Leader-Raven- long haired dark grey mottled she-cat

Second-Crow-long haired dark tabby tom

Cats: Rat-scarred tabby tom

Lily-small pale grey she-cat

Grave- white and grey tom

Revenge- tabby and white she-cat

Savage-tabby tom

Nemesis- golden she cat

Scythe- black tom

Named Kits(Cats under one year old):

Foxglove(Fox)- pale tabby she-cat

Bones- albino tom with pink eyes

Queens: Laurel- pretty pale ginger and cream she-cat former kittypet( Mother to Red, an unnamed tom and foster mother to Sage)

Belladonna- tortoiseshell and white she-cat expecting Rat's kits

Healer: Daffodil- elderly yellow she-cat

"What's this? Two teensy little kittens all alone. Where's your mother huh?" Leered a powerfully built, scarred tom.

At the sound of the toms mew, the larger kit wrapped more tightly around his littermates body.

"Rat! The mothers obviously dead, why else would three moon old kits be wandering around? The group would benefit from them. We only have Laurel's two nameless right now, and two named." A she-cat meowed.

"Fine Lily. Come on kits, hurry up or we might change our minds and decide to eat you instead." The tom, Rat, hissed.

Shaking in fear the tom-kit and his sister stood and followed as the two scared cats walked away not seeming to care if the kits followed or not. Desperate not to be left behind the two kits followed the tom making sure his sister was always ahead of him.

Finally the two cats led the kits into an ally with an entrance that was partially hidden by a pile of rubble. As the cats entered the camp cats stopped what they were doing to stare.

"What did you find?- Look kits!-What's happening?" The mews of the cats rose over one another until they all stopped, suddenly as a dark grey she cat jumped onto an abandoned monster and flicked her tail.

"Rat. Lily. Explain."

"Well...we found these kits in an ally in the middle of the territory and Lily thought that maybe as it seemed their mother was dead they were strong enough to maybe be an asset to the Camp."

"I see. Well where are Laurel's two nameless? Maybe today they'll get their names, or maybe not."

"Here!" A she-cat meowed as she prodded her two kits forward.

The tom kit watched all of this quietly.

'What are they doing?'

He thought as the cats all pulled back, leaving the four kits in the middle. His question was answered as the she cat spoke again.

"Which ever two kits are left alive at the end of this fight will get a name and be accepted fully into the group."

'They want us to kill each other.' The tom thought horrified. He glanced at his sister, who was shaking in fear at his side. He brushed his pelt with hers and resolved that no matter what, his sister would live, even if he had to sell his soul.

'I just have to kill the two other kits. The she-cat said nothing about us each having to kill a cat. I'll do it and she'll be safe.' With that he launched himself at the larger kit, tiny claws unsheathed.

The kit leaped to the side and bowled into him pinning him to the ground.

'No!' The tom-kit though and brought up his hind legs and scratched the kit's exposed belly. The kit rolled to the side and before he could think about he was about to do sliced open the kit's throat. The tom-kit looked in horror at the dead kit, and reminded himself that it was for his sister, and her future.

He turned looking for the other kit. There, the kit was advancing on his sister.

How could he stop this? The kit was closer to his sister than he was. Then he remembered the she-cats words. When there are only two kits left…

'Good-bye my sweet sister.' He thought before turning those claws on himself.

As his body fell the last sound the tom-kit heard was his sister yowling in grief and horror.

The dark grey she cat stretched luxuriously before jumping onto the ground in front of the two kits.

"Laurel, do you have names for these two kits?" She meowed turning to the queen.

She looked contemptuously at the two kits, both of which were shaking with horror as they stared at the two dead kits.

"Y-Yes… The ginger one is Red and well I was going to name my other kit, the pale tabby one Sage...But"

"I don't care about that. Name the she-kit!"

"O-Of course Raven. The she-cat can be known as she

might have a..."

" Be quiet!" Raven hissed at the queen. Turning back to the kits she continued. "Welcome to the group. Foxglove can show you where to sleep. Understood?"

The two kits nodded, staring numbly.

'Weak.' Raven thought as she watched Foxglove lead them over to a sheltered space under an overhang.

'Two bad that one kit killed himself. He at least seemed to have some spine.'

Crows where already gathering as she turned away.