Warning this chapter does contain scenes of physical and sexual abuse.

Rosemary let the witch lighter go and goes back up to her full height. She extends her arms out wide. Two witches grab on to her arms and escort her up the steps. May pushes a chair forward and helps Rosemary sit down. She sits down and smooths her gown out. The pale pink fabric hung loosely on the ground. Her outfit had several holes and rips in it and it looked centuries old. She couldn't exactly go to a store and buy some new clothes.

"So..." The witch rubs her hands excitedly. "Harry."

"I already know how things work round here." Harry interrupted. "You ladies want male company. Me and Patrick are the only available men on the market. You been hunting us down like dogs and now you finally got what you want. Sorry to disappoint you but you are not getting anything out of me. You can beat me, torture me I will never submit to you or to anyone." He smiles. "If you let me go I will be on my merry way. You will never me see again."

Rosemary stared at him. Her face is blank. She then chuckles. It then turned into laughter. The witch laughs and bangs the chair with her fist. Right on the cue the other witches start laughing. It wasn't the type of laughter that brought warmth and happiness this is the type of laughter that is cold and sinister. It made feel Harry feel uncomfortable but he made sure he maintained a stoic expression. Rosemary waves her hand and the laughter dies down.

"Darling you are so naïve." She grinned down at him. "You are worth so much more than that."

"Is it the accent? Does being British add a few more points to my looks?" He tried to joke.

Patrick was glaring at him now. Harry didn't care. He has already been to Hell and back. He has been attacked and kidnapped many times in the past all this is nothing compared to what he went through. Honestly Harry was getting rather bored of this game. There is nothing exciting about being kidnapped anymore. He didn't like being kidnapped Hell no but after going through it so many times its become predictable. Patrick can complain and moan all he likes Harry is confident he is going to get out of here. He doesn't have an escape plan in mind he will eventually he will think of something. Right now he had to go through the stage of why his kidnapper was so interested in him and what plans she has for him.

The white lighter smiles at the head witch and waits for her to respond. She shifts in her seat and her eyes gleamed with amusement.

"You are a funny little man Harry. No that's not the reason."

"Please do tell. I am curious."

"I'm not going to reveal how special you are yet." She orders May to come over. May sits by her side. He purrs when she runs her fingers along his short strands of hair. "We are going to tell him the story." She nodded to the He-witch.

"I was wondering when you would get to that part." May grinned.

Rosemary shifts in her seat and pushes her hair out of her face.

"Okay." She smiles. "Once upon a time. A young beautiful woman met her Knight in shining armor. She thought he was the one. Her true love. He soon fell for her and eventually the couple got married. It wasn't a fancy wedding the couple were not wealthy. That didn't matter the day was perfect. The woman was so happy she thought she had everything she ever wanted. Turns out her life wasn't like how she pictured it. It wasn't magical it wasn't a fairy-tale it was so much darker it was..."

Her face darkens.


Its been a weeks since Richard and Rosemary Holloway tied the knot. He would go out everyday on his horse to work while she stayed behind and cleaned and cooked like a perfect housewife. He would come home and be greeted by his wife and they would sit down together and enjoy their feast. He always praised her on her cooking skills and said that if he cooked the whole house be on fire.

One day Rosemary was finishing up on the stew. She scoops it up and blows on it before trying it. She smiles and sets the spoon down on the table. Her smile widens when she heard the familiar footsteps coming through the door.

He steps into the room and puts his bag down on the table.

She turns to him and tucks her dark brown strands of hair behind her ear. Her hazel eyes met his blue ones.

"How was work?" She asked.

He goes up to her. The smell of alcohol hits her face.

He places his hands on her shoulders and his eyes roam her body. His eyes return to her face and he suddenly lunges forward and presses his lips against hers. She responds and wraps her arms around him. He shoves her against the table and starts undoing his trousers.


He cuts her off and slams her down on the table. He plants kisses all over her face and trails his tongue down her collarbone.


She throws her hand against his chest forcing him to stop. He growls and grits his teeth.


"What are you doing?"

"What does it look like."

He moves towards her lips. She uses her other hand to raise it in front of his face.

"Its dinner time. I made stew." She gestures to the cooked food. "We'll continue this later in bed."

"I want it now."

He moves towards her again. She pushes him away.

"No." She stands up and shakes her head. "We can't have the food going cold."

"I'm not hungry."

"You're drunk." She glared at him. "I can smell the alcohol. You need to sober up. Come on." She pulls a chair out. "Eat."

