Time 2:33 AM

Hope's Peak dorms 78th class

Asahina was simply sleeping peacefully until something in her stomach demand the need for the sweet taste of donuts.

Mmm...sweet pastries...need your delicious flavor right now" Asahina mumbled before she's getting out of her bed and began leaving her room. Traveling to the cafeteria while half asleep

When she makes it to the dining hall and was going to trek to the back kitchen for some leftover donuts Hanamura had made, she didn't know anything about another being out in the middle of the night as well, but this wasn't a security guard or the janitor.

This...creature moved with the sound of a cat, any sound was near silent. But more importantly was the... blanket around this being that covered it's body.


"Mmm...donuts where are you? Oh yeah the cabinet" Hina said to herself as she looks around the back kitchen until she sees the familiar small plastic box she placed them in.

She goes in to pull out a glazed donut with a smile and was about to take a bite until the cool silence was interrupted.



Just as the Swimming girl was about to enjoy her late night snack, the silence was interrupted by the dining hall doors were opened a second time and the small sounds of someone else coming in were heard.

Well this was a small surprise to Hina but not completely that one of her classmates or another student would be up in the late night as well.

Though the only light source at the moment was the small counter light next to Hina so she could see the cabinet she placed her donuts in so it was pretty dark all around and outside the cafeteria back room.

"Um, hello? Sakura San? or Maizono-San? You guys looking for a late snack too?" She answered but didn't get a response in return, least not the kind she was expecting.

Mmm..." only a soft sigh before suddenly the door opens revealing a strange figure in a blanket like suit, So Asahina couldn't get a look at their face or if it's a person since the only light on in the kitchen right now was the mini light on the counter.

Uhh...hi? Is there something you...want? The SHSL swimmer asked unsure if the person under the blankets (Snuggie actually) would answer.

And they didn't instead they just slowly moved closer to the tanned girl wearing only a white tank top and blue mini shorts,

Mmm...donuts" says the figure in covered Snuggie, the blanket hood completely hiding their face and proceeded to stumble to Hina before rudely grabbing about 3 donuts from her little stash and making their way out of the cafeteria doors

What the-Hey! You put those back! you never even asked me if I wanted to share with you, donut thief! Hina said angrily as she quickly chased after the person in the Snuggie blanket, only for her to lose sight of them upon reaching the main floor (1st floor) as she searched around but saw no sign of them.

Huh? How in the hell could they just up and disappear like that, it's not exactly hard to lose track of something like that?

(This would be the start on how the "Ghost of Hope's peak rumors started"

So distracted was the Swimmer girl that she barely noticed the blanketed figure making their way pass her out of the shadows of the laundry room and slipping past her, before making their way back to wherever they went.

Only for them to pull the Snuggie blanket to reveal Junko Enoshima, strawberry blonde hair let loose and still being more than half asleep, her eyes half open as she saunters her way back to her dorm room, while eating one of the three donuts she stole from Hina's box. She tried chasing after them but somehow they vanished leaving her three donuts short.

The next morning when all the students were awake and most began their day in the Dining Hall for breakfast. About a portion of the 78th class was there, the early birds anyways, Hina was talking with Sakura about the bizarre incident about how someone covered in a heavy blanket came into the kitchen and approached her, only for them to suddenly up and grab three of Hina's donuts right from

Meanwhile in Junko's room, Enoshima was still in bed asleep in her winter Snuggie blanket, and only vaguely aware on why her mouth has the taste of donuts.