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Sleepover at Sam's

The day started out like any other, in the small town of Royal Woods. The birds were twittering, the sun was shining, Ol' Mr. Grouse was seen shouting at people to stay off his property. Yup, this appeared to be like any other day. But for the town's resident teen rocker, Luna Loud; it was something more.

As all the students stormed out the doors of the High School; Luna was heading off to join her roadie, Chunk and some fellow rockers from school for a jam session. Among these youngins was someone whom Luna held rather dearly to her heart, a young blonde bombshell named Sam Sharp. Before today, they were just a couple of gal pals who loved to rock.

Then, as time passed; Luna began to feel drawn to Sam. From the way she played to the way her voice sounded whenever she sang, Luna felt mesmerized. But despite her ability to play for hundreds; when it came to telling Sam how she felt, Luna would almost always choke.

Then came the day where the Loud House found a mysterious love letter addressed to "L. Loud." This brought each of the siblings to wonder and speculate who the letter was for and who sent it. After some…surprisingly expert love advice from Lucy, the family's resident Goth; it was then decided that everyone should go out to send tokens to each of their crushes.

More than anything, Luna wanted to use this moment to share her innermost feelings with Sam. But every time she tried, whether it was sending a signal after the first note or leaving her favorite pick as a token of love after the second; she'd always get cold feet. At the end of the day, Luna learned that the note wasn't actually meant for her.

Rather…it was written by her mother, Rita; who hoped it would catch her husband, Lynn's attention. This was a ritual they had done, since back in the day; when they were simply a pair of love struck teens. But in spite of it all, the whole escapade inspired each of the Loud Siblings to do the same thing; especially Luna.

The moment saw Sam smiling at the letter she left in her locker, Luna's heart swelled with hope. Since then, the two of them were quite close; always rockin' together or just having some old fashioned fun. But no matter how simple things were between them, Luna treasured the time they've spent together.

Then came the day of the Astonishing Quest Scavenger Hunt, a day that Luna thought was gonna be perfect. Before that point; she'd spent hours at home, primping and prepping herself for what she hoped would be the best day ever. But once the contest began, both girls discovered a shocking truth.

Despite both of them having a strong love of anything music related, they had nothing else in common. They tried to go about the contest like normal. But each challenge proved to be a passion for one and a weakness to the other.

This all caused Luna to heavily doubt both her feelings for Sam and their possible future together. That was when her older sister, Lori assured Luna that all new couples face this hurtle; even her and Bobby. "Just be open to the stuff Sam's into" Lori stated, "you might actually enjoy it."

With these words in mind, Luna went back to Sam with renewed hope. As the contest slowly reached its end, all teams had one challenge left; to bake an apple pie. "Ooh! Bakin's not really my thing" both said in unison, which seemed to take both ladies by surprise.

True enough; by the end of the challenge, both ladies ended up with more than just egg on their faces…but they didn't care. They just laughed and hugged one another like nothing else mattered. In the end, they lost the contest but what they won was something of much greater value; a better understanding of each other.

From that day on, they promised to be more open to what they liked and disliked. Despite everything, however; there was one thing Luna and Sam shared a mutual love for…each other. As Luna's mind slowly drifted off to Dreamland, a sudden loud honking sound caused her to nearly leap out her skin.

Upon recovering from the shock, Luna could hear sounds of laughter from nearby. She looked up and saw Chunk and her band mates/schoolmates in his bus, chuckling at her like mad hyenas. "Boy, oh boy" cried a young girl named Ruth, "we got you good with that one, Lunes!

Feeling mildly bothered, Luna shot them all a firm glare for laughing at her expense. Once everyone had calmed down, Sam exited the bus and gave Luna a big hug. "Don't pout like that, luv" she murmured in a cockney accent, "your face is too pretty to be wrinkled up by frownin'."

That sweet comment was just enough to get Luna's mood to lift. After sharing a quick kiss on the cheek with Sam, she collected her guitar and got in to the bus. Later that night, Luna called up her folks and informed them they would be practicing late.

