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I was three years old when my mother took off and left Daddy and me. She couldn't handle my little gift and left in the middle of the night without even a goodbye. I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Isabella Swan and I have a gift of sight. We don't know how I got it, but Daddy says he remembers Great Grandma sometimes having these strange feelings about things. Sometimes it was little things, items going missing or being broken and other times it was bad. One time Grandma told Daddy to say goodbye to his doggie because it was his time to go to heaven. Poor Bear died two days later.

My gift works with touch. If someone grabbed me, my eyes would turn white (so I've been told), and I would go into a vision. More often than not, the visions would be of bad things. I always hated them. To avoid this, I usually wear gloves. Most of the time it happened to the person that touched me or something close to them. One time a boy next door helped me get up when I fell down and I saw him break his arm while climbing a tree the next day. I thank God I don't feel what happens to them.

I was eleven years old when he came. Daddy knew there would come a day when I might see something bad or need help. He taught me survival skills, like how to fish for food, berries to pick, trails to take and how to use a compass if I get lost. I lived like a hermit. Daddy would bring me all kinds of books to study. He seemed to know that one day I might need to run and hide because he wouldn't be there to help me himself. He always told me I could go to my Godfather and he would protect me. If not, I was to go to the cabin and live off the land for as long as I could. It seems that the day was today.

I had just started making lunch for us both as Daddy watched tv. Suddenly, the doorbell chimed.

"I'll get it dad", I said. I wondered who it could be as I walked to the door from the kitchen. When I opened the door a man about six feet tall with blonde hair and cold blue eyes looked at me with a creepy smile.

"Well hello little one, aren't you a cutie?" He leaned in to touch my hair as I stepped back from him. Something about him set me off and I didn't want him anywhere near me. I knew even without his touch, my sight would show me a bad man. Not only did I not want to see what he might have planned, but Dad always told me not to let others see my eyes change as that would give me away. He told me that I was special and that people would try to take me away if they knew. I would never have a normal life. Dad said he was saving up for the day I would have to live on my own. He couldn't always be there for me. Instead of parents normally saving up for their child to go off to college after school, my dad was saving for me to live as comfortable a life as possible from inside our home or the cabin. I had been learning how living off the land could save me money. Dad even said he would start showing me how to hunt soon as I was just now getting used to a BB gun. He didn't plan to put a real gun in my hand till I was at least thirteen years old.

When I pulled away from the man, he seemed to get angry. I turned around and yelled at Dad, "Some man is at the door Dad!"

While I wasn't looking at him the man grabbed my arm. I was wearing a short sleeve top with my gloves because Dad knew not to touch me, and since I wasn't expecting anyone, I hadn't been careful with what I was wearing. I froze as my sight clicked in. I saw the same man at the door but he had a gun in his hand. He was standing over my dad as if he had just shot him. Dad was lying on the ground surrounded by blood.

I could see my dad didn't have long and would not make it as the stranger said to him, "Don't worry, I will take good care of your little girl. We are going to have so much fun together before she joins you."

Dad only had seconds before saying, "Please, no."

As I had my vision, Dad had made his way to the door and the stranger let go of my arm quickly, but not fast enough. Dad knew I had just seen something bad. I had tears running down my eyes as they adjusted back to my normal warm brown color.

"Bells, go ahead into the kitchen and finish our sandwiches," he told me. I nodded and didn't look back at the man again. He would forever be engraved on my memory. "How can I help you?" Dad asked the man.

"Hello my name is Jim and I have just recently moved to town. I seem to be lost," he told my dad. That was as far as the conversation went that I was able to hear. I was so scared and afraid for my dad. I took comfort in the fact that I recognized the general store in my vision, so at least he would be safe for now as it obviously would not happen at home.

Dad didn't talk long to the stranger, just long enough to give him directions and send him on his way. When dad came into the kitchen, I ran to him and hugged him as hard as I could.

"DADDY, HE IS GOING TO KILL YOU! PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ME!" I was hysterical. I couldn't help it. I didn't want to lose my dad.

Dad tried to reassure me that he would be safe and that he was forewarned now. He promised to call the police station where he worked and give them a head's up regarding the new stranger in town, and let them know that he might be up to no good. He promised to wear his safety vest and be very careful. To be on the safe side he told me to go pack my emergency bag. I didn't want to listen. This was my daddy; he had been there for me in the worst of times and knew exactly what I needed. He was one of the very few people I could trust with my sight and to protect me. I never thought I could possibly lose my dad at the young age of eleven years old.

"Please Bells; I need to know you will be safe! Get your bag ready and if something should happen to me, head to Billy's place. He will protect you for as long as he can. Tell no one where you are going. Do you remember the trails correctly?" he asked me. I nodded yes. "Good. I love you sweetheart. Never forget to stay safe. Always stay hidden." I cried harder. We knew this bad man was coming; surely we could stop it from happening. Surely I didn't need to lose my father!

"Dad, we can stop this, there has to be a way," I told him.