He grabs her and kisses her. He starts to untie her apron. She struggles and cries out as he increases his grip on her arms.


She pulls herself free and slaps him across the face. He goes back in surprise. His hand goes on his cheek where she slapped him.


Rage shows on his face. He raises his fist and hits her in the jaw. The impact sent her on the ground.

Rosemary sits up and her trembling hand touches her face. Her eyes widen as she looks up at her husband. He has never raised his hand to her before. She expected him to feel guilty and apologize for hurting her but he instead he looked satisfied by her reaction. He suddenly lifts her off the ground.

"Listen here." He growled at her. "You never ever say no to me do you understand?" When she didn't respond he grabs her hair and pulls it hard "I SAID DO YOU UNDERSTAND?"

She whimpered and tears formed in the corners of her eyes. She takes a shaky breath.

"Yes." She mumbled.

"What was that? I didn't hear you. Say it louder." He leans towards her face and snarls. "Say it louder!"

"YES. YES I UNDERSTAND!" She screamed.

He let's go and causes her to stumble and fall over. She screams as her head hit the ground. The tears are streaming down her cheeks and a bruise started to form in the area where he hit her.

She continued to lay there until she heard his footsteps go off. The door slams shut causing her to flinch. When she was certain he was gone she stands up. She sits down on the chair with her hands on her lap.

She sat like that for the rest of the night.

"Since that day their relationship wasn't the same." Rosemary said sadly. "He became a whole new person. He wasn't the same man she fell in love with."

Harry saw the pain in her eyes. This is the first he has seen her so vulnerable. He knew the story is about her some people find it easier telling their life story from a third person point of view. The white lighter didn't want to hear anymore of her story. It was too heartbreaking for him but he knew she wasn't going to stop. She is going to tell him everything all the way up to the end. He remained silent and waited for to continue.

"Each day was the same." Rosemary continued. "He was always drunk, abusive and he knocked her about like she was trash."

She grits her teeth.

"The worst thing about it is that he enjoyed it."


Rosemary laid on the bed staring at the ceiling. She heard his moans as he pushed himself inside her. She drifts off and lets her mind wander elsewhere. She did this a lot as a way to get through this. She would return to reality when he was finished and out of the room. Most days she got away with it but today Richard was pissed and he wanted his wife here in the room with him.

He grabs her by the chin.


He forces her to look at him. She closes her eyes and tries to go off into her happy place again. He wouldn't stand for it. What was the point of doing this when her mind was elsewhere. He might as well should go and have sex with a corpse.


He backhanded her across the face. She hissed in pain. He digs his fingers into her shoulders causing to her to cry out.

"I want you here. I want you to look at me. I AM YOUR HUSBAND!"

She glares at him.

"Just get on with it."

"Get on with it? Sweetheart we are married. You have to be committed to this. You are supposed to give me pleasure."

"That's exactly what I am doing."

He shakes his head.

"Doesn't work like that."

Rosemary suddenly gasps as he wraps his hands around her throat and starts to strangle her. She struggles under his grip. He presses down harder causing her to lose her breath. She starts making choking sounds and the tears are pouring down her face. Just as the darkness started to creep into her vision he removes his hands and moves away from her. Rosemary gasps for air. She coughs and touches her neck.

"When you disobey me you will be punished." He yelled in her face.

The volume of his voice caused her to jump. She wanted to scream but no sound came out. Her throat is sore after he strangled her.

"What do you say?"

He brushes against her ear. His hot breaths sent a chill down her spine.

"What do you say to your husband?" His voice is low if he decided to yell he would burst her eardrum.

She turns her head towards him.

"I'm sorry." She said her voice hoarse. "I'm sorry for disobeying you Richard."

She tensed up as he took a deep breath. He sighs and leans forward. He kisses her lips and strokes her cheek with his thumb.

"I accept your apology." He smiled.

She smiles back.

Few days later Rosemary walked into the village. She had a shawl around her to cover the bruising around the neck. She made sure the shawl covered her arms so no one saw the abuse she had to endure. Part of her wanted to scream and show the world who Richard Holloway really was. Even if she did no one would believe her. Who would believe a woman?


Rosemary looks round wondering who said that.


Rosemary turns and spots a woman. Rosemary frowns and points to herself as to say 'Are you talking to me?' The woman gestures to her to follow. The woman turns a corner and runs off. Rosemary drops her basket and runs after the woman. When she turned the corner she felt someone grab her arm. Rosemary screams and tries to break free.