Now, knowing his daughter as well as he did; Lynn Sr. knew that a late night session usually meant staying overnight. "If that's the case, sweetie; you best have Chunk come over to get your sleeping bag and toothbrush" he stated, "and make sure you call us in the morning, before heading home." Luna agreed to her father's terms, bade him goodnight and hung up the phone.

"Guess you dudes are stuck with me for the night" Luna said with a coy smile, to which her band mates softly cheered. At that moment; Sam's Mom, Mrs. Sharp overheard their conversation and popped her head in. "You're staying overnight with us, Luna; that's wonderful" she chimed gleefully, "I'll set up an extra chair at the table for you."

Luna gave her a soft chuckle, proclaiming that she'd be fine eating at the coffee table. "Nonsense, dear" Mrs. Sharp insisted, "you're Sam's special girl and you deserve to eat beside her." Luna blushed shyly at the comment and, after one final attempt to refuse, agreed to sit with them. When Luna learned that Sam told her family about them, she feared the worst.

She wondered if they'd freak out and treat her like she was ill or if she'd welcome their love with open arms. Much to Luna's surprise and Sam's relief, the latter result happened. Sam's folks not only fully supported their love. But her little brother, Simon was bouncing with joy; proclaiming he now had two cool girls to hang with.

Since then, the Sharps always looked forward to Luna's visits. Whether it was her and the band practicing for the afternoon or Luna just wanting to spend time with their daughter, their door was always open. The only condition they had however, was that they'd all make sure to have their schoolwork done first; before practicing.

Mr. Sharp also added that the band at least, try not to disturb the neighborhood with their music or blow out the power with their equipment. Thankfully; every time they practiced, there was not a single blackout. One night, after playing for a solid hour; the group decided to take a much needed rest and watch some TV.

Upon turning it on, the channel that appeared caused Luna's eyes to widen.

TV Announcer: You're watching "The Black and White Period Piece Old Lady Boring Movie Channel"

Upon hearing the words "black and white" and "period piece," Luna felt a chill run up her spine. Sam quickly took notice of her boo's behavior and rested a hand upon her shoulder. "You okay, Purple Pixie" she asked with loving concern, "you look like you've seen a ghost."

Luna quickly realized how she was reacting and shook the cobwebs from her head. "No worries, Samurai…I'm all good" she assured, "just might be…a little cold right now." Somehow, the fib had fooled Sam and she reached behind the couch to collect a large blanket.

After tucking themselves beneath the blanket, Sam snuggled close to Luna and kissed her cheek. "Now, we can snuggle together while we watch the movie." Luna couldn't help but blush at the idea. Truthfully, she'd look for any excuse to get this close to Sam.

All of a sudden, their moment was briefly disturbed by the faint sounds of playful gagging. Everyone looked over to see Simon, standing at the living room doorway in his pajamas. "If you guys are gonna act mushy, why not do it in your room" he giggled, while sticking his tongue out.

Like any older sister would, she mildly glowered at her baby brother and prepared to toss a pillow at him. But Simon had already sped off to his room, before she could reach for one. With a disgruntled huff, she crossed her arms and snuggled back against Luna.

"It's like I told ya, Lunes; one sibling can be just as much of a bother as ten" she groaned with a soft smile. Luna shared a soft laugh in reply and turned her attention back towards the screen. In moments, the channel's move was about to begin.

TV Announcer: "Stay tuned for the Friday Night Movie, "The Duchess Approves", starring Sturly Stempleburgess as 'The Duchess', and Grampton St. Rumpterfrabble as irascible coxswain Saunterblugget Hampterfuppinshire."

While Luna did her best to hide the mild dread of the movie to come; her fellow bandmate, George appeared on the verge of panicking. "C'mon, girls; change the channel" he cried dramatically, "it's too early for us to be put to sleep already!" Upon hearing this, Ruth softly scoffed at George and rolled her eyes beneath her bangs.