"Bells, sometimes it's just your time. Your visions have never been wrong. If it is my time, then know I loved you with everything that I am. You will be fine; I have taught you well. If I am being taken out of your life then another shall take my place to protect you. My time may be up, but another will take over what I could not finish. I trust in fate to protect you when I cannot. Now, go upstairs and grab your bag and make sure you don't forget anything. I love you and I will keep myself as safe as possible."

I finally listened and headed upstairs to gather my emergency bag. I had been told to have it ready to go at all times. We would go through it every couple of months to make sure I updated things like my clothes and snack foods that had longer life spans. I did a quick inventory check - compass, maps, flashlights, raincoat, water bottle, batteries, blanket, first-aid kit, body warmers, rope, Swiss Army Knife, snacks, and a couple thousand in cash. The pack was full and I felt I should be fine till I got to Billy's house. It would take me roughly twelve hours to bike the sixteen miles. Dad and I used the trails he made many times to help camouflage which direction we took if someone came looking for either of us. There was close to 20 trails behind our house and I knew the exact ones to take to get me to La Push. I prayed I would not lose my father, but he seemed to think we didn't have much time to get me to safety. I headed downstairs with my pack and watched Dad bring our bikes to the back yard as if we were planning to make a day trip the next day. I am sure he felt the stranger was still keeping watch over us and wanted things to appear normal.

"Hey Bells, come fill the cooler with some water for tomorrow please," he said. I listened and made sure everything was ready as if we were just having a nice picnic tomorrow after a bike ride on the trails. I might only be eleven years old, but Dad had taught me to be safe and this was part of the ruse hiding what we were really up to - keeping me safe.

A couple of hours later Dad took his shower and got ready for work. He was working the graveyard shift tonight. Tomorrow was his day off, though he seemed to think the shooting would happen tonight as my visions tended to happen in the very near future. We had spent the last couple of hours being together as much as possible to savor every last minute we had together.

"You will be just fine my daughter. Billy will watch over you and someday a man will come into your life and accept you just the way you are. I've called Stephanie from next door to come to stay with you tonight like normal, but I want her to be safe if this 'Jim' decides to come for you. Send her home as an excuse to let her parents know and run! I am sure by the time the call comes in he will be close by. I want you to head to bed and get a couple of hours of good sleep so that you can be well rested if needed. If you get called, you know what to do. Leave and don't look back." I nodded and hugged my dad while tears streamed from my eyes.

"I love you, Dad."

"I love you too, Bells." He kissed my forehead as Stephanie was coming into the house.

"Hello Steph, Bells is feeling a bit tired tonight so she will be heading to bed early. Go ahead and make yourself comfortable. I will see you in the morning. Thanks again for watching her," he told her before hugging me once more and heading out the door. I knew that this would be the last night I would see my father alive. He would wear his vest and try to be safe but I knew it would not work and he would die tonight. I couldn't hide my tears so I went upstairs to my room and set my alarm for 1 am. I figured it wouldn't be much after midnight when this would happen and I needed to be ready when the phone rang to get out and protect myself and Stephanie.

At 1 am my alarm went off. I quietly used the bathroom and got dressed in warmer clothes and put my jacket, boots, and gloves off to the side. I tip-toed down the stairs and saw Stephanie sleeping on the couch. We had closed the curtains and locked all the doors earlier before Dad left just in case Jim was scoping out the place. I went to the kitchen and topped off my water bottle to make sure it was ready to go. I went back upstairs to wait and hope for once my sight was wrong and Dad would be safe.

It was 1:43 am when the phone rang, my heart stopped. I knew my dad was gone. It didn't matter that we were forewarned, my visions have always been right. He was gone and now I needed to get ready to save myself. After four rings Stephanie answered the phone and when I heard her cry out "No!" it was time for phase two. Stephanie headed upstairs to wake me up. I hid under the covers to hide what I was wearing.

"Bella?" she said, shaking me a little to wake me up.

I blinked at her and said, "yes?"

She had tears in her eyes when she told me, "There's been an accident. Your dad is hurt, and you need to get up. Deputy Marks and Officer Cullen are coming to see you." I nodded and told her she should head next door and let her parents know what was going on and I would be down in a minute. As soon as she left the room I jumped up and put my boots, jacket, and gloves on then tip-toed to the staircase to listen for the door. As soon as she was outside, I ran for the back door and grabbed my backpack. I checked the curtain to make sure Jim wasn't in the backyard before I opened the door. As soon as I saw that the coast was clear I grabbed my bike and heard the front door crash open. I knew I needed to get on the trail before he figured out I wasn't in the house. He had obviously been getting ready to enter the house when he saw Stephanie run next door. Knowing I would be alone he would have run inside to grab me and go. The trails leading away from our backyard are complex with three trails morphing into another three trails and so on. Dad had started making them from just the one we had when I was young and kept building on them. It was his extra precaution to keep me safe for exactly this reason.

I took the trail closest to the right in case Jim happened to look out the window and see me. The quickest trail to La Push was actually the middle trail, but in this instance, I wanted to be safer and throw my pursuer off. It wouldn't be long before Jim, Stephanie, and the police would all be looking for me. I had only one thought in my mind: leave and don't come back, just like Dad told me to do. Somehow I knew it would be a very long time before the day came that I would feel safe to come back home.