"Stop." A voice hissed in her ear.

Rosemary stops and sees the woman. The woman had her hand on Rosemary's arm. She brings her finger to her mouth ordering Rosemary to be quiet. The woman let's go and steps back. Rosemary glares at her.

"Who are you?"

"Call me Lorelle." The woman answered. She then smiles. "I already know who you are Rosemary Holloway."

"How do you know my name?"

"I been watching you. I sensed your pain."

"My pain?"

Lorelle removes the shawl. Rosemary quickly wraps her arms around herself. Lorelle trails her fingers along Rosemary's arms and frowns at the bruises. She touches Rosemary's neck. Rosemary winced and blinks back the tears that threatened to form.

"You do not deserve this." Lorelle holds Rosemary's hands. "You could make this all go away."

"I...I don't understand."

Lorelle opens her bag and lifts a book out.

"Here." She places the book in Rosemary's hands. "Read it."

Rosemary looks at the cover. Her eyes widen when she read the title of the book.

"Witchcraft." She looks at the other woman. "You're a witch?"

"A good witch. I help those in need. You...You are special Rosemary you have the potential. You could be a really powerful witch. I can feel it in my bones."

"And be killed!" She shoves the book in the witch's hands. "No. I don't want your help. Stay away from me."

She picks up her shawl and wraps it around herself. Lorelle steps forward and places her hand on the other woman's shoulder.

"Please give it a read." Lorelle slips the book back in the bag and gives it Rosemary. "Give it a chance."

Rosemary sighs.


She pulls the bag over her shoulder and walks away.

"The book was put under the bed. She didn't want to touch it she didn't want to read it. Witchcraft, it had a bad reputation. You are aware what they did to witches back then."

"The history classes were rather interesting." Harry replied with a nod.

"Of course you had your benefits." Her eyes go on the Irish witch. "Nobody believed men could be witches. They thought witches are women." She smirked. "That's how you managed to stay off the radar for so long."

"I knew how to cover my tracks." Patrick smirks. "I didn't make a scene. I didn't draw attention to myself. Unlike you..."

Patrick's head snaps to the side by the impact of the slap. Rosemary was off the chair and in front of the He-witch within seconds.

"Don't act like you know me...YOU DON'T KNOW ME!"

"You had an abusive past. You want us to feel sorry for you." He looks at the white lighter. "She does this to everyone. It's her way of recruiting people. She's manipulating you. She's making herself the victim!"

"Don't listen to him. He is the bad guy here." She glares at the Irish witch. "You should never trust a gambler especially one who killed his lover. What was her name Lia right?" When Patrick grits his teeth. She chuckles. "I do have eyes and ears out there. I saw the burden you carried on your shoulders, the guilt don't get me started on you talking to yourself most of the time since you arrived in this Hell hole. More like talking to the illusions of her...Lia." She trails her fingers along Patrick's face while keeping her other hand on Harry's shoulder. "You say we are the crazy ones." She looks deep into Patrick's eyes. "Darling you lost the plot ages ago."

Patrick growls and suddenly he head-butts the older witch. Rosemary stumbles back. She clutches her head the look of surprise spreads across her face. Patrick looks at her with rage in his eyes. He wanted to do more so much more he wanted to make her suffer but he had no chance of winning this fight not with all of Rosemary's minions glaring down at him ready to pull him apart.

Rosemary clenched his fists. She looks at her followers.

"GET HIM OUT OF HERE!" She roared.

The witches grab Patrick by his arms and legs and they carry him out of the room. Harry cringed as the doors slam shut. He didn't want to imagine what they are going to do to the Irish witch.

"Look over here honey." Rosemary ordered.

Harry turns and faces the witch. Rosemary is back to her happy self again. She grins and clasps her hands together.

"Sorry about that he is a rough one my ladies will wear him out in no time."

"What are you going to do to him?" Harry asks.

"That my dear is none of your business."

She then returns to her seat. May helps her and ensures she is comfortable. He holds her hand and looks at her with worry. She waves him off and insists she is fine.

"Harry." She raises her eyebrow. "Shall we continue?"

Harry sighs and nods.


I decided to split Rosemary's story into two chapters. There is a few more Harry chapters then we will return to the Charmed Ones and the Winchesters. I just wanted to give you an insight into some of the characters such as Eric and Rosemary. Those who are getting bored I can assure you that Rosemary's story will be the last back story afterwards it will be all action...of course some Sacy moments I know lots of you ship Sam\Macy lol.

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