"What do you two gals think" she asked, facing Luna and Sam's direction; "you wanna change the station or give this a try?" In the time Luna and Sam had been together, the former learned that Sam had a deep love for romantic stories. Now, while she and her family indulged in viewings of The Dreamboat; Luna was never drawn to that sort of stuff before.

But as she promised Sam, after their scavenger hunt adventure; she agreed to give almost everything she enjoyed a try (at least, once.) So; in the end, Luna wrapped an arm around Sam's shoulders and decided to give the movie a shot. "This probably won't be…too bad, right" she thought to herself, "I mean…it's set in England, my home away from home; that's a plus in my book."

An hour passed since the movie began and surprisingly, the channel remained unchanged. Even more so was the fact that the four teens were now heavily invested in the film, surrounded by tissue boxes and discarded tissue wads all over the floor. As the movie progressed; George, with tears in his eyes, reached for a tub of ice cream and placed it in-between the four of them.

Actress' voice from the TV: I don't care about dukes or commoners or his royal highness, Lionel of Cornwall. I'm not afraid anymore, Mother!

Older Actress' Voice: Duchess, I forbid you!

Duchess' Voice: I may be a Duchess but…I'm also a woman!

This scene caused the four teens to either cry aloud with joy, shout at the screen, cheer or a collection of all three. "YES! YES! In your face, Elizabeth" exclaimed Luna, tears of joy streaming down her cheeks. Sam took notice of this and offered her a tissue.

"Thanks, sweets" sniffled Luna with a hearty chuckle, "I've never seen a movie that made me cry this much before." Sam nodded in agreement; in her heart, a small part of her knew Luna would enjoy the movie. But the moment she thought this, she began to wish they had even more in common.

At that moment, Sam's train of thought was suddenly disturbed by George's wild crying. The girls looked at him in mild annoyance, asking their friend to calm himself down. "I'm…I-I'm sorry, girls" George stuttered, "this movie just gets me, ya know…it's just like my life!"

The girls all collectively stared at him in bewilderment, wondering if he'd gone mad. George suddenly realized his outburst and slowly calmed down. "I mean…in some small way, it's just like my life" he chuckled, "just…pass the popcorn down here."

The ladies chuckled softly at George's words and happily complied with his request. Another hour had passed by and the movie was nearing ever closer to its climax, which the teens were on pins and needles waiting for. "Oh, my gosh! The wedding scene's coming up" Sam exclaimed while wriggling giddily beneath the blanket.

Luna smiled warmly at her and took interlocked Sam's hand with her own. "Dude, I've waited almost forever for this" she thought to herself, "something tells me this is gonna end on a big note." The remaining two teens were as equally engaged as the ladies were.

There were moments where George, in particular felt captivated by the Duchess' wedding dress. As the wedding ceremony continued on the TV, the doors of the church suddenly burst open; causing the cast on screen to gasp. As the intruder entered, George's blood began to boil.

George: Count Lionel?! What's he doin' here?!

Lionel's voice on the TV: I've come to collect my bride!


Groom's voice on the TV: You had your chance at the Cotillion, you…


This turn of events in the film filled Luna with such rage, she came close to chucking the popcorn bowl at the TV screen. Then, all of a sudden; the movie had suddenly cut into a commercial break; which made the four teens grumble with irritation. "You have got to be kidding me here" whined Ruth, "they wait until now to play ads, I thought only the internet did that!"

As the commercial break began, the screen suddenly flashed with a rainbow of colors. A moment later, the colors soon gave way to a 70's style star wipe symbol. Soon; the imagery began to change its style through the 80's, 90's and finally, the present.

The last thing to appear on the screen was the words "Loco Legs" in flashing neon colors. This made everyone scratch their heads in confusion. As the logo faded away; a handsome, lean-bodied Latino man appeared on the screen with a dancing mob behind him.

"Buenas Noches, mis amigos" he said in greeting with a suave accent, "I am Sebastian of 'Sebastian's School of Saucy Samba' and I am here to invite you for Royal Woods' 33rd Annual 'Loco Legs' Dance Contest." Intrigued, the four teenagers listened intently to the ad; wondering what was to come. Suddenly, Mrs. Sharp popped in and she appeared to be glowing with joy.

