She dreamed. Her brother padded beside her through a forest beside a rushing river. She felt safer than she had in moons. Her brother jumped onto a pile of stones that had been warmed by the sun and sat. Her brother waited until she sat beside him and then spoke.

" You've changed to fit in with Bloodclan, to survive. You shouldn't be sad or guilty about that, it will help you survive in the days and seasons to come. The scar is really cool by the way. Makes you look fierce. I will always be here for you, Nightkit… or Sage I guess. Always. Kind of like your own personal Starclan."

"Darkkit that's…." Sage shook her head before continuing. "It's Sage now. Not that I don't like the name Nightkit, but it doesn't fit me anymore. I think… I think I buried Nightkit, the kit I used to be, with you and the other kit." She looked over at Darkkit to see if he was mad that she had changed her name, but his gaze was sad as he stared at the water.

"I'm sorry Sage, that I can't do more for you. All I can do is warn you. In half a moon Crow is going to overthrow Raven. He's gathered a large group of cats from outside Bloodclan and they will kill everyone not loyal to him. Be careful and don't fight back. Survive, for me and mother."

Darkkit began to fade.

"No! Darkkit wait! Don't leave me… not again…"Sage yowled.

She lunged towards her brother and woke with a jolt in her nest in the camp.

She shivered softly as she remembered her brother's warning.

"What am I supposed to do?" Sage asked as she looked towards the stars.

Red shifted in his nest next to her.

"Sleep. You are keeping me up with all your tossing and turning and incoherent muttering."

"Shut up. I'm trying to think about whether or not I should warn you." Sage hissed at him.

" Warn Red about what?" Fox raised her head and nudged Bones awake.

All three cats turned to stare at her. Sage sighed.

" Just… never mind."

" Don't trust us?" Bones asked his eerie red eyes glinting in the dark.

Sage sighed but kept quiet. Because honestly, she didn't know if she could trust them. Even after three moons living with them, fighting both with and against them.

"Sage, you can trust us." Red meowed softly.

Fox and Bones both nodded. Sage sighed again, and decide to chance them telling Raven or Crow about what she knew.

"There's going to be an attack in half a moon. Don't fight in it, either on the attacking side or against it. I heard a cat talk about it while out hunting today. Don't tell anyone." Sage said quietly.

"Why shouldn't we tell anyone?" Fox asked. The pale tabbys eyes were wide.

Bones snorted.

"Because she doesn't want cats to know, because whatever happens benefits her in some way. She probably warned us for the same reason, it benefits her for us to be indebted to her."

Sage was shocked by his cold analysis of her motives for warning them, and the fact that what he thought about her was true. She wasn't going to warn Raven, nor did she want anyone to tell her because she wanted Crow to kill her because Sage blamed Raven for her brother's death. And though she had warned them because they were her sort of friends, the fact that if what Darkkit had said happened they would be in her debt was an added bonus.

'Just like a rogue. Thinking about myself and what would help me further my goals.' She thought bitterly. But...

"That's not true!" She meowed angrily at Bones.

He just curled back up in his nest and closed his eyes.

"Thanks for the warning." Fox meowed before she too curled up to go back to sleep.

Red just stared at her before asking, "Are- Did you just warn us to put us in your debt?"

"No! I warned you because you are the closest... You're my friends. And it might not even be true! The cat I heard it from might have been lying. But just in case." She meowed.

Red nodded and went back to sleep. Sage found it hard to go back to sleep that night.

'When did I get so good at lying?' She thought as she looked out at the sleeping camp.