Sam and Luna's New Life

With a bright smile, Bernardo pressed the flash on his camera and the girls' victory kiss was eternally frozen for posterity. As the camera pans out slightly to show the picture, it suddenly began to tilt side-to-side rapidly. "Nope, move it to the left more" murmured a voice, "it needs to look just right on the wall."

As the camera cuts away from the wall, we see the back half of a young woman with a familiar pixie cut hairdo; hanging the frame up on the wall of a living room. "How's it look now, Samurai" muttered a mature yet still familiar voice, "I think this is a great spot for it." As the woman moved away from the wall, it is revealed to be none other than an older Luna Loud.

Her pixie cut hair had grown out slightly in the back. Her full-looking lips were coated with a layer of purple lipstick and her eyes still had the same purple eye shadow she wore in her youth. Even now, Luna still wore her trademark paperclip earrings, bracelets, purple t-shirt with a skull, purple skirt, boots and white belt.

But nowadays; she sported a violet leather jacket, purple fingerless gloves and her right hand showed off a glimmering golden ring. Luna scratched her chin in thought, carefully studying where she placed the frame and nodded. "Yup, I think this is perfect" she muttered, "it now stands alongside all our other best moments."

There was a soft "trip, trap" coming from behind Luna, causing her to turn around. She smiled, upon seeing a voluptuous figure standing at the doorway. Upon entering, the figure revealed herself to be Sam; who (like Luna) had also blossomed into womanhood.

Her blonde hair, still bearing the same teal streak, had grown so long; she decided to do it up in a ponytail (like that in the photograph.) In terms of clothing style, Sam remained much the same. Same burgundy pants with the tears, same earrings, same t-shirt and jacket.

The only differences in her look, these days were the busty "girls" resting beneath her shirt. She also had a ring on her right hand and lipstick coated over her lips (but hers was teal to go with her hair stripe.) Sam casually approached Luna from behind and hugged her arms lightly around her neck.

"Yup, it goes perfectly with the rest of them" she sighed blissfully, while kissing Luna's cheek. Upon pulling back, the other pictures on the wall were of other memories from their past.

Just below the dance contest photo, there were other photographs from other memories they've shared; after the events of the contest.

The first of these showed them and their band mates, Ruth and George, enrolling at a Performing Arts College. As promised; once they won the contest, Luna and Sam split the money between the four of them. The next one featured Luna at her first professional gig.

This was revealed to be part of an article, its headline reading "Luna Loud Rocks the World." Beside that was a picture Leni took of herself, Sam, Ruth and several of the other Loud Sisters at a bachelorette party for Sam. After that was a photo of the two of them in wedding garb; Luna choosing to wear the tux and Sam going with the gown.

To the left of that was a picture of them entering their new house; with Luna carrying Sam up the steps, Bridal Style. Below this one, there was a photo showing Luna and Sam together at a hospital room. At the side; Lisa, now appearing close to her pre-teen years, was dressed in a medical if prepping for some sort of treatment.

Finally, the last picture was one of Sam; who appeared to be sporting a baby bump belly. The two stepped back and took a good look at all the memories. Then, they gazed into each other's eyes and leaned in for a warm kiss.

Upon pulling away, eight seconds later; Sam rubbed her hand slightly over her belly and smiled up at the contest picture. "What do you think the little one would say, when she hears her mama couldn't dance at one time" questioned Luna playfully, earning a soft punch in the shoulder from her wife. "Let's wait until she's born and can talk before that happens, missy" Sam chuckled, "but I have a feeling she won't have the same fears I did...when the time comes."

With that said, the couple shared another kiss and proceeded off to the kitchen for lunch. Over the years they had been together, Luna and Sam shared many wonderful memories and faced just as many challenges. But Sam would always look back to the night of the dance contest with the most fondness. Not only did it help her break out of her shell.

That night also gifted Sam with yet another way to get close with the woman she loved most. A memory she looked forward to sharing with her children, when the moment was right.

The End

(AN: Thus ends Follow My Lead, a story I've put a lot of thought and heart into. I wish to take a moment to say a few things, before this is over.
First, the movie The Duchess Approves was a moment inspired from Gravity Falls; where Grunkle Stanley Pines watches the very film in question...and loves it. The reactions Luna and the gang had during their viewing were all inspired from him.

Second; I hope I made the contest, Sam and Luna's relationship, Sam's reluctance and fear of dancing and the romantic moments present believable for you all. I wanted to make sure it all felt right, especially on Lunes and Sammy's part.

Third: I wish to give a shoutout to a fellow fanfic writer, Loud House fan and fellow LunaxSam shipper; LunaLoudFan23. I hope you don't mind me using certain names and stuff for this. I also hope you like the story, my friend.

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Last but not least, to anyone who may question how and why Sam is pregnant. The reason Lisa's also in the one picture is because she put Sam through Artificial Insemination. Which is a procedure where, after the doctor receives a proper sperm donation, women either in straight or gay relationship can naturally birth a child of their own.

At first, I was thinking of having the two of them adopt a child. But not only has that angle been done quite a bit in some SamXLuna stories. But I thought it would be more special for them to have a child of their own.

In any case, hope you'll all enjoy the story and let me know what you think in the reviews. Just...please, keep your critiques and commentary civil and clean; thank you)