"Is it really that time of year again" she beamed, "goodness, I can't wait!" Luna tilted her head in confusion and asked what the deal was. Upon hearing the question, Mrs. Sharp quickly calmed down and smoothed out her clothes with a shy cough.

"Sorry about that, dear" she stated, "it's just…eee! I have fond memories about the contest is all." Sam went on to explain how her parents shared their first date during the contest, when they were her age. "Sounds like a rockin' time for all" Luna said with an eager smile, "what's this contest about?"

In response, Sam playfully flicked Luna on the nose and urged her to listen to the ad. While rubbing her nose with a grin, Luna snuggled back into position; as Sebastian continued to speak. "Loco Legs is a dance contest that tests every contestant's endurance levels, skill, style, grace and ability to react to split-second song changes" he explained.

As Sebastian went on, the screen began to show off images of the contest itself. While Luna and the others appeared intrigued by it all, Sam was beginning to feel rather…uneasy. "During the contest, all participants must dance as long and as best as they can" Sebastian explained, "whoever tires out is disqualified."

The ad then began to show several solo and couple dancers either passing out or trudging tiredly out of the dance floor. "Heh! This doesn't all seem that hard" chuckled George, "I could dance circles around these guys." Upon saying this, Sebastian added a catch that took everyone off-guard.

"As the contest progresses; the music can and will change styles, every now and then" he said with a wink, "so…be sure to keep on your toes." Sam let out a nervous gulp and asked what this stipulation meant. "It's as the man said, honey" Mrs. Sharp chimed in suddenly, "one moment, the song could be something out of the 80's; the next…it could go into a slow dance."

This revelation didn't quite put Sam's troubles at ease, unfortunately. The rest of the gang didn't quite feel so concerned, however. "Wonder what's in it for the last dancer standing" inquired Luna with a wry smile, to which Mr. Sharp answered that the prize differed; over the years.

"When the Missus and I competed, there was a trophy and a spot on a Wall of Fame on the line" he stated. Luna couldn't help but chuckle at nature of the prize. Somehow; she imagined her sister, Lynn would be itching to join the contest as well. Though...she'd probably be in it more for the trophy and picture than for the dancing.

"Get ready to dance until you are ill, amigos" challenged Sebastian, "because the winner of this years contest gets the coveted Loco Legs trophy, a spot on our Wall of Fame…and a $100,000 cash prize!" At the mention of the hundred grand, Luna had almost choked on her soda. After catching her breath, seconds later; she and her friends began to chat excitedly about the cash prize.

"Do you guys realize what we could do with that much cash" Ruth squeed excitedly, "we could get scholarships for college and buy our own recording studio!" Both she and Luna giggled excitedly at the idea, while George was thinking about all the girls he'd get to meet at the contest. Meanwhile, Sam appeared rather silent through the jubilation.

On the surface; she had a skittish, rather uneasy grin on her face. But on the inside, she was caught up in a roaring storm of anxiety. Her heart was pounding, her breathing was soft yet shallow, the pupils of her eyes seemed to have shrunken to the size of pencil dots and her head felt as though it would burst from the worried thoughts in her brain.

For the moment, the only sounds she could hear were those of her heart beating madly. It was as if everything else faded into nothing, the moment her panic attack began. Suddenly, something touched her shoulder and caused Sam to nearly jump out her skin.

Upon collecting herself, she could see Luna staring at her with a confused expression. "You okay there, Sammy" she asked with some concern, "you're lookin' a little jumpy there." After taking in a quick yet calming breath, Sam smiled warmly at her girlfriend and hugged her.

"It's all good, Lunes" she chuckled reassuringly, "I'm just feeling a little...tired is all." Sam's fib appeared to have worked, as her friends all seemed to let out simultaneous yawns in agreement. "Let's finish the movie, first; then, we'll hit the hay" suggested George, to which the ladies happily agreed.

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