She was dreaming, right? Her brother, who had always looked out for her made sure she was okay, couldn't be dead. But he was. He had always been the strong one. After their mother died he was the one who kept her alive, he should be alive, and he definitely should get a proper burial he and that other kit, whose name she now had. Sage. It wasn't her real name. But she wasn't brave enough to tell them she had a name.

In a daze, she followed Red and Foxglove toward a shaded corner against a building.

"You can sleep here I guess. Congratulations on your names. Oh, and unless you want to be clawed don't call me Foxglove. It's Fox." The she-cat mewed and raced off leaving her with Red.

" I'm sorry. About your littermate…." She meowed cautiously.

" Thanks. Sorry about yours too."

"Are they going to bury them? " She finally asked. Red should his head. No.

Shocked she stared at him.

"Why not?!"

"They didn't die honorably. A naming fight isn't considered real. So they don't get a burial. I don't know about you Sage, but I'm going to sleep." Red said and turned away to walk away, conversation over.

"My name isn't Sage."

Red stopped.

"Oh? What's your name then?"

"Nightkit. My name is Nightkit and my brother's name was Darkkit" She meowed fiercely. "I won't take your brother's name."

" You don't get a choice. Your name is Sage now, not Nightkit. Raven, Crow and some of the older cats were young when Bloodclan was defeated and hate the clans! If you want to stay alive then your name is Sage. " Red hissed his ginger fur bristling.

"What? This is Bloodclan! How? " She hissed softly, struggling to keep her pale tortoiseshell fur smooth.

Red just walked over to an open area curled up and closed his eyes.

'Okay. Be like that. Bloodclan! Great Starclan. I guess I can be called Sage, and stay alive for Darkkit's sake.' With a sigh, she curled up in the shadows and stared out into the clearing.

That night she crept out and buried the Darkkit and the other kit who would have been Sage.

'Thank Starclan they don't have a watch.' She thought as she crept back into her nest under the overhang and curled up to sleep.

Red woke her up the next morning with a sharp jab. Blearily she opens her eyes and stretched.

"What do you want Red?" She asked.

"You buried them didn't you Sage? Also Raven's training us today. Don't do anything stupid or annoying or kit-like or say your name is Nightkit, she woke up on the wrong side of her nest today and is more likely to get angry than on normal days. I warned you so now we're even, okay?"

"Okay… But I did nothing to help you…" Sage said.

"You buried him. No one else would have done it. "

Sage was shocked again by the harshness of the cats here.

Her mother before she had died had told Sage stories of the clans, groups of noble warrior cats who lived by the warrior code. Her mother had been taken by Twolegs when the forest was destroyed, and when she had finally escaped the clans where missing. That hadn't stopped her from giving her and Darkkit clan names. She shook off her thoughts and nodded, to show that he owed her nothing. Red purred, and headed towards a trash pile, that Sage assumed was where they trained.

Raven greeted them with a grunt and then launched herself at them claws unsheathed. Red dodged to the side and twirled and Sage ducked letting Raven sail over her. Whirling Sage jumped on Raven before the she-cat could react and bowled her over. Her claws dug into Raven's fur. This was the cat who had caused her brother to die. She snarled and dug her claws in harder. Raven purred. Shocked Sage loosened her grip and Raven shoved her off.

"Finally showing some backbone, Sage? Good." She turned on Red. "You, on the other hand, no good fighter dodges."

Red lunged at Raven and scratched his claws down her side.

"Better. Now I want you and Sage to fight. Whoever gets to the top of the heap and defends it for 30 heartbeats wins, and doesn't have to help Daffodil later today. You can begin."

"Who's Daffodil?" Sage asked curiously, forgetting Red's earlier warning.

Red's eyes widen in fear as Raven slowly looked at Sage.

"Stupid kit!" Raven yowled and lashed her claws toward Sage's eyes.

Raven's claws tore a large gash across her face, just barely missing her eye. The wound went from above her left eye, and ran downward to end just below her ear, by her neck. Blood seeped from the wound and dripped into her eye. Raven turned away and motioned for them to start. Red hesitated for a split second, before leaping at her, claws unsheathed. Half blind, Sage dodged away and turned to sprint for the top of the pile.

"Coward! Turn and fight!" Red yowled as he chased after her.

Sage just ran faster. She got to the top of the trash pile and turned toward where Red was leaping up the pile after her. She blinked the blood out of her eye and braced herself. Red joined her at the top and lashed out with a low paw, claws out, aiming to unbalance her. She jumped back and darted into scratch his side. With a hiss, Red lunges at her and they rolled down the trash pile clawing at each other. Sage had no idea who Daffodil was but she knew she wasn't going to let Red beat her. She threw him off and raced back up the pile, running faster when she heard Red get up and chase after her. They reached the top simultaneously Sage was still catching her breath when Red pushed her to the off the top and she tumbled down, to land on the ground breathless. Slowly, her whole body ached, she picked herself off the ground and was tiredly starting to climb back up when Raven yowled to end the fight.

Red padded over to Sage.

" Daffodil is our healer. You should probably get that wound checked out. Come on I'll take you." Red said brushing her pelt with his.

Sage flinched away but followed Red towards a small den by the entrance to the camp where an elderly she-cat took, that Sage assumed was Daffodil, took one look at their wounds and disappeared into her den. Red stretched out with a wince in a shaft of sunlight and Sage sat next to him and started to wash her wounds.

Daffodil returned just as Sage was starting on the large wound on her face. Daffodil still without a word dropped the bundle of herbs and cobwebs she had and started to examine Sage's wounds.

" That one on your face is going to scar. " Daffodil said finally as she put cobwebs on her shallower wounds. " I need you to clean it as well as

possible before I can treat it." With that, she turned and started treating Red.

With a sigh Sage licked her paw and dragged it over her face, wincing when she touched her wound.

' They truly are a harsh and battle-hungry as mother said Bloodclan was. I'm only three moons old and already training with claws out.' Sage thought. 'But am I really surprised? I expected them to be bloodthirsty rogues the second I heard they were Bloodclan and they killed my brother.'

/AN/ This is my first story. So if there are any things I could improve on please tell me!