the middle of the night, meaning most people would usually be asleep in their homes or working overnight shifts, being too tired to care, so nobody questioned the blonde woman walking down the sidewalk barefoot, messy hair and wearing obvious pajamas outside.

The fashionista heads over to the convenience store and buys herself a plate of chicken wings she takes on the go, eating them one at a time. By the time she gets to her destination her hands were somewhat greasy, but she couldn't care less. somehow she broke into Chihiro's house, goes into his kitchen in order to get herself a glass of water. then refills it and took it upstairs, Junko moved from one room to another, looking around and gathering several items such as a lamp, spoons, a TV remote, and a bottle of shampoo before she stopped at one door in particular, it seems to find the one she's searching for as she walks right in.

Mukuro could only sigh in exasperation as she walks in behind her sister, worried that now someone else is now involved in her sister's sleepy antics, which only means more evidence to "clean up". But what she saw confused her for the second time

"... Chihiro, you're so soft" Junko slurs out slowly.

Her sister was actually in another person's bed, and snuggling up tightly to Chihiro Fujisaki like he was a human teddy bear, the glass of water was left on a tabletop near his labtop, right now poor little Chihiro had no idea of the huge surprise waiting for him.

To be Continued... 2nd part coming